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LLS Chapter 594 – Secret, the mysterious past

Chapter 594 – Secret, the mysterious past
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Clan Castle.

Yue Yu would usually visit her father when she returned. Although there were subordinates taking care of her father, Yue Yu still wanted to use her own Beast to heal her father.

“Cough, cough!” Yue Shan’s sickness was on and off, sometimes it gets better, sometimes it gets worse.

There was a period of time he could get out of bed and walk about, as if he was about to completely recover. Unexpectedly, in just a few days, Yue Shan’s injuries turned worse, and he became bedridden. He even lost his consciousness and wits, becoming unable to recognise the servants at his side. With great difficulty, he could only recognise his own daughter and father, and he looked like he was about to die. Yue Yu really couldn’t understand, why was he like that?

With her current healing abilities, she could heal any injuries, no matter how serious it was.

Why did father’s injuries relapse again and again, and more serious each time?

What was the cause of this?

Yue Yu wanted to wait for Yue Yang to return and take a look at Yue Shan. He would definitely be able to find the root cause of the illness.

“You came? Come, sit down.” Yue Shan very rarely had a conversation with Yue Yu. He would usually only nod when he saw his daughter, he almost never spoke to her. Today, his condition was quite good. It seemed that he wanted to have a chat with his daughter. “Sit here. I’m fine, you don’t have to cure me anymore. I know my own body best, I won’t die for the time being, but I won’t be cured…. How’s your third brother doing? Did he win?”

“Yeah.” Yue Yu nodded. Usually, her father very rarely cared about Yue Yang, what happened to him today? She sat down in front of his bed feeling a little astonished. As she ordered the servants to open up the windows to allow air circulation, she poured a cup of water for her father, “Yue Yang is still in the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower now. Hai Ying Wu ascended the throne as the new Ocean Empress, he had to stay to attend the ceremony.”

“That young lady seems to be quite weak. Will she be alright becoming the new Ocean Empress?” Yue Shan heard about Hai Ying Wu from Yue Yu before, but he didn’t have a deep impression on her.

“It’s like this. Her birth mother was actually Empress Jellyfish…” Yue Yu told her father about Empress Jellyfish’s thousand-year-old scheme. When Yue Shan heard this, he muttered to himself for a long time before nodding in praise, “What an amazing woman that Empress Jellyfish is. It’s a pity that she is a woman, otherwise she would definitely surpass Ocean Emperor Guan Lan. Although there are many capable people in Tong Tian Tower, an excellent person like Empress Jellyfish is really very rare, very rare. Thousand Goblin King has died, Black Hell King is gravely injured, and Scarlet Emperor has escaped to Heaven Realm. Tong Tian Tower should be peaceful for a while. Yu’er, I have a question that I wanted to ask you since long ago. You, have you thought about your future?”

“What future?” Yue Yu was confused. Did she need to be worried about her future? Right now, the Yue Clan’s position was at the top, and their name was well known all over the Tong Tian Tower. She wouldn’t be bullied by anyone anymore. Furthermore, she didn’t have any intention to fight for power, she only wanted to go through life peacefully.

“…” Yue Shan was silent for a while, then suddenly said, “Yu’er, think about this for a while. It’s really not good if you don’t have anyone to take care of you in the future.”

Yue Yu was extremely shocked. Could it be that her father had actually seen through her heart?

Was it that obvious?

Her voice was a little hesitant and denying as she said, “Oh, so you are talking about this. Since the Xue Clan had withdrawn their marriage proposal, my heart has become indifferent. I don’t want to think about that stuff for the time being. There are many single female warriors in the world, like Zhi Zun, Night Empress, Sky Law, Sky Calamity, and many, many others. They all remained single in order to pursue their martial art cultivation.”

Yue Shan shook his head slowly, “Yu’er, you have a gentle, kind and sweet personality, you are not the type of person who would want to pursue martial art cultivation. That kind of loneliness is not something that normal people can endure. In the future, if I’m not around anymore, and if your grandfather and uncles have all passed away, your brothers and sisters have all married and have their own families, you will be all alone. That will be very miserable. If there is someone there to take care of you, even if I’m gone, I will also feel relieved.”

