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LLS Chapter 60 – Evildoers still need to be worn down by evildoers

Chapter 60 – Evildoers still need to be worn down by evildoers
Translated by: Sephillia, Taffy
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Towards Yue Yang’s sudden appearance, everyone was shocked.

Who, who was this?

Shen Tu Hao completely did not recognise Yue Yang, but he was terrified by the frightening amount of power he had used to capture Xu Xuan, and asked anxiously in a low voice, “Who is he?”

The two Lin family brothers were trembling when they saw Xu Xuan’s miserable condition with his head cracked, and his fresh blood flowing. One of them stuck their hands into their pockets, ready to throw a transfer scroll to escape at any time. The other had an inconceivable expression on his face, shouting repeatedly, “This can’t be, no, this can’t be!”

“Who, who is he?” Shen Tu Hao felt his pulse accelerating rapidly and his hands breaking out in cold sweat. The muscles in his body were extremely tense.

He knew what level of strength Xu Xuan was at.

Although Xu Xuan’s strongest beast ‘Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth’ was a battle-type summoned beast and not a strengthening-type summoned beast, after it was contracted, however, it had improved Xu Xuan’s original body constitution by quite a bit. Moreover, Xu Xuan was a Beginner Level 3 Hero, and had very strong battle capabilities himself. He was not the kind of weakling that could be easily seized like someone catching a small chicken, then smashing him onto the floor like a chicken’s egg.

Facing this enraged guy, his strength was at least three times as much as Xu Xuan’s, and his speed was at least two times faster than him.

Otherwise, he would definitely have been unable to smash Xu Xuan up until he was badly injured without him being able to react.


The Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth that was floating in midair saw its master being attacked, and fiercely flew over. It opened its mouth, exposing its rows of sharp teeth, preparing to bite Yue Yang who had just picked up Yue Bing.

Yue Yang’s leg flew up, and before the Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth could close its eyelids to defend itself, he blew up the huge eyeball.

Rotating his body again, his right leg was smashed onto the Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth’s round head like a windmill.

The Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth fell onto the ground with a ‘peng’ sound, and before it could even struggle, Yue Yang’s leg stomped down on it with the force of a thunderbolt. This process lasted less than three seconds, a Level 2 Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth was stomped on by Yue Yang alive until it had become a pile of flesh. As a matter of fact, Yue Yang had been holding back. After entering the Star’s Domain, regardless of whether he was in the Aries Temple or in the Black Stone Labyrinth, he did not have the chance to fight. He could only look on as Little Wen Li, Hui Tai Lang and the Barbaric Cow fought… Returning to the Warrior Guild outside of Star’s Domain, he saw Yue Bing being bullied by others. This had completely ignited the anger within him.

After being unable to act for a few days, he could finally beat people up until he was satisfied.

Although they weren’t able to clearly see how Yue Yang had painfully smashed Xu Xuan, everyone saw Yue Yang barbarically slaughtering the Level 2 Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth clearly. They were completely dumbfounded.

This, this was basically an instant kill.

Carrying a person, yet he managed to annihilate a Level 2 Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth with merely two legs… What kind of level had this guy’s power reached?

This guy’s summoned beast, could it be the strongest strengthening-type beast, Mammoth?

Yue Yang used his Innate Qi to examine Yue Bing and found that she was fine, but she had used up too much of her mental strength and spiritual energy, hence she fainted.

However, the fire in Yue Yang’s heart was still burning. He was still extremely angry.

A few large males attacking a little lady, hitting her until she fainted onto the ground, and still arrogantly stepping on her chest. If these types of people were not killed, would there still be karma in this world?

When Yue Yang was preparing to start killing, Hui Tai Lang and Ye Kong who was covered in blood had finally rushed over. Seeing Xu Xuan whose blood was splattered onto the ground, he was shocked, but then hurriedly pounced over and held onto Yue Yang’s legs, calling out urgently, “Wait, don’t be impulsive. You can’t kill anyone on the first and second floors of Tong Tian Tower. For every person killed, the murderer would be barred from entering Tong Tian Tower for ten years. If you want to kill them, there will be a chance in the future, as long as you reach the third floor, you can kill to your heart’s content, but not now… Tong Tian Tower is a world that respects the strong, as long as you’re strong enough, you can do whatever you want. Once you get the ‘Judge’s Sword’ on the third floor, you can eliminate them as if they were garbage, and eradicate them… But currently, you don’t need to waste your potential future on these few small fries.”

“Ah?” Yue Yang really did not know that Tong Tian Tower would have these rules that prohibited humans from killing each other.

“You can’t kill people! If you kill a single person, you’ll be immediately expelled out of Tong Tian Tower. You won’t be able to take revenge on the people who are left! Calm down, you have to calm down, they definitely used the three-on-three battle, using a roulette battle to defeat Yue Bing, so we’ll also use three-on-three battles to retaliate against them. Since they raised the challenge first, they can’t refuse. We’ll use the three-on-three battle to settle this.” Ye Kong was afraid that Yue Yang would stomp on Xu Xuan’s cracked head, and did not loosen his grip while holding onto Yue Yang’s legs.

