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LLS Chapter 589 – Funny, do you think that you will have a future?

Chapter 589 – Funny, do you think that you will have a future?
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Shiroyukineko, Last
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko, Last

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“Don’t be too smug. I will make you guys pay 10 times for the disgrace of cutting off my limb and wing.” Fallen Angel Mo Fei spat out black blood and looked at the two women hatefully.

The battle could no longer continue at this stage.

The enemy had two Divine Weapons, and Fallen Angel Mo Fei was badly injured. Even if he was not injured, he would not continue fighting.

He decided to leave the place instantly. Anyway, this Battle Dimension was not a Death Battle Dimension. The laws did not limit that one party must die first. In the Battle Dimension, once both parties have reached the limits of the battle, one party will have to admit defeat to be able to leave the place. The rules were not that strict here.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei took out teleportation crystal, ready to leave the place.

As he crushed the teleportation crystal, Fallen Angel looked back at the two women hatefully.

The two women looked calm, it was as if they did not see him leave……

Outside the fort.

The Thousand Goblin King, who was crazily chasing after Yue Yang, suddenly stopped in midair and coughed painfully. Fresh blood came out of his nose.

He exclaimed in fear: “What? Mai Bo En!”

Thousand Goblin King sensed that Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was dead. With the help of 3 Hue Blazing Dragon, and with a level of peak Heaven Rank Level 1 Heaven Realm Demon Dragon Mai Bo En was actually dead. The 4 of them fought the Barbarian Cow Shadow and died within an hour. Thousand Goblin King could not believe this. Although Barbarian Cow Shadow had the God Binding Chains, her strength was far weaker than the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon. How did she manage to kill 4 huge dragons? Before this, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had killed the Snow Mountain Giant. Thousand Goblin King also could not figure out why this happened even if his Snow Mountain Giant was stronger.

Similarly, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon and the 3 Huge Blazing Dragons were much stronger than their opponent but were also defeated by Barbarian Cow Shadow.

This was totally impossible!

What kind of battle actually happened to produce such terrible results?

One teleportation pillar flashed from the place Fallen Angel Mo Fei disappeared.

When Thousand Goblin King saw this, he felt at peace…… Luckily, his Fallen Angel was strong enough. After the death of both Snow Mountain Giant and Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, only he managed to defeat his opponents and come back to his side.

Golden light spread out.


A one winged Fallen Angel appeared in front of Thousand Goblin King, then collapsed to the ground slowly under Thousand Goblin King’s happy gaze.

Before he died, he even stretched out his only arm towards Thousand Goblin King.

He seemed to have something to say but fresh blood had already sealed his throat.

Thousand Goblin King’s happy smile stopped like how lava solidify after coming out of the volcano.

He looked like death pale because hisbeasts died one after another. The recoil of losing so many contracted beast almost made his head explode. Fresh blood came out of his mouth and nose like a gushing spring.

“Mo Fei, even you the number 1 in wisdom also died in battle? What kind of enemy did you face in the battle?” Thousand Goblin King could not imagine it, as he watched Fallen Angel Mo Fei die. Mo Fei, the Fallen Angel he trusted most, teleported back not in victory but to see him one last time before he died.

“You guys are back? It has been hard on you guys, leave the rest to me and take a rest!” On the other side, it was like Yue Yang was welcoming a big hero. He hugged Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia, who teleported back, and kissed them passionately to express his happiness.

Barbarin Cow Shadow Ah Man tied by the God Binding Chains also came back at the same time.

Ah Man was covered in blood.

She carried the the Golden Dragon Slaying Spear behind her and the Golden Dragon Slaying Dagger at her waist. Her unparalleled might was like a war godess that never tires…… She stretched out her arms out from behind Yue Yang and hugged Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian together, to show her defesive spirit. The long God Binding Chain on her body was stained with the Fallen Angel Mo Fei’s blood.

Thousand Goblin King instantly understood that not only did this female Barbarian Cow Shadow kill the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, she also teleported into the Battle Dimension to help the two women kill Mo Fei.

The Battle Dimension must have been tweaked by Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, so there must have been a problem, but it was already too late to realize it now.

Thousand Goblin King’s nightmare was not yet over …… In the other Death Battle Dimension, another battle was coming to an end. Heaven Rank Level 3 Ancient Demon collapsed to the ground. Although it was Thousand Goblin King’s most powerful beast, he was destined to fail. That was because his opponent had also reached Heaven Rank Level 3, the giant loli. The giant loli possessed the Ancient Titan King’s bloodline and had not yet grown up. Even if she had yet to recover her memory and was unable to use all her power, she was still the Guardian Wargod of the Western Heaven Realm. Thus, she had limitless amounts of energy which the Ancient Demon could not handle.

Giant loli, who was wearing the Titan Armor, screamed with a voice as loud as ten thousand soldiers.

The Ancient Demon was unable to stand up under the suppression of her arms, trembling in pain.

In the end, the neck that was unable to withstand Titan Energy snapped with a cracking sound….. The head of Ancient Demon, who was badly injured, was broken and snapped off by the giant loli.

