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LLS Chapter 598 – Human faced, beast’s heart (Two-faced)

Chapter 598 – Human faced, beast’s heart (Two-faced)
Translated by: Last
Edited by: ME!ME!ME!
TLCed by: ME!ME!ME!

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“The Demonic Mirror has already absorbed the blood in the blood pond for one whole month, isn’t it enough? Although we don’t care about the lives of those female slaves, but after thousands of years, there were only 700 female slaves that were reproduced. Right now we have already sacrificed 300, but there is still no reaction from the world inside the Demonic Mirror. All our female slaves are about to be depleted!” There was a Heaven Realm Draconian who was wearing a golden crown, grumbling very unhappily to Lord Mo Long.

“Master said that it is very difficult to open the world of the Demonic Mirror. Maybe we need more time!” Although Lord Mo Long’s abilities were far below the other party, his attitude was neither servile nor overbearing.

“I asked you to offer more people here as a sacrifice, but you only offered a few whenever you come here. They couldn’t even compare to a single female slave, there was no sincerity at all in your offering! You should have sent us a few hundreds or thousands of people for sacrifice…” Another Heaven Realm Draconian who was wearing a silver crown humphed.

“I can’t do that. If we do that, we will attract our enemies’ attention. If we attract too many people here and words get out, the consequences will be unimaginable. You will never be able to imagine how strong that Yue Clan third young master is. He can defeat Heaven Realm Warriors and capture Abyss Manatees which were Heaven Rank Level 2. Moreover, those Abyss Manatees were elites of the elite that were only born after thousands of years. The Abyss Manatees were some kind of Guardian Gods to the Sea Clan, but they were only beast slaves to the Yue Clan third young master! It’s not like my master is looking down upon you Heaven Realm Draconians, but you won’t be able to defeat Yue Clan third young master even if your whole clan comes. Your only advantage is your numbers… As long as he leaves Tong Tian Tower and entered the Heaven Realm, your numbers and my master’s stratagem could easily shake the Soaring Dragon Continent and occupy the entire Tong Tian Tower.“ Yue Yang understood everything after listening to Lord Mo Long.

These Heaven Realm Draconians were cannon fodders that the Black Hell King found.

Black Hell King wanted to borrow the Heaven Realm Draconians to divert his attention.

The crafty Black Hell King was trying to open the golden barrier, enter the Divine Grimoire and obtain the treasures inside to fight a war attrition with Yue Yang. However, Black Hell King will never know that the treasures inside had already been taken away by the Phoenix Sister and Qilin Girl Bing Yin. Moreover, on what basis did the Black Hell King think about contracting the Divine Grimoire?

It seems that these parasitic Heaven Realm Draconians were really cannon fodders found by the Black Hell King to distract his attention.

With the strength of the Heaven Realm Draconians they were not bad as a chess piece.

If he did not dispatch Xia Yi back to the Gu Feng Continent to search for problems, then after these Heaven Realm Draconians escape and wreck havoc in Tong Tian Tower, he would really be too busy to pay attention to Blak Hell King and allow him to recover his injuries and succeed his plot……

Unfortunately, the heavens will not let him have his way!

Xia Yi already discovered this secret, so Black Hell King’s plan to release the the Heaven Realm Draconians to deal with him would fall through and become his enjoyment!

“What Yue Clan Third Young Master, there is nothing to fear from such an inferior race. Only we, Heaven Realm Draconians, are the most outstanding life forms. Our strongest ancestors could reach Heaven Rank Level 8 and we also have elders at Heaven Rank Level 5, that insignificant Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would be toast. In the past, our ancestors possessed even stronger subordinates than the Abyss Manatee elites. They possessed Ancient Pythons, Nine-headed Demon Dragons and Golden Crown Wyverns. Any of these servants was stronger than Abyss Manatees!” The Heaven Realm Draconian with a golden crown disdainfully sneered.

“……” Lord Mo Long did not speak. He wanted to say that ‘although your ancestors were glorious, that was the past and not the present!’