Yue Yu quickly waved her hands, “You are still fine, why would you say such ominous things? With Yue Yang around, everyone would at least live for a thousand years, don’t worry about these life and death things… Even if everyone have their own families, I’m still a part of the Yue Clan. If it is not convenient for me to stay at others’ place, I can still stay at Yue Yang’s. Qian Qian, Luo Hua and the others are all very nice to me. You don’t have to worry about my late years or things like that. These are all things that are very far in the future. You should concentrate on recovering from your illness now. Don’t worry about me, I can take care of myself. In two days, when Yue Yang returns, I will ask him to look at your illness. Maybe you can be cured immediately.”

Yue Shan revealed a bitter smile.

As if he wanted to say, “No need.”

But he didn’t want to brush off his daughter’s kind thoughts, so he didn’t say it out loud. When Yue Yu stood up and was about to walk out of the door, Yue Shan softly called out to her again, “Yu’er, wait.”

“?” Yue Yu turned around. What else did her father want to say?

“That ‘Golden Rune Locked Talisman’ that your mother left you, do you still have it?” Yue Shan asked.

“I do, do you want to see it?” Yue Yu had been wearing the Golden Rune Locked Talisman since young. Originally, it was an object to give her blessings. As her mother died young, Yue Yu always wore the talisman on her body as her mother’s keepsake. When Yue Shan asked about it today, Yue Yu had initially thought that her father was missing her mother and wanted to see her keepsake.

“No, you keep it, keep it properly.” Yue Shan shook his hand and paused for a while, then added, “Actually, your Golden Rune Locked Talisman is actually a pair. The other one…”

“Yes?” Yue Yu saw that Yue Shan seemed to be hiding something. She couldn’t help but feel suspicious. Could it be that there was some kind of secret related to the Golden Rune Locked Talisman?

“It was a pair. There is another one, which should be in your younger twin sister’s possession.” When Yue Shan said this, Yue Yu had the shock of her life.

“Mother did not only give birth to me?” Yue Yu couldn’t help but shout in surprise.

“Actually, it is like this… That year, we were in the midst of a battle. Your mother and I, together with two other comrades, were counter attacking the Demon Abyss invasion. We were surrounded and were trapped inside a mountain cave. Your mother had an early birth and couldn’t help but give birth to you and your younger sister inside the mountain cave. Miraculously, when you two came into the world, the whole battlefield was enveloped in a pure light. The demon soldiers were greatly weakened, so much that even the Demon Commanders and Demon Generals surrounding us quickly withdrew from the battlefield. It was also because of this that your mother and I were able to escape with you.” Yue Shan explained.
(Last: Who the f*** goes out to battle while pregnant)

“Then what about my sister?” Yue Yu asked impatiently. She remembered that since young, no one had told her that she had a sister.

“Your sister… As we were trapped in a critical situation at that time, my two comrades had taken your sister to escape in another direction. When the turbulent war situation settled down many months later, your mother and I wanted to look for your sister, but we couldn’t find her anymore. Those two comrades at that time, they should have already passed away. However, your sister should still be alive, because the Golden Rune Locked Talisman that you have been wearing since young did not break all this while. This proves that your sister is still alive. It’s just that there are too many people in this world, so we couldn’t find her anymore.” Yue Shan sighed slowly.

“I will definitely find my sister. Other than the similar Golden Rune Locked Talisman, what kind of distinctive feature does my sister have?” Yue Yu asked anxiously.

“We have been separated since young, so I don’t know too.” Yue Shan paused slightly, then suddenly warned Yue Yu, “Yu’er, about your sister, although I have already told you about her, remember not to look for her openly, so as to avoid our enemies knowing about this. Your sister is very lucky, she will definitely have the chance to return to the Yue Clan. You don’t have to worry about her.”

“I understand. Father, I will definitely look for her secretly. What are the names of those two comrades of yours?” Yue Yu asked.

“We aquainted with each other from the battleground, so we don’t know their names at that time.” Yue Shan hung his head down when he said this.

Yue Yu was afraid that her father would be sad, so she stopped asking.

However, her heart was filled with doubts.

If they were fellow soldiers whom her father didn’t know, how could he trust them? It was fine if they ended up fighting together, but why would he even entrust her sister to them? Could it be that the situation was that dangerous at that time?

Another doubt was that Yue Yu knew that her father had been held captive by their enemies before.

He was even dragged into the Demon Abyss, until a Demon Abyss Countess helped him, allowing him to escape alive.

