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LLS Chapter 597 – Wyvern Valley, Heaven Realm Draconians!

Chapter 597 – Wyvern Valley, Heaven Realm Draconians!
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Stone Passageway.

Even if it was Yue Yang’s first time coming here, he could tell that the stone passageway behind this secret door would definitely not lead to Gu Feng Continent.

Even though the gravity here was similar to Gu Feng Continent’s, but along the entire stone passageway, there was a type of formless power of the Ancient Code, almost as though it was sealing something. Yue Yang had felt this type of force from the seal that was sealing the Scarlet Emperor in the Dragon’s Lair. However, Yue Yang was comforted by the fact that the power of the Ancient code here was not as strong as that of the Ancient Seal used to seal the Scarlet Emperor. Or else, another enemy like the Scarlet Emperor would just cause Yue Yang to be dizzy.

It was hard enough to kill the Thousand Goblin King, Yue Yang still wanted to take a breather for a while.

Cultivation caused experience accumulated from battle to transform.

A breakthrough to a new realm.

Yue Yang would never be satisfied with the mere strength of Innate Level 8. Although he could now skip levels and battle with Heaven Rank rankers, but after all was said and done, there still existed even more powerful enemies like the Scarlet Emperor. Yue Yang didn’t dare to be complacent with his training for even a second.

“How did you open the secret door?” Xia Yi suddenly recalled this matter.

“What else but with the gold key?” Yue Yang answered, grinning brightly. His smile stunned Xia Yi with a look and shortly after, her face turned a bright red. She lowered her head to avoid looking at him, softly saying: “Smiling just like a lecherous wolf, so unsightly!” She was unwilling to admit that she was attracted by Yue Yang’s smile, defending herself while meaning otherwise in her heart, purposely saying that his smile was unsightly… Actually, Yue Yang’s smiles had long become a kind of “bewitching” skill, causing the fairer sex to be charmed.

It was only natural for girls like Xia Yi who argued with him often on the surface but secretly longed for affection and romance to be even more charmed.

With just a smile of Yue Yang’s, her heart would skip a beat.

Even though she continuously called it unsightly, her heart was thumping like the beat of a drum and she couldn’t help lower her gaze and steal a few looks at him.

She was unable to explain why she insisted on being at loggerheads with Yue Yang all the time either. Actually, everything that happened before was simply a minor misunderstanding, and she knew that he actually treated her very well, only enjoying provoking and teasing her.

He always left the young girl without any face, thus, she wished that he would treat her a little bit better.

To not bully her like this!

“I thought you didn’t have the golden key?” Xia Yi recalled that only Lord Mo Long possessed a gold key, and when entering, it was still in his hands. No matter how quick his hands were, he would not have been able to steal it. Just now, he got her to turn her back to him, and then he managed to open up the secret door. The question was, how did he do it? Did he make a duplicate of the key? It seemed to be the only possibility! Only, how did he duplicate it? Could you actually make a duplicate of the gold key?

“I made a fake one. Ha, the secret door isn’t a person and won’t be able to tell it apart. I deceived it!” Yue Yang grinned, incredibly pleased with himself.

“I knew you were a huge fake!” Xia Yi purposely snorted, but she was actually quite delighted in her heart. Although this fellow was quite lecherous, his capabilities were still rather admirable.

“Is this your praise for me? Thanks!” Yue Yang paid no mind at all to her words. Seeing his self-satisfaction was evident, Xia Yi wished for nothing more than to pounce on him to give him a ruthless bite. Or else, her hate would never dissolve.

Reaching the end of the stone passageway, they arrived at a gigantic cave.

There were seemingly infinite number of passageways scattered about inside, leaving them at a loss on which path to take.

If Xia Yi had come alone, she would be left completely helpless in the face of this maze-like cave.

Now though, the situation was different. She looked to Yue Yang with full confidence in him. She couldn’t find the way out herself, but he definitely could. Such a tiny little maze would definitely fail to stump him, after all, he could even clear the Five Elements Palace and the Death Arena.

