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LLS Chapter 586 – Innate Skill, Stagnation vs Restriction

Chapter 586 – Innate Skill, Stagnation vs Restriction
Translated by: ape
Edited by: last
TLCed by: last

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No one knew what happened in Meteorite Fort?

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo who were engaged in a difficult battle outside suddenly realised that the earth was shaking, followed by the shaking of the incomparably stable Meteorite Fort, which had cracked and smashed to pieces with a loud crack.

Two shadows flew out of Meteorite Fort which looked like a monster’s ruptured mouth. They were a 100 times faster than lightning and they fought crazily in the air.

Their bodies emitted shock wave energy. Even though they were thousands of meters away, the blast wave was scarier than Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo’s blast wave. It was obvious that one shadow was chasing after the other shadow. The shadow that was being chased was fleeing in disarray, flipping in the air continuously. Sometimes it would fly high into the clouds, sometimes falling towards the ground, sometimes, flying forward and sometimes flying backwards. In short, it was dodge slyly and also send blast waves occasionally.

“I will kill you!” the shadow that was chasing him was furious, and bomabarded rain-like punches.

The energy in each punch was sufficient to kill heaven ranked level one ranker.

On the ground, numerous deep energy holes were formed.

But under the rain-like attack, the shadow that was escaping did not make any mistakes. He was relaxed and leisurely took time to attack his opponent.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo did not even care about fighting their opponent, and ran away. This was not a joke.

If you are hit by the rain-like blast wave, you will be struck to death or be badly injured.

Hui Tai Lang but onto Abyss Manatee which was about to die and held onto the other with his left claw. Then flew to chase after Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo at top speed. Bloody Queen Red and Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying cheered because they saw the that the shadow that was constantly dodging was Yue Yang. If it was someone else escaping from battle, they would have looked down on the person. But because this person was Yue Yang they felt that he looked very handsome even when he was escaping…… His opponent was Thousand Goblin King. Others would not have been able to withstand one punch from him. Who could cause Thousand Goblin King to feel so helpless and angry?

Only him!

Would be able to do this!

“Be careful, you must be careful……” Hai Yingwu who was already 10km away still felt the power of the heaven ranker’s battle. It felt suffocating and she could not breath.

“Let’s go master. Nothing will happen. We have to leave.” Storm Mermaid persuaded Hai Yingwu to leave. Hai Yingwutogether with Stone Element Medusa, Storm Naga, Ice Serpent Demon, the loyal people that Empress Jellyfish left to her, Ocean Knights, Clownfishmen and Elder Xing Pan who would lead them to become loyal to the new Ocean Emperor.

“Yes.” Hai Yingwu lifted the ocean Emperor halbert, raised the energy protection and covered last few loyal ocean tribe out through the secret door.

Thousand Goblin King’s 3 doppelgänger, Chi Yan, Qing Yan and Zi Jiu.

The 3 of them did not understand why the real Thousand Goblin King was so angry?

Their character and temperament was exactly the same as Thousand Goblin King, they felt that nothing in the world can cause them to be angry as they had very good control of their body, why would he lose control? What happened in Meteorite Fort? Did Yue Clan’s Third Young Master destroy the sky vault constellation seal? Did Yue Clan’s Third Young Master destroy ancient demon King’s body?

The 3 doppelgängers immediately did something together.

Helped Thousand Goblin King a helping hand.

The 4 of them attack Yue Yang together.

With them joining the battle, Yue Yang immediately was unable to handle it, and almost got hit to the ground.

“You guys, do you know what I hate most abound demon Warriors? It would be the holy sword, as I hate doppelgängers. What original body, what doppelgänger, all of you do and die!” Yue Yang was furious, as he was almost hit for a couple of times. He angrily took out Nirvana Fire Wings. While he was dodging attacks, he waved the super long Nirvana blade to cut the enemies in front of him.

“Too slow……” Thousand Goblin King was the strongest, had the fastest reflexes, was able to avoid it and could even attack back.

The 3 other doppelgängers hesitated.

First they dodged the Nirvana blade, then work together to attack back.

They all knew that Yue Yang would be unable to continue this kind of attack. And with useless attacks, Yue Yang would not continue.

As expected, Yue Yang kept the Nirvana Fire Wings and escaped miles away at a speed 1000 times faster than lightning while Thousand Goblin King was preparing his attack. Doppelgänger Zi Jiu who was closest to Yue Yang immediately opened his arms wide, generated a ball of energy as hit as the sun to throw towards Yue Yang. Actually he wanted to use special attack to freeze Yue Yang, then let the original body kill him…… But that skill was not perfect and there was still a major flaw. He was not sure whether Yue Yang would be able to break it, thus he did not dare to use it.