The two warriors that her father spoke about, could it be that Demon Abyss Countess? It was not convenient for him to mention the Demon Abyss Countess’ name, was that the reason why her father said the excuse of not knowing them? Could it be that her sister was really entrusted to the Demon Abyss Countess? If that were so, her sister was actually inside Demon Abyss? That was not quite right too. If it were last time, maybe there was that possibility. However, after Yue Yang emerged and became so powerful without rival, even the Great Demon King Baruth had to show him manners. If her sister was really at the Demon Abyss, as long as Yue Yang asked, how could the Demon Abyss not let her sister return?

Or maybe there was some kind of secret?

Yue Yu became even more confused the more she thought.

She didn’t pay attention to her steps, and she almost tripped over the door. Fortunately her reaction was quick and she managed to regain her footing.

Fifth Grandfather who just happened to walk by laughed out loud, “Girl, what have you been thinking? Why are you so out of it? Your third brother will be returning tomorrow, you don’t have to worry about him!”

Yue Yu quickly bowed in respect, then explained to him that she was not worrying about Yue Yang. When Fifth Grandfather was about to leave, she suddenly remembered something about her sister and asked, “Fifth Grandfather, when the Demon Abyss invaded us last time, was I really born in the midst of the bloody battlefield? Wasn’t I born in the Yue Clan Castle?”

Fifth Grandfather’s long beard twitched a little as he shook his head in disagreement, “What do you mean? The one that was born in the battlefield is not you!”

Yue Yu was completely speechless when she heard this.

Fifth Grandfather knew that he had misspoke, he quickly tried to salvage the situation, “Girl, actually, at that time, you were born inside the Yue Clan Castle. However, the Yue Clan Castle was a battlefield at that time. It was a Demon Abyss invasion after all, the battle was extremely intense. Did someone tell you weird things? Those are not true, you are definitely born in the Yue Clan Castle. You are the Yue Clan second mistress, and you are my obedient granddaughter. Who dared to say you are not? Girl, don’t think too much. There are many gossips outside, you shouldn’t believe in them. Remember, you are forever going to be a part of the Yue Clan!”

His words made Yue Yu froze in shock.

Her life story should have been very ordinary and simple, when did it get so mysterious?

What actually happened at that time, that everyone felt that there was a need to hide it from her? Father and Fifth Grandfather’s words, which one was the truth and which one was the lie?

“Ah, thank you Fifth Grandfather. I shall go back now.” Yue Yu didn’t dare to ask more. Furthermore, she had already raised her Fifth Grandfather’s vigilance, he probably wouldn’t reveal anything much.

“Girl, don’t think too much. Just live well with Yue Yang! We, the elders, are already old. You are the Yue Clan’s hope. With Yue Yang’s crabby temperament, the clan can only rely on you and A’Xian. You must take care of him and make sure that he does not walk the wrong path, since his father is gone. We, old people, were in deep sorrow, but luckily, Yue Yang still worked hard for the clan, or else we would have lost face when we meet with our ancestors after death!” Fifth Grandfather was afraid that Yue Yu might take things too hard so he warned: “Girl, don’t think about it too much. Don’t pay attention to outsider’s words. You are you and no one can replace that. If anybody bullies you, come find me. Your fifth grandfather will stick out for you. If anybody makes thoughtless remarks, then I will risk my life to fight them! Oh right, your third brother’s temper is bad, so don’t tell him about other people’s nonsense. All of those are nonsense!”

“I understand, Fifth Grandfather please rest easy, I won’t tell Yue Yang about this.” Yue Yu became even more alarmed when she heard that. She hurriedly said goodbye and left.

“Sigh… this child, what a hard life she has!” Fifth Grandfather suddenly gave out a long sigh as he watched Yue Yu’s figure retreating further and further away.

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    • metazoxan says:

      I mean it was already stated that “giving away the newborn to random warriors” was a lie.

      But yeah I find this “you have a twin” plot twist rather weak. The only way I’ll forgive this is if it turns out that the demon countess if Yue Yu’s real mother and that she’s actually half demon. Because then this will lead to some actual pay off to that “demon blood test” that ended up being entirely pointless.

    • cbfarrar says:

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  2. shftrg says:

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    The beginning of a new arc ? But this is just so complicated… I hope there will be new informations in the next chapter

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      Probably Considering the fact we KNOW he had dealing with demon abyss and that whole “testing for demon blood” sub plot that seemingly went nowhere this is rather suspicious. Although since this author is somewhat poor at foreshadowing it’s hard to say for sure if that was meant to foreshadow this or not.

      Plus the fact that he grandfather seems determined to stop any sort of investigation says there is something more going on than her being born on a vaguely established battlefield.

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