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LLS Chapter 595 – Gu Feng Continent Secret Door: Where does it lead to?

Chapter 595 – Gu Feng Continent Secret Door: Where does it lead to?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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Although Hai Ying Wu couldn’t bear to leave Yue Yang, she must stay and restore the Sea Clan.

For the next few years, she would be very busy.

With the power her father had transferred to her and the Holy-ranked Weapon, together with her mother’s plans and clan support, and also Yue Yang’s support, Hai Ying Wu’s job as the Ocean Empress was easier than she initially thought. Previously, she had prepared her heart to undertake an extremely difficult and burdensome job. However, most of the Sea Clans had currently recognised her as the new Ocean Empress. Let alone Hai Ying Wu, even the two Abyss Manatees’ who were Yue Yang’s slaves previously were regarded as the new Guardian Gods by the Sea Clan…

“I will do my best! I will first become a successful Ocean Empress, when things here have settled down, I will become a successful wife who can take care of you everyday!” Hai Ying Wu’s tears rolled down as she kissed Yue Yang emotionally. It was time for them to part. Even if her subordinates were watching her, she wouldn’t care about them.

“Cough cough!” Actually, Countess Jie Wei, Countess Yan, Elder Xing Pan, Shark King and all other Sea Clan warriors had all known about Hai Ying Wu’s intimate relationship with Yue Yang.

Forget about people who can see, even blind people wouldn’t be able to tell.

Towards Hai Ying Wu’s passionate action of kissing Yue Yang in public, they turned their heads and pretended not to see anything.

To the Sea Clan, the joining of Yue Yang and Hai Ying Wu was the best outcome they could hope for.

The Yue Clan third young master is definitely the best candidate for a husband. Maybe, right now was not a very good time for the Sea Clan to announce this marriage. But the matter of the two people getting together was a good thing, be it for the the Soaring Dragon Continent on the first floor of Tong Tian Tower or for the Boundless Ocean on the tenth floor of the Tong Tian Tower. They were two completely different groups of people, but because of the marriage between the two most important people from the respective places, these two groups of people have been firmly bonded together and become a trustworthy alliance.

The Soaring Dragon Continent had the most talents and also the most outstanding youth of them all, the Yue Clan’s third young master.

The Sea Clan possessed the most prosperous ocean, vast lands, and the Ocean Empress, who would be the perfect wife for Yue Clan third young master… The strong alliance would definitely lead to better growth in Tong Tian Tower in the future.

After leaving the Boundless Ocean, Yue Yang returned to the Thunder Fortress in the Sixth Floor.

He was welcomed by a wave of congratulatory wishes.

All the slaves, servants and guards were very proud of their master’s miraculous performance. They had already known that little Titan was actually Yue Clan’s third young master. The Titan Corp’s CEO, fat frog Jia De, had already become the most important figure in the sixth floor of TOng Tian Tower. Even Innates would show respect to him when they met him. Those who looked down on him last time came in waves and apologized to him deeply, afraid that this fat toad would hold grudges. Ofcourse, all the glory he was enjoying was because of Yue Yang’s splendid performance. He had come back alive from the Death Battle Arena, wreck havoc in the Heaven Realm, defeat Heaven Realm warriors and even captured Abyss Manatees from the Heaven Realm. Then, he journeyed to the Boundless Ocean, stopped the Sea Clan rebellion and helped Emperor Guan Lan’s daughter, Hai Ying Wu, to ascend the throne, all by himself…

Through some gossips, the third master of the Yue Clan even killed a three thousand years old warrior, Thousand Goblin King.

Facing against such powerful display of power, no one in Tong Tian Tower wouldn’t bow in respect.

Hence, the fat toad Jia De was also respected by everyone, even though he was just the Yue Clan third young master’s subordinate, someone who helped him run errands.

“Where is Xia Yi?” Yue Yang realised that the things in the Thunder Fortress looked normal, only that girl Xia Yi who always picked a fight with him was missing. Yue Yang immediately felt something was missing from his heart.

“Miss Xia Yi is still in the Gu Feng Continent. She has sent a letter a few weeks ago, but that letter is still with the Xia Brothers… Xia Brothers didn’t know that master is returning home, they have gone to Silver Leaf City to sign a contract today. It is almost time for them to come back, let me check that!” Jia De really wished he could grow wings and capture the Xia Brothers back from the Silver LEaf City. Actually, the Xia Brothers didn’t need to go out for business today originally, but Jia De had an urgent appointment at the last minute, hence Butler Yan Zheng had sent out the Li Brothers instead.

“It’s okay, I think the content of the letter would be nothing of importance.” Yue Yang waved his hand, showing that he wasn’t interested.

