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LLS Chapter 59 – Who dares to touch my younger sister?

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Chapter 59 – Who dares to touch my younger sister?
Translated by: Sephilia, Taffygirl13
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

“You guys, aren’t you tired of doing this yet?” Yue Bing angrily stared at the people in front of her.

They were previously the teammates of her own squad, the students of Shang Jing Academy. But now, they were surrounding her to attack her.

Actually, Yue Bing being attacked by others was something that had been happening for quite some time already. Almost every two or three days, hired mercenaries would use a ‘Three-on-Three Battle’ strategy to attack her. In Tong Tian Tower, as long as someone picked a fight, a warrior would have to promise a fight after rejecting ten times every day. Otherwise, their battle points would be cut. Once the battle points became negative, the warrior would be chased out of Tong Tian Tower, the expelled person would have to complete at least ten courageous missions in order to return to Tong Tian Tower.

More seriously, if it was a warrior with a summoned grimoire, once the battle points was too low, it would also reduce the grade of the grimoire.

If one continuously refused to fight, it was possible for the summoned grimoire to drop from gold or silver to bronze.

Three-on-three battles was originally a very fair battle strategy.

Within two small teams, three people would be sent out, and fight each other one-on-one roulette-style. Both sides could target the enemy’s beasts, and do adjustments to their tactics. There were many tactics that could be employed, and was the fairest and most exciting type of battle in the world. Not just the mercenaries, but the selection battles in schools, inter-school elite tournaments and even tournaments held between countries’ elites employed this fair ‘Three-on-three Battle’ system.

Of course, three-on-three battles seemed fair on the surface. But towards Yue Bing, it was a disaster.

This was because she did not have teammates, and was alone.

When other people sent three people out, she could only fight them alone. Not only that, the opposition kept using ice-type or fire-type beasts that suppressed her plant-type beasts.

Under these difficult circumstances, it was almost impossible for Yue Bing to think of winning completely in a one-against-three scenario. What was more despicable of her enemies was that they kept using mercenary warriors to disturb and attack Yue Bing, using up her spiritual energy and summoning quota, causing her to be unable to summon more than two beasts. She was only able to summon a single Treeman Warrior each time…

By suppressing her like this, how would Yue Bing be able to win repeatedly?

“What, were you attacked in Blackstone Labyrinth? I’m sorry, but we don’t know about this. We just miss Yue Bing, and we’d like to compare notes with you.” A skinny long-faced, haughty male came out from the team, and shamelessly sniggered at her.

When Yue Bing was doing the test mission in Blackstone Labyrinth just now, she was only left with two trials before she could complete the ‘Heart of Oak’ under the ten-thousand year oak tree. Five mercenary warriors had chased her from behind. They had cut off the wires first, ruining her ‘Suspension Bridge’ mission, and when she had fallen into the water, they despicably attacked her by summoning a water-type python to attack Yue Bing. In this emergency, Yue Bing had to regretfully use up a precious transfer scroll, giving up the trial of Blackstone Labyrinth, returning to the Warriors’ Guild. She did not expect to see her previous teammates standing in front of her when she had transferred back, and before she had time to react, they had already used their challenge cards continuously. In order to protect her own summoning grimoire from dropping in grade, she was forced to accept this shameless three-on-three battle.

Those five mercenary warriors before were definitely hired by them.

Yue Bing did not know what she had done wrong. Allowing them to suppress her like this, after entering Tong Tian Tower, she had almost never stopped fighting.

They were her own teammates, her own schoolmates. When the teacher was around, they were courteous, but she did not expect when the teacher left, they would immediately show their hypocritical faces…

In the Refining missions, she had let her own Treeman Warriors work hard all the time. They reaped the benefits while she worked hard. If it was just that, it was find. However, they had even continued to mock and ridicule her.

After they split, the hired mercenary warriors who came to attack her never stopped.

If not for hiding inside Refining areas, the challenges might have come without end.

“Shen Tu, I don’t know why you’d want to do this, but since you want to fight, then let’s make it a one-on-one and let everyone’s wins or losses be dependent on our own talent. If you lose, don’t find me ever again, and if I lose, I’ll disappear from your sights.” The black-clothed Yue Bing’s heart was extremely angry, she had a faint feeling that these harassing attacks that had no end to them was related in some way to her. They did not wish to improve themselves, become stronger, or succeed in the trials, so they decided to use these underhanded methods and exploit the loopholes in Tong Tian Tower. They kept her in a state where she kept losing battles, unable to raise the grade of her summoned grimoire, nor was she able to improve the abilities and levels of her guardian beasts.

“I’m sorry, the challenges were suggested by Xu Xian, it doesn’t concern me.” The tall male spoke up from the team was the team leader of Rose Team, and was the Shen Tu family’s first wife’s grandson, Shen Tu Hao.

