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LLS Chapter 599 – Worse than a beast

Chapter 599 – Worse than a beast
Translated by: Ying Qi
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Although Yue Yang could understand why Xia Yi would be angered to the extent of wanting to attack immediately, he still chose to stop her.

He still needed to gain a better understanding of it all.

He needed more time to understand the inner realm of the Demonic Mirror, the secrets surrounding the sacrifices of the Heaven Realm Draconians or even Xia Yi’s ancestry.

If this was Black Hell King’s scheme, acting rashly would only cause the situation to worsen. Regarding those bastardly males of the Heaven Realm Draconians, Yue Yang shared an extreme hatred for them with Xia Yi. Men like them were just like parasitic maggots. If you let such a race that was more disgusting than maggots escape, it would definitely cause the downfall of Tong Tian Tower and Soaring Dragon Continent.

“Shhh!” Yue Yang gently held Xia Yi’s small hand, signalling for her to calm down

With Xia Yi’s small hand in his grasp, she cooled down significantly.

She struggled slightly.

Seeing that her small hand was unable to struggle free, she just let Yue Yang hold onto it. She rolled her wide eyes at him and whipping her face away from him, not letting Yue Yang see her face gradually redden. Perhaps due to the mistreatment of males from the Heaven Realm Draconians, in comparison, Yue Yang’s comfort and protection left her feeling gradually warm up in her heart.

Even though he often argued and disagreed with her, he never treated her like those worse than beast-like males of the Heaven Realm Draconians.

Xia Yi knew that Yue Yang only enjoyed teasing her.

The selfish, cruel and unfeeling Heaven Realm Draconians could not even compare to the dirt under his shoes.

“Come out, you, you and you, get over here and sacrifices yourselves!” Wearing a gold crown, the Prince Bai Lun pointed at the women kneeling on the floor. The women that he chose were all older or generally plainer-looking, leaving the younger and prettier ones.

“…” The women of the Heaven Realm Draconians, who were chosen, paled.

They had been through such eliminations many times, thus, the ones who were older or uglier had already become sacrifices.

Regarding death, they had already mentally prepared themselves for it. However, there were some women who thought that they could get away from such a fate, but because of the sacrifices happening more often, there was a higher demand for people, and so in the end they were also unable to make it out alive. The women who were chosen stood up with ashen faces and shaking bodies. They hugged their sisters who had not been chosen and bid farewell. Before, they had also sent off their mother’s generation this way and now it was their turn.

The girls who had yet to be chosen burst into tears.

They hugged their loved ones who were about to become sacrifices tightly, unwilling to let them go.

Xia Yi watched on angrily, there were even a few pregnant women with swollen bellies picked out… A few young girls who were willing to volunteer to take their place stepped forward only to be slapped by Prince Bai Lun before they could say anything.

“Just let them live, they can contribute more people for our people. If you let them live, there will be more female servants.” Queen Ji Ge, who was covered in blood, crawled to Prince Bai Lun, tightly hugging his legs, pleading him: “Leaving Wyvern Valley will cause many of our people to die, the children in their bellies are best for helping further populate us.”

“Let us take their place!“ A few young girls rushed forward, kneeling alongside Queen Ji Ge to plead.

“Get away, we don’t need more burdens! We don’t need the female servants in their bellies and we don’t have the patience to spend years waiting for them to slowly grow up. We have more than enough women, no matter how many beauties we want, we can always capture them. The higher ups of the Demon Dragons will also send in large numbers of beauties from Tong Tian Tower’s each race for our enjoyment. I don’t care at all for ugly and lowly servants like you that cause me to lose my appetite with just a look!” Prince Bai Lun pulled at Queen Qi Ge’s hair while slapping her, causing her to bleed profusely from her mouth.

“My Lord, they can’t all be girls, there could be boys too.” Queen Qi Ge forced herself to bear the pain and bitterly plead for Prince Bai Lun to let the pregnant women to live.

“If they are boys, then they deserve to die even more! I won’t let any of the younger generation take my throne, the title of Wyvern King forever belongs to me, do you understand? Such an evil and disgusting slut, what are you even trying to hide? Did you really think I didn’t know? I know your intentions, you raised both me and those whores’ children so that we could fight amongst each other for the throne… Disgusting slut, let me tell you, stop dreaming! I’ll never fall for your scheme! Wyvern King’s Throne will forever belong to me, and it can only belong to me, The Great Bai Lun!” Prince Bai Lun angrily threw Queen Ji Ge to the floor and kicked her away forcefully.

“That’s right, we cannot follow the same old road to ruin.” A few of the males of the Heaven Realm Dragon race wearing silver crowns had an expression of sudden realisation.

“Thinking of Father and Uncles’ deaths with unresolved grievances, perhaps in the future, you will also die in your own son’s hands in order to gain what you have now. Brothers, think carefully, do you all still want the children in their bellies?” As expected, with Prince Bai Lun’s words, the males of the Heaven Realm Dragon race who still held some pity for the pregnant women immediately began supporting Prince Bai Lun, joining in cursing Queen Ji Ge’s poisonous intentions.

“…” Lord Mo Long closed his eyes, pretending to be unaware.

Two of the assistants were trembling like a bundle of nerves with ashen-white faces.

Xia Yi no longer bothered to convince Yue Yang to attack. She knew, he would definitely strike.

And, he would definitely pick the most opportune moment to strike. Xia Yi sneaked a look at Yue Yang and noticed that his eyes were slightly closed. His hands were reaching forwards, waving his hands towards the Demonic Mirror that was more than a hundred metres ahead, as though tracing the Heaven Runes.

Telekinesis was an ability that many Innate could do but doing so with a distance as far as a hundred meter was a feat that not many succeeded at.

