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LLS Chapter 591 – Thousand Goblin King, Die!

Chapter 591 – Thousand Goblin King, Die!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Even after 6 hours, the battle still continued.

Thousand Goblin King was really the toughest opponent that Yue Yang had ever met in his life. He was cunning, scheming and very strong-willed. Even though he was trapped in a very dangerous situation, he would still be able to continues fighting, unlike other warriors who would probably become discouraged. Xiao Wen Li, Ah Man, Duo Duo, Battle Angel and Hui Tai Lang had worked together and just defeated his first body Scarlet Fire, second body Green Fire, they were coming over to help Yue Yang to defeat Thousand Goblin King.

As for Demon Elder Yan Shuo, he was out long ago.

3 hours ago, Demon Elder Yan Shuo had begged Thousand Goblin King to save him. Before he escaped into Thousand Goblin King’s Grimoire world, Yue Yang succeeded in ambushing him and cutting his body into half.

If it were not for the fact that he possessed the special powers of an Ancient Demon’s body, that he would not be ‘truly dead if his demon heart was not destroyed’, if he was a human, he would have already died.

Of course, after losing half of his body, although Demon Elder Yan Shuo could still recover, his abilities would be greatly decreased.

It looked like he wouldn’t be Heaven Ranked Level 3 anymore.

In the end, it would also be luck if Demon Elder Yan Shuo managed to keep his level to Heave Ranked Level 2.

Scarlet Fire and Green Fire had also returned to Thousand Goblin King’s Grimoire World. They had completely been defeated. Scarlet Fire had even almost ended up getting swallowed whole by Hui Tai Lang. It was a pity that Hui Tai Lang ended up vomiting it out. Hui Tai Lang’s level and power was too low, and it couldn’t maintain its World Exterminating Demon Wolf’s form too long. Otherwise, Scarlet Fire would definitely be toast.

“Does God really want me to die?” Thousand Goblin King was also heavily injured. Facing Hui Tai Lang, Xiao Wen Li and the others who were slowly surrounding him, he mumbled.

“You should think about the ‘good’ things you have done. When you destroyed someone’s whole clan, when you destroyed someone’s whole country, when you destroyed all lives in a continent, have you ever thought of today? Do you still remember when you ordered your fanatical followers to purge the clan in Valley of Hundred Butterflies and Flowers, causing rivers of blood and death count of tens of thousands lives? Before all of this, you have also ordered your army to destroy the Dawn Kingdom, which was the Valley of Hundred Butterflies and Flowers Clan previously, killing millions of people and causing such a great tragedy and mountains of corpse. In order to obtain the secret of God’s Ruins, you even incited the Ancient Demon King to invade Heaven Stairway and colluded with the Black Hell King to betray the Prison Emperor. You caused both parties to be greatly injured, and even drew Heaven Rank warriors to the Soaring Dragon Continent… If it weren’t for you, why would the Heaven Stairway be closed? Why would Tong Tian Tower be degenerated to such states? Everyone had always thought that Black Hell King was the traitor, but actually, the greatest traitor of Tong Tian Tower was you, Thousand Goblin King!” Yue Yang denounced angrily as he slowly increased his power.

“Did Black Hell King tell you this?” Thousand Goblin King even thought that the Black Hell King was the one who informed Yue Yang.

“In this 3000 years, you have reincarnated many times and continuously sow dissension between different powers in Tong Tian Tower, causing great wars after great wars. You must think that no one would be able to tell that it was you… But regrettably, the moment I first saw you, I think you are very familiar.” Yue Yang coldly humphed, “Last time, your subordinates had purposely lied to the world that you were sealed at the Heaven Stairway. In reality, there was no such thing. You continuously cause discords between different powers in Tong Tian Tower with a different identity each time.”

“Oh really?” Thousand Goblin King was slightly shocked, but he recovered his calm instantly. He asked, “May I ask if third young master has seen me before?”

“I never met you before.” Yue Yang then said a name that made Thousand Goblin King’s face immediately changed colour. “However, when I saw you afterwards, I immediately know that that person was your clone.”

“You really have great eyesight…” Thousand Goblin King swallowed his saliva, his expression was calm when he asked, “Then what else have you seen?’

“Thousand Goblin King, you, you actually don’t have a Guardian Beast!” When Yue Yang said this, Thousand Goblin King immediately froze.

Shock coloured his eyes, he was unable to conceal it anymore.  

Yue Yang made a finger gun with his hands and point it towards Thousand Goblin King, “You are an Ancient Demon, you are not a human. You have used a shameless method to steal a talented youth’s body. As a punishment, the Code has taken away the youth’s Inherent Skill and Guardian Beast. You, as an Ancient Demon thief, would never be able to have another’s Inherent Skill and Guardian Beast. Even your own Guardian Beast had been taken away forever by the Code, ceasing to exist… You must have initially thought that you can possess two Inherent Skills and two Guardian Beasts this way, but in the end, you even lost your own Guardian beast.”

Thousand Goblin King’s hands shook a little. He felt like Yue Yang had completely seen through him, as if all of his secrets had been leaked out.