“I can’t kill them?” Yue Yang coldly stared at him.

If he could not kill, was he unable to torture them?

After taking down these trash himself, breaking their bones one by one, twisting their muscles, then destroying their ability to copulate, turning them into an eunuch, to be unable to give birth nor seek death. Wasn’t this even better than killing them?

There were many ways of killing people. One way was the superfast instant kill.

Another was to kill by torture.

In comparison to torturing them to death, an instant kill for these guys was a blessed release for them.

He did not only have to kill, but to make them die as painfully and make their deaths as grotesque as possible. Making them lose all their dignity, then letting them die with nothing on their names, as miserably as possible.

“What? He’s that trash? Yue Yan told me a different story, did you guys recognise the wrong person” When Shen Tu Hao heard the Lin Clan’s two people saying that Yue Yang was the Yue Clan’s most useless Third Young Master, his eyes open widely until they were bigger than lanterns. He had never dreamed that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who was called a good-for-nothing ever since he was born, was as valiant as a lion and as fierce as a tiger.

“From his looks, it’s definitely him, but he wasn’t so frightening before…” The Lin Clan’s two brothers were trembling, as if they were patients with frostbite in the snow.

“So it was like this.” Yue Yang’s hearing ability was astounding, once he had heard Shen Tu Hao’s words, he instantly figured out that Yue Yan was not here. Calmly thinking about the situation, if Yue Bing’s cousin Yue Yan was around when she was being bullied and did not save her, it would be impossible for him to leave it up to Yue Yan.

Yue Yan was not around, Yue Yang did not worry that someone would see through him not being an authentic Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

When he saw those young people wearing the school uniform with their faces completely white, Yue Yang grinned evilly, “Who said I would kill them? Ye Kong, don’t you know that I’m strictly a pacifist supporter? How could I kill people, My heart is too kind, and more benevolent than a sixty year old grandma who is a vegetarian. People like me who love the lives around me, how would I kill people? A misunderstanding, you’ve completely mistaken me, I am an extremely kind person.”

As the world traveller said this, he stepped heavily on Xu Xuan who was almost out of qi. One step, two steps, Yue Yang stepped on him until his blood was gushing out.

In the blink of an eye, Xu Xuan’s four limbs were mercilessly broken as Yue Yang stepped on them.

The mercenaries around them had the feeling of wetting their pants when they heard the cracking sounds as Yue Yang stepped on Xu Xuan… How was this guy kind? He was basically a devil. No, he was even more fearsome than a devil, at least a devil would not call itself kind.


Shen Tu Hao did not care about whether Xu Xuan lived or died. In his eyes, Xu Xuan was a dog. It was best to let the Yue Clan trash kill him, then he would expelled out of Tong Tian Tower. If he couldn’t cultivate inside for ten years, regardless of whether he was trash, or fake trash, they would become irrelevant. What he took notice of, was that odd demon wolf.

Looking at it, it was at least Bronze Level 3… A Bronze-ranked Level 3 Ironback Demonic Wolf? No, it was Bronze-ranked Level 4.

However, strangely, it was not a contracted beast but an uncontracted pet. Could it be that this Yue Clan trash was not able to contract with it because it was too strong?

If he used his own contract scroll to contract with it, would it not be possible to experience a huge rise in power, like adding wings to a tiger?

Shen Tu Hao was initially frightened by Hui Tai Lang’s appearance. But, looking more closely, Hui Tai Lang was not Yue Yang’s contracted beast. His heart was secretly delighted .

As expected, the Yue Clan is indeed trash… to not even be capable of contracting a Bronze Level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf and waste such a great beast, this really was an excellent opportunity bestowed by the heavens. Shen Tu Hao coldly laughed, and his mouth formed an angry expression. “Who are you? Xu Xian had such good intentions and helped Yue Bing eliminate her incompetent slaves. Not only were you not grateful, you went so far as to attack him? Such ingratitude, as well as bloodthirsty and cruel, who exactly are you?”

“…” When the mercenaries heard this, they almost stuck out their thumbs in admiration. To conduct oneself without any sense of shame to this degree, that was still a type of realm that was worth praising.

“Which one of your eyes saw me as ungrateful? Which eye saw me as cruel and bloodthirsty? Was what I did cruel? I just wanted to invite a good friend like him to eat a ‘Shoe’s Sole Crushed Bone Noodles’, it wasn’t even that big of a deal. Look how happy he looks while eating it, was I too cruel?” Yue Yang’s foot continuously trampled on the stomach of the unconscious Xu Xian, and his sternum was stepped on until it made weird gege sounds. From Xu Xian’s mouth and nose trickled out large amounts of blood, and looked as if he was going to die any second.

“Gently, gently.” Ye Kong took out a block of the cheapest medicinal stone from his bosom and crushed it before allowing the medicine’s white light scatter on Xu Xian’s body.

