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LLS Chapter 593 – You can’t obtain happiness by waiting

Chapter 593 – You can’t obtain happiness by waiting
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Everyone respectfully bowed to Yue Yang, then left quietly.

Including Elder Nan Gong.

He nodded towards Yue Yang and smiled slightly, then strode away with a peace of mind. The expression on his face was as if it was the first time in his life that he felt this happy. He had watched Yue Yang grew gradually to become the new generation of Prison Emperor. Compared to Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, he was also a guard who protected the Tong Tian Tower without rest for eternity. With the appearance of Yue Yang who was so successful, he was naturally happy.

“It’s still early now. Let’s wait for him to grow stronger first, then I will tell him all the secrets!” Elder Nan Gong softly mumbled, as he turned back and saw Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia hugging Yue Yang tightly.

Elder Xing Pan, Countess of Jie Wei, Count Yan and all the other Sea Clan Knights were all kneeling on the ground, paying respect to Yue Yang, then bowed to Hai Ying Wu.

Then, they left one by one.

They have acknowledged Hai Ying Wu to be the new generation of Empress of the Boundless Ocean. Of course, before this, they understood that behind the Ocean Empress’ back, there was the backing of the new Prison Emperor. With the two of them, the Sea Clan would be revived anew and rise quickly, just like what the Empress Jellyfish had envisioned. As subordinates, they only need to do their own jobs properly, there was no need for them to do extra.

Yue Yang felt very tired and couldn’t wait to return to his Grimoire World to rest.

When Princess Qian Qian returned, she said to Hai Ying Wu who was waiting, “Come now, right now it doesn’t matter if there is an additional person anymore!”

When Hai Ying Wu heard this, she immediately became overjoyed, but she still looked nervously at Xue Wu Xia. She knew that amongst all Yue Yang’s wives, Luo Hua City mistress, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia, were the only wives that held authority. The sickly beauty was very gentle in disposition, Yi Nan was still young, and as for Sky Law, the new Elder, she didn’t care about anyone at all.

If Xue Wu Xia didn’t agree, Hai Ying Wu did not dare to enter the Grimoire World.

She knew that Xue Wu Xia’s position in Yue Yang’s heart was the most important one, even slightly more than Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress.

“…” Xue Wu Xia looked at Hai Ying Wu and did not speak.

“Thank you, ma’ams.” Hai Ying Wu was a clever girl, she knew that Xue Wu Xia meant acquiescence when she did not speak. Hai Ying Wu was so happy that she almost started dancing. She quickly declared to Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia that she would not dare to ask for the status of Yue Yang’s wife. She just wanted a lower status, just like the half-elf girl, she was willing to acknowledge her status as slave. Furthermore, in Hai Ying Wu’s heart, it was better to be Yue Yang’s slave than become the Ocean Empress.

Look at the half-elf girl, how happy was her life? She would either draw, create Yue Yang’s clothes, or cook for Yue Yang every day.

Although both of them met Yue Yang at Tong Tian Tower around the same time, that childish looking half-elf girl with huge breasts had already succeeded inserting herself into his life.

As for herself, she still needed to ask permission.

This was the difference in their status.

Together, they entered the Grimoire World. This was the first time for Hai Ying Wu to enter Yue Yang’s Grimoire World.

She marveled at the beauty of this Grimoire World, and at the same time, was extremely shocked at the structures in this place. With her eyes, she was able to see that all of the buildings were handcrafted one by one by someone. Each building or area was designed from different architect, there were buildings with simple, gorgeous, delicate and even minimalistic design… Not only his wives, there were also residences constructed for his beasts. Hai Ying Wu naturally hoped that she could enter this place and become one of their members.

Not only for today, but she already had this hope for a long time.

“Sister Hai Ying Wu is here! I’m very happy!” The first one to welcome Hai Ying Wu was the half-elf girl.