“Quit talking nonsense. Yue Bing, you can reject the three-on-three battle. What I have is money, and challenge cards, you don’t have many points left? Ha ha, if this Xu Xian can’t kick you out of Tong Tian Tower, I won’t be called the ‘Prince of Ghost Eyes’.” The haughty, skinny long-faced male sniggered. Everyone knew that this guy matched Shen Tu Hao, but he was actually Shen Tu Hao’s dog, their whole family survived only by relying on the Shen Tu family.

“Then fine, let’s fight.” Yue Bing coldly stared at the two people standing at the back of the team.

If Xu Xian was Shen Tu family’s person, then the other two should be the Yue family’s person.

They were the Lin family brothers, who were a branch family that relied on the Yue Clan. However, they had never extended a helping hand to her, rather often worsening her plight… Did the fourth branch have no position in the Yue Clan? Her own family had already move out of the Yue Clan Castle, why was the first and the second branches suppressing her like this?

Yue Bing kept her flaming anger in check and summoned her grimoire. Then, she summoned her own Guardian Beast, the Treeman Warrior.

A pale golden light flickered, and a three to four metre tall deep green coloured Treeman Warrior was summoned.

The Treeman Warrior who had already risen to Level 3 Bronze, had always been Yue Bing’s guardian. If not for this strong beast who had protected her silently, she would have been killed off a long time ago, unable to survive in Tong Tian Tower, being a corpse by now.

“Summoning Flame Guardian…”

The opposing Xu Xian used a type of tactic that people despised, causing the observing mercenaries to fall into an uproar.

This type of tactic could be said to be a well-established taboo in the Tong Tian Tower. Within the tower, there was a type of a code of assistance: When a warrior in battle was in danger, his companion could save him in such an emergency, and quickly enter the battle as well. Even if it was a solo fight, support could be added in such a situation. This code prevented Rankers from suffering situations where massive deaths occurred simply because people couldn’t help others when one was committed a mistake or had a heavy injury…..as long as the circumstances were dire, the Ranker could use the emergency card and allow his companions to quickly come to his aid and fight the formidable enemy together.

After the white-eyed Xu Xuan summoned the Flame Guardian, he commanded it to toss fireballs at all the Treeman Warrior in battle.

The element-type Flame Guardian’s completely subdued the Treeman Warrior. The tossed out fireballs’ explosions were extremely large and powerful, and could also follow the target’s movements. A normal beast would have a lot of difficulty dodging it. The only downside was almost all element-type beasts had very limited numbers of elemental skills.

The Flame Guardian could at most toss 5 fireballs at its target.

Xu Xuan controlled the Flame Guardian to first blast the five fireballs at the Treeman Warrior, and then charge straight at the Treeman Warrior who were now completely burned black, inflicting even more serious damage on it. He then took out his emergency card to invite two of his companions to save him. After the two companions rushed into the battle’s Halo Shield, he smiled darkly and continued to summon his strongest beast, the Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth….

These shameless actions made the observers feel extreme disdain for Xu Xuan. If any of the mercenaries did this, they would’ve been beaten to death by others even if they had won the battle.

However, the group of people in front were wearing Shang Jing Academy’s neat uniforms, and seemed to be the elites from the school that had come to Refine.

The private battles going on between the classmates weren’t something that the mercenaries could bear to watch, but they also weren’t willing to help Yue Bing. These elite students were normally children of major clans or supported by the major clans. Thus, creating an enmity between them was definitely not a good thing.

“Hehehe, Yue Bing, aren’t you supposed to forfeit? Do you want to try going against us 3 by yourself? Aren’t you a child from one the Four Major Clans, the Yue Clan? Why don’t you show the might of a Yue Clan’s child? Try shouting, see if anyone here would be able to come save you. Didn’t you say that the good-for-nothing Third Brother of yours was a genius? Weren’t you constantly hostile to us for his sake? Shout, shout for him to come help you! Ahahahaha!” Xu Xian gave a cheap laugh.

Yue Bing really wanted to give his face a hard punch.

However, she didn’t rebuke. Instead, she clenched her teeth, and silently gave a command to the battling Treeman Warrior.

5 minutes later, the Treeman Warrior fell to the ground, its body entirely covered with flames…..although it was Bronze Level 3, they eventually couldn’t resist falling to the opponent’s ice, fire, and metal element-type beasts ganging up on it.

The battle’s result was 1 vs 6. The Treeman Warrior was defeated by the five element-type beasts, and finally fell to the Evil Eyed Ghost Tooth’s White Eye Rays.

Although she had lost this battle, she had gained outstanding glory.

The observing mercenaries all had to applaud the young woman. Her strength and determination to fight went far beyond their expectations, arising deep feelings of respect for her.

