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LLS Chapter 587 – Looking death in the eye, Bloodeye Double Kill [edited]

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Chapter 587 – Looking death in the eye, Bloodeye Double Kill [edited]
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last
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Chapter 587 – Looking death in the eye, eyes red with double kill
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

Zi Jiu’s shocked expression stagnated.

Thousand Goblin King rushed over. Hui Tai Lang in World Exterminating Demon Wolf form waved his sharp claws and drew long gashes of blood onto his back.

“No.” Thousand Goblin King pushed away Yue Yang, grabbed Zi Jiu’s body and roared in grief.

For Thousand Goblin King, although Yue Yang killed his third clone, it was still a part of him. It was the same as his own death, the only difference was that the main body was still alive. The first clone Chi Yan and second clone Qing Yan wanted to go there too, but Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo kept them there. Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were not powerful enough to deal with Chi Yan and Qing Yan, but they tried their best.

A special golden light emitted from the Prison Dragon Pillar, directly imprisoning the two of them on the pillar, firmly binding Qing Yan and Bei Feng Jia Suo tightly together; Similarly, Bei Feng Jia Suo’s Beheading Moon Chains emitted a bright silver light and bound Chi Yan and Feng Zhu together.

Qing Yan and Chi Yan kept struggling and using shockwaves, hoping to shake the opponent tied with them to their deaths.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo held on bitterly.

As long as they still have the willpower and haven’t fainted, then the enemies would never be able to escape.

For 6000 years, they had been in a state of training, constantly getting used to the power of the other party’s Holy Weapon. This type of battle technique was created by them when they got bored guarding the Ancient Demon King.

For Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu were already used to Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains’ restrictive power.

But for Qing Yan and Chi Yan, not only did they need to resist the restrictive power of the Holy Weapons, they also had to be aware of the attacks from Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo. They had sunk into a quagmire as they fell for the trap. Escaping in a short time was impossible. Even if someone came to rescue them, they would not be of much help because Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains both have protective properties, preventing enemies from saving them. Unless they kill the owners, the weapons will never loosen.

Demon Elder Yan Shuo rushed forward.

He wanted to take advantage of the crisis.

But when he saw Zi Jiu get killed by Yue Yang in an instant, he immediately got so scared that his soul almost left his body. He instantly stepped back and did not dare to move forward again in fear of getting killed.

Gui Cang sword dissipated slowly, Shuang Hua sword also quickly disappeared.

But the deadly injuries these 2 Divine Swords inflicted on the third clone Zi Jiu’s body would never recover nor heal.

The gathering point of the Stagnation Innate Skill and the body’s energy were seen through by Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. Zi Jiu will never recover no matter what Thousand Goblin King did to revive him, it was all useless. World Exterminating Wheel had already cut open the energy core in his body. Even if Yue Yang did not use Gui Cang sword and Shuang Hua sword, Zi Jiu would not be able to revive.

“No, no……” Thousand Goblin King roared in despair.

“It’s okay, original body, even if you don’t have me, this third clone, you would still be able to conquer Tong Tian Tower and conquer Heaven Realm. Even if I go, you will have a new third clone in the future. I have existed, and I am happy enough about it.” Energy kept seeping out of Zi Jiu’s head. More energy shot out like fountain from the big hole in his chest and back. As it turns out, as his body died, he was also losing his power and had fallen to Heaven Rank Level 1 within a minute.

“Zi Jiu, I will never have another third clone. The position of third clone will forever belong to you. You are the most perfect one in the whole world.” Thousand Goblin King had tears in his eyes.

“I truly could not tell that you were this narcissistic.” Yue Yang coughed a few times and wiped away some blood at the corner of his mouth: “Don’t worry, I will send you off to the other world soon so that you can accompany your most perfect third clone. Thousand Goblin King, today will be the day you die!”

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, I swear that I will make you pay ten thousand times!” Thousand Goblin King stared at Yue Yang with a poisonous look.

“That day when your followers killed my servants and kidnapped my family, I also swore like that. Compared to the Black Hell King, I hate you even more! “ Yue Yang gathered his emotions, “Your servant, Thousand Goblins Sect Leader and other crazy followers planned to kill Fourth Uncle and the Feng Clan’s Young Miss, then kidnapped Fourth Mother and Shuang’er, almost killing my whole family just to obtain the key to Heaven’s Stairway. I won’t talk about trivial matters like entering Heaven’s Stairway, destroying things wantonly, your plan to destroy the foundation of Tong Tian Tower, collapsing Tong Tian Tower’s space or enjoying the benefits of God’s Ruins alone…… But you harmed my family, so you deserve death! Thousand Goblin King, stop acting like you deserve pity, you kill people like cutting grass. Tong Tian Tower’s degeneration was all caused by you. How many Heaven Ranked Rankers and seniors that had good potential did you massacre? You are literally trash as you relied on Separation Innate Skill to steal the powers that people spent time and effort in training. I’m shocked that you even dare call yourselves a genius!”

“Today, one of us will die……” Thousand Goblin King regained his composure.

“No, main body, quickly leave! This is a scheme, a trap, don’t stay here any longer!” The nearly dead Zi Jiu started to struggle and pounced towards Yue Yang: “Leave now while I still have some strength!”

The nearly dead third clone Zi Jiu tried to use his last energy to hold back Yue Yang, so that the main body could escape through the secret door.

Using the last bit of his strength, Zi Jiu swung his fist towards Yue Yang with as much force as he could muster.