These were the things he had bought before he had passed through Yu Long Valley, and hadn’t been willing to use at the time.

He really hadn’t imagined that the medicinal stone would eventually be used on that bastard that Yue Yang really wanted to just tear into 18 pieces and then drag the remains to feed wild dogs. Ye Kong was really afraid that the third master of the Yue clan would stamp Xu Xian to death, because once Xu Xian died, the young master would be expelled out of Tong Tian Tower. At that point, not only would he be restricted from entering for another 10 years, but he’d also leave behind the unconscious Yue Bing.

Based on himself and the heavily injured brother of his, how could they possibly escort Yue Bing out safely?

That’s why, no matter what, Xu Xian couldn’t die.

Actually, what Ye Kong didn’t know was that Yue Yang’s control over the strength in his feet was extremely precise. He could make Xu Xian’s bones break, and injure his muscles, but he wouldn’t actually inflict any life-threatening attack. If Xu Xian wanted to die, it wouldn’t be easy. Without Yue Yang’s permission, even dying would be impossible.

The mercenaries stood at the side, watching this demonic male with frightening brute force speak. Even his overbearing manner was absolute.

An evil person needed another evil person to deal with him. These rampant students had met this demonic male, someone who was really their ultimate nemesis.

“Ye Kong, help me watch Yue Bing. Since these fellows are all so happy, I’m about to invite them to eat with me. Hui Tai Lang, you wait there. In a bit, I’ll give their meaty bones to you to eat.” Yue Yang carefully placed Yue Bing down, handing her over for Ye Kong and Hui Tai Lang to watch, then quickly walked forwards. He didn’t care who was in front of him; either way, they had provoked him. If he couldn’t instantly kill them, then he’d force them to suffer terribly. Otherwise, he would really be viewed as a good-for-nothing that anyone could bully.

“Jiji…” Without Yue Yang’s command, Hui Tai Lang directly began to lick up the fresh blood on the ground. If Ye Kong wasn’t afraid that it eating Xu Xian would be blamed on Yue Yang, Ye Kong wouldn’t have stopped Hui Tai Lang from its movements; it looked as if it were prepared to start chewing on Xu Xian’s thighs.

“Prepare for battle. Group fight, combined challenger.” If it were a solo fight, Shen Tu Hao wouldn’t have quite enough confidence; after all, the imposing manner of this good-for-nothing from the Yue Clan was too fierce, too different from how he was described in rumors. His murderous aura was blazing, like a demon’s, and could frighten anyone. However, if it was a group battle, surrounding and attacking Yue Yang from all sides with the remaining seven people would be an entirely different story.

No matter how great his brute strength was, how could he possibly go against a dozen Beasts?

The only thing that was slightly concerning was the level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf. But since it was still a contractible Beast, as long as it entered the battle, Shen Tu Hao could find an opportunity to use a contract scroll and subdue it, forcing it to become his own contracted Beast. At that point, he’d…

“Bang bang bang bang”

As Shen Tu Hao was thinking all of this to himself proudly, a deafening noise rang out.

Lifting his head, he saw that all of his classmates had been knocked to the ground by the Yue Clan’s good-for-nothing before they hadn’t even had a chance to summon their Beasts. All of them had broken teeth, blood pouring out of their mouths, and even Brother Lin, who had the fastest summoning speed, had only just taken out his summoning crystal before he had been knocked down.

Yue Yang lifted his foot up high. Under Brother Lin’s despaired gaze, Yue Yang then heavily stomped his foot down, and mercilessly broke the bones in their arms.

“Look at how nice I am to you guys. I was afraid that you wouldn’t be satisfied with just eating “Five Fingers” flatbread and “Crushed Heart” bread, so I even invited you guys to eat “Crushed Bones” noodles. Don’t you guys agree that I’m such a generous friend? Where else could you possibly find a friend as awesome as me? Oh I’m sorry, I’ll have to ask you guys to wait for a minute here while I go greet this….Shen Tu? Ah, so you’re Brother Shen Tu. I have heard of Brother Shen Tu’s distinguished name since long ago. I’ve always really admired Brother Shen Tu’s “calling a prostitute but not paying any money” actions. That is really the way of heroes, as well as the model that I must learn from. Brother Shen Tu, I heard that there’s a type of “Brains and Blood Wine” that’s extremely nutritious. I wonder if you’ve tried it before? Come come, I’ll invite you to drink a glass with me now. We were brought here together by fate; it was familiarity at first sight. Let’s not go home before we are completely drunk!” Yue Yang said with a particularly sincere smile.

If anyone just saw Yue Yang’s smile that was as bright as the sun, they’d definitely think that he was a warm-hearted friend that was worth forming a close friendship with. However, if they then saw the blood-covered ground, the disorder all around, and the elite students that were in so much pain that they’d rather die, anyone would feel chills, extremely cold chills….

Of course, there was also an extremely invigorating feeling of excitement….

An evil person needed another evil person to deal with him. These unbridled and shameless elite students had finally met their nemesis.

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