“Based on the current speed of sacrifices, we would still not be able to escape after a month!” a Heaven Realm Draconian with a silver crown strongly shouted with dissatisfaction “We can’t endure for another day. Freedom, we need freedom! Our wings need to soar into the wide skies and not in this wretched Wyvern Valley. I can’t stand very single grass and every single tree in this place anymore! We must escape from this place immediately . I can’t endure staying here for another day anymore. I don’t care how many slaves get sacrificed, the more the better. Being able to sacrifice themselves for use noble men would be those lowly slave’s life’s greatest honor.”

“That’s right. We must quickly make more sacrifices.” Another Heaven Realm Draconian with a silver crown spoke and nodded in agreement.

“Then everyone should sacrifice five more slaves each!” The Heaven Realm Draconian with the gold crown made a decision.

“Prince Bo Lun, please endure for a bit longer! Every single Heaven Realm Draconian female is still at least Innate Rank Level 5. Sacrificing every one of them in a single instance is too pitiful. Please wait for at least 19 more days.” Lord Mo Lun advised.

“Don’t use those lowly and ugly female slaves? Don’t mention them on equal terms with us noble and handsome males. They are only slaves, dying for us is their destiny. We have already killed 10,000 wyverns and killed 300 female slaves. I do not care about killing 300 more. 19 days is not long but no one can guarantee that the Demonic Mirror would open after 19 days. We need to quickly see results, understand? We can’t continue waiting…… Wyvern Valley is the place of our humiliation, so we can’t endure this place anymore. Only the vast and boundless Heaven Realm is the place where we noble Heaven Realm Draconian belong. After conquering Soaring Dragon Continent and Tong Tian Tower, we would immediately return to Heaven Realm. A small place like Tong Tian Tower could never contain us. Our wings need to soar a vaster, wider sky. You lowly mortals will never understand!” The egotistical and arrogant Heaven Realm Draconian Leader used an overlooking position to ridicule Lord Mo Long.

“Fine, everything is as you will!” Lord Mo Long did not oppose anymore.

Yue Yang felt there was a deep meaning when the Black Hell King sent out this ‘weak’ Lord Mo Long. A normal person would definitely be unable to endure this Heaven Realm Draconian’s arrogance, but this Lord Mo Long definitely suited the task due to his good disposition.

Lord Mo Long’s attitude served to ignite and grow the Heaven Realm Drconian’s arrogance.

The more he lowers his attitude the more these Heaven Realm Draconians become unbridled. Only then could they prevent frightening these Heaven Realm Draconians, who were only at Innate Level 8. The more arrogant they became, the more they did not place the enemy in their eyes and the more Black Hell King became happy. After the Heaven Realm Draconians make a complete mess of Tong Tian Tower, who would remember Black Hell King’s existence?

Distracting people from the source of the calamity was the reason why Black Hell King would release them.

Luckily, Yue Yang came to find Xia Yi and accidentally discovered this Wyvern Valley, or else he would truly receive a headache. That said, if there is no strong Heaven Realm Draconian inside the Wyvern Valley, then Yue Yang could determine that these Heaven Realm Draconians have degenerated and there was already nothing to fear.

In the records, Heaven Realm Draconians were at least Heaven Rank, so they were extremely strong!

However, after being sealed in this Wyvern Valley for thousands of years, these surviving Heaven Realm Draconians had already become rubbish. The strongest was only Innate Level 8, while the weakest was only Innate Level 6. What was unexpected was that…… The only thing that did not change was their arrogant attitudes. In their eyes no one was their equal! Just like in the records, they were extremely dislikeable!

A few Heaven Realm Draconian had already flew higher with Lord Mo Long at this time.

Yue Yang predicted that they were planning to sacrifice more people.

He very carefully evaded the wyverns and teleported with Xia Yi a few times to reach the valley floor.

The valley floor was incredible dirty and filled with the smell of blood.

Animals and insects scattered in disarray.

On the underbrush, tens of thousands of wyvern corpses were thrown everywhere.

Some of them had already rotted to a high degree, some had still had dripping blood on them as if they were just killed. They could all be seen everywhere. Xia Yi kept vomiting as she saw this vile and infuriating scene.