Such a tiny little maze was basically child’s play.

As expected, Yue Yang easily figured out the correct path that Lord Mo Long took.

He summoned the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice and five mechanical mice appeared. They begun tracking down Lord Mo Long’s remnant scent. Even thoughLord Mo Long had already used a special technique to conceal his scent and set off a few small animals with strong scents to mislead any possible enemies, all these tricks were ineffective on the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice. Their main tracking ability was their sensing capabilities.

As long as Lord Mo Long left any abnormal energy, he should not even bother attempting to evade the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice’s search.

After successfully making it out of the maze-like cave, they meandered their way through a large mountain wall.

Passing through multiple mountains caused them to feel somewhat uncertain.

Eventually when the paths slowly converged, Xia Yi and Yue Yang saw the light.

Distantly, there appeared an extremely small ray of light up ahead, the exit… Yue Yang and Xia Yi felt a burst of joy. Although they could adapt to the dark, they still preferred brightness. Having spent a significant amount of time walking in the cave, their moods grew melancholic. After all, humans were more adapted to life above ground.

Carefully advancing forward, Yue Yang and Xia Yi discovered that up ahead, near the exit was a seemingly man-made beehive-like cave.

Countless exits, densely packed, just like something akin to a mesh arranged in front of the main exit’s two sides.

Yue Yang and Xia Yi concealed themselves at a smaller exit.

Taking a peek, immediately, they let out gasps of surprise at the outside world.

The small exit that the two of them stood at was actually a rest stop for beasts with flying capabilities. Below was a bottomless cliff and in front, tens of thousands of Wyverns were flying about everywhere, occasionally letting out a loud cry, producing continuous bursts of up and down beats of the “Wyvern’s Song”. Some of the Wyverns, having been tired out by flying, would enter those beehive-like exits to rest. Others would carry food that was dripping with blood, entering to feast.

In a distance, there was an extremely high mountain peak that was peeking through the clouds.

Similarly, there were countless Wyverns circling it, except that their colours, build, rank and power were comparably higher than the rest.

“This is, this is the legendary Wyvern Valley!” Xia Yi‘s complexion changed drastically as she watched and her small hands held onto Yue Yang’s arm tightly: “I heard that there is an incredibly terrifying Wyvern King that is even scarier than the Demon Kings of Demon Abyss. If the Wyvern King ever left Wyvern Valley, then the entire Gu Feng Continent would be destroyed! I remember when I was younger, my mother told me that the Wyvern King was a terrifying existence…” She said shakily.

“Are you sure your mother wasn’t just scaring you?” Yue Yang didn’t find the Wyvern King as terribly scary.

If the Wyvern King existed in the Tong Tian Continent, then it was a beast below Innate Level.

A beast that had truly formidable power was not the Wyvern, but the Giant Dragon.

Moreover, Xia Yi might have been mischievous in her childhood and thus her mother had only said so to scare her, which led to leaving an affect on her psychologically.

What’s more, regular people have incorrect impressions on power. To a regular person, Innate Level One Rankers were very powerful, Innate Level Five and above ranked Heavenly Royal Guards were very powerful, Demon Kings, who were at least Innate Level Nine and above, were also very powerful. To a regular person, all three of them didn’t have much differences, because they were all unimaginable existences that a regular person would never be able to put up resistance against. However, switching to Yue Yang’s perspective was a different matter altogether. Innate Level One Rankers were a flash kill; Innate Level Five and above Heavenly Royal Guards were also easy to defeat; Innate Level Nine and above Demon Kings were barely enough to be a well-matched opponent.

Xia Yi’s mother seemed to be a regular person with not much strength.

In other words, she basically could not clearly tell apart the differences in strength between a Wyvern King and a Demon King, only knowing that they were both incredibly fearsome.

If not for the existence of an Ancient Seal-like power of the Ancient Code here, Yue Yang wouldn’t even care.

What Wyvern King?

