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LLS Chapter 590 – I will never trust an enemy!

Chapter 590 – I will never trust an enemy!
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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At the entrance of the secret door, Bloody Queen Red , Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, Elder Nan Gong and two Abyss Manatees were waiting for Yue Yang quietly. Once he comes out, they would immediately lock the secret door, trapping the enemies inside forever. Even if he was unable to kill the enemy, they would not let them leave. This was Yue Yang’s initial plan.

Hui Tai Lang flew in and out, as he dragged the muttering near death Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo out.

Prison Dragon Pillar was wrapped around Bei Feng Jia Suo while the Beheading Moon Chain was around Feng Zhu

They were not having fighting against each other but protecting.

Both of them used their treasure to protect the other person.

The Prison Dragon Pillar and the Beheading Moon Chain were unable to protect their own masters. But, if both of them have the intention to protect the enemy from outside harm, they were the best tools in the shed.

If they did not use Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chain as a safety precaution, the would have died in the battle between Thousand Goblin King and Yue Yang.

The shockwave that blast out from the battle was not something that flesh and blood were capable of withstanding.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng jia Suo had used up all their energy……

Hui Tai Lang brought the two of them outside the secret door, then flew back quickly to help Yue Yang. Although Thousand Goblin King was injured, he was still powerful. Even if Yue Yang had Battle Angel Yi Ka, Ah Man, Duo Duo and Xiao Wen Li, it would still be difficult for them to have the upper hand. Thus, Hui Tai Lang immediately ran back to fight after escorting everyone else outside the secret door.

In the beginning, the angry Thousand Goblin King let out a terrifying energy and chased after Yue Yang.

Yue Yang almost did not have a chance to catch his breath, but luckily managed to dodge the attacks.

Xiao Wen Li used her Binding Innate Skill a few times to escape from Thousand Goblin King’s thunder bolts, this fatal attack.

With the addition of Hui Tai Lang, the odds started to shift in Yue Yang’s favor. Although Ah Man was not as powerful as first clone Chi Yan, she could never be tired. Thus, no matter how many times Chi Yan attacked her, Ah Man was able to stand up quickly again. The battle between the second clone Qing Yan and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was also in a deadlock. Qing Yan’s attacks were ineffective against Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo. But even if she held the little golden beast that formed a dagger, she was still unable to defeat the crafty second clone Qing Yan. This kind of continuous chase and catch battle might take 3 days 3 nights for a winner to emerge.

The only one that had the upper hand was the giant loli.

She fought Demon ElderYan Shuo until he was very depressed.

Demon Elder Yan Shuo had the strength of Heaven Rank Level 3. Once he recovered all his strength, he would be at the peak of Heaven Rank Level 4. But, it was hit by giant loli until he cold no longer be angry. An Ancient Demon meeting with Ancient Titan with the same level of power was bound to be a tragedy. Moreover, this Ancient titan was a Titan Royalty, Ancient Titian’s Guardian War God……

Luckily, the giant lol had not yet grown up; Otherwise, Demon Elder Yan Shuo would have been badly beaten up.

“Charge!” Giant loli’s shout was like thunder shaking the world.

Every time she charged, Demon Elder Yan Shuo would fly from the hit.

On the other hand, Demon Elder Yan Shuo used all the evil energy, demon’s power and Hell Fire but was still unable to hurt her. That was because she was resistant towards any negative energies. Even the Hell Fire that Ancient Demons were born with was unable to harm her.

The fight continued on.

After an hour, Yue Yang gradually started to shift the odds to his favor.

Thousand Goblin King was very strong, but he still got tired. He was not like Ah Man, who had the Heart of Earth to absorb the earth’s energy to recharge. Under Yue Yang’s harrassment, every move he made only made him weaker. When he wanted to attack Yue Yang, Yue Yang, who was as sly as a fox, would run away quickly. But when Thousand Goblin King prepared to leave, Yue Yang would attack him again…… Thousand Goblin King knew that Yue Yang’s aim was to tire him out.

Competing their consumption. Competing their persistence.

Competing their endurance.

If it was the past, Thousand Goblin King would be very confident in winning against Yue Yang.

