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LLS Chapter 596 – Apple or Egg?

Chapter 596 – Apple or Egg?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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After Yue Yang waited for another ten minutes, an Innate Level 1 Demon Abyss Lord arrived.

Amongst the thirty plus people, the strongest one was only Level 7.
(Last: Level 7 here does not refer to Innate Level)

Now, Yue Yang understood a little why Xia Yi dared to follow this group of people. That was because she had confidence that even if she couldn’t defeat these enemies, she would still be able to escape.

“How strange.” Yue Yang planned to kill everyone initially, snatch the Golden Key and enter the door to search for treasures personally. However, when he saw that the enemies were so weak, he couldn’t help but feel suspicious. There was no reason for someone like Lord Mo Long to able to possess such an important Golden Key. Even if it was in his possession, without a strong Ranker backing him up, how could the likes of this Lord Mo Long search for the treasure?

With just the abilities of these group of people, whose highest level was only Level 7? Wasn’t this just simply a joke?

Harboring his suspicions, Yue Yang slowly waited.

Lord Mo Long was extremely cautious. Before he took out the Golden Key to open the shining secret door, he first ordered his subordinates to keep a lookout on the surrounding.

If it were another person, they would have already noticed it. But, Yue Yang’s secret skill of hiding his presence was secretly learnt from the super assassin An Xi. An Xi’s presence concealing skill was so high levelled that even Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was unable to detect it. Even if Yue Yang couldn’t master An Xi’s skill completely, fooling a bunch of warriors who were not even Innate-ranked was an easy feat for him. Forget about these people, if Yue Yang was really serious on hiding his presence, together with his Counterfeit Inherent Skill, even Innate Level 10 or Supreme Innates would probably not be able to detect him. Yue Yang was actually hiding right under these people’s noses, he was less than 20 meters away from them. However, they were unable to detect him at all.

After his subordinates finished searching around, Lord Mo Long finally felt safe to take out the shining Golden Key.

When the Golden Key was pressed close to the shining secret door, which was made up of runes interlocking against each other, a golden arrow of light immediately shot up to the sky through the clouds…

In the sky, there seemed to be some kind of energy that was faintly responding to the golden arrow of light. Then, on the ground, the mysterious runic shining door on the miniature fort made out of light soundlessly opened.

It revealed a simple passage built from stones. It looked extremely long, deep and dark.

Right at this moment, from the entrance to the valley far away, a figure suddenly appeared. In a few seconds, the figure managed to reach a rock that was 50 meters away from the entrance.

Lord Mo Long seemed to sense something, and he humphed loudly. He waved his hands and ordered his subordinates to quickly enter.

When every single person had entered, Lord Mo Long took the Golden Key out and quickly entered the door as fast as lightning before it vanished.

When he was standing in front of the stone passage, he suddenly stopped and turned around. He looked at the surrounding outside the secret door, as if he wanted to give the enemy that was following him a mortal attack. The figure hiding behind the rock didn’t move an inch, as if she was never there before. When Lord Mo Long discovered that no one was following him, he breathed a sigh of relief and slowly closed the secret door, disappearing. Only the Ancient Teleportation Portal was left, as if nothing happened there at all.

The figure stood up, feeling a little unresigned as she took a small step out.

Suddenly, there was a black hand that crept up from behindher, then grabbed onto that figure’s chest.

“Eh?” That figure’s body froze, as ifshe never thought that there would be someone who would ambush her. However,her reaction was very quick, within 0.1 seconds,she had already took out the Silver Dagger onher waist and swung it behind, towards her ambusher.

“Are you trying to kill your husband?” Yue Yang appeared from behind. He stuck his body close to the figure, one holding the figure’s chest, and the other holding her hand that was holding the dagger. The figure’s body froze once again as she turned her head in surprise. It was none other than Xia Yi. When she saw Yue Yang, she was surprised, happy, angry, embarrassed and anxious. She struggled and scolded: “It’s you? Are you still not letting go!”

“Ah!” Yue Yang pretended to be an obedient child and quickly let go of her hand that was holding the dagger.

“I’m saying your other hand!” Xia Yi was completely pissed off. What kind of person was this?!