He felt terrified.

Could it be that this brat could even find out his weakness?

Or was he only guessing? He had never summoned his Guardian Beast to fight before, so Yue Yang was suspicious?

Thousand Goblin King took a deep breath and smirked at Yue Yang, “So what? Even though I don’t have a Guardian Beast, I still have the unique Separation Inherent Skill. As long as I have this skill, I would be able to possess countless other bodies. Each body, as long as I have enough power, I would be able to grow it to Heaven rank and above. How many Heaven Rank opponents can you defeat?”

Yue Yang clapped his hands, as if he wanted to praise his opponent, “Countless other bodies, is it? What a lovely dream! Pity, the more clones you made, the more your original body’s ability will be reduced to 20% of its original each time. You don’t have that much potential in the first place, you can only rely on tricking other people, then steal their pure energy to increase your level. If you didn’t have your original strength as an Ancient Demon, you wouldn’t even be as strong as Black Hell King, that idiot… You, who have been hiding in dark corners and steal other people’s energy to create clones continuously for this six thousand years, are as pathetic as a rat! Did you think you can become a person if you stole a little cheese? No, you are forever going to be a pest that others want to exterminate. I know what you want to get when you tried entering the God’s Ruin. You want God’s Blood! You want to use God’s Blood to be reborn anew… Do you want to hear the painful truth? Thousand Goblin King, a monster like you who stole other people’s bodies and abilities, you are neither human nor demon. You would never be able to receive God’s Blood’s recognition, because, not only you have the remaining sealing curse of the Ancient Demon King on your body, you also still have the seal on Prison Emperor’s body… Although these seals didn’t trap you inside a dimension, they have completely destroy your future. In the future, no matter what you do, you can only be miserable. What you can only get in the end will be nothing! This, this is the rightful punishment for a traitor like you.”

“No, that’s not possible!” thousand Goblin King sweated nervously.

His will was shaken.

Yue Yang’s words were more damaging than World Exterminating Wheel, sharper than Innate Sword Qi and more engulfing than Nirvana Flame.

He never thought that the Ancient Demon King and Prison Emperor who had let him go thousand of years ago had actually put a curse on his body and destroyed his future.

He remembered Ancient Demon King’s ridiculing eyes then.

He also remembered Prison Emperor’s eyes that were filled with contempt.

Thousand Goblin King had finally understood a little, turns out that he had been played in the hands of Prison Emperor and Ancient Demon King all this while. He was still trapped under their shadow… He believed that Black Hell King couldn’t have told Yue Yang all these, as he wouldn’t know so many secrets of his. It was definitely Prison Emperor, he had told the next generation of Prison Emperor his secrets.

Or maybe information about him was recorded on the crystal coffin where the Ancient Demon King’s body was preserved.

This Yue Yang must have seen that information written on the Ancient Demon King’s crystal coffin.

“No, even though the whole world becomes my enemy, I won’t be afraid. I possess the Separation Inherent Skill, an undefeatable Inherent Skill! It doesn’t matter if it is Ancient Demon King or Prison Emperor or you, third young master Yue. You are all not my opponent! Even if I lose now, it will just be temporary. I will definitely win in the end! Ancient Demon King is dead, and he couldn’t even get back his body. Who caused him to die? Me! Prison Emperor is also dead, and he was as strong as warriors from the Heaven Realm. Who caused him to die? Me! Right now, it will be the same, third young master Yue. The failure today won’t mean anything as long as I’m alive, I will have the chance to turn the tables.” Thousand Goblin King shouted frantically and pointed at Yue Yang, furiously yelling, “You can enjoy this moment now, but I will definitely live longer than you. It doesn’t matter what Inherent Skill you have, it doesn’t matter how much potential you have. You will definitely die in the future, but I, who possess at least the life force of 100,000 years, will definitely continue to live. The Soaring Dragon Continent and Tong Tian Tower that you desperately want to protect, I will burn them to ashes the moment you die. Just like how I bathe the Heaven Stairway and Dawn Kingdom in bloodbath! Yes, it’s all my doing, what can you do to me? Third young master Yue, with your current abilities, do you think you can kill me? Even if you destroy my whole body, I can still continue to live through my other bodies. As long as one of my bodies still exist in a safe place in this world, my demon heart would not be destroyed. You won’t be able to kill me in all eternity!”

“Oh really?” Yue Yang stared at Thousand Goblin King and slowly raised his hand, “Do you know why I said all those words? The reason is because I want to know what’s your card!”

“No matter what, I will be the one laughing in the end…” Thousand Goblin King realised that he had fallen into his trap.

Because of Yue Yang’s words, he lost his calm and logic for a moment.

He had said some things that he shouldn’t say. Thousand Goblin King felt very regretful.

However, he still had a small hope in his heart. Even if Yue Yang knew about his demon heart, he would never know where he hid it.

Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li, Battle Angel and the others started surrounding Thousand Goblin King. Thousand Goblin King put up a strong front and laughed coldly, “Third young master Yue, you will never know my trump card.”

