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LLS Chapter 58 – Two-headed Demon Wolf?

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Chapter 58 – Two-headed Demon Wolf?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Zaza


He had gotten the nine-headed monster’s egg, but what made Yue Yang faint was that for some reason, this egg that he had gone through so much pain to get was already broken. On the egg shell, an extremely tiny crack could be seen. Even though there was no egg white or such things flowing out of it , this egg would most likely be unable to hatch a nine-headed monster.

Just like this, the dream of wealth that Yue Yang had was completely shattered with the appearance of this tiny little crack.

Two hours’ worth of painstakingly baiting the enemy dangerously, letting the nine-headed monster chase after him until it was completely spent, all for a single broken egg… Yue Yang really wanted to ruthlessly smash this egg on the ground.

“You think this will stop me? I, will eat you.” Yue Yang decided to change his anger into appetite.

Going back under the ten-thousand year oak tree, he lit a bonfire, then cooked this nine-headed monster’s egg that could have been worth a few thousand gold coins on it. He ate it until he was full, belched, and rubbed his tummy. This was the first time Yue Yang had felt extravagant. If he had a second option, Yue Yang would definitely not have cooked and eaten it. There was no other choice after all. In comparison, Hui Tai Lang who was completely exhausted and had been risking its life was eating its fill pleasurably, completely happy. This nine-headed monster’s egg was a huge boon for it.

After eating the nine-headed monster’s egg, he waited for quite some time, but Yue Bing had not arrived yet.

There was no sign of Ye Kong or the Li brothers either.

Might as well climb up a huge branch of the ten-thousand year oak tree and take a good sleep. He was hoping to see the Heavenly Sword Goddess come out to console his broken spirit, but there was no trace of her since the beginning. When Yue Yang was cultivating in his dreams, because he