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LLS Chapter 584 – Go, never-tiring Ah Man!

Chapter 584 – Go, never-tiring Ah Man!
Translated by: Last

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If Sleeping Dragon Dreamland could throw off Demon Marshall Yan Shuo for 10 seconds before he was able to wake up, then the Snow Mountain Giant would be in a great trouble.

The Heaven Rank Level 2 Snow Mountain Giant was strong. Its body was not only 100 meters tall, it also wore a Frost Heavy Armor. With its tenacious vitality, it would be hard for other Heaven Rank Level 2 beast to withstand against it. Although the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen gave the Thousand Goblin King a bad premonition, it was still an immature Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, so he still believed in his own Snow Mountain Giant. After all the Snow Mountain Giant was a terrifying Heaven Rank Level 2 beast that could make Ancient Dragons tuck their tails between their legs.

However, the current battle situation was something that Thousand Goblin King could never imagine, the Snow Mountain Giant was currently dying……

To be more accurate, ever since it entered the Battlefield of Death, it had continued to stay asleep.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had spread Sleeping Flower Pollen in the entire Battlefield of Death. When they were both teleported, the Snow Mountain Giant had already sunk into an endless sleep before it was even able to stand firmly.

Naturally, the Sleeping Flower was only one of its tricks.

Its biggest trick was to use poison.

If there was only one Thorny Flower, then the poison on its thorns were insignificant against the Snow Mountain Giant. But, when the Snow Mountain Giant entered, what greeted its sight was an ocean of Thorny Flowers. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Thorny Flowers pricked its body. These thorns carried a certain sweet aroma. When they prick people, they would not feel any pain, on the contrary, they would feel pleasure as if they were in a dream. Once they fall asleep, their muscles and bones would also begin to melt…… Compared to a spider’s venom that could melt the organs, this kind of ‘Soul Eating’ poison was thousands of times more terrifying.

Countless spores that carried the Soul Eating poison burst on the Snow Mountain Giant’s body. On one side they melted the enemy’s flesh, becoming the spore’s nutrients; On the other side, it quickly absorbed the enemy’s energy, turning it into poison.

If the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s poison was not this terrifying, why would the Hell Black Dragon even be afraid of her?

Millions of Thorny Flowers weaved together to become a huge Thorny Flower tree that seemed to be able to support the heavens, as they gradually devour the Snow Mountain Giant.

It was being digested bit by bit.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was extremely bored as she laid down on a flower bed. She held a book in her hands. This book was written by Yue Yang about different beasts that came from a portion of the record of the tragic guy’s mother.

The book in Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s hands contained knowledge on how to raise plant-type beasts from ancient times.

“There are so many characters that I do not understand…… I’ll ask him when I return!” Duo Duo looked at it while crooking her head, then closed it and supported her cheeks as she became lost in thought.

In the Battlefield of Death, she could not leave as long as her opponent had not yet died.

Although the Snow Mountain Giant did not have the power to resist, it was still a Heaven Rank Level 2 beast. Killing it in an instant was not an easy task.

As a result, she could only wait.

Perfectly digesting it was not necessary. At the very least she must wait for it to breath its last breath before being able to return to Yue Yang’s side.

Compared to the relaxed Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man was in a difficult battle. Whether it was the peak Heaven Rank Level 1 Heaven Realm Demon Dragon or the 3 Huge Blazing Dragons, they were all enemies that she could not easily defeat. For the sake of sharing the burden with Yue Yang, she stepped forward bravely without any hesitation.

She would never give up the battle as his Guardian Beast.

Even if the enemy was stronger than her, she would fight until the end.

No regrets!

The Barbarian Cow Shadow had bound the God Binding Chains on the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon and chained it to herself.

As long as she was on the ground, the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon would never be able to take flight, unless it was able to pull the entire ground…… Ah Man possessed the Heart of Earth making her a war goddess that would never tire! The three thousand year old dragons had already dove down the sky a few hundred times and breathe fire towards Ah Man. However, Ah Man did not dodge them and only raised her fist, continuing to pummel the enemy in front of her, the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon.