Battle Angel Yi Ka stretched out her right arm, and heavily punched Zi Jiu’s head. In the instant that Zi Jiu was sent backwards from the attack, she immediately made her move and pressed her hand on Zi Jiu’s forehead and directly pressed him into the ground.


A huge noise erupted.

A huge deep round crater from the explosion appeared on the ground, with Battle Angel Yi Ka’s arm as the center, spreading in all 4 directions, 10 meters deep and more than 10 meters wide.

A kill with just one attack.

Zi Jiu could not even self-destruct in the end as Yi Ka had killed him.

Yue Yang did not care about all this, but watched Thousand Goblin King silently, paying attention to his every move. His summoning grimoire was shining brightly beside him, it was the halo-type ‘World’, and it was absorbing the energy from Zi Jiu’s dead body, and converted them to its own energy to level up.

Thousand Goblin King felt very regretful now.

He knew that he was very rash this time…… If it was not due to the fact that he had not yet regained his peak strength after breaking through the seal on Heaven’s Stairway, he would not have watched the third clone die right in front of him. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had many beasts, many treasures, unlimited potential but this guy was too young. At his peak state, Yue Yang would not even be able to defend against him. But he wanted the Ancient Demon King’s body too much and got tricked by Empress Jellyfish and Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Thousand Goblin King had a lot of hatred in his heart.

He hated Yue Yang and also hated himself.

The third clone was the best clone. He was originally the best helper to conquer Tong Tian Tower. It was a pity that his greed for the Ancient Demon King’s body led to his death and he lost a good general.

It was too late for him to regret.

This was Thousand Goblin King’s true emotions.

Rumble, Rumble…… Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, who were badly injured, could not take it anymore and fainted onto the floor.

Their Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains loosened their grip when their masters fainted. They released Qing Yan and Chi Yan as they fell to the ground weakly.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo had already used up all their energy. Facing enemies that were too strong for them, they had fought continuous battles, received many injuries and depleted their energy. They could not support themselves anymore and fainted. Yue Yang looked at them and felt respectful towards them, these two guardians had stood by Prison Emperor’s orders, no one other than them could have been able to withstand 6000 years of loneliness, and persevered in guarding the seal. Especially after Prison Emperor’s death, when the orders no longer worked, they still guarded the Sky Vault Constellation Seal at the fort for 6000 years. Until Yue Yang, the new generation Prison Emperor appeared, they still had not stopped their mission.

What was the thing that people look up to most?

People that kept to their promises for thousands of years like Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were the most respected figures.

As Yue Yang and Thousand Goblin King continued to fight, getting ready to find out the enemy’s weak spot to attack, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man was chasing after Heaven Realm Demon Dragon and the barely surviving Huge Blazing Dragon inside the Battlefield of Death.

Ah Man, who possessed the God Binding Chains, Golden Dragon Slaying Spear, Golden Dragon Slaying Dagger and a never tiring body, had the upper hand.

But, as the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon felt death approaching, it used an incredibly crafty skill to escape from the God Binding Chain’s restriction.

This was a very special type of dragon clan skill, Death Substitute.

Heaven Realm Demon Dragon swallowed the badly injured Huge Blazing Dragon into his stomach and used death substitute to fake its death, then offer its contracted thousand-year-old dragon as a sacrifice. During the offering, it was able to successfully trick the God Binding Chain, making it instantly pass through Heaven Realm Demon Dragon’s body, bone and onto the thousand-year-old dragon inside its stomach and trying them tightly together.

In the extreme pain, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon did not make it in time to spit the thousand-year-old dragon out of its mouth, before Ah Man, who saw that things were not going smoothly directly dragged it out from its rib area.

The left side of its body at the stomach area had a huge bloody hole and its ribs were broken.

When the thousand-year-old dragon was dragged out of the body, Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was in so much pain that it had preferred death.

Luckily, with the pain, it also returned him his freedom. Heaven Realm Demon Dragon did not care about the broken rib and internal organs. Instead, it flew to the sky hurriedly, moaning in pain and using energy to heal his severe wounds on the way.

“Sly worm, you guys won’t be able to escape.” Ah Man was furious.

The God Binding Chains had not been completely purified by Yue Yang. If it combined with Yue Yang’s soul, then Ah Man, as his Guardian Beast would be to use it. As long as she could combine with the God Binding Chain, this Heaven Realm Demon Dragon would not have been able to escape. Ah man would not let its death substitute skill trick her. Now the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon had regained his freedom and flew into the sky, it would be difficult to kill it.

The barely surviving Huge Blazing Dragon was left. To give the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon more time to recover, it rushed forward without any care for itself.

It spewed out a long fire pillar towards Ah Man.

Its aim was not to kill the enemy but to attract the enemy’s attention.

“Die!” Ah Man was super furious. She felt that her whole body was about to explode, a type of anger that she had never felt before rose in her chest. She had a prediction that a very rare and uncontrollable skill had been successfully activated. Ah Man’s eyes became blood red. Flames came out of her mouth and nose and her body emitted light.

Without Ah Man’s control Doom’s Eyes were triggered.

What was more terrifying was that this time, after Doom’s Eyes was triggered, the second even harder to trigger Bloodeye Double Kill was also released together.

In the sky, the Huge Blazing Dragon, which was rushing down while spitting flames at Ah Man, and the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, that had luckily escaped just now, both let out a cry of pain at the same time……

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