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LLS Chapter 581 – Battle? What’s there to fear!

Chapter 581 – Battle? What’s there to fear!
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Wait.” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo suddenly took a big step. It’s huge body shook the ground with a rumble: “I’ll be your opponent!”

Yue Yang looked towards Thousand Goblin King. He isn’t fighting?

However, Thousand Goblin King did not look at Yue Yang. Instead, he walked to the discouraged and desperate Xiang Yu, used a type of ranker’s gaze tp aloofly and remotely looked at him: “I can remove this kind of curse.”

It was as if Xiang Yu was revived from the dead and his eyes was once again filled with vigor.

He looked at Thousand Goblin King excitedly: “Really, you really can?”

Thousand Goblin King firmly nodded his head, “Fallen Angel Mo Fei originally suffered from an irreversible curse like yours. But do you know what my Innate Skill is? It’s Separation. Not only can my Innate Skill separate any negative states from the body, it can also separate a person into two, do you understand what I am saying? In my hands, you would not have to suffer even a minute of pain…… As long as you pay your allegiance to me and be loyal, I can bestow you with a second chance at living with a perfect and healthy body.”

Without waiting for Xiang Yu to react, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King suddenly knelt on the floor.

His knees were aligned straightly in front of Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, face full of emotions and sincerity: “Powerful, you are the master that I have been looking for. Yao Feng is willing to pledge my allegiance to you! Yao Feng swears to god that I will treat Thousand Goblin King as my master, no matter what the order is. If I have any thoughts of betraying you, Let the heavens punish me!”

A weird look flashed across Thousand Goblin King’s eyes. The look disappeared quickly and no one caught the meaning behind that look other than Yue Yang.

He personally helped Nine-headed Sea Goblin King up, his expression was happy: “I understand your intentions, there is no need for you to kneel to me. Get up. Actually my aim is the Heaven Realm. I need more rankers to help me manage the Tong Tian Tower, Guang Ming Continent can be handed to the one with the curse; the vast oceans will be handed to you, loyal and devoted Yao Feng. You guys will become Tong Tian Tower’s new generation of rulers. Although your powers now are still lacking and unable to defeat Dragon Emperor and Emperor of the Underworld, but I will bestow the two of you with powers. In the future, you guys will definitely become Heaven Ranked Rankers……”

“Yes, master.” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was a model of someone who will follow whoever is stronger. Once he saw Thousand Goblin King accept him, he immediately called him ‘master’.

“……” Xiang Yu tremble after hearing this.

But he was cursed and had no choice but to kneel, hoping that Thousand Goblin King will use Separation Innate Skill to remove the curse from his body.

Yue Yang watched this silently.

He did not stop them.

Hai Yingwu took this opportunity to hold his large hands with her small hands.

When Yue Yang felt the coldness from her white jade hands, he finally reacted and waved his hands to tell her to leave the battle arena: “Go, it’s too dangerous here. Quickly bring the Sea Clan members outside away from here! If a fight really occurs, this entire Snow World may even collapse!”

“If, if I leave, you will be alone here.” Hai Yingwu hoped to stay by his side. This battle was really difficult and he might be in danger. She did not care about being the Ocean Emperor. As long as she could stay to accompany him, everything else was not important. If he died in the battle, she would die with him. If he lost the battle, she could comfort him.

“Foolish woman, haven’t you heard about the rule where woman shut up while a man is doing stuff? I am not negotiating with you, understand? This is an order” Yue Yang was furious.

“I will listen to your instructions, there is no need to be so fierce……” Hai Yingwu felt that she was wronged and she implored weakly: “I will listen to you but you must come back. No matter what happens, you must not go to the extreme…… I will be waiting for your return with the others, you must know that if you die, none of us will be able to live on…… Promise me, you must not be like my father. You are the best, nothing must happen to you….. Previously, I was angry with you, it was wrong of me to do that. When you come back from the battle this time, I will be the best woman for you and wait upon you with all my heart. Remember, you must remember, we are all waiting for you!”

The more Hai Yingwu spoke, the more passionate she became. She hugged Yue Yang and her fiery lips kissed his lips firmly.

Her tears kept falling, into their mouths.

She ignored the reluctance she had, raised the Ocean Emperor Halberd in her hand and left without turning back. She was not heartless, but she was scared that she would be softhearted. If she turned back to look at him, maybe she would not have enough will to leave.

She was smart and knew clearly what kind of enemy he was facing.

One was a Heaven Ranked Level 3 Ancient Demon. The other one was even scarier than the Ancient Demon. He was the Thousand Goblin King who once rampaged in Tong Tian Tower 3000 years ago.

If Yue Yang had the confidence, he would not have waited so long before attacking…… Hai Yingwu knew that this battle was as dangerous as the Death Arena and his battle in Heaven Realm. During those times, Zhi Zun and Night Empress were by his side. Now, he had to fight this battle without their support.

Hai Yingwu secretly hated herself. Why was she not strong enough?

If she was, she could have shouldered some of his burdens.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not care about Hai Yingwu leaving at all. For an Ancient Demon, Innate Level 1 was as small as an insect. Furthermore, his biggest opponent was Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, As long as he kills this man, no one would be able to stop Thousand Goblin King in the entire Tong Tian Tower.

Lava Dragon, Blazing Queen Bee, and my Demon Bat, come out!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not summon his battle beasts when he was fighting Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, but when Yue Yang was the enemy, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not dare to have the slightest amount of carelessness.