The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was extremely furious. This kind of undying and untiring enemy was what it hated the most.

It opened its mouth and crazily tried to devour her.

It intended to swallow the Barbarian Cow Shadow into its stomach.

Ah Man kept on rolling and evading. The mysterious footwork and battle skills that Yue Yang imparted to her appeared one by one.

In terms of battle skills, she was the best among others. Even Xiao Wen Li and Bloody Queen Red were slightly inferior to her. Only she would meticulously learn Yue Yang’s battle skills. She would deeply carve each and every one of them in her mind and then temper herself in battle. Xiao Wen Li and the others would incorporate the battle skills imparted to them with their racial characteristics. Only Ah man would not do this, she believed that the battle skills taught to her were the best in the world. She would completely learn them without adding any impurities. As a result, Ah Man was the best beast in terms of battle skills and close combat.

Facing her attacks, the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon monotonously tried to bite her and claw at her but it was simply too slow and unable to harm her.

It was an expert in aerial battles. It would dive down and use its wings to attack, use its dragon claws to catch the enemy, and it would also breathe fire.

But, the God Binding Chains had immediately deprived it of its ability to fly, depriving an overwhelming majority of its fighting capability. Even transforming was unachievable.

“Stupid Heaven Realm Lizard, you actually challenged my owner’s dignity. Today will be the day all of you will die!” Ah Man rolled in mid air and cleverly used the God Binding Chains to twine inside the Demon Dragon’s mouth, forming a horse bit to lock its mouth. This made the Heaven REalm Demon Dragon incomparably angry but it was unable to remove it.

One of the thousand year old Huge Blazing Dragon dove down trying to catch Ah Man, who was in mid air.

They already knew that Ah Man was matchless on the ground.

But, as long as she was in the air, she would lose the Heart of Earth’s support and would be unable to withstand a single blow from them.

Seeing the shadow charge over, Ah Man angrily shouted. She used her hands to take out the Golden Dragon Slaying Spear from the platinum storage ring that Yue Yang gave her. When the Huge Blazing Dragon used its claws to catch her, the spear deeply penetrated into its throat.

When it was attacking it was simply unable to dodge.

An unstoppable torrent of blood gushed out from its neck.

It wanted to fly up in pain but its body uncontrollably fell forward and sprayed out a long trail of blood.

The Golden Dragon Slaying Spear was effective in killing dragons. Let alone the thousand year old dragon, it could even injure the Dragon King in the past. The other two blazing dragon were scared witless that the flew higher. They cried out in panic and did not dare come down. As for the dragon pierced in the neck, it begun to let out painful cries with its torn throat as if asking help from its comrades. Then, it tried to get its head up but uncontrollably fell on the ground.

The second time, it struggled to get up.

It staggered as if asking help from its owner Heaven Realm Demon Dragon. But, before it was able to walk halfway, it was unable to endure the heavy injury and fell on the ground.

Ah Man did not let it go. She leapt over, rotated the Golden Dragon Slaying Spear, raised it up, and then nailed the Huge Blazing Dragon on the ground before the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was able to unsummon it.

The Huge Blazing Dragon had been pierced in the head by the Golden Dragon Slaying Spear as it finally died.

The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon also begun to panic.

Facing Ah Man with the Dragon Slaying Spear and the God Binding Chains, it felt like it was in grave danger…… It roared to the sky, making the other two dragon recover from panic. They dove down and let out dragon breath on Ah Man. They intended to have Ah Man back away from the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon. Although they instinctively felt fear, they did not dare disobey their owner’s command.

“All of you, die!” The blood soaked Ah Man was like a war goddess as she threw the Golden Dragon Slaying Spear with all her might.

The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was extremely cunning as it pulled on the God Binding Chain. Although it was not able to move Ah man, it was successful in disrupting her posture.