“Ahem, this is actually a custom from my hometown. When we want to surprise our best friends, we grab their chests. Xia Yi, I’ve journeyed so far to find you, isn’t this a nice surprise?” Yue Yang slowly let her go, very reluctantly. Under Xia Yi’s angry glare, he even smelled his hand to sniff her lingering scent. This almost drove Xia Yi mad.

“The custom in my hometown is to beat someone that we haven’t seen for a long time up, to surprise them!” Xia Yi really wanted to bite Yue Yang to death.

“Oh really? Your hometown’s custom is not as cool as my hometown’s custom… Actually, in my hometown, there is also another custom of hugging when we meet our friends. If you don’t mind, I can demonstrate for you. This is all for knowledge, you should study it a little.” Yue Yang prepared to give Xia Yi a big hug.

“Go away, stay away from me.” Xia Yi threatened Yue Yang with her dagger and didn’t let him come near. She was afraid that he would really hug her. She was more afraid that her heart would soften because of that.

“Girl, you got thinner.” Yue Yang pretended to be concerned about her and touch Xia Yi’s face.

“It’s none of your business.” Xia Yi was originally very moved, thinking that with those few words of his, the hardship she had suffered all this while was worth it. But she suddenly noticed something wrong. Then she realized that this brat only said that as an excuse to feel her body. She was so pissed off! This guy was too much! He could even lie about his concerns for her. Other than perverted thoughts in his mind, was there anything else in that stupid brain of his?

“That’s okay then, I initially wanted to give you some new clothes.” Yue Yang looked a little wronged as he grumbled out.

“Give me.” Xia Yi’s heart immediately softened. It was good that he still remembered to give her presents. She was afraid that he forgot her completely.

“I designed it especially for you. Look at this, do you like it?” Yue Yang took out a piece of lingerie. It was made of lace, and it was transparent, its material as thin as cicada’s wings. It felt very soft to touch, but as for its uses as a piece of clothing, it looked like there wasn’t much difference between wearing and not wearing it…

“…” With the piece of lingerie in her hands, smoke seemed to come out from Xia Yi’s head. She wanted beat him up, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to hit or catch him. She got even angrier.

This brat, he was definitely born to piss her off!

He probably came here just to make her cry.

So, she must definitely not cry.

Xia Yi bit her lips and took a deep breath. After she took back the tears that were about to fall from her eyes, she promised herself that no matter what, she would not let him see her weakness.

She took the transparent lingerie and put it away. Pretending she was all cool, she asked: “This young master, what are you doing here instead of doing perverted things to your big-breasted female slave? Oh, right. You idiot, why didn’t you rush inside just now… You just watched them go inside and did nothing? There might be treasures inside. You, you are really an idiot!”

Yue Yang quickly explained, “I was waiting for you, you know? You didn’t rush inside, so of course I will stay behind with you!”

Xia Yi immediately recognised it as an excuse, and she shouted in frustration: “You stayed behind me so that you can ambush my chest, is that it?!”

“Ahem, I am a true gentleman, the role model of virtue amongst the youths in Soaring Dragon Continent. I’m a pioneer, the driving force of a better, new generation of community. How could I do such a shameless thing? You have completely misunderstood me.” Yue Yang clenched his fist and said in a serious tone. Xia Yi almost fainted to the ground. Oh my god, was there an even more shameless person than this brat in this world?

“So, how does your hand feel?” Xia Yi coldly glared and asked Yue Yang.

“Nothing much!” Yue Yang shook his head.

“Nothing much?!” Xia Yi immediately exploded, just like a cat whose tail had been stepped on. He molested her, and even said the feeling was nothing much?!

“Uh, that, I mean, I didn’t feel it very clearly.” Yue Yang quickly explained.

“You touched it for a long time, and you didn’t feel it very clearly?!” Xia Yi looked at Yue Yang in disdain.

“It’s too small… I touched for a long time, but I can’t find-” Yue Yang had not finished speaking when he was sent flying with a punch by the furious Xia Yi, who had gone berserk. Seething with anger, Xia Yi was completely furious as she took out a giant axe, waving it furiously at Yue Yang as she chased after him, “Die! Right now! I will send you to a special hell for shameless guys like you!”

Half an hour later.

When Yue Yang opened the shining secret door, before entering the stone passage, Xia Yi’s fury had not dissipated yet, so she gave a punch on Yue Yang’s back.