If Xia Yi was in danger, the Xia Brothers would definitely be anxious.

If they still have the leisure to go to Silver Leaf City for a business trip, this means that Xia Yi was very safe.

Octopus Boss and Swordfish-man Ji Feng had returned a long time ago. To them, Boundless Ocean was not as fun as Soaring Dragon Continent. They were originally human innates after all. It was just that after becoming a fishmen, they still liked to live on land, as it was in their bones. They didn’t have a place to return to in the Sea Clan, but they led a good life in the Thunder Fortress. All the servants here respected them very much, they would even worship them everyday. Furthermore, they had also fought to protect this place before, hence they have developed feelings for this place and kind of make it their second hometown.
(Shiro: changing Swordfish Blast to Swordfish-man Ji Feng)

The other reason was that they were sworn enemies with the Sea Clan.

Although they did not broach the subject anymore and their relationship had turned into an alliance, they still felt a little awkward.

“If you are busy, go ahead and do your stuff. We these elderlies have our own hands and legs, we can drink and eat ourselves. You don’t have to care about us. Just remember to invite us over to the Heaven Realm when you have marked your territory there.” The Octopus Boss laughed out loud.

“…!!” The talkative Mudskipper Fishman Sui Zui wanted to speak, but the Swordfish-man Ji Feng firmly covered his mouth to prevent him from speaking, making him so angry that he kept trying to struggle free.

“This time, I’m treating you guys to this Ancient Demon’s blood.” Yue Yang tossed them a Runic Silver Bottle containing the Ancient Demon’s blood, which was caught by the Mudskipper Fishman Sui Zui, who was nearby and quick. When he opened the bottle, the magma-hot Ancient Demon Blood almost burnt through his whole skin. Utterly shocked, he quickly closed the bottle again, screaming in panic as he passed the bottle to Swordfish-man Ji Feng.

“Go and get some strong wine with ice. Without the strong wine to dilute this Ancient Demon Blood, with your current abilities, you would probably never be able to drink it!” Swordfish-man Ji Feng sent a kick to Mudskipper Fishman Sui Zui’s butt.

“This is good stuff!” Whale Fishman Zhang gave Yue Yan a thumbs up.

With their current abilities, they would probably not be able to acquire this Ancient Demon’s Blood in their lifetime.

Right now, even the weak fat toad Jia De was holding an iced ‘Bloody Wine’ in his hands… They were servants who were below the Innate level, of course they wouldn’t dare to drink ‘Bloody Wine’ that would cause them to change into a Fishman Variant. They poured ten buckets of wine onto a big water container, then added a huge amount of ice. Lastly, they added just a single drop of Ancient Demon’s Blood. Even then, they felt like their body was about to burst, as if they were engulfed in fire. Fat toad Jia De had only drank a sip, but he actually spat out fire from his throat in the next instant. His expression was filled with both satisfaction and shock as he said, “I could actually spit fire, oh my god, I thought I was gonna die just now! This is too scary, too scary. This good stuff, how much are we going to sell it for? 50 gold per cup? No, I definitely won’t sell it below 500 gold!”

The old-fashioned butler Yan Zheng also revealed his rarely-seen smile.

Yue Yang didn’t stay in the Thunder Fortress for long. With the Xia Brothers as his guide, he made his way to the Gu Feng Continent.

Gu Feng Continent.

It was a world that resembled the Soaring Dragon Continent. The land was mostly dominated by humans, but there was also some gnomes and demi-humans. When the demons invaded during the Demon Invasion last time, they brought gnomes and demi-humans as slaves. They were the descendants of those slaves. All the intelligent species from the Demon Abyss that came during the Demon Invasion had taken dominance in this place. They either become a king of a small kingdom or become the lord of a certain region. There were very few human Lords.

From the entrance of the continent, to the Great Hall and the teleportation portal, they were all managed by the Demon Abyss Priests.

Towards normal warriors, their attitude were not very good.

However, towards the three guests who were at least at Level 7, they didn’t dare to mistreat them at all, especially Yue Yang, who was sitting in between the two Xia Brothers. His level was not something that the Demon Abyss Priests could pry on. In their eyes, Yue Yang was without a doubt an Innate Ranker at least.

“My lord, we welcome you to the Gu Feng Continent.” Those few Demon Abyss Priests bowed respectfully towards Yue Yang.

Fortunately Yue Yang covered his face with a mask, otherwise, if these Priests found out that the person in front of them was Yue Clan’s third young master, their heart would probably jump out of their mouth from shock.

The Xia Brothers were returning to their hometown to fetch their mother and relatives, so that they could live with them in the Thunder Fortress.

