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LLS Chapter 585 – I didn’t steal it, I’m just taking it!

Chapter 585 – I didn’t steal it, I’m just taking it!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Translation mistake, changing Demon Marshal Yan Shuo to Demon Elder Yan Shuo

Boundless Ocean, Meteorite Island.

Although the Meteorite Palace battle had come to an end, the rest of the battles on other islands were still ongoing.

Originally, this was an internal battle between the Sea Clans. Due to Empress Jellyfish’s schemes and Yue Yang’s appearance, many powerful individuals were implicated, even involving many other individuals that shouldn’t have appeared in the first place. There were those who were trying to take advantage of the troubled situation, there were those who wanted to support their friends, there were those who wanted to add to the trouble, there were those who wanted to destroy from within, there were also those who wanted to harm others for personal profits…

On the edges of the Meteorite Island, two shadows appeared on the jade-coloured beach.

Quietly, they observed the battle from far away.

“Let’s make use of this chaotic war and kill that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. He’s a disaster that needs to be eliminated.” A figure that looked like a woman said. Although her body was semi-transparent, it was still clear that she was the Scarlet Consort that had injured Yue Yang heavily with her ambush.

“Let’s wait and see. Something seems wrong.” The other figure was obviously the Scarlet Emperor that had not been seen for a while.

“Thousand Goblin King is extremely cunning. I can guarantee that he will never kill that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, instead, he will use him to stop Black Hell King. Right now, Black Hell King is already here, thus drawing the attention of the Dragon Emperor, Sky Execution, Emperor of the Underworld and the others. This is the right time for us to kill that Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Even if we can’t kill him, it would be good if we can cut down one of his arms or one of his legs. The human body is extremely weak and is not able to regenerate. If the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master lost an arm, his powers will definitely decrease greatly.” Scarlet Consort was very clear on a human’s weakness.

“If that woman is not there, maybe we can consider it…” Scarlet Emperor was a little hesitant.

“Which woman?” Scarlet Consort asked a little sourly.

“That woman that is being called Supreme Elder Zhi Zun.” As Scarlet Emperor spoke, he looked around the perimeter, as if afraid that there was something wrong in the surrounding.

“Although Zhi Zun is strong, she is merely a woman! If only I had recovered my true strength, I would definitely kill her and eliminate this annoying trouble.” Scarlet Consort humphed annoyedly. However, she was actually jealous of Zhi Zun in her heart. This was because she had always thought that she was the most accomplished woman in the world. Who would have thought that from what she had heard in the Tong Tian Tower, she found out that Zhi Zun had already reached the level of Prison Emperor last time.

“With your abilities?”

An arrogant voice sounded from behind Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Consort.

Scarlet Emperor’s expressions changed.

Although he had not recovered all of his initial strength, how was it possible that he was unable to detect someone creeping up behind?

He always thought that Zhi Zun was one level below him. He never thought that her true strength was actually many times stronger than what he imagined…… Other than Prison Emperor, the extremely rare talent, Scarlet Emperor couldn’t remember if there was anyone else who was capable of getting past his guard and creeping up behind his back without his realization.

It should be during that moment when he felt that something was wrong.

It should be during that moment that Zhi Zun secretly crept up behind his back.

She had even successfully concealed her mind from his mind search ability…

Zhi Zun’s back was facing Scarlet Emperor as she floated in mid-air. Although the ocean wind was blowing very strongly, it became very gentle around her, as if the ocean wind wanted to bow in respect to her. The waves on her feet would also turn into beautiful ripples when they slide across her feet, as if afraid that if they came too forcefully, it would be a sign of disrespect to her.

Beside Zhi Zun, the invisible Night Empress was also present.

Scarlet Emperor also couldn’t see the invisible Night Empress’ body, he could only feel her presence in that silent Starry Sky Domain.

“Are you the Scarlet Emperor from six thousand years ago? You are stronger than those few Heaven Realm fellows, no wonder you scared that kid Yue Yang. Giving you respect as a senior, I can let you go now. If you appear in Tong Tian Tower again, I will kill you.” Zhi Zun coldly said.

“…” Scarlet Emperor’s body shook a little. Anger boiled in his heart like an erupting volcano, but he quickly suppressed it and recovered his calm demeanour, “Oh, really?”

“What? Bitch, you dare to say such preposterous words and shame my Emperor?!” Scarlet Consort, on the other hand, was so angry that her lungs were about to burst.

