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LLS Chapter 580 – Who is more awesome? Competition of Beasts

Chapter 580 – Who is more awesome? Competition of Beasts
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Heaven Realm Demon Dragon.” Thousand Goblin King summoned out an incomparably glorious Holy Grimoire and softly supported it on his palm. A golden light flashed, and an incomparably huge demon dragon appeared above his head. This demon dragon was not a holy beast, but it had peak Heaven Ranked Level 1 strength. As it was a flying type beast, it’s battle capability was not inferior in any respect to the Heaven Ranked Level 2 Snow Mountain Giant. It’s whole body was burning in black flames, scales like obsidian, horns like demon spears, wings stretch out for almost 100 meters. Its head had fierce look, demon pupils in its eyes were as dark as a cave and had a faint malicious look of being able to swallow every living thing around.

Yue Yang was expressionless, Thousand Goblin King was indeed awesome.

He actually owned a Holy Grimoire.

This was the first time Yue Yang had seen a human warrior possessing a Holy Grimoire.

The Heaven Realm Demon Dragon roared towards the sky. It spurted out a very long tongue of flame. Unexpectedly, it used special energy and a summon crystal and started summoning.

3 Blazing Giant Dragons that were half the size of the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon appeared at the battle arena upon being summoned. They were also not holy beasts. Although all of their levels were Platinum-ranked Level 10, but their strongest fighting capability was not inferior to human warriors. It was at least equal to an Innate Level 8.

Peak Heaven Ranked level 1 Heaven Realm Demon Dragon, with the addition of 3 Blazing Giant Dragons which had strength equivalent to Innate Level 8.

How should this battle be faced?

Although Reaper Mantis was born with abilities to restrain the dragon clan and enjoyed eating dragons, but a Heaven Realm Demon Dragon was not chewable by the current Reaper Mantis…… Bloody Queen Red was also an expert in flying, but how could she fight off three 1000 year old dragons and one 5000 year old dragon? Yue Yang thought and thought, creasing his forehead, how to defeat these 4 very old giant dragons?

“Mai Bo En is a good fighter, I hope Third Young Master likes its arrival.“ Thousand Goblin King had a very pleased look in his eyes. Seeing his enemy’s helplessness was the happiest thing in his life.

“Master, Ah Man wishes to fight!”

The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man came out of the Grimoire World with her head high and stood in front of Yue Yang.

Thousand Goblin King laughed when he saw this.

A female Barbarian Cow Shadow wants to fight four Giant Dragons? This was such a joke. Even a Blazing Giant Dragon would be able to crush her easily, let alone the most powerful Heaven Realm Demon Dragon Mai Bo En.

Yue Yang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He instantly called out his grimoire, and stacked Giant Shadows onto Ah Man’s body. Ah Man had the Heart of Earth and the Ancient Titan’s energy. She was a female war god that would never get tired. As long as she stands on the ground, no one could defeat her. She was definitely not Heaven Realm Demon Dragon’s opponent, but if she drained the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon’s strength bit by bit, it would run out of energy eventually……

The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man threw out the God Binding Chains as her strength exploded with the support from the Giant Shadows.

She immediately pulled the arrogant and pleased Heaven Realm Demon Dragon to the ground.

She took out Battlefield of Death magic ball and broke it, dragging the Heaven Realm Demon Dragon and disappeared……

Yue Yang did not know how long Ah Man would take to defeat the strong Heaven Realm Demon Dragon. He hoped that death gaze would be triggered so a lot of time could be saved.

4 giant dragons and the opponent’s female Barbarian Cow Shadow disappeared at the same time. This aggravated the Thousand Goblin King. He was an exceptional genius that was unrivalled by anyone for 3000 years. He did not expect that he could not defeat this 20 year old brat even though he had so many Heaven Ranked beasts.

“Descend, Fallen Angel……” Thousand Goblin King was hell bent on using beasts to compete with Yue Yang.

