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LLS Chapter 583 – Sleeping Dragon Dreamland

Chapter 583 – Sleeping Dragon Dreamland
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Is it?” Thousand Goblin King snorted coldly, then looked at Demon Marshall Yan Shuo, “Don’t even dream about Heaven Realm if you cannot even kill Yue Clan’s Third Young Master!”

“I will kill him now!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo quickly declared.

In front of Thousand Goblin King, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was very respectful, and did not dare to show an ounce of an Ancient Demon’s arrogance.

Xiang Yu that was cursed suddenly woke up. Using the last bit of strength he had, he climbed up and stumbled towards the passageway. Demon Marshall was getting ready to fight Yue Yang. His Heaven Rank power increased suddenly. If it was in the past, he would still be able to barely brace himself. But now that his pure energy was stolen by Thousand Goblin King, and he was only left with Innate Level 6 powers, he would definitely die if he stayed in the batted arena.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King also climbed up quickly and followed him.

With regards to the departure of these two men, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not stop them. In their eyes, they were as insignificant as ants.

Thousand Goblin King needed to concentrate on breaking the Constellation Diagram, while Demon Marshall Yan Shuo had to use 100% of his focus to deal with Yue Yang. It would not be a joke if Yue Yang managed to take advantage of his weaknesses and attacked him. Regardless if it was the World Exterminating Wheel or the Nirvana Flame, once they hit a target, that target was bound to die.

“Second Demon Form.” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo thundered in rage and black hell flames ignited on his body.

The huge horns on its head grew larger.

Demon teeth grew out densely in its mouth.

Sharp spikes grew from its spine out of its back, forming an odd-looking spiky back.

Its scales became even darker and shinier, Dark Hell Flame emerged from the top, transforming into two types of Demon Fire Scales. On his left arm, with the power of his Demon Chief State, a ball of Dark Hell Flame become an extremely hot Inferno Shield with high temperature. Even more Dark Hell Flame gathered on his right arm, forming a Demonic Fire Scythe. A very unique ring of light appeared beneath Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s body, which was over 90 metres tall. It was like numerous flames spread out on the floor to form a Flaming Rune Pattern. It continuously maintained Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s high temperature and also removed any advantages of fighting on ground.

A huge burst of Domain of Power appeared. It was fiery red and shaped like a semicircle.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s powers increased many times inside his Domain of Power, totally breaking out of his Heaven Ranked level 3 power.

Every movement he made contained some kind of power that Heaven Rankers had. Other than Yue Yang, everyone else including Xiang Yu and Nine-headed Sea Goblin King that were already outside the passageway were affected. They felt strangled, could not breathe and almost fainted on the floor.

Yue Yang slowly closed his eyes and stretched his arms.

On both his sides, right and left, the world was totally different.

On one side, snow was falling and the air was cold; on the other, the temperature was soaring high and it was like hell. These two worlds were totally different. Other than the unaffected areas such as the surrounding ten metres around Thousand Goblin King’s body and Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s Domain of Power, all of the surrounding there had already been under Yue Yang’s Yin and Yang Abilities control.

As it turns out, the very arrogant Lava Dragon was dying.

Torrential rain gushed out from the sky, causing it to be in extreme pain.

However, what affected it more was the cold air emitted by Yue Yang’s Yin and Yang Abilities. If it did not have such a high temperature , it would have turned into a frozen statue. Lava Dragon moaned in pain and wanted to fly to his owner but Storm Mermaid would not let him go. She controlled the water on the ground, and it moved towards her opponent like a tsunami. Lava Dragon spitted out hot lava, forming a layer of protection around it as it tried to prevent Storm Mermaid from blocking him.

A pair of Dual Icicle Blades penetrated deeply into its throat. It was stopped while spitting out the lava halfway.

The skill that Lava Dragon was using was interrupted instantly.

The skill bounced back, causing more damage to Lava Dragon’s body. Even more deadly ice frost entered its body and caused more damage, causing it to be very scared.