Beside the wyvern corpses were naked female corpses.

There were old and gray-haired elderly, little girls, and most of them were middle aged women. Their reason for dying were all the same, loss of blood. Their throats were cut open, hearts were dug out, they all died after losing all the blood in their body. The thing that made Xia Yi unable to endure her anger was that before their deaths every single one of them were sullied, even those little girls that were only a few years old…… Their breasts had been cut apart and their lower bodies were all maliciously violated, some of them even had a wooden stake run through them…… Their state of death was too horrible to endure watching!

“Kill them all, these bastards are all trash! They do not deserve to live in this world!” Xia Yi tightly gripped Yue Yang’s arm. Hot tears on Yue Yang’s furious clenched hist.

On the summit of the Wyvern Valley, there was a huge altar.

There was a newly built blood pool on top of it.

There was a single Demonic Mirror inside the blood pool, absorbing the energy of the blood. This Demonic Mirror was a Holy Ranked treasure that emitted an evil aura.

The hundred wyvern all let out mournful cries as they were killed. While they made their final struggle, huge amounts of fresh blood sprayed out from their throats and splashed on the Demonic Mirror. They were being killed one by one and their corpses were thrown down to the valley floor. The surviving wyverns tried to escape in fear, but nothing was capable of flying above the Wyvern Valley. They could only hover back into their nest and await for the time they will be sacrificed.

Because there were almost ten thousand of them, there should at least be half of them surviving.

Only half of them surviving.

That was the wyverns’ fate.

The fates of the female Heaven Realm Draconians were ten times more tragic than those domesticated wyvers, especially when Prince Bo Lun decided to add them to the sacrifices.

Every single female Heaven Realm Draconian were losing their heads out of fear as they looked at Queen Qi Ge. She was the one who gave birth to Prince Bo Lun and was the only princess who survived in her generation. Although her position was not high, she was the only woman in the entire tribe who could offer words of advice to Prince Bo Lun.

“Your Majesty, we… we have already sacrificed 300 of our sisters. The elderly and the middle aged had all become sacrifices. Quickening the sacrifices is good but if we reduce the amount of sisters then we might not succeed in hunting. Please reconsider this your majesty. Your graces, please also think about it. If the number of female slaves decreased, then there is no way to be as perfect as the past.” Queen Qi Ge was the mother of Prince Bo Lun and other princes. She was the only woman who gave birth to more than ten male Heaven Realm Draconian. If it was not due to this, then she would have already become a sacrifice.

Queen Qi Ge kneeled on the floor and served her son.

She used the most respectful voice, hoping to change her son’s mind, to slow down the sacrifices and use people from the outside to substitute people from the clan.

All of the female Heaven Realm Draconian crawled on the floor, using their limbs to petition. Although their numbers were more than the male Heaven Realm Draconians and their strength was not inferior to males, they were in an inferior position even to female slaves. Males were the only ones who made decisions.

Males could at anytime decide their deaths.

Even if they were their mothers or their sisters.

In response to her begging, Prince Bo Lun gave Queen Qi Ge a kick. Fresh Blood sprayed out from her mouth and she rolled backwards. He gave her another kick to the chest before she was able to get back up. And then he spoke with an overbearing attitude: “Slut, are you talking to me? Do you know who is the strongest person in the entire Wyvern Valley? It is me. I had successfully defeated father to become the new king! It has already been a year, do you not understand your new role? Do you think you are still my mother? Without father protecting you, you are my toy, a prostitute that I hated for years. Father had always kept you as his exclusive property. He wouldn’t even allow me to touch you. Now that he is dead, what have you become? You have become a toy, a commodity for me to humiliate everyday. Do you think that father could protect you for life? You are too naive. Its funny how you think that you still have the qualifications to talk to me. You slut, the only reason I kept you alive is to humiliate you for a long time, not because you are my mother nor the queen…… Allowing you to continue being the queen is a type of humiliation for father, to let everyone see my power. The once powerful Wyvern King had already been killed by my hands. His wife and queen had already become my spoils of war…… Do you understand? I am the new Wyvern King who decides everything!”

