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LLS Chapter 582 – Stealing is my Innate Skill

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Chapter 582 – Stealing is my Innate Skill
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Numerous stones shot towards Demon Marshall Yan Shuo with Yue Yang’s control as they imitated Night Empress’ shooting stars.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo laughed inwardly. He thought this lad was really impressive but he only had stones to use against him. If it was really the shooting stars from Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo would not dare to face it head-on. But Yue Yang was only imitating it using normal stones, thus the power was very different and not a threat at all.

“Rumble rumble rumble……” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo waved his fist in disdain and smashed those rain-like rocks.

Trying to use rocks to defeat an Ancient Demon?

That’s just a dream!

On the other side, Demon Bat’s battle did not look as optimistic as its master’s. It was bound by Xiao Wen Li, and its ears, which were originally very sensitive and able to listen to ultrasound, had exploded due to Bloody Queen Red’s Banshee Scream. Blood was spurting out from its ear drums.

Its consciousness blanked for a moment and and its body fell from the sky like an animal hide.

At the same time, Xiao Wen Li’s Dual Icicle Blades went into its heart. Although the wound was superficial and unable to penetrate into the heart, that kind of extreme cold from the icicle could still easily envelope its internal organs, forming a layer of ice slag. Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying that was holding onto Yue Yang’s Crescent Moon, chopped at Demon Bat’s left wing forcefully. The other wing was flogged by Blood Queen Red’s Whip of Agony.

Although its level was higher and its strength was stronger, the Demon Bat, that was Heaven Ranked level 1, was unable to deal with them. Under the valiant attack of Xiao Wen Li and the other’s Innate Skills and cooperation, its body was badly injured.

Without any warning, Demon Bat escaped from the clutches of the Binding and Banshee Scream and transformed into a ray of golden light.

It used the technique of changing its form to try to minimize the physical damage and hide from the enemies.

If it did not transformed into the light ray form, it would have been trapped in a frozen state…… Regarding Demon Bat’s escape, Xiao Wen Li raised her right hand, which was small, silky and pure white as jade.

Limitless purifying light rays emitted from Xiao Wen Li’s hand.

This kind of purifying light rays carried the property to disperse negative effects. It’s main use was not to heal, or even inflict negative effects on the opponent’s body but to attack the enemy! Xiao Wen Li used this skill very rarely, unless she was dealing with Demon Abyss Rankers or enemies that were good at using negative energies.

Once the golden ray Demon Bat transformed to came in contact with the light rays, it instantly gave off a thick smoke.

The two kinds of energy cancelled out each other quickly and melted.

In the thick smoke, Demon Bat that was in pain rolled around a few times, then quickly transformed into more than 100 golden little bats, and flew all over the place, trying to escape.


Stone Element Medusa, whose had flaming snakes as hair, suddenly displayed her might, her terrifying eye piercing gaze let out a ray of bright light emerged. Energy from her body quickly gathered at her hands and converged into the Dark Golden Snake Bow she was holding onto. As she stretched out her arms, the bow became a full moon, more than ten oddly shaped arrows were aligned on the Dark Golden Snake Bow with burning flame energy… With a swish, the flaming arrows shot out angrily in a shape of a fan, then strangely traced down each of their targets automatically in the air.

As it turns out, every arrow was able to land on the small bats.

All those golden bats that were shot by the flaming arrows rolled around in pain and one by one, fell down from the sky.

Although this kind of flames was not the Nirvana Flame, this was an imitation of the Nirvana Flame on Yue Yang’s body that the Gemini Palace created. This kind of fake Nirvana flames combined perfectly with Stone Element Medusa’s snake hair. This kind of energy was not comparable to normal flames.

