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LLS Chapter 588 – Two women used their powers, sacred weapons taken out

Chapter 588 – Two women used their powers, sacred weapons taken out
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Inside the perfected battlefield space that the Old Fox Kai Pi and Yue Yang made, three people were fighting fiercely.

Princess Qian Qian clenched her teeth tightly as she held onto the Prison Emperor Divine Sword, making sure she does not collapse.

Her whole body was covered in blood, the Gold Rank White Tiger Armor that Yue Yang made for her personally as a gift was almost totally smashed. Wounds that were deep till the bone could be seen at every damaged spot. Other than the look of stubbornness on her face, she was covered in injuries. Her two arms, shoulders, chest, back, abdomen, both legs and ankle…… Fresh blood stained the entire White Tiger Armor. Drip by drip, they dripped onto the floor. If Prison Emperor Divine Sword was not supporting her body nor her tenacious willpower, she would have fallen to the ground just like others.

Compared to Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia was more badly injured.

What was interesting was that Xue Wu Xia did not have any surface wounds, all her injuries were internal injuries.

Different from Princess Qian Qian who was standing still and straight, Xue Wu Xia was unable to stand at all. She seemed very peaceful, sitting on the ice pillar behind Princess Qian Qian with her legs crossed and eyes shut. Due to the ice frost cold air she let out during the battle, the whole battlefield had turned into an icy world. The beasts that the Fallen Angel summoned were either killed by Princess Qian Qian or frozen in other extremely cold ice pillar.

Xue Wu Xia’s face was whiter than snow, without any color on her cheek.

Other than her cherry lips that had a slight breathtaking colour, showing that she was still a living human.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei who had badly injured Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia also suffered some consequences.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei was cut in half through the waist by Princess Qian Qian. Everything below his waist, had been smashed to pieces by Xue Wu Xia’s lightning. Losing the lower half of his body was just the beginning. He had already lost his eyesight after being frozen by Xue Wu Xia’s Absolute Zero atmosphere and smashed to pieces. If Xue Wu Xia has not destroyed Mo Fei’s eyes, the two girls would still be in danger…… Now, the badly injured Mo Fei was still being chased by Xue Wu Xia’s Guardian Beast Blizzard Lady.

He knew that when these 2 women recover, it would be the day he, a Heaven Rank Level 1 Fallen Angel, loses his life.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei wanted to circle around Blizzard Lady and attack the two women who were recovering.

He believed that he would be able to kill them with one sword.

With Blizzard Lady blocking in front of him, no matter how Fallen Angel Mo Fei tried to circle around her, he was still unable to circle around her blockade. What’s scarier was that if he even touched Blizzard Lady slightly, he would immediately be frozen even when he was a Heaven Rank Level 1, becoming 10 times slower and move like a snail.

“You guys are so badly injured. Hoping to recover in this battlefield is a pipe dream.” Although Fallen Angel Mo Fei lost his sight, his lower body gone, he was still confident in killing them, because the other party’s injuries were so bad.

It would be impossible to recover in a short period of time.

As long as he find an opportunity to wave his sword, he would be able to kill the opponent.

Mo Fei circled around patiently, trying to sneak attack while Blizzard Lady was blocking him. Most importantly, he was still adjusting to blindness.

As long as he gets used to it, he could still fly freely, then the opponent would definitely die! If he did not lose his sight, and was not used to flying blindly, Mo Fei believed that he would have already killed these two scheming women. They were very smart, very sly and were good in planning and buying time. They were unafraid of getting injured and risked their life. They could be said to be very outstanding.

But they had a huge weakness, which was their lack of strength.

Their levels were way too low.

Even with Prison Emperor Divine Sword in hand, they were still unable to use 100% of the Divine Sword’s power.

“Sword Qi Cross Slash……” Fallen Angel Mo Fei felt that he had gotten used to it, thus he started to plan in his mind. First, he would use the sword qi to chop Princess Qian Qian. He knew that this type of attack would not be able to harm her because Blizzard Lady would be able to absorb the damage. Sword qi and energy shockwaves would be useless, since her blizzard body could swallow everything.

“Blizzard.” Xue Wu Xia’s Guardian Beast, Blizzard Lady, stood in front of princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia to block the sword qi in an instant. She absorbed the sword qi attack into its body by freezing it.

She changed from a moving state to a still state to block the attack, instantly getting caught by Mo Fei.

It was time to attack.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei immediately went in front of Princess Qian Qian.

His prediction was very accurate. First, he used airflow to figure out Princess Qian Qian’s position, then locked in his concentration, before finally teleporting and sending out a thousand volt thunder. Before this, Mo Fei did not use teleportation to increase his chances of success, so he acted like he was not good at it and also acted like he was very affected by the lost of his sight. All those acts were for this moment.

Princess Qian Qian waved the Prison Emperor Divine Sword and held off the attack.

As long as she had the Divine Sword, it would be impossible to hit her even if there was another Fallen Angel Mo Fei.