“That’s right. I also hate this slut. Before father died, this slut had refused to sleep with me many times.”

“Slut, it seems that the humiliation she received is not enough!”

A few silver crowned men went up to kick Queen Qi Ge, who was spitting out blood.

They were all her sons.

After they worked together to overthrow the previous Wyvern King, they had become the new rulers.

When the female Heaven Realm Draconians saw this, they all began to sob.

Inside the tribe, they begun to cause a disturbance and some even thought of pleading for mercy, but they were all beaten up by the dozens of male Heaven Realm Draconians there.

Lord Mo Long pretended to be blind.   
He looked at the scene in front of him, as if he could not see anything.

As for the mercenaries that accompanied him to search for treasures, they had already become sacrifices. Only two of Lord Mo Long’s assistant were alive. They strongly held back their fears without even daring to let out a peep.

Quietly, Yue Yang and Xia Yi had reached a hundred meters away from the location.

Although Yue Yang used his qi to cleverly mask the energy fluctuations around Xia Yi, the main reason they were able to get so close was due to the crying voices and the disturbance caused by the Heaven Realm Draconians. Xia Yi had already pulled on Yue Yang’s arms a few times, indicating that he should ignore her and just kill them all, kill all of those male Heaven Realm Draconians……

However, Yue Yang did not do this, because only now did he discover the secret to Xia Yi’s bloodline!
(Last: We hope that this chapter did not offend any feminists. P.S. author is female or else sex scenes would not be so flowery.)

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  1. Treyon says:

    i guess he made the males of this race like that was just exactly for them to be killed, i guess once all the males (except a selected few) are killed then they can repopulate and educate correctly the newborns

    • Countrymage says:

      That’s how you know, guys will draw up a very simple scenario that leads to completion, though they may dress up the characteristics a bit, but women make the most elaborate stories out of it, either full of flowery emotions, or the nastiest filth to cross their minds.

    • WirlWind says:

      If the sex scenes in this are considered the ‘most explicit and raunchy’ things you’ve read, perhaps you should stay off the internet to be safe XD

    • Erudite Birdy says:

      Bwahaha! Women have finally taken over. Kneel and prepare to be assaulted, as you’re pleasured out of your mind.

      When you wrote, [theyre the most explict and raunchy things ive ever read.], I thought you need to read a greater variety of stories. He he he.
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    Hmm, don’t tell me she’s actually the daughter of the queen, if anything make it that her grandmother or ancestor had the power and she’s a throwback that’s why she can use her bloodline so much or smth, being the only daughter is too cliche especially as the last arc literally dealt with the only daughter of jellyfish empress

  3. Mikan says:

    [Last: We hope that this chapter did not offend any feminists.]

    lol is impossible to not offend a feminist, you lose if you care. as a male if you don’t want to offend them, how they say and I quote it [males should die]

    • Erudite Birdy says:

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      Quod erat demonstrandum (That’s Latin)

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    Qian Qian -> Prison Emperor’s bloodline
    Hai Ying Wu -> Ocean Emperor’s bloodline
    Yi Nan -> Valley of Butterflies and Flowers’ descendant
    Phoenix Fairy Beauty -> Disciple and friend with the Charm Demon Queen
    Jiang Ying -> Spider Empress

    Xia Yi -> Wyvern King’s Bloodline ?

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    Thanks for chapter
    since most of the females in yue yang’s harem have some sort of ancient/special bloodline then it will make sense that xia yi has wyvern king bloodline or the blood of the people that serves directly under the wyvern king running through her veins

  7. Rob Lucci says:

    lol The sex scene being flowery sentence was actually more anti-feminist than the chapter XD and I also disagree with that description of the sex scenes, they are all very well written. Not that I have any grievances, just something that tickled my fancy. Keep up the great work.

    • Erudite Birdy says:

      I found the sex scenes to be quite tame (no play-by-play explicit descriptions).
      I like the way the author and translator were able to use wordplay so well that it made it funny and enjoyable to read. I’m often chuckling while reading and that something that makes this story so great to be reading.

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