Although she did not possess any fighting power, Yue Yang would borrow some of the half-elf girl’s special skills at times, for example the Scent Recognition Inherent Skill or her heart senses. Half-elf girl’s usefulness to Yue Yang was no less inferior to Liu Ye who possessed the Perforate Deer and Purification Inherent Skill. It’s just that half-elf girl did not possess any fighting capabilities, so she could only help Yue Yang sometimes.

Hai Ying Wu emotionally hugged the cute half-elf girl back, “Call me Hai Lan! My mother gave me that name. Although nobody knows about it, my true name is Hai Lan. Hai Ying Wu is just a codename that the Sea Clan gave me! Here, you can call me Hai Lan…”

Half-elf girl nodded her head seriously, telling her that she has remembered it.

Suddenly, she thought of a thing.

She panickedly lifted up her maid skirt and strive to run as fast as possible, wailing adorably, “Oh no, I forgot to prepare mouth rinsing water for master, master. Master shouldn’t use the face washing water for mouth rinsing water!” As she stepped onto the stairs, she almost tripped as she was in a hurry. Fortunately Yue Yang managed to catch her in time as he comforted her with a smile, “Don’t worry, I will not drink it… Why don’t you prepare a cup of water for me? I’m really thirsty.”

Half-elf girl’s face turned red with embarrassment as she quickly ran to the kitchen, disappearing in an instant.

That was her little domain, other than Yue Yu and the sickly beauty who would sometimes go in. Other people wouldn’t go there usually, for example, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian, Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the other would wait for food to be cooked instead.

Hai Ying Wu quickly chased after her and prepared something for Yue Yang to eat and drink together with the half-elf girl.

In the Thunder Fortress previously, Hai Ying Wu had never showed off her cooking skills.

In reality, she was actually an expert.

Since she was very young, her mother who was disguised as a slave, her mother, the Jellyfish Empress who wasn’t able to hear her own daughter call her mother even at her death, had taught her something before, “As a woman, if you want to capture a man’s heart, you have to first fill his stomach…

Inside the house, Yue Yang stripped Princess Qian Qian naked and healed her wounds with his Innate Qi.

Xue Wu Xia pretended as if she didn’t see anything as she expertly helped to clean Yue Yang’s wounds and bandaged them. Other than allowing Yue Yang to heal her wounds, Princess Qian Qian also helped Xue Wu Xia. For example, after Xue Wu Xia finished wrapping Yue Yang’s wounds, she would tie a cute ribbon knot. The three of them work together as one. Maybe they were shy at the start, but after going through so many battles, the three of them had managed to not think of distracting things. They only want to use their best skills to heal the others’ injuries. Furthermore, inside the Grimoire World, there was no outsiders. They were free to do anything they wanted, there was no need to feel uncomfortable

Hai Ying Wu stood rather speechlessly in front of the door, carrying a plate of warm food.

She had not managed to blend in fully, so she was at a loss of what to do in this situation.

She didn’t know if she should interrupt them.

However, the half-elf girl was different, she didn’t have any hesitation as she quickly walked forward and helped. When Yue Yang was healing Xue Wu Xia’s inner injuries, she immediately took over Xue Wu Xia’s wound-cleaning and bandaging work, allowing the exhausted Princess Qian Qian to rest.

When Hai Ying Wu saw this, her eyes blinked with revelation as her heart came into a realisation.

They rested for three days.

In the Meteorite Island in Boundless Ocean, Tong Tian Tower Tenth Floor.

Today, the Sea Clan unrest finally came to an end, and they welcomed the new Ocean Empress.

Under the support of the two Abyss Manatees and the witness of Elder Nan Gong of the Innate Alliance and the Underworld Emperor of the Darkness Continent, Hai Ying Wu whose real name was Hai Lan was officially crowned as the Ocean Empress. In the whole crowning process, Yue Yang didn’t participate directly, he only watched quietly from afar, quietly observing as she became Ocean Empress. Actually, everyone knew that the reason why the new Ocean Empress could smoothly rise was hugely because of this Yue Clan third young master… Another reason was also because the new Ocean Empress’ mother, Empress Jellyfish, had schemed for a thousand years in order to revive the Sea Clan and her daughter. She did not even hesitate to sacrifice her own life for it.