Yue Yang quickly reminded her: “Hey, you are the one who said ceasefire. Didn’t you say we should look for treasures first, then flirt – no, I mean, then we divide the treasures… My dear Miss Xia Yi, you shouldn’t be too petty as a person, you have to have a big chest (means big heart in English)!”

Xia Yi wanted to forgive him in the beginning, but when she heard ‘big chest’, she couldn’t help but to to explode in anger again: “Yes, I AM petty, and my chest is not big! Why don’t you find a cow with a big chest to help you search for treasures? I’m not going to bother with a spoiled young master like you! Let me go, let me GO!” Yue Yang was grabbing onto her arms, so she tried struggling free, but seeing that she was unable to let go, she gave up on struggling. Actually she didn’t intend to go, but she was angry and she thought that this fellow didn’t care about her feelings at all. He knew that her chest wasn’t big, but he always teased her about them. How could she not be angry?

Yue Yang chuckled, “There are different flavours. I can’t be eating one type of flavour every day. I should be eating eggs on some days. People shouldn’t be too picky.”

Xia Yi rolled her eye when she heard this.

She reckoned that amongst all the guys in the world, only this Yue Clan third young master could say such things.

She had seen many shameless people, but even the most shameless person would seem humble compared to this young master. He was simply unrivalled in shamelessness!

With regards to Yue Yang’s shameless words, Xia Yi humphed as she retorted determinedly: “What do you mean eggs? Who do you mean eggs? I am at least an apple, a big apple!”

“If I don’t listen to my conscience, I will agree with you.” Yue Yang had not finished speaking when Xia Yi pulled out her giant axe again.

“Just go ahead and say it one more time…” Xia Yi’s giant axe was raised high, hanging right on top of Yue Yang’s nose.

“Alright, alright, you are an apple. Apple laptop, Apple Daily (a newspaper in Hong Kong)!” Yue Yang replied with a shaky voice. Although Xia Yi didn’t understand what was Apple laptop and Apple Daily, she had a feeling that it wasn’t a good name. She felt that he was calling her flat.

Actually, Xia Yi wanted to chop this despicable fellow with her axe.

However, she suddenly changed her mind.

She threw out her axe.

Yue Yang froze. Not good, this girl was going to cry!

Just as he was thinking on how to comfort her, he suddenly saw Xia Yi started taking off her clothes. She took off her leather armour and revealed her body that was only wearing an undergarment. In an instant, her virgin smell touched Yue Yang’s nose. Looking at her flawless naked body, Yue Yang’s chin almost dropped to the ground. He speechlessly looked at her, thinking that this girl must have gone insane. Was she really thinking of ‘attacking’ him?

Xia Yi pulled Yue Yang’s right hand, then pressed it against her chest.

“What on earth-” Yue Yang was completely shaken. This, was this a dream or reality? Was this some kind of mistake? This kind of action, only Sky Law would dare to do it!

“Is it apple or egg?” Xia Yi asked calmly.

“A-apple!” Yue Yang replied on reflex.

“Thank you… Now you can go and die!” Xia Yi sent a flying kick to Yue Yang who was still in a daze. Then, she calmly wore back her leather armours and black thief clothes.

“It’s not a dream!” Yue Yang who had fallen on the ground, smelled his hand and suddenly jumped up from the ground. To Xia Yi’s shock, he held her hands tight and said: “Pretty lady, how do you do. I am Yue Yang, people call me the third young master of the Yue Clan. My house is the Yue Clan Castle in Soaring Dragon Continent. I have a lot of money, I am handsome and talented. I am affectionate, I have good character and excellent temper. I am also a really good friend…”

Before he managed to say ‘I can warm your bed, please take me in’, he was sent flying with Xia Yi’s punch.

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    “It’s not a dream!” Yue Yang who had fallen on the ground, smelled his hand and suddenly jumped up from the ground. To Xia Yi’s shock, he held her hands tight and said: “Pretty lady, how do you do. I am Yue Yang, people call me the third young master of the Yue Clan. My house is the Yue Clan Castle in Soaring Dragon Continent. I have a lot of money, I am handsome and talented. I am affectionate, I have good character and excellent temper. I am also a really good friend…”

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