But now, he no longer had the Holy Grimoire, and lost Fallen Angel Mo Fei, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon Mai Bo En, Snow Mountain Giant and Ancient Memon. Most importantly, he lost the third clone Zi Jiu.

If he continued the fight with Yue Yang, Thousand Goblin King believed that even if he escaped the secret door, even if Dragon Emperor, Sky Execution, Night Empress and Zhi Zun didn’t attack him,Black Hell King and Scarlet King would not let him off. Thousand Goblin King could not use up all his strength as he needed to leave some. Thus, when it came to Yue Yang’s attacks he was very angry. He was attacking on the surface but planning his escape in his mind.

If Yue Yang was alone, it would be easier for Thousand Goblin King to escape.

The problem was that there wasthe lamia loli that had the scary Binding Inherent Skill, the lowly god that was able to transform into a World Exterminating Demon Wolf and the Ancient Divine Soldier, Battle Angel……

The battle continued.

2 hours past by.

Yue Yang had totally turned the odds in his favor. Under the help of Xiao Wen Li and the others, they managed to be on the same fighting level at Thousand Goblin King.

Thousand Goblin King tried to escape numerous times but failed, as he was stopped by Yue Yang halfway.

Furthermore, when he had the thought to leave, Battle Angel Yi Ka and Hui Tai Lang would start to attack the first and second clones. If he loses them both, Thousand Goblin King felt that he would be weaker than Black Hell King. The dream of defeating the Scarlet Emperor, controlling Tong Tian Tower or conquering Heaven Realm would become impossible without his clones. He would become a useless person for the rest of his life.


Demon Elder Yan Shuo used all the methods but was still unable to defeat giant loli.

It could not even remember how many times she made him fall to the ground. Only this time, Demon Elder Yan Shuo did not immediately bounce back up like the previous times. He cried in agony to Thousand Goblin King: “I tried my best…… The enemy is just too strong. Your highness, let’s go. We can’t fight anymore!”

Even first clone Chi Yan and second clone Qing Yan were very tired.

They also wished that Thousand Goblin King would make the decision to leave this place.

Of course, if Thousand Goblin King decided to fight till the end, they would do so as well.

Giant loli raised her chest, gasping for air. She also felt tired but her strong willpower helped her persevere as she charged against the enemy again.

“You guys should leave immediately, I will guard the back.” Thousand Goblin King suddenly gave up on Yue Yang, appearing in front of Demon Elder Yan Shuo and made the giant loli retreat.

At the same time, an energy shield appeared.

It refracted the ray that Battle Angel Yi kai shot out and bounced it off into the sky.

Thousand Goblin King felt upset, as he missed the chance to kill Yue Yang today. In the future, he would not have such a good chance again.

With Yue Yang’s growth, he might be able to be at the same level as him within months……

Within years, this boy would surpass him.

No matter how tired he was, Thousand Goblin King still wanted to endure until he killed Yue Yang.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was also very tired. But he bit gritted his teeth and endured. As long as this boy had some flaws that he could exploit, then he would be dead.

It was regretful that Demon Elder Yan Shuo, the first Chi Yan and second clone Qing Yan could no longer continue fighting. If Fallen Angel, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, Snow Mountain Giant and the others had not died, he would not have been in this position.

Thousand Goblin King knew that he did not have the ability to continue fighting. If he continued to fight with Yue Yang, it would not only be meaningless but very dangerous.

It would no longer be possible to defeat Yue Yang.

Even if he does, he might still be attacked by Scarlet Emperor, Black Hell King, Ancient Demon King soul’s new vessel, Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor, Emperor of the Underworld, Night Empress or Zhi Zun when he escapes through the secret door. The badly injured first clone Chi Yan, second clone Qing Yan and Demon Elder Yan Shuo, who had yet to regainhis full power, were his last helping hands. If he loses any one of them, it would be a big blow to the overall power.

Without the Holy Grimoire, he no longer had the ability to lose anything else.

“Go!” Thousand Goblin King used all his strength to block all the attacks, handling all the attacks from the opponent.

“Understood.” Demon Elder Yan Shuo, Chi Yan and Qing Yan did not take their time but immediately ran towards the secret door.