“Challenge card 3 vs 3 battle, target is Yue Bing.” The shortie standing next to Shen Tu Hao laughed evilly as he pulled out a battle card from his pocket.

“Wawa….” The observing mercenaries were shocked into a daze.

Only today had they finally realized what shamelessness and ruthlessness was, what leaving no room for leeway meant.

Yue Bing’s face was deathly pale. She unsummoned the Treeman Warriors that had their entire body on fire and summoned one stalk of her Level 1 Thorny Flower….even if it had no combat ability, Yue Bing would continue to fight until the end as long as she was still alive. She would definitely not admit defeat or surrender.

She could lose or die, but she definitely wouldn’t humiliate her family.

Protecting her family was her greatest desire.

“Don’t lightly kill off that Thorny Flower. You guys have to ruthlessly torment it, trample on it, consume her spirit, and make her reach her limits, and completely exhaust her mental and and spiritual energy. It’s best if we can exhaust her to the point where she becomes a vegetable haha.” Xu Xian’s nasty, prideful declaration made all of the mercenaries that heard him furious. How could a group of grown men gang up and bully a young woman? What kind of heroes were they?

Shen Tu didn’t bat an eyelid, and the corners of his mouth even turned up into cruel sneer.

He summoned a Bronze Level 3 Manticore, shocking everyone. Although the mercenaries were extremely indignant at the sight, none of them dared to move in fear of the terrifying Manticore present. None of them even dared to say words of support to Yue Bing.

Another 5 minutes passed. The shortie had teased his opponent enough, and with another wave of his hand, his beast smashed the Thorny Flower into dust.

“Ah” Since her beasts had died in succession, the repeated blows to her spiritual energy caused Yue Bing to hold her head with her hands and sharply cry out in pain. Her entire body softly fell to ground,

“Victory! We finally knocked that bitch out hahahaha. Brothers, charge. We’ll destroy her appearance, and make it so that she will become a widow that nobody will want.” Xu Xian was beside himself with joy as he waved his arm.

“….” The hearts of the mercenaries shook as they heard this.

According to the code of a duel, the victor had the power to leave a symbol of discipline on the loser’s body as long as it wasn’t life-threatening.

Normally, one would just spit at the other party’s body in disdain. More aggressive people would perhaps draw a turtle on the other party’s face or stomp on their feet. The most excessive people would do something like pee on the other party’s body. No one had imagined that a few students would actually think of destroying someone’s face….could it be that this young woman had some blood-deep enmity with them? Were these students not afraid of suffering from revenge later for this bullying?

The mercenaries were raged, but didn’t dare to speak. Suddenly, the crowd was split apart, and two males covered in blood raced over. With curved blades in hand that protected Yue Bing, they hoarsely shouted, “Unless we die, you’d better not even think of touching a single hair on her body.”

Shen Tu’s expression changed, and secretly made a gesture.

Xu Xian nodded and immediately rushed out, shouting loudly, “You two stupid slaves dare to try and murder your owner, we can’t stand by and overlook threats to the people.”

The mercenaries were in complete awe.

These clan juniors were really terrifying. They had played with death and had even cheated others into gaining eternally bad reputation of trying to murder their owner.

Although the brothers Li Qie and Li Ge had run up to protect Yue Bing, they had been fighting against 5 attackers in the Black Stone Labyrinth, and already suffered from heavy injuries. Now that they were facing the elites of Shang Jing Academy, who had even greater strength, their bodies were instantly ripped to pieces by the beasts…

“You two useless mercenaries want to wreck my good deeds by yourselves? That’s really hilarious. Yue Bing, oh Yue Bing, now look and see who’ll save you? Aren’t you a genius? Aren’t you unbridled? Beg for me to see. I’m going to trample all over the genius you right now, and what can you do about it? Why don’t you get your good-for-nothing Third Brother to come and save you…..come and let him take revenge for you, you whore. I’ll let you hit me, I’ll let you show off your aggressiveness.” After Xu Xian had sent the heavily injured and unconscious Li Qie and Li Ge flying with a kick, he raised his right leg up high, prepared to ruthlessly stomp onto Yue Bing’s chest.

Suddenly, a figure flashed over from the distance.

In an instant, the entire group of people was sent flying with a blast.

When the onlookers’ looked closely, they realized that there was now a youth that looked as furious as a mad lion. He was currently holding Xu Xian by the throat, lifting the rampant bastard high up in the air. With the sound and power of thunder, he fiercely smashed Xu Xian’s entire body into the ground.

“Rumble” The entire area trembled

The slabs on the ground shattered, as Xu Xian’s head split on top of them, blood pouring out from the back of his head and dyeing the ground…..

The arrival of the person that seemed as furious as a lion was obviously Yue Yang. He shot a death glare at the Rose Team standing across from him and said, “Who dared to touch my little sister?”

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