When Hui Tai Lang heard this, it woofed.

What did this bastard dog mean?

Thousand Goblin King didn’t understand. What did the bastard dog want to say?

Yue Yang explained, “Hui Tai Lang said, no one will ever know your trump card, because it doesn’t even exist! Even my house’s watch dog know this, who do you want to play your tricks with? Thousand Goblin King, I’m done with probing you. I’m really sorry to inform you that, if you haven’t revealed the secret that you don’t have a trump card, I wouldn’t use my secret move to kill you. Now, since you are definitely going to die, try to search for your clones with that demon heart of yours! That clone which is only Innate-ranked, do you think I didn’t send anyone to kill him? Three hours ago, I have already sent out my two most trusted people to kill him! Now, I can guarantee that as long as you die, your clone would immediately be killed. Prison Emperor killed you once, and with great difficulties, you finally recover your powers after thousands of years. Thousand Goblin King, this time, you will never be able to recover your powers…”

“Are you trying to scare me? You are too young for this!” Thousand Goblin King still have two clones outside. When he heard that Yue Yang only killed one, he was very calm.

“Old man, you are long past your expiry date.” Yue Yang coldly stretched out his arms as an immense level of power started to accumulate in his hands.

Thousand Goblin King immediately summoned hundreds of slaves and with a jolt, all the slaves’ bodies suddenly burst into pieces.

Blood rained from the sky!

Thousand Goblin King who gained the energy from the blood of hundreds of slaves started to condense the power into a ball, creating a terrifying “Cursed Blood Demon Ball”. Then, he fired it towards Yue Yang.

Thousand Goblin King didn’t think of kill Yue Yang with this attack. As long as this Cursed Blood Demon Ball was able to stop Yue Yang for a second, he would be able to escape.

However, Thousand Goblin King then saw something that he wouldn’t even dream of. From Yue Yang’s body, an unstoppable wave of Code Energy burst out.

Thousand Goblin King body was suddenly flattened to the ground from an invisible force, unable to budge at all.

A gigantic, gold-coloured Giant suddenly grew from Yue Yang’s body. On this Golden Giant’s feet, Hui Tai Lang, Xiao Wen Li, Ah Man, Duo Duo and the others all started to grow Golden Giant statues on their own, which grew to more than 100 metres tall. Every single Golden Giant possessed Code Energy too, and every single one was capable of killing a Heaven Rank warrior. The first clone Chi Yan and the second clone Qing Yan rushed out to save Thousand Goblin King, but they were immediately flattened to the ground too.

It was merely a step. The Golden Giant which was at least 1000 metres tall had only lifted his foot and stepped on the Thousand Goblin King and his two clones, but they were immediately flattened to the ground.

Chi Yan and Qing Yan’s cloned bodies immediately crumbled to pieces.

When Thousand Goblin King’s body broke to pieces, a ball of energy attempted to stitched itself to the Golden Giant’s toe to escape.

Yue Yang reached out his hands, and the Golden Giant emitted a kind of unparalleled Code Energy. Yue Yang easily captured that ball of energy and together with the Cursed Blood Demon Blood, he compressed it into a blood-coloured pearl in an instant. It looked similar to the Dark Pearl that sealed the Dark Golden Sceptre who was hiding inside the White Jade Beetle, and the Silver Pearl that sealed the Golden Devil from the Five Elements Palace.

The Golden Giant which was made of Code Energy very quickly disappeared afterwards.

Xiao Wen Li and the others also quickly reverted to their original appearance.

It was as if nothing had happened in that snow world. It’s just that there was a visible footprint on the ground, remnants of three crushed bodies and a dark looking grimoire.

Hui Tai Lang wasn’t about to be polite. It immediately gnawed on its food. It didn’t care what kind of status did Thousand Goblin King had, as long as it was meat whose energy it can absorb, it was food to Hui Tai Lang.

It would be a waste not to eat it!

“Goodbye, Thousand Goblin King.” Yue Yang grabbed the Blood Pearl, and lighted Nirvana Flame on his hands.

“…” That Blood Pearl seemed to release some kind of strange waves, as if it was struggling…or begging.

In the midst of Nirvana Flame, the Blood Pearls abnormal waves slowly became quiet.

After being purified by Nirvana Flame, the Blood Pearl looked even more beautiful and scarlet. Its colour became a very unique shade of red.

At this time, the battle finally came to an end. On Yue Yang’s body, Hui Tai Lang’s body, Xiao Wen Li’s body…. On all the other beasts’ bodies who participated in the fight, a pillar of level up light appeared.

Outside the secret door, when the pillar of level up light appeared on Bloody Queen Red’s and Dragon Girl Jian Ying’s bodies, everyone immediately burst into cheers.

Everyone understood what this means. This meant that Yue Yang was victorious!

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai who were detaining a guy who was kneeling in front of the secret door, ignored that guy’s pleas and beheaded him.

“There’s still one more.” When Princess Qian Qian level up, her closed eyes suddenly opened.

“That person is at…” Xue Wu Xia nodded, “He won’t be able to escape!”

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