“Trying to escape?” Ice Serpent Demon threw away the dagger, clasp her hands together and gathered a ball of extremely cold air. Then, she stuffed it into Lava Dragon’s throat when it tried to bite her. Almost at the same time, Lava Dragon became a frozen statue, then the ice started to melt into water. Lava Dragon’s body was recovered.

Blazing Queen Bee in the sky was not willing not willing to lose a helper like Lava Dragon.

It was forced to stop laying eggs, as it left the volcano opening and flew high up in the sky.

It dived down fast.

It tried to save its teammate.

Ice Serpent Demon raised her hands highly above her head and shouted out, “Ice Mist.”

Thousands of ice pillars appeared around her like millions of ice guns and shot towards the sky.

When it hit Lava Dragon and Blazing Queen Bee, it instantly became balls of ice flakes, like lotus, it rotated rapidly and trapped Lava Dragon and Blazing Queen Bee inside.

Demon Bat whose head was bitten off by Golden Beast was in extreme pain.

It cried out continuously.

It then transformed into a golden ray.

Hoping to escape from Golden Beast.

Xiao Wen Li in the air had been waiting for a long time, and pure white energy emitted from her small hands. Demon Bat was unable to resist this type of pure white energy, thus it was forced to transform back into its original form. Thunder Naga’s falling thunder, Bloody Queen Red’s whip of pain, hornless dragon Jiang Ying’s Crescent Moon Blade hit their bodies at the same time…… The extremely injured Demon Bat shouted out in pain, wishing that its master would summon it back, otherwise it would definitely die.

At this point in time, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was sleeping while standing up weirdly.

Sleeping Dragon Dreamland.

This was Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying special skill, a type of dragon power to force opponents into their dreamland. The less concentration their enemies have, the higher the chances of success, and the longer the time of sleep would be. She was just hoping to try this skill, and did not expect to be able to put Heaven Ranked level 3 Demon Marshall Yan Shuo into deep sleep.

Although it was only asleep for 10 seconds, it was already enough for Xiao Wen Li to surround and kill Demon Bat.

Without its master’s energy and willpower support, Demon Bat’s head kept getting eaten by little golden monster. With severe injuries, and Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill, it could only watch helplessly as its enemies ripped it apart.

When Demon Marshall woke up, he realised that his Guardian Beast Demon Bat had already transformed into golden rays and returned back into the Holy Grimoire world.

Died in the battle!

Although this death was not permanent, Demon Bat could not be summoned out today anymore and his power would be decreased. Demon Marshall Yan Shuo glanced at Jiang Ying who was holding onto the Crescent Moon Blade and screamed, “Was it you? Did you put me into deep sleep? Darn you East Demon Tribe, I am going to tear you into pieces!”

“Continue sleeping!” Jiang Ying snorted.

Another ray of light appeared from her body in front of her, forming a beautiful Sleeping Dragon Diagram.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not even get the chance to shout, and was forced back into sleep.

Fell back to sleep.

The Lava Dragon below had just escaped from flakes of ice mist. However, it did not even get the chance to fly before Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen and Ice Serpent Demon reached. They worked together and chopped Lava Dragon into 4 pieces. One hot Lava Dragon heart that was taken by little golden monster. It shot quickly like an arrown and chewed on the hot heart. Lava Dragon’s big body fell to the ground with a loud thud.

Storm Mermaid’s wave then engulfed Lava Dragon’s body.

When the wave receded, the smashed body had turned into a black rock.

Two of Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s beasts died one after another, and he was even sleeping when it happened. Due to the attack, even if Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was a Heaven Ranker, he was still unable to withstand it and got a migraine.

What angered Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was Blazing Queen Bee.

He put in so much effort in nurturing the Blazing Queen Bee, and it actually escaped from the battle.

The Spirit of Heaven Fire, who was formed of thick smoke, flames, lightning and tornado was chasing it down.