Most importantly, Yue Yang’s telekinesis, that was virtually undetectable, was even harder to achieve. One must note that there were around three hundred Heaven Realm Draconians who were at least Innate Level 5 and above. To be able to hide your ability from those three hundred and also perform telekinesis with a distance of a hundred meters was unimaginably difficult. Xia Yi watched with bated breath, afraid she would disturb Yue Yang.

She knew definitively that he was attacking the Demonic Mirror. As to why he was doing so, she had yet to figure it out.

Was it to close up the portal in the Demonic Mirror, to prevent the Heaven Realm Draconians from ever leaving?

“Strip! Strip off all your clothes lowly servants, before your deaths, I grant you all one last honour of serving royalty!” Prince Bai Lun glanced at the hundred over female servants who had been chosen to become sacrifices and felt it would be somewhat wasteful to have them just die like that. Thus, he decided to toy with them one last time so that they could serve their proper purpose.

“Let’s play with this old bitch. I remember back then she had always refused to join us in our beds. If we don’t take the chance before her death, we’ll never have a chance again.” Two men who were wearing silver crowns stepped forward and tore off Queen Ji Ge’s clothes, exposing her old and declining body ruthlessly. Queen Ji Ge knew that there was no point in resisting and so she shut her eyes bitterly, her tears rolling down to mix with the blood on her face to become tears of blood.

“I can’t even look, her breasts are all withered and sagging!” One of the men wearing silver crowns carelessly toyed with Queen Ji Ge’s body.

“I remember when we were younger, they were still very big when breastfeeding. Our Father, that old thing, must have enjoyed it all to himself. Dammit, we should have killed him sooner. Early on, that old thing was already useless, yet we still kept waiting. How idiotic we were.” The other man with a silver crown also start to strip, and even pulled out his vulgar thing, ready to sully Queen Ji Ge’s mouth: “Slut, open up your smelly mouth, if you can’t fully satisfy us, then we won’t mind making your daughters sacrifices!”

At the other side, Prince Bai Lun ordered women to serve him while enthusiastically attending to Lord Mo Long: “Have whoever you want. They’re all lowly female servants anyway.

Lord Mo Long respectfully lowered his head: “Prince Bai Lun, thank you very much, I would love to accept your bestowal. However, my body’s composition is different and I’m unable to enjoy them.”

Hearing that Lord Mo Long was unable to enjoy the female servants that he bestowed upon him, Prince Bai Lun burst into laughter: “Failure, I can’t help myself but say, you are such a failure of a man. What kind of man are you if you can’t even enjoy women? Such a pity. No wonder your higher ups allowed us high and mighty Heaven Realm Dragon race to leave, it turns out the women of the Tong Tian Tower are all waiting for us to bring them joy…”

Lord Mo Long’s complexion changed slightly, but still chose to restrain himself.

A male of the Heaven Realm Draconian grabbed onto a young girl who was barely a few years old and tore off her clothes.

At a side, a woman who seemed like her mother dropped down on her knees and pleaded piteously : “My lord, she is just a child, and she isn’t a sacrifice either. Please let me take her place, I will serve you to the best of my ability…”

Her pleading was only answered with a slap.

How Xia Yi wished she could charge forward and kill that damned man of the Heaven Realm Draconian. However she could not do so as she worried that her own moment of recklessness would affect Yue Yang’s on-going plan. Yue Yang tightly shut eyes opened and nodded at Xia Yi with a hint of weariness. “Success!”


Xia Yi had not even reacted before she discovered the Demonic Mirror that was sucking blood suddenly showed a blinding crimson red light.

The inner realm of the Demonic Mirror was open!

A light shot out of the Demonic Mirror in the altar’s blood pool, forming a mysterious crimson red portal.

A stone tunnel seemed to appear in the Demonic Mirror.

Further in, there was even a small space that should be the inner realm of the Demonic Mirror.

On the exterior of the Demonic Mirror, there were many different types of runes, shining and dazzling, just like stars. Except, there were some differences between the stars in the sky and the runes… they shined with an unusual and sinister blood red glow. Seeing that the portal to the Demonic Mirror’s inner realm had been activated, Prince Bai Lun and the other males of the Heaven Realm Dragon race were so excited that they could not even be bothered with the women and dashed into the blood red portal.

The women of the Heaven Realm Draconians, who were about to meet a cruel end and those who were about to be sullied, managed to get away this time.

The girls, who made a lucky escape, burrowed themselves into their mother’s embrace and both burst into tears.

Queen Ji Ge allowed her two sons to toss her to the ground.

Xia Yi excitedly held onto Yue Yang’s hands

She knew that this was all his doing.

If not for him, the Heaven Realm Draconians could sacrifice a hundred women, and even then they might not have succeeded.

Except, she didn’t quite understand. Why did Yue Yang help the Heaven Realm Draconians? Nevermind saving those pitiful women, why did he have to open up the inner realm of the Demonic Mirror?

“Guess?” Yue Yang smiled slightly, causing Xia Yi to feel both joy and angry, wishing that she could take a ruthless bite out of his arm.

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    • Sir Ham from Mon says:


      In past chapters they said the males were parasites and the females the military backbone of the race. So I expect an overbearing heaven rank female warrior or platoon who will thank Yy for freeing her/them without the unnecessary sacrifices, and the proceed to slaughter the males and trash talking them also.

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    those subordinates of black hell king got dissed by the parasites of heaven realm but this grudge will be shortlived after yue yang comes out and kill all them bastards that wanted to even rape their mothers/auntie(or wotever relationship they have, they deserve to die and have their souls erased/tormented)

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    This author took way too much from japanese authors and mixed with his weird perverted creepy self we get this cringy bundle of edge.

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