In addition, after Yue Yang mastered Yang Energy and comprehended the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus, he had helped to increase the power of Stone Element Medusa’s flaming snake hair. Especially after he defeated Heaven Realm’s Yan Zong and Yan Zun and obtained powerful Pure Blue Fire Form Energy, Yue Yang purposely fused it with Stone Element Medusa. Although it had not reached that level, her flaming snake hair was already close to the Pure Blue Fire Form. Moreover, she had full control over it, so it became one of Stone Element Medusa’s ‘cheat code’.

Demon Bat realized that it when had transformed into a small bat, it was defeated more quickly and will die a more terrible death.

It hurriedly gathered together, and transformed into the huge size again.

Stone Element Medusa’s golden arrow reached and went through the top of Demon Bat’s lip…… Very slowly, Demon Bat’s lips started to become stone. Originally dark golden skin colour started to turn into the greyish black colour of rocks, and it texture also changed.

A ray of purple lightning flashed across the and struck onto Demon Bat’s huge wing till a huge hole appeared. The supporting wing bone was only left with a black bone, its hair was burnt, and its flesh was damaged. Demon Bat summoned a huge Wild Bull, which was Bronze Level 10, while in pain. The appearance of this wild bull did not seem to be a suitable helper but more like food…… Demon Bat jumped onto huge Wild Bull’s back and sucked its blood aggressively. The injuries on its body healed quickly, but the bronze level 10 Wild Bull cried out in pain, then knelt on the floor due to the lack of energy.

“Die!” Ice Serpent Demon, who had not attacked all this while, directly chopped of the Wild Bull’s head.

At the same time, Reaper Mantis appeared from the sky, jumped onto Demon Bat’s back. With the same position, it started to bite into Demon Bat’s neck.

Xiao Wen Li’s double-edged blade, Jiang Ying’s Crescent Moon and Blood Queen’s Whip of Agony landed on Demon Bat’s body at the same time. Demon bat that just recovered was covered in injuries again within seconds.


Demon Bat instantly transformed, it demonized and then turned into a 10 meter tall monster that looked like a demon king.

A golden light flashed across the sky like a small dragon, emerging from the ocean.

The tiny dragon-shaped golden beast glided down the sky with a beautiful posture. It opened its small mouth and bit Demon Bat’s head. Different to a real demon king, the demonized Demon Bat did not have the huge horns that demon king had. It only had two huge ears on top of its head.

Without the protection from the demon horns, it was very easy for golden beast to bite through its head. It was like opening the gates to a palace, making the attack so easy.

It instantly bit open the Demon Bat’s skull and drilled into it.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was so pleased with himself, but then realized that he was tricked. The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was just a distraction and not the real battle.

Seeing his Guardian Beast holding its head and grinding its head on the floor, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was seething with anger. Even though his Guardian Beast would not really die, but this disgraceful defeat would decrease its powers drastically. It may also lose some intelligence and some growing potential.

“Go away!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo wanted to slap Yue Yang away and save his beloved beast.

“Don’t be anxious, let us have a good chat.” Yue Yang looked at Thousand Goblin King, silver light spread out the sky, forming sealing rune circle. What was most special about it was the one and only Everlasting Wheel that Yue Yang had.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s hand was stilled in the air by the Everlasting Wheel.

Unless the demon arm was cut off, he would have to wait for Yue Yang’s Everlasting Wheel to disappear, only then would he be able to regain his abilities to use his demon arm.

When Yue Yang and Demon Marshall Yan Shuo were fighting, Thousand Goblin King also appeared on the other corner of the battle arena. He was smiling while holding a ball of light in his hands. His left hand was white, mildly showing an angel’s form; right hand was green, mildly showing nine-headed monster’s form. Before the light totally disappeared, two tired and wobbly legs that were as soft as mud appeared…… It was Xiang Yu that was cursed and Nine-headed Sea Goblin King that was badly injured. They looked more tired and wrecked than men who had been visiting prostitutes continuously for 10 days and 10 nights.

Within a minute, their form became bigger.