The power of the Divine Sword could not be removed by a Heaven Rank Level 1 Fallen Angel like Mo Fei…… Of course, this was predicted by Mo Fei.

The enemy would never standstill like an idiot. Mo Fei predicted that Princess Qian Qian would receive his attack and counter it. As a result, when he swung the Angel Demon Sword, he also took out a short Angel Demon Dagger with his other hand from the the handle of the Angel Demon Sword, and stabbed it into Princess Qian Qian’s heart at a very fast speed.

He believed that Princess Qian Qian would not be able to withstand this blow.

As for Xue Wu Xia, Mo Fei would not let her rescue successfully.

With a spread of the Angel Demon Wings behind his back, hundreds of black feathers that were as sharp as blades shot towards Xue Wu Xia.

This human woman that was good in lightning and ice was not even able to protect herself and definitely could not save someone else. His wings becoming ‘feather arrows’ was Mo Fei’s special skill. This was not a skill normal angels or fallen angels have. To learn this skill, Mo Fei killed and ate a hundreds of the Porcupine Clan’s Golden King Beast, causing everyone in the Porcupine Clan to know about the killings.

“Go die! What I hate women that are prettier than me!” Although Mo Fei was born in Heaven Realm, he did not have pure angel blood, but was more closely related to the winged clan. He did not have any gender, so he was neither male nor female. His looks resembled a man more. In the past. He was not interested in men or women. But after meeting Thousand Goblin King, he realized that being a woman was far better than being a man, thus he decided to identify as a woman. From then on, Fallen Angel Mo Fei felt jealous of every pretty woman and hated them. He hated beauties like Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia.

“You will be the one to die, you genderless idiot!” Xue Wu Xia opened her eyes suddenly.

She jumped up from the ice pillar and flew faster than lightning by 100 times.

She pounced forward as if she was never injured.

Mo Fei did not care at all. This woman was welcoming his feather arrows. This was not an attack but seeking death.

No one expected that something made him scared out of his wits happened. With a flick of Xue Wu Xia’s wrist, a shining Divine Weapon appeared. It had incomparable amount of energy. Once it was taken out, everything thing in the battlefield stagnated, and was under its suppression.

It was more powerful than Prison Emperor Divine Sword.

Fallen Angel Mo Fei wanted to escape but was unable to do so.

He lost his sight, so he could not see the Divine Weapon. But sensing the air, he could clearly sense that this Divine Weapon that had a suppressing seal energy was coming towards his head.


Fallen Angel Mo Fei felt that his head was smashed and in indescribable pain.

It was as if his soul was dragged out forcefully by a Primordial Monster and bitten into pieces. It was literally unable to go back into his body.

He was not able to be stay fully conscious, his brain burst with loud noises. It was as if Thousands of people were walking around and also like thousand of mammoths were running around…… He was struck by the Divine Weapon…… It took a long time before he remembered that Xue Wu Xia hit his head with the Divine Weapon, but his thoughts were surprisingly slow and he was unable to react.

When Xue Wu Xia attacked again, his ears exploded and he painfully woke up.

Xue Wu Xia used the lightning in her left hand and the ice on the right to strike towards Mo Fei’s ears……

“I need to escape or I will die.” Fallen Angel Mo Fei ‘woke’ up. He used his strength to stretch out his wings, preparing to escape.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Princess Qian Qian’s Prison Emperor Divine Sword reached out. She jumped up high, raising the sword high above and cut down.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaa……” Fallen Angel Mo Fei was a Heaven Rank Level 1 Ranker, so he managed to dodge the sword at the last minute. His head was spinning but he managed to escape from the fatal blow. When Prison Emperor Divine Sword hit his shoulder, he did not even care about his left arm and wing before he escaped high into the sky.

With the remaining arm and wing, Fallen Angel Mo Fei was still able to fly.

But, not only did the plan to kill Princess Qian Qian fail, he actually fell into the trap set by the two women, and got severely injured, and he almost died on the spot by being chopped into two.

Mo Fei let out cries of agony in the sky.

He had never suffered such serious injuries, and had never been disgraced by his enemies.

Both the plan and the fight was lost in front of the two woman! This severe injury was not his first. He fell for their trap early on in the battle and this when Xue Wu Xia froze his legs and almost decapitated by Princess Qian Qian. At that time, Mo Fei used the Angel Demon Sword to cut away his legs, thinking he could be free after sacrificing them. But princess Qian Qian came at him and cut him at his waist.

Luckily his beast sacrificed itself to save him when he was severely injured.

Thus he was able to escape.

While he was fleeing, he was caught by the woman that was good at ice and lightning, causing him to lose his sight.

He thought that this scary woman had ran out of ways to attack, but she actually had an even stronger Divine Weapon waiting for him to fall for their trick. This woman was not well known, who was she? Mo Fei could not understand and could not imagine how such a scary woman was not well known in Tong Tian Tower.

Of course, if Mo Fei knew Xue Wu Xia was almost as smart at the sly Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and had always been his right hand, he would not have been so reckless.

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