The Golden Dragon Slaying Spear missed due to the slight deviation and grazed the neck of one of the Huge Blazing Dragons, scaring it witless. The other Huge Blazing Dragon saw that Ah Man did not have any weapon and regained its confidence. It once again dove down and let out flame pillars.

Ah Man stomped down her foot, leaving a deep foot print.

Her entire body soared to the sky as she brought out the second treasure.

The Golden Dragon Slaying Dagger shined in Ah Man’s hands…… Ah Man mounted the dragon’s head and deeply pierced the dagger on its left eye.

At this moment, the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon took this opportunity to swing its tail to send Ah Man flying.


Ah Man’s body smashed to the ground and unable to get up for a while.

She was trying to recover with the support of the Heart of Earth after receiving heavy injuries. The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon had already sent her flying a few times, but every time, she was able to quickly stand back up and continue fighting as she became more and more brave. The dragon that lost its left eye howled in grief. It flapped its wings to fly up high, distancing itself from the inexhaustible Ah Man.

The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon couldn’t help but shudder in front of Ah Man, who was wielding the Golden Dragon Slaying Dagger that was dripping blood.

“Kill!” Ah Man’s fighting spirit boiled as she loudly shouted.

She took huge strides and powerfully charge towards her enemy……

No matter what enemy she was facing, she deeply believed that she would obtain the final victory! This was because she was protecting him. As long as she was protecting him, she would triumph in every battle!

While Ah Man was still in the blood soaked battlefield, a person appeared in the battle arena.

It was the yawning Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo. After half an hour the Snow Mountain Giant finally stopped breathing and she was able to return to her master’s side. This result not only made Demon Marshall Yan Shuo speechless, even the Thousand Goblin King, who was about to begin opening the seal, did not dare believe it. Even after he received the feedback of his beast dying in his mind, he still questioned that his Heaven Rank Level 2 Snow Mountain Giant’s death.

Even if it died in battle, it was impossible for it to die in such a short period of time with its strength and constitution.


Thousand Goblin King looked at the sleepy Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. He truly could not believe that his Snow Mountain Giant actually died in her hands.

If the Snow Mountain Giant faced off against the Heaven Rank Level 3 Yan Shuo, Yan Shuo would have to take three days and three nights to defeat the Snow Mountain Giant. But, the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen only needed half an hour to kill his Snow Mountain Giant. Could it be that she was stronger than Demon Marshall Yan Shuo?

“I’m sleepy. There were many characters that I could not recognize in the book you gave me!” The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen yawned again: “I will go back to take a nap and then come out later to help you beat that bad guy!”

“Once you begin reading you would get sleepy, what am I going to do with you……” Yue Yang slightly dizzy. Duo Duo did not like to learn and would constantly be lazy; otherwise she would have been stronger.

“Then teach me again next time!” Duo Duo acted like a spoiled child and hugged Yue Yang, then quickly returned to rest.

Although she did not need to move to attack the Snow Mountain Giant, the attacks of the Thorny Flowers would still consume her energy and spirit. This was the reason why she needed to sleep after every battle. Actually it was not only her, even Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and the others were all the same as humans. They would also get tired but they would be able to quickly recover during their rest.

Hui Tai Lang had also returned from the passage.

It charged towards Yue yang and barked twice, expressing that it was unable to accomplish its task. This means that Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were still fighting and not yet beaten, or they were already beaten but they still continued to fight. As a result Hui Tai Lang could not drag them back.

Thousand Goblin King’s face darkened.

Yue Yang slightly smiled and waved his hand: “All of you go out and help. Xiao Wen Li staying behind would be enough. Right now, the battle situation is getting more and more interesting!”

Thousand Goblin King coldly snorted: “You really are a good schemer.”

Yue Yang waved his hands: “I wouldn’t dare take credit for this. This entire battle was mostly brought about by Empress Jellyfish. This young master is only a patch. I also forgot to tell you that I have an Innate Skill to patch things up!”

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