In her heart, Scarlet Emperor was an exalted, untouchable existence. Anyone who dared to shame him, no matter if it was female or male, must be exterminated!

Wrath exploded and filled her heart in an instant.

Making her unable to endure her feelings.

Flames that erupted like a red lotus danced in the air, following Scarlet Consort who had lost control and was charging for an attack. In an instant, the environment was turned into flames that could destroy heaven and earth.

Scarlet Consort lashed out her claws, wanting to tear Zhi Zun into shreds. She wanted to stomp her to the ground at the very least, and force the enemy who had shamed her emperor to admit her mistake.

“You overestimate yourself!”

Zhi Zun didn’t even turn around, she only flicked her hand leisurely.

Scarlet Consort’s sharp claws that were engulfed in fire were captured easily by Zhi Zun. With a simple flick of a hand, Scarlet Consort’s body was thrown away like a meteor, to the Coral Island which was ten thousands of meters away. With a loud boom, the Coral Island immediately shattered into pieces from the impact when it came into contact with Scarlet Consort’s body.

When Scarlet Emperor saw this, his expressions slightly changed.

He wanted to stop her, but realised that he was too late.

Zhi Zun’s power was not only beyond his imagination. From what he could observe just now, she was probably many times stronger than that.

Even the Scarlet Emperor who was peerless and only second to Prison Emperor six thousand years ago could feel that this woman was strong, completely exceeding his initial estimations. Her power was simply too deep to comprehend, he was unable to gauge her true strength.

She was a formidable opponent!

Other than Prison Emperor six thousand years ago, Scarlet Emperor found that he had two new terrifying opponents in his life.

One was that young brat, Third Young Master of the Yue Clan, Yue Yang, whose potential simply made him jealous. The other was this Zhi Zun, who was so powerful that he couldn’t even measure her strength!

“In Tong Tian Tower, there will only be one Supreme Elder. If senior Scarlet Emperor is unwilling to go to the Heaven Realm and insist on staying to scare our young, little friends in Tong Tian Tower, it is really not something a senior should do.” Night Empress heavenly voice sounded out: “We have chosen Yue Yang as the inheritor of the Prison Emperor’s name in this new age. Scarlet Emperor, Tong Tian Tower belongs to the new Prison Emperor. There is an extremely vast Heaven Realm up there for you to explore. As a senior, why would you continue to stay in Tong Tian Tower, this little place, and fight your juniors for resources? If senior became a stumbling block for the juniors, there will be no meaning to your existences. Seniors, please behave yourselves!”

“Damn it!” Scarlett Consort crawled out from under the crushed rocks. Her whole body was trembling in anger.

However, she was fully aware that she was not Zhi Zun’s opponent. Also, she had not recovered her full strength. With her current abilities, she would only receive greater embarrassment if they continue to fight.

Scarlet Emperor waved his hand lightly, and Scarlet Consort quickly flew into his embrace.

Golden light as bright as the sun shone out of Scarlet Emperor’s body.

In an instant, Scarlet Consort’s body recovered to her original appearance. She was no longer in a miserable state like just now.

Scarlet Emperor pacified Scarlet Consort’s anger as he patted his hands lightly and said: “Wait until we fully recover our strength. Between us, we need to have a decisive battle. The winner will get Tong Tian Tower.”

Then, with Scarlet Consort in his arms, he disappeared from the ocean surface like smoke… Waiting for those two people to escape far away, after a long time, Night Empress appeared within her Starry Sky Domain and sighed slowly: “After Yue Yang cleared the Twelve Zodiac Temples, more and more Ancient Runes are losing their effectiveness. In the future, maybe there will be even more ancient beings appearing. This is such a headache! Fortunately Yue Yang is improving very quickly, otherwise we really won’t be able to cope with this.”

Zhi Zun didn’t reply.

However, her body was emitting a strong aura of battle, so Night Empress understood what Zhi Zun’s answer was.

Night Empress sighed heavily, her words gentle like the wind: “Rather than a life of active vigorous battles, I would actually prefer a quiet and peaceful life…”

“There will come a day that we will have a peaceful life.” Zhi Zun spoke and paused for a bit: “The day when we reach the summit of the world and look down on everyone should be enough.”