Yue Yang searched for Xia Yi, who was still secretly scouting on the Black Hell Army’s news. According to the contents of the letter, that girl had managed to found out different reports about the Black Hell Army. For example, she had found out the location of the Black Hell Army’s secret base, and also the open period of an Ancient Teleportation Portal. She had researched them very carefully and completed her mission, but she had discovered some kind of special, important report, so she had not returned to the Thunder Fortress and stayed behind to continue observing the situation.

As Yue Yang was worried about the safety of the great miss Xia Yi who always liked to make things difficult for him, Yue Yang decided to fetch her personally.

Although her reports were important, her little life was more important.

Black Hell King was hiding at a secret place, it would be really bad if he managed to catch her.

Of course, this possibility was very small. Black Hell King wouldn’t even bother to do anything to Xia Yi. If Black Hell King wanted to kidnap someone, he would kidnap people from the Yue Clan castle… It was just that, there was a very small possibility of that happening, and Yue Yang didn’t want any tragedy to happen.

“Teleportation Portal?” Yue Yang followed the map that Xia Yi left behind, and after walking for half a day, he reached a place that looked like an abandoned teleportation portal.

This was one of the important signs that Xia Yi had marked on her letter.

If it were others, they would never be able to find such a desolate place. Even if they discovered the teleportation portal, they wouldn’t care about it, because it looked like it had been abandoned long ago. However, through Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he saw something about this teleportation portal. He saw that this teleportation portal had been used recently. Furthermore, it was more than once.

Where does it lead to?

On the fourth floor of the Tong Tian Tower, there was also a similar-looking abandoned teleportation portal.

That teleportation portal had led to a very mysterious place. In there, there was the Golden Barrier that Yue Yang was unable to enter, and a Divine Grimoire without an owner.
(Shiro: Chapter 483)

This teleportation portal in Gu Feng Continent, could it also lead to a similarly mysterious place? Could it be that there was a second Divine Grimoire? Or maybe, this was the Black Hell King’s secret base, his last sanctuary?

There was also another possibility; It could also be an entrance into the God’s Ruin.

Although Xia Yi liked to make things difficult for him, she knew his orders well. She wouldn’t do impulsive things, so she must have a special reason when she decided to stay. Most importantly, he had a feeling that like the Gu Feng Continent’s teleportation portal, the ancient teleportation portal in Ao Jia Continent and other continents, especially this kind of ruined teleportation portals that looked like they had been abandoned for a long time, have something strange about them.

Maybe it was something that Black Hell King had been making use of. Because of this suspicions, Yue Yang had ordered Xia Yi to investigate them.

Now it looked like the suspicions in his heart was right.

“Damn that thief. If I manage to catch that cunning fellow, I will definitely skin him alive! He is really too evil, he is simply like a ghost that continued to haunt us. If this goes on and we still can’t find that treasure, I am really going to go mad.” On the valley outside the teleportation portal, a group of warriors Level 4 Hero and above suddenly appeared, walking towards Yue Yang. Just as they were walking past Yue Yang, who was hiding his presence, one of the men whose face was full of fats grumbled continuously.

“Who don’t love treasures? That fellow was high-levelled and quick, if we didn’t use tricks, it will be difficult to catch her.” A skinny man spat out a mouthful of saliva.

“When we capture him, that thief’s head is mine! You can leave me out on the treasure distribution, but that thief is mine, and she must be alive. What do you know, that thief is actually a girl. Although she dressed up as a thief, I could tell that she was a beauty with one look! She has such slender waist and long legs, that body is definitely not a man’s!” A fat man drooled as he said this.

“That doesn’t mean she is a beauty. You didn’t see her face, so no one can guarantee that.” Another person refuted.

“That’s enough, we reached the destination already. Lord Mo Long is arriving soon, everyone shut your mouths. Don’t ever mention ‘thief’ or anything else to Lord Mo Long. Forget about that thief, I don’t care if he’s a he or she, just forget about that thief. You guys are all here to look for treasures, not to look for girls! Furthermore, that thief doesn’t have the key to open the door, the ‘Golden Key’. She would never be able to enter the teleportation door with us. We don’t have to care about her at all!” A tall and sturdy man took out precious stones from his bag and carefully placed them on the area directly opposite the teleportation portal.

The teleportation portal immediately shone with shining light. What shocked Yue Yang was that the light actually started turning into a shining building.

It was like a small fort.

At the front of the shining building, there was a shining door that was shaped by interlocking runes…

Incredible, where does this door lead to? Forget about Xia Yi, even Yue Yang curious now. He couldn’t wait to enter the door and see mountains of treasures. How could he go home empty handed!

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