Compared to Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master is at a perverted level when it comes to potential and attack energy.

Before this, the number of rankers that died in his hands.

Are uncountable.

Not even mentioning the 3 doppelgängers, even if it was the furious and uncontrollable The original Thousand Goblin King, also maintained some sanity, and do not dare to fight Yue Yang hard on. Nonetheless, Yue Yang has both Nirvana flame and World Exterminating Wheel.

“This is too perverted……” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were very shocked seeing this.

“Yue Yang’s abilities aren’t that high. How is he going to fight 4 enemies?” Xiang Yu who had decreases to innate level 6 also mumbled.

“I don’t care. If I die, I die! Go, go!” Feng Zhu roared loyally. Carried dragon capturing pillar and ran towards the center of the battle arena. He was prepared to help Yue Yang block one of his opponents, even if it was just for a minute. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master did not flee, means he must have a plan to win. Feng Zhu’s confidence increased and decided to charge forward.

“Zhu Zi, this, this is too risky…… Hey, this is too risky! You are a citizen of Soaring Dragon Continent, can sacrifice yourself for others bravery but I am not! If I die, it would be in vain. I am only here at Tong Tian Tower to have fun…… Darn it, seeing that I have watched over the seal, you still want me to risk my life for you guys, it’s not fair! You people of Soaring Dragon Continent is too much. No pay was given and you still want to risk my life?” Although Bei Feng Jia Suo was complaining, he was not much slower than Feng Zhu. With injuries all over his body, he also rushed forwarded, swinging moon beheading chain.

“Don’t care about the two fools!” Thousand Goblin King did not even care about Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo. They were already badly injured, and even if they were not injured, they would not be able to catch up to their speed.

“You dare to call me a fool? I’ll kill you!” Bei Feng Jia Suo was angered, but could not chase the original Thousand Goblin King. But could only work together with Feng Zhu to deal with the first doppelgänger, Chi Yan.

Hong long long.

A loud earth shattering sound came from Meteorite Fort.

In the broken opening, there was a 100 meter high Ancient demon walking out. It was Demon Marshall Yan Shuo.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo had transformed into the third demon form. Between breathes, clack hell flames came out of it’s nose. It seem so have been hurt. A small rotting injuring in it’s leg. Once it saw Yue Yang in the sky, it immediately shouted, “darn you human, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, you dare to break my leg. I will make you pay 10,000 times for this disgrace……”

Yue Yang did not have the time to answer. Thousand Goblin King almost hit him in the vitals numerous times.

Using this good time to attack, the third doppelgänger Zi Jiu captured Yue Yang’s hiding tracks.

Before that, it was buried half way.

Emitting special energy.

In this prediction, Yue Yang would definitely be ‘frozen’ by him, float in mid air and may never be able to escape. But he needed a few minutes.

With a few minutes, the powerful original body would be able to kill Yue Clan’s Third Young Master at a very fast speed…… The best chance has arised!

“Be careful!”

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo had been trapped before. Once they saw the light emitting from Zi Jiu’s body, they immediately reminded Yue Yang.

But, by the time Yue Yang heard them, it was already too late.

Yue Yang floated in midair.

Frozen in front of Zi Jiu, not moving at all, his body still in the flying position. As long as the third doppelgänger Zi Jiu does not move, he would not be able to escape from ‘freezing gift’. At least not at this moment. Once Heaven ranked level 3 Zi Jiu succeeded, he was confident to freeze Yue Yang in mid air for one minute. Even if it was the original Thousand Goblin King would be frozen for more than 5 seconds. This Yue Yang would never be able to escape from being trapped by this attack.

Thousand Goblin King stretched out his hands, sky destroying earth tearing energy exploded from his hands.

One hit and death!

He did not care about the consequences at all. All he wanted was to kill Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Not only is this young man his life enemy, he was also very intelligent. He was even tricked by him, sky vault constellation seal was broken by him long time ago, but he did not move and even purposely made him personally break the seal, causing him to be happy for nothing.

When he thought about how he was disgraced, Thousand Goblin King felt so much hatred… He is the best out of all the humans in Soaring Dragon Continent.

If Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was better then him.

Then, he must die!

Thousand Goblin King was unable to deny that he was jealous because Yue Yang was too smart, too scheming. No matter if he had Nirvana flame and World Exterminating Wheel, or the limitless potential in his body, all made Thousand Goblin King hate him out of jealousy.