Spirit of Heaven Fire did not enter the battle at first. She drilled into the bottom of Blazing Queen Bee’s volcano. At first Blazing Queen Bee thought that she was not used to the storm outside and ran into the volcano to seek shelter. No one expected that Spirit of Heaven Fire who was slowly gaining consciousness was learning how to endure and wait. While Blazing Queen Bee went to save Lava Dragon, it immediately drilled out and ate Blazing Queen Bee’s eggs continuously. One by one, the Blazing Bee Soldiers were eaten by her without putting up any fight, turning into dead bodies.

Without wasting much effort, she had killed all of the Blazing Bee Soldiers that Blazing Queen Bee painstakingly gave birth to.

Moreover, it also absorbed large amounts of Fire Energy.

Blazing Queen Bee was unable to attack her as her body was made from purely elemental energy. Instead, she had to run away as Spirit of Heaven Fire chased after her. For Spirit of Heaven Fire, Blazing Queen Bee was just a tool to produce food for her.

Spirit of Heaven Fire was in no hurry to kill it.

She used her Heaven Fire continuously to burn Blazing Queen Bee…… Left with no choice, with Demon Marshall Yan Shuo looking at her, the Blazing Queen Bee surrendered to Spirit of Heaven Fire. She proposed to become her contracted Beast. Demon Marshall Yan Shuo almost vomited blood out of internal injuries. He spent so much effort nurturing Blazing Queen Bee and it had just become a prize for the enemy. It would have been better if the contract was to Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, but it actually surrendered to his beast!

“All of you deserve to die!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo waved his hand and threw out flaming storm. He wanted to burn the whole battle arena to ashes.


In the 30 seconds that Demon Marshall Yan Shuo fainted, Yue Yang did not attack, but carefully made a Star Battle Rune Formation, imitating Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain. Using the runes as starlight, forming a Heaven Realm rune diagram, he then gathered them to form the look of the night sky.

This kind of Star Battle Rune Formation was definitely not as good as Night Empress Starry Sky Domain.

However, at Yue Yang’s current level, it was already half a success.

Seeing Yue Yang setting up the Star Battle Rune Formation, Thousand Goblin King could not help but frown and felt helpless. He knew that even if Yue Yang was fighting Demon Marshall Yan Shuo, he would still be very cautious towards him. Thousand Goblin King did not even rely on the possibility that a snail-like Demon Marshall Yan Shuo would be able to defeat Yue Yang. He only needed to buy some time until he successfully break the Constellation Diagram. Then Demon Marshall Yan Shuo would have completed his task.

Flaming wind storm with unmeasurable amount of energy.

It was initially sufficient to burn the battle arena to ashes but with a wave of Yue Yang’s right hand, the flaming wind storm immediately dissipated.

It was as if there was a black hole inside star rune battle pattern, and swallowed all the flaming wind storm……

“Crap.” Thousand Goblin King stopped the seal breaking action and stared.

The Star Battle Rune Formation was changing weirdly.

The sky that was full of stars shook, as if it was going to fall. Yue Yang’s body which was floating in mid-air also plummeted 3 meters uncontrollably. Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was overjoyed, took out his scythe and wanted to chop Yue Yang.

Its hand was moving halfway before it got affected by Jiang Ying’s Sleeping Dragon Dreamland and slept again.

Thousand Goblin King cursed. Does this person really have so little willpower?

How could he not even handle a beast?

Even if it was a Holy Beast, it was still not justified to sleep 3 times right? It was laughable for an Ancient Demon with such weak willpower.

“I was aligning the rune just now and let you off. Now, it is finally my turn to attack.” Yue Yang rolled up his sleeves and flew towards him. With one attack, it was like a crazy 108 hit combo. His attacks were continuous, without any pauses. The first thing Demon Marshall Yan Shuo felt when he woke up was a feeling that his brains had been smashed to pieces.

“……” Thousand Goblin King frowned. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was not willing to use his special skills World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame as he was saving it to use them on him. This lad was really troublesome. Could it be that he did not even need to use his special skills when facing Heaven Ranked level 3 Demon Marshall Yan Shuo?

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