After all, this was the rumored super genius that was able to go to Heaven Realm and capture Abyss Manatees…… Out of all the people Demon Marshall Yan Shuo knew, only two of them were able to do that. One was Thousand Goblin King, the other was Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. This human genius teenager that was very similar to Thousand Goblin King must be killed before he grows up; otherwise, he would gain powers very quickly and become the same level as the Thousand Goblin King. Although Demon Marshall Yan Shuo accepted Thousand Goblin King, he was not willing to accept another human genius that was very similar to the Thousand Goblin King.

One human genius was enough.

This was what Demon Marshall felt in his heart.

On the other side, a golden light ray appeared on Thousand Goblin King’s body, and it enveloped the recovering Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and cursed Xiang Yu directly.

Yue Yang laughed but did not stop them. Nothing was needed to be said about Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. Xiang Yu from Winged Clan was not someone good as well. If they died, Yue Yang would not be bothered by it. Anyways, this world was not lacking in fools. If they were duped by Thousand Goblin King, it would be because they were stupid. Who cared about what happens to fools?

A volcano emerged from the ground of the battle arena.

Blood red lava spurted out from it into the sky, forming a Platinum Level 10 Lava Dragon. Its strength was equivalent to Innate Level 9 and slightly larger compared to the 3 Blazing Giant Dragons summoned by the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon.

Of course, the main reason why Demon Marshall Yan Shuo summoned the Lava Dragon was not to be the main fighter but to form a lava terrain, which would be beneficial to him.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was only able to fight with 100% of his abilities only in environments with a high temperature.

The higher the temperature, the better it was.

The icy cold air that Blizzard Lady blew out in the battle arena just now lowered the temperature and caused Demon Marshall Yan Shuo to feel uncomfortable throughout his body. After summoning the Lava Dragon to change the terrain of the place, it allowed the place to become more beneficial to him.

Blazing Queen Bee was also Platinum Level 10. Its use was not to attack the enemy but to lay eggs continuously.

As long as it was in the volcanic lava, it would be able to lay eggs endlessly.

Every hatched Blazing Bee Soldiers had the strength of Innate Level 1. Although this type of Blazing Bee Soldier’s firepower was useless on Heaven Ranked Rankers, they still had the ability toself-destruct. Even Heaven Ranked Rankers would be harmed when facing countless self-destructing Blazing Bee Soldiers.

If combined with Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s Tomb Innate Skill, this self-destructing technique was essentially a perverted attack.

When a beast dies, Tomb Innate Skill would accumulate 10% of the energy of the dead beast endlessly. For example, if the enemy receives thousands and thousands self-destructing Blazing Bee Soldiers, even a powerful Heaven ranked rankers would be severely injured from the process.

The only shortcoming of this technique was the fact that the enemy can’t be locked in place and thus the enemy could run away easily……

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo did not summon Flaming Bee Queen to deal with Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo because there was no one around to restrict the enemy, and the opponent had restricting type treasures like Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains, which were Blazing Queen Bee’s most feared treasures. If Barbarian Cow Shadow had not taken the God Binding Chains, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo would not have attacked on his own accord.


He felt relieved!

Thousand Goblin King was there to support him, and the opponent did not have any treasures that could limit Blazing Queen Bee from laying eggs. They would definitely win this battle!

Besides, he had Heaven Ranked Level 1 Demon Bat. It was his Guardian Beast. With it’s ability to suck blood and echolocate, even if his opponent was rumoured to be the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, who could defeat Heaven Ranked opponents, they would all be defeated without doubt!

“Third Young Master, give me your body! I had been wishing to become a human for a very long time. Your outstanding body is a treasure that I have looked forward to. I promise to use it well……” This was Demon Marshall Yan Shuo’s heartfelt words. Even though he was an Ancient Demon, he could not level up beyond Heaven Ranked Level 3. He then realized that the best kind of lifeform was the incomparably weak humans. Only humans had the best bodies, and the potential to become the best.

“I am okay with it, but you would have to ask my beasts if they agree.” Yue Yang summoned them continuously, Battle Angel Yi Ka was not used as she was a secret weapon. He wanted to save her for the battle against the overly confident Thousand Goblin King.

Blood Queen Red, Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, Reaping Mantis, Spirit of Heaven Fire were summoned out one by one.

Lastly, the most capable Xiao Wen Li.

Xiao Wen Li had already summoned Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon.

Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid hated environments with high temperatures. They prefer to fight in the water…… Once they came out, the Strom Mermaid immediately blew the Storm Conch. Thus a marvel was born. Black clouds gathered in the sky, lightning flashed and thunder rolled. Countless droplets of rain fell down. Behind Storm Mermaid, raging waves came in, it rolled upon the lava spurting volcano like a tsunami.

Lava Dragon and Blazing Queen Bee were angrily emitting heat to resist. Waves of heat evaporated the water.

Lumps and lumps of lava were like dams, stopping the ocean waves.

Water and fire were colliding violently.

Suddenly, a terrifying weird sound erupted. The whole battle arena suddenly transformed into a water fire fight miracle landscape.

Heaven Ranked Level 1 Demon Bat flapped it’s wings, and swooped towards Yue Yang. But before it was able to use echolocation, Lamia Loli stared at the Demon Bat and it immediately froze in the sky. Blood Queen Red appeared, and let out an incomparable mournful Banshee Scream into the Demon Bat’s huge ear.

When Demon Marshall Yan Shuo was preparing to help out Demon Bat, Yue Yang appeared in front of him.

Yue Yang did not move and was planning a scheme for his enemy.

Yue Yang had faced many difficult real battles with strong enemies. One big battle after another, Yue Yang had overcome them all. What was there to fear now?

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