“Go away…… “ the first doppelgänger Chi Yan and the second doppelgänger Qing Yan attacked Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, defeated them so that they would not affect the original body’s attack.

“Let me!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo had so much hate for Yue Yang, rushed forward, also wanting to chop him into pieces.

“One by one, slowly, I welcome you guys to kill!” Yue Yang who was hanging in mid air suddenly talked. The third doppelgänger Zi Jiu was stunned. How is this possible? His freezing gift isn’t effective? Why was Yue Yang able to speak when he was frozen? Did he manage to see through the flaw of his inborn gift?

The third doppelgänger knew the situation was not good and wanted to escape.

But the cute snake demon Lolita appeared and stared at him.

Heaven ranked level 3 Zi Jiu did not struggle. A rule of irresistible restricting energy locked him up. Flying, transporting and treasure were all useless. What’s scarier was that an angel-like shadow appeared behind snake demon Lolita. – weird armor was on her body.

With a raise of her hand, numerous black hole gold rays appeared and into Zi Jiu’s heart.

The scary energy.

With the gathering of all the black hole rays.

Every Ray was equivalent to Thousand Goblin King’s sky destroying earth tearing energy.

Thousand Goblin King immediately flew now, using the sky destroying earth tearing energy towards Yue Yang…… Now, he no longer relied on this attack to kill Yue Yang but hoped that it would force Yue Yang to retreat. Save the third doppelgänger that he painstakingly made.

Without the third doppelgänger’s freezing gift, the the group’s powers would decrease dramatically.

The third doppelgänger Zi Jiu was not allowed to be injured.

“Too late.”

Yue Yang laughed coldly, a bright light in his eyes and a unmeasurable amount of energy exploded from his body. Numerous Nirvana flames formed Nirvana fire pillar and rose up as if it was destroying the sky vault. A fire Phoenix with wings spanning 100 meters rose from Yue Yang’s head, charged towards the ball of destroying energy in Thousand Goblin King’s hand and swallowed it whole into it’s stomach.

Seeing this, Thousand Goblin King flew down to save the third doppelgänger without caring about his safety.

He was tricked!

Thousand Goblin King realized now.

In fact , Yue Yang had already planned this early on. He wanted to kill his third doppelgänger, that’s why he send out Hui Tai Lang. It was a kind a check……

As Yue Yang stretched out his hands, an irresistible law energy emitted from his body. Thousand Goblin King’s quick descending power became slower and slower, until it was as slow as a snai.

In a instant, Hui Tai Lang become world exterminating demon wolf, rushed to Thousand Goblin King who was about to reach his hand out to save the third doppelgänger and kicked him till he flew.

Battle warrior Yi Ka shot out a cannon.

The target was the third doppelgänger who could not move, Zi Jiu’s heart.

If Zi Jiu stays at heaven ranked level 3, he would not be able to withstand a cannon. But under Xiao Wen Li’s restricting gift, he was unable to dodge the attack. He watched helplessly as the destroying energy game towards his head. Thousand Goblin King’s arm suddenly extended out and pulled Zi Jiu’s body away, but was unable to stop Yi Ka’s attack.

It hit him directly, without missing.

Badly injured Zi Jiu was pulled my Thousand Goblin King but was unable to even escape by 10 meters before Yue Yang chased them.

He held World Exterminating Wheel in his left hand and the forever wheel in the other…… Thousand Goblin King angrily saw that the third doppelgänger had been frozen in mid air again. And his arm was hit away by the world exterminating demon wolf again. He roared helplessly, and rushed back at top speed to help. But even though he rushed back to help, it was too late…… Yue Yang took out the World Exterminating Wheel and cut into Zi Jiu’s chest. With the armor and heaven ranked energy, a slight cut and it went into his chest without any resistance.

Blood spewed out like a fountain.

Thousand Goblin King rushed over, Yue Yang had already nailed a Gui Cang sword into the third doppelgänger Zi Jiu’s head.

And a Shuang Hua sword into the heart which was the source of energy.

World Exterminating Wheel went though Zi Jiu’s chest, and out through the chest.

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    NOTE The light generated by the lightning-bolt current will travel at the same speed as other light travelling through air: at 0.997c, (i.e. almost the speed of light in a vacuum, c).
    Light travels at 299,800,000 meters per second
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    When thinking about this, the direction of G-force is important to take into account.

    [The shadow that was being chased was fleeing in disarray, flipping in the air continuously. Sometimes it would fly high into the clouds, sometimes falling towards the ground, sometimes, flying forward and sometimes flying backwards. In short, it was dodge slyly…]

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