He was the only Thousand Goblin King in the world with countless matchless beasts. If he could not even suppress a brat, how could he even have the face to look forward?

He felt very unhappy seeing Yue Yang face his beasts so calmly and countering all his moves.

Competing with beasts? Let’s see who has more and whose is stronger!

Thousand Goblin King raised his hand and millions of ultra bright rays shot out of the Holy Grimoire. Within the radiance that was as bright as the sun, a black shadow narcissistically strolled out. His appearance caused the arena to be eclipsed. Even light rays lost their might. An angel with wings spanning not more than 10 meters appeared in front of Yue Yang. However, his energy and might was capable of making light disappear.

His wings were as black as ink, and every single feather looked like black feather arrows or even black daggers. He was carrying a boundless killing intent.

Dark Gold Treasure Armor and a pitch-black Rebel’s Angel Demon Sword…… compared to the cursed Bright Light Holy Sword in Xiang Yu’s hand, this Angel Demon Sword was more evil and strange. A kind of bloodthirst emitted from the blade’s edge. It was as if this Angel Demon Sword was in a hurry to drink human blood.

Although this Fallen Angel had Heaven Ranked Level 1 abilities and had yet to reach the peak of Heaven Ranked Level 1, he had a pair of intelligent eyes, and you could tell that he was very difficult to deal with.

A Fallen Angel with intelligence was more terrifying than two Ancient Slaughterers.

“Ohh! What kind of enemy is it that you had to summon even me?“ The Fallen Angel slowly descended to the ground. He pointed at Yue Yang but it’s black eyes were only looking at Thousand Goblin King: “King, is this the runny-nose brat that angered you? Do not be angry, wait for Mo Fei to help you kill him! Do you remember? 3000 years ago, there was also an arrogant brat that wanted to challenged your dignity? What a funny flea. Do not be bothered, my king. I will use my sword to behead him and present you with his head to appease your anger!”

“So it is a damn transexual……” Yue Yang could not tolerate the Fallen Angels tone and vomited.

No choice as this was the legendary authentic submissive tone.

For a guy who stays at home all the time, Yue Yang was unable to tolerate fujoshis. Of course, nothing was impossible in the world, and it was reasonable that they exist. Thus, Yue Yang could only act like he did not hear it. He really feared that he would be infected if he listened to it too much.

Damned Tai Lang was not around, Reaper Mantis was too weak, Bloody Queen Red and Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying are no different. Who should fight the next battle?

Yue Yang had a headache.

He realized that Thousand Goblin King who has lived for thousands of years was indeed a freak.

It is already impressive enough to have one Heaven Ranked beast, but he had a group of them and everyone of them were more perverse than the previous one…… While Phoenix Fairy Beauty was sighing and preparing to meet the enemy head-on, two shadow rushed in through the passageway.

Senior Demon Yan Shuo sweeped his claws, wanting to kill the two people at the entrance of the passageway.

But a Blizzard Lady rose up. It was almost as tall as the 80 meter tall Senior Demon Yan Shuo. What’s more terrifying was that when she spat out cold air from her mouth, the whole battle arena instantly transformed into a world of ice and snow. Snowflakes were dancing around, a bone-chilling cold wind blew, and ice fragments quickly filled the ground. Within a blink of an eye, the ground had froze into a pure white snow ground.

Senior Demon Yan Shuo was looking at his blazing hand in shock. That hand had actually froze due to the coldness. Even the blazing fire also became solid.

A Divine Sword chopped down from above him.

Although the energy of the sword was insufficient, the power to kill all life within a second from the sword was still able to scare Senior Demon Yan Shuo, causing him to dodge it instantly.

He was not a fool that would fight a Divine Weapon head on.

Even Thousand Goblin King was emotionally moved when he saw this Divine Weapon.

“The legendary Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword?” Thousand Goblin King faintly sighed. Although the Divine Weapon was right in front of him, he knew that he had no chance with the Divine Weapon as it belonged to the heroic female swordsman.