Its battle with the giant loli was competely void of suspense.

The giant loli did not even use 80% of her strength before she killed the Ancient Demon. If the Ancient Demon was not good in flying, and did not fly around to dodge the attacks to buy some time, then the battle would have ended earlier than the battle between Snow Mountain Giant and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. After snapping the Ancient Demon’s neck, giant loli was ready to leave. After thinking for a while, she frowned and decided to split its body into two.

Seconds later, she want back to Yue Yang’s side, carrying the Ancient Demon’s head in one hand and its leg in the other.

Thousand Goblin King looked deathly pale.

The first clone Chi Yan, second clone Qing Yan and Demon Elder Yan Shuo, who had all rushed behind Thousand Goblin King, started to tremble in fear. They started to regret. If they knew that things were going to turn out like this, they would not have started a war with the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. They initially thought that this was an easy opponent. They never expected that he was the real nightmare.

Compared to the Ancient Demon King Soul that was nowhere to be found, compared to the Scarlet, who was super powerful and in hiding, compared to Zhi Zun, who was ranked first in Tong Tian Tower…… Thousand Goblin King always thought that Yue Yang, the new generation Prison Emperor with a high potential was the easiest to deal with. After all, Yue Yang was very young, too young that it amazed everyone. He was only a bit over 20 years old, how high could his cultivation be? Two years ago, this boy had just stepped into Innate Level. Even if he could fly, he would not be his match!

Thousand Goblin King felt like that.

Thus, defeating Yue Yang who had the potential to grow was the best choice for him to come out of retirement, and was also the easiest aim to achieve.

No one expected that even with traitors like Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and Xiang Yu removed; even if the demon brothers drained the enemy’s energy before this; even if if they released Demon Elder Yan Shuo from the seal, making him his helper; even if he owned the strongest Heaven Ranked beasts, where all of them were strong enough to bring down Tong Tian Tower, they still lost terribly during the fight against the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Now, the Thousand Goblin King slightly understood why Yue Yang became the successor of the Prison Emperor, why such a young man could survive the Death Battle Dimension, why he was able to kill Heaven Rank Rankers and capture Heaven Ranked beasts, why he was able to defeat the Black Hell King, who had woke up early and set up a plan.

The reason was that he had something others would never have.

Holy Weaponss, Divine weapons, Battle Angel, Nirvana Flame, Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ancient Titan, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen…… If anyone had one of these things, they would be able to have the position of a Supreme Ranker.

But , the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had everything.

“No, no…… My Holy Grimoire, don’t be like this, don’t abandon me!” Thousand Goblin King’s summoning grimoire suddenly emitted a bright light, and scattered into numerous stars, disappearing into the sky. The Holy Grimoire became smaller and smaller, its pages flipped, some powers and laws that a Holy Grimoire must have all disappeared. This was caused by the death of his beasts and the third clone, Thousand Goblin King no longer had the qualifications to sustain the Holy Grimoire.

Thousand Goblin King’s looked in despair as it dropped to a high-grade Diamond Grimoire.

Then to the middle-grade.

Lastly, a Holy Grimoire with endless potential had dropped to the lowest-grade Diamond Grimoire.

Thousand Goblin King used Separation Innate Skill to ‘create’ 3 clones. All of them existed like beasts.

Because there was Chi Yan, Qing Yan and Zi Jiu, the 3 special clones, in addition to the Ancient Demon, Snow Mountain Giant, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, Fallen Angel and other Heaven Ranked Beasrs, the myth about Thousand Goblin King’s summoning grimoire increasing in level strangely began. Because of this, it also made him have high ambitions until he had the ambition to conquer the world.

Today, the defeat immediately put him back to his original state.

Using a thousand years to increase the level of his summoning grimoire to Holy Grimoire, and within an hour, thousand years of hard work disappeared.

Thousand Goblin King was so upset that he had no tears….. The third clone cannot be revived, and cannot be made again. The dead Ancient Demon was a very loyal subordinate. Even though he was human, it made a contract with him without thinking twice, and continued to help him. Along with the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, Snow Mountain Giant and Fallen Angel Mo Fei, who had the highest potential, were not Guardian Beasts. This their deaths signified the final goodbye.
(Last: I love how the author make us sympathize with the enemy)

“Yue Clan Third Young Master, this hatred is more than killing father, stealing bride or even destroying country.” Thousand Goblin King put away his summoning grimoire, held his shaking hand and took a deep breath to remain calm: “I will admit that I have lost this battle. Before this, I looked at you with contempt, but I will never do that again. In the future, I will take my revenge on you a thousand fold. I will make your life a living hell, until you seek death but can’t die!”

“Funny, do you think that you will have a future?” Yue Yang let the severely injured Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia in his Grimoire World to rest.

Xiao Wen Li, Ah Man, Battle Angel Yi Ka, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen all stood behind him.

Ever since Black Hell King used his Betrayal Innate Skill to escape from the Death Arena, Yue Yang learnt from his mistakes that once he started killing his enemies, he must never let them escape. Either do not attack or attack, but once you start, you must not stop until the enemy was defeated.

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