After congratulations from ambassadors and worships from the officials, the Sea Clan broke into celebrations.

The new Ocean Empress had ascended the throne. There was a new hope for the revival of the Sea Clan.

Afterwards, Shark King, Elder Xing Pan, Countess Jie Wei and Marquis Yan led their subordinates and retreated like waves. The Meteorite Palace was only left with Yue Yang and Hai Ying Wu.

Hai Ying Wu who was sitting on her throne with a serious expression just a moment ago suddenly stood up and released the Ocean Empress Halberd in her hands. She ran towards Yue Yang.

With tear-stricken face, she jumped into his embrace.

Compared to the Ocean Empress throne, she would rather stay in his embrace.

However, unable to reject her mother’s last will and the Sea Clan’s hopes, she had no other choice but to stand firm and became the new Ocean Empress, to lead the whole clan to recovery and advancement. Of course, this would benefit Yue Yang, because he was the new Prison Emperor, so he would need more people to help protect the Tong Tian Tower.

“Sit, please sit here…” Hai Ying Wu led Yue Yang to the Ocean Emperor’s throne and asked him to sit. She, on the other hand, knelt on the ground in front of him respectfully. She pulled his hand and kissed his fingers, “That day, you said that you would make me the new Ocean Empress. I have become the Ocean Empress now. It was you who have given everything I have today. You have seen me crying, take pity on my pleas, and fulfilled my wishes. You have given me all these things that I could only dream about… Did you remember? That day, I have also promised you that I will do everything in my power to repay you… With my love, with my whole being, with all my abilities, with all my wisdom, with all my loyalty, with my everything…”

“Are you sure? I won’t be able to stay here to accompany you!” Yue Yang reached out and propped her chin slowly, gently wiping the tears that were rolling down her cheeks.

“I would rather stay in the Grimoire World and serve you everyday. I never hoped to become the Ocean Emperor. If only I hadn’t become the Ocean Emperor and was able to give my all to help you. I was never interested in that position.” Hai Ying Wu sobbed as she shook her head, “This is not what I want. The thing I want the most is to live inside that warm Grimoire World, waiting for you to come back peacefully.”

“There was also that thing before…” Yue Yang remembered that he had pretended to become a perverted butler to tease her before. Now that she had seen the Dragon Girl Jiang Ying, she definitely knew what was going on.

“At that time, it was true that I was very angry. But when I knew it was you, I thought that it was very funny. Thinking back, it was really a marvel. Maybe that was fate! Because of that incident, our lives became entangled into one. Although it was a little weird, it was our unique experience together. I would definitely remember that memory forever.” As she spoke, Hai Ying Wu slowly took off her empress clothings, then her silk underwear, revealing her breathtaking, perfect body.

“This is your Ocean Empress Throne!” Yue Yang’s heartbeat escalated. He felt a kind of excitement, like he was having a clandestine love affair. His passion roared but he was a little afraid of being seen by other people.

“Inside the Grimoire World, everyone is there. I don’t feel very comfortable there! This Meteorite Palace, this Ocean Emperor Hall, this throne, they belonged solely to us. Please allow Hai Lan to offer everything to you here! Although this is my first time, Hai Lan has secretly watched other mistresses doing it before, many times. If my service is not comfortable for you, please let me know anytime. Hai Lan will definitely work on that. My love, I want to give you the best, because that is how much I love you…”

Hai Ying Wu’s eyes slowly become blurry.

As if she was drunk, and dazed.

She suppressed the embarrassment in her heart as she reached out her hands bravely, gently taking off her lover’s clothes.

Since she loved him so much, she would offer him her everything. As a girl, this was her first trial. She must learn fast and become an expert in the future, so that her man could be satisfied. Only then would he be able to feel happiness and satisfaction.

You couldn’t obtain happiness by waiting for the heavens to give it to you, you have to obtain it through your own effort!

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