As it turns out, the cursed Xiang Yu’s wings had become as bald as a vulture, and the floor was filled with grayish black feathers.

His bright and shiny eyes had also became dead and dull, without any luster. Furthermore, a pair of dark eye circles signifying a severe lack of sleep appeared.

Looking closely, this youthful face had already started to age. Wrinkles could be seen on his forehead.

It was very obvious that Xiang Yu’s power had decreased drastically.

It had now decreased to a mere Innate Level 6……

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King suffered a worse fate than Xiang Yu as he lay on Xiang Yu’s right like mud. He had already fallen lower than Innate Level 6 and was only left with Innate Level 5. His hair had all turned white, and his complexion looked like he was a patient with critical illness.

“Why?” Xiang Yu realised that the curse had not diminished at all. Instead, he had lost an unmeasurable amount of pure energy.

“A bunch of fools, that’s right, you guys did not hear me wrongly. You guys really are fools, born fools. Other than Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, I am too smart for anyone else!” Thousand Goblin King immediately sucked in the two balls of pure energy in his arms happily. It was as if he was eating a delicacy, incomparably invigorating.

“Separation Innate Skill……” Xiang Yu realized he was wrong now, there was definitely something wrong with Thousand Goblin King’s Separation Innate Skill.

“You did not guess wrongly. Separation Innate Skill, as long as the target is willing, everything can be separated. Such as your body’s energy, or the treasured sword in your hand, the holy armor that you are wearing, even internal organs, blood, bone marrow, brain juice. My Separation Innate Skill can successfully separate things and deprive anything You are already useless!. Rather than wasting pure energy that have yet to be contaminated, it would be better if it was given to me. After I control Tong Tian Tower, conquer Heaven Realm, I will think of the sacrifice you guys made occasionally.” Thousand Goblin King no longer looked at Xiang Yu and Nine-headed Sea Goblin King as he turned and walked away.

“Darn you Thousand Goblin King, I have already pledged my loyalty to you!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King gasped for air, used the last bit of strength and shouted.

“You guys should be ashamed! Why was I able to trick you guys? It was neither because I am very clever, nor because the Separation Innate Skill was very impressive, but because the two of you are extremely stupid! Secondly, you self-proclaimed top notch warriors, it is delusional for you to become Tong Tian Tower’s Five Emperors. You guys only have a little bit of pure energy, it is like you guys are trash. A dog beneath Yue Clan’s Third Young Master’s foot would be better than you guys. It angers me to even talk about this, I wasted so much on my Separation Innate Skill on you two but only obtained such a small amount of energy!” Thousand Goblin King seemed to be suppressing his anger. He tooked in a breath and his usual arrogance came back: “If I did not kill the two of you personally, the energy I took away will dissipate. You two pieces of trash would have been chopped and fed to dogs. You’re on your own now, based on the type of retarded clowns you guys are, it would be impossible for the two of you to become Tong Tian Tower’s Five Emperors. Living is already a luxury for the two of you!”

“Pu!” Xiang Yu vomited blood, his eyes became black and he fainted.

“Kill you, I must kill you!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King swung his fists crazily, but he did not even have the strength to stand up.

“Talking to you guys is literally an insult to my intelligence!” Thousand Goblin King twitched his mouth in disdain, flew up to the Sky Vault instantly. He slowly drew a Constellation Diagram with his hands, as he was trying to open the Sky Vault Constellation Seal.

He suddenly remembered something, stopped and looked at Yue Yang which was on the ground of the battle arena: “Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, are you not going to stop me?”

Yue Yang had just defeated Demon Marshall Yan Shuo and smiled: “I can’t break the Sky Vault Constellation Seal. Once you break it and obtain the Ancient Demon King’s body, I will then take a part of it.”

Thousand Goblin King looked coldly, “Young man, do not be overly confident.”

Yue Yang pointed to the sky with a finger and replied: “I’m telling you, stealing is my Innate Skill!”

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