“I am late, are you alright?” The valiant and formidable looking Princess Qian Qian did not look at Thousand Goblin King nor the Fallen Angel that was ready to attack Yue Yang. After she forced Senior Demon Yan Shuo to retreat, she kept her Divine Sword behind her back and walked towards Yue Yang in big strides. In her eyes, there was only this bastard that she would forever love and hate at the same time. Maybe it was because of the competitive consciousness that refused to lose, maybe it was because she refuse to admit that she fell in love at first sight, maybe she developed feelings for him after a long time…… Anyways, she did not know when she had started to like this man that laughed like a bad guy. If he was not Xue Wu Xia’s fiance, would she still like him? If he did not peek at her or touch her at all, would she still like him? Princess Qian Qian could not resolve this problems so she decided not to think about it instead. It is always happier to live a simple life than live a complicated one. It would be sufficient as long as she knew that he lives deep in her heart and the only one she thinks about.

“Princess, your subordinate is being bullied really badly by others.” Yue Yang quickly acted pitifully.

“It’s okay, I will chop him and avenge you.” Princess Qian Qian would never say things like that usually, but in front of enemies, she was always his most capable imperial older sister swordsman and not a proud and pampered tigress.

“Although that dead transexual looks like he needs a spanking, his abilities aren’t bad. Will you be able to deal with him yourself?” Yue Yang was slightly worried for her.

“Xue girl is here as well!” While Princess Qian Qian was talking, Xue Wu Xia also floated down. Unlike Princess Qian Qian who used her white fists to hit Yue Yang’s chest, she changed her usual aloof exterior, opened her arms and gave him a big hug. She even kissed his cheek with her cherry lips: “Thousand Goblin King is not that formidable. I trust that you will be able to defeat him! Remember, you are the guy I fell for and the most outstanding man in the world!”

“What a joke, do you guys think that a few nauseus words of love would scare me to retreat?” Fallen Angel laughed coldly after heating what was said: “Only my king is the most outstanding man in the world. All of you are trash. My king is the only person that is truly fit to have Tong Tian Tower, and the real man who can conquer the world!”

“We will kill this guy for you…… Our abilities are limited, thus we will only be able to help you this much!” Xue Wu Xia kissed the corner of Yue Yang’s lips

It was very light.

Her kissed encouraged Yue Yang and fired him up, boosting his morale.

Hai Yingwu watched this scene enviously. She wanted to throw herself into his arms and kiss him too.

But she knew that there were two other more outstanding women in his arms. If she wanted to be acknowledged in front of the two of them, she had to become more outstanding.

Princess Qian Qian also gave Yue Yang a hug. But when Yue Yang tried to give her a kiss.

She twisted her face away to dodge it and his kiss landed on her cheeks.

On the other side, Xue Wu Xia who had lightning in her left hand and frost in her right had already flew towards Fallen Angel.

“After struggling free from Yue Yang’s hug, she held out a Decisive Battle Scroll. This kind of Decisive Battle Scroll would bring them to another space, but it was not the kind of space like the Battlefield of Death magic ball. They were his fiancees. Even if they had the confidence to kill their enemy, they still had to be wary of any crafty plots the enemies set. Thus they were not willing to fall into the Battlefield of Death where one party must die. Instead, they entered a battle space where they had a chance to escape.

Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian met with the transexual Fallen Angel head-on. When the Decisive Battle Scroll opened, the three of them disappeared.

“Be careful……” Thousand Goblin King suddenly felt uneasy. He warned the Fallen Angel at the last moment, hoping the proud Mo Fei would be careful during the fight as the two women did not give him good feeling. They did not seem very strong but his warrior’s instinct told him that they were very dangerous, far more dangerous than they seemed.

“Senior Thousand Goblin King, do you still have other Heaven Ranked beasts?” Yue Yang asked while laughing. Thousand Goblin King did not respond, and Yue Yang straightened up his face: “If you have none, it is my turn to play!”

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