Wasn’t it just a flash kill trophy?

Don’t even mention Yue Yang, even the Reaper Mantises had killed many Wyvern Kings.

If Yue Yang was to let loose the Reaper Mantis, all of the tens of thousands of Wyverns in the canyon would be so scared they would flee with their tails tucked between their legs.

“No. The Wyvern King is a very fearsome existence, reportedly, having killed countless in Gu Feng Continent. Many of Gu Feng Continent’s most powerful were slaughtered by the Wyvern King. And since most of Gu Feng Continent’s most powerful were extinguished, we were unable to defend against the Demon Abyss Army’s attack and came under Demon Abyss’s rule to be enslaved by the Demons.

“Don’t be afraid, let’s survey the situation first. Relax, there’s still me.” Yue Yang noticed that Xia Yi was frightened to the point of having her lips turn pale and hurriedly comforted her gently.

“…” Having been comforted by him, Xia Yi felt herself relax much more but her small hand still held onto his arm, unwilling to loosen her grip.

Yue Yang noticed that there was a few black spots quite far in the distance, seeming quite abnormal in the midst of all the Wyverns.

He used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to take a look and was rather stunned.

It was because, he saw a rather peculiar life form, a type that didn’t belong to any group of life form existing in Tong Tian Continent. After a battle in the Heaven Realm, Elder Nan Gong had gifted Yue Yang a book. That book was said to have been written by Elder Dan Qing from the time of the Prison Emperor, recording 3,600 types of common life forms in the Heaven Realm and 108 peculiar life forms.

Those unusual black dots up ahead were one type of the hundred and eight peculiar life forms.

Heaven Realm Draconians!

This type of Heaven Realm Draconians were very similar to humans, however, they were taller. Regardless if they were male or female, their average height would be two meters and above, and they had retractable dragon wings on their back. The men were especially handsome while the women were generally plain, some even ugly. The complete opposite of another life form of the Heaven Realm, the Heaven Realm Demons. The males of the Heaven Realm Demons were ugly while the females were dainty and enchanting.

During combat, Heaven Realm Draconians mostly had women to form battalions and attack the enemy.

The males of the Heaven Realm Draconians all held a governing position and every male possessed more than ten women.

Aside from reproducing and protecting their territories, males of the Heaven Realm Draconians basically didn’t participate in any battles, which in other words meant, aside from petty rivaling for women, they all didn’t know how to fight.

This type of male of the Heaven Realm Draconians were given the title of “Laziest Parasitical Men” in the entire Heaven Realm and on the receiving end of much disdain from other races …Most unusual was, this type of lazy males of the Heaven Realm Draconians were unexpectedly put under the same category of “Most Irritating” existences in Heaven Realm along with the males of the Heaven Realm Demons, who spent their lives battling and greatly enjoyed plundering other races.

Heaven Realm had a phrase: The most despicable race does not exist, only Heaven Realm Draconians are more despicable than others!

Yue Yang found it hard to understand.

Why were Heaven Realm’s parasite-like Heaven Realm Draconians here? And who exactly sealed these parasites in this Wyvern Valley?

However, Yue Yang could immediately understand one thing. The Black Hell King wanted to borrow the strength of the Heaven Realm Draconians. In layman’s terms, the Black Hell King was prepared to set the Heaven Realm Draconians free. Although Lord Mo Long was a leader of the Demon Abyss, even the blind could see that the real mastermind was the Black Hell King. Furthermore, he should be Black Hell King’s subordinate, Thunder of the Center, that Thunder Lizard Commander’s subordinate.

Lord Mo Long wasn’t here to search for treasure. He was here to negotiate terms of cooperation with the Heaven Realm Draconians.

Yue Yang rejoiced inwardly, fortunately, he had discovered the matter in time.

If not, letting these Heaven Realm Draconians of the Wyvern Valley run loose would just be another pounding headache… They were the scariest parasites, loathed universally, with a trash reputation to match and notorious existences in the Heaven Realm.

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