“Yes, I’m really waiting for that!” Both Night Empress who was inside the Starry Sky Domain and Zhi Zun turned into wind at the same time, disappearing from the beautiful Meteorite Island. It was as if they had never appeared before, only the Coral Island that had been half-crushed from the impact of Scarlet Consort’s body served as an evidence that a battle between powerful beings had taken place here.

Meteorite Fort, in the Battle Arena.

Yue Yang obviously had an advantage, and was winning very easily..

With the support of the Starlight Rune Pattern, Yue Yang avoided Demon Elder Yan Shuo’s attacks with extreme speed, making the Ancient Demon very angry.

But he was just unable to deal with this tricky human brat. However, Demon Elder Yan Shuo was still feeling quite satisfied, because the longer the battle dragged on, the more advantageous it was for him. Thousand Goblin King would be finished undoing the Sky Vault Constellation Seal soon. When he was able to fully draw out his perfect Ancient Demon King body, he would be able to successfully complete his mission for the most part. With the perfect Ancient Demon King’s body, Thousand Goblin King would definitely be able to help him to kill this deceitful Yue Clan third young master… As for himself, he would be able to finally leave this Snow World that he was trapped in for thousands of years and regain his freedom.

The Sky Vault Constellation Seal was undone. A wave of extremely powerful sealing power flooded across the whole arena.

Even the Heaven Rank Level 3 Demon Elder Yan Shuo also felt hard to breathe.

Thousand Goblin King was overjoyed, his eyes were shining with excitement.

Finally, the Ancient Demon King’s perfect body would belong to him.

With his Separation Inherent Skill, Ancient Demon King’s blood, treasures, power, potential and abilities would all belong to him. Furthermore, the leftover perfectly preserved body can be made into his fourth doppleganger and become his fifth ‘Thousand Goblin King’.

Resurrecting an Ancient Demon King?

That was the most absurd idea!

Thousand Goblin King would definitely not revive a being who was stronger than him. Hence, when he was fighting against Ancient Demon King’s soul previously and stole his body, it was to actually prevent the Ancient Demon King reviving. Without this perfect body, the Ancient Demon King was definitely not his opponent… Thousand Goblin King was very clear of that, because before he was reincarnated as a human, he was actually the Ancient Demon King’s subordinate, the strongest general. He was also the Ancient Demon King’s son, but because his potential was unable to surpass his father’s, he could only choose to be reborn as the race that was the weakest, yet had the most potential of all races, human being.

He succeeded.

That was how the Demon Abyss lost a strong Ancient Demon King’s son, and how the Thousand Goblin King appeared in Tong Tian Tower.

As long as he continued to grow, Thousand Goblin King was confident that he would surpass his father, the Ancient Demon King… Of course, the fastest way to grow would be to steal the Ancient Demon King’s perfect body.

“Sky above and earth below, bow down to me.” Thousand Goblin King suppressed the excitement in his heart and and use his power to force open the seal’s power. He then searched for the crystal coffin that sealed the Ancient Demon King’s body. As long as he obtained the power of the Ancient Demon King’s body, he would finally be able to surpass the Ancient Demon King, his former life father. He would also be able to surpass the Prison Emperor, who once conquered the Tong Tian Tower.

“Congrats, congrats.” Yue Yang cupped his hands and expressed his good wishes.

“…” Thousand Goblin King’s expressions changed.

His complexion first turned white, then green, red, and lastly, black.

He summoned all of his power to suppress his anger and said, “Yue Clan Third Young Master, I know that you are the one who stole the Ancient Demon King’s Crystal Coffin. Please give it back to me. Not only I would spare your life, I will also give you a Holy-ranked equipment… Please give the crystal coffin back to me while I can still hold my anger and be patient. Otherwise, I swear I will destroy the whole of Tong Tian Tower, I swear I will! Yue Clan Third Young Master, give me the crystal coffin now!”

“What? I stole the crystal coffin?” Yue Yang put on his “I feel so wronged” face, and asked Xiao Wen Li who was beside him, “Little dear, you say, would I steal such a damaged looking crystal coffin?”

“…” Xiao Wen Li immediately shook her head.

“You didn’t steal it?” Thousand Goblin King’s eyes were ignited on fire, he almost burn Yue Yang to ashes with just his stare. He was so angry that his face twisted a little, almost changing his appearance.

“Of course, I definitely didn’t steal it! I, I just took it!” Yue Yang replied complacently, and Xiao Wen Li nodded her head cutely, as if saying “That’s right!”.

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