“Leave the Thousand Goblin King to me. I am enough to handle him. You guys go kill them…… Use this chance to kill him while he is down! Today is the best chance to kill Thousand Goblin King!” Yue Yang’ killing intent soared to the skies. He took out Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillar and stuck it into the ground. At the same time, he also summoned the domain of ‘World’ from his grimoire to boost everyone’s strength. But on Thousand Goblin King’s side, the world was in disarray and ‘World’ was absorbing the energy in his surroundings.

Energy surged until it reached a level where Yue Yang could shake Thousand Goblin King with a punch.

Both of them did not put down their guards and used treasures or beasts to protect themselves.

Fist swung around and they hit each other.

Both of them were very tough on themselves. When facing a deadly punch, both of them did not step back…… Until now, Thousand Goblin King finally realized the true strength that Yue Yang possessed. After fighting for so long, he realized that Yue Yang still possessed an unused strength. If he had not wanted to escape the secret door, this boy would have continued to hide the truth and act like he was too weak to fight him.

“Fight fight fight fight fight……” Yue Yang swung punched like a storm. First it was the same speed as Thousand Goblin King, then it increased in speed and it become more powerful than Thousand Goblin King’s attacks until he had no choice but to be in a defensive position.

“Damn it!” Thousand Goblin King had a feeling that he was going to die. He did not expect the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master to be this powerful.

Was he really going to die here?

Thousand Goblin King felt shocked, and his energy exploded.

It cause Yue Yang to fly back, and he quickly escaped in the other direction towards the secret door.

Yue Yang chased after him relentlessly. He would not let Thousand Goblin King go further than 1000 meters away from him because this was the maximum distance Yue Yang’s energy and spirit could reach. If Thousand Goblin King was more than 1000 meters away, he would be able to teleport or use a teleportation crystal to escape outside the secret door, escape the snow world. As long as Yue Yang was still within 1000 meters of him, Thousand Goblin King would not be able to escape successfully.

Thousand Goblin King ran in the opposite direction of the secret door. He did not plan to leave immediately.

He had to create an opportunity for Demon Elder Yan Shuo, first clone Chi Yan and second clone Qing Yan to escape.

Chi Yan, Qing Yan and Demon Elder Yan Shuo ran to the secret door and was shocked to see the secret door closing…… The two girls that entered Yue Yang’s grimoire could be seen through the small gap outside the door, staring at them coldly. They held onto Divine Weapons in their hands. If anyone of them rushed to the secret door, the Divine Weapons would cause them to fall and the person would be squashed by the door and die there.

They were in despair.

Even if one of them could escape, the other two would not be able to. Their boss Thousand Goblin King was still inside.

Chi Yan and the others stopped and looked at the secret door close helplessly.

The enemy had control of the secret door from the start.

They wanted to escape but could not.

They were helpless……

Hui Tai Lang was the fastest, Ah Man, Duo Duo, Battle Angel Yi Ka and the giant loli were not too far behind.

At this time, the Thousand Goblin King suddenly stopped as if he saw the secret door close. He sighed and unexpectedly begged Yue Yang: “Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, I hate you and you hate me too. But, we don’t have to fight each other till death today. Doing this would only be doing Black Hell King and Scarlet Emperor a favor. Don’t forget, Ancient Demon King Soul’s new vessel is still in Tong Tian Tower. He is still glaring like a tiger watching its prey. He may have even infiltrated your clan and impersonated a member. Killing me is not that easy. Even If you killed me, I will also drag you down with me. You will be badly injured, and maybe after this, you may never be able to regain your power and potential. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, we can find another time to have a duel to the death. You can go kill Black Hell King and Scarlet Emperor first as I am no longer your biggest thrreat. If you are willing to let me go, I will tell you the way to identify Ancient Demon King soul’s new body as an exchange. Don’t you want to know who the Ancient Demon King Soul had become in you circle?”

“I was almost convinced by you.” Yue Yang nodded his head and said seriously: “What you said makes sense. But I want to tell you that I will never trust an enemy. Even if the enemy is dead, I would not believe him! Thousand Goblin King, repent. You should not have made me your enemy. There is only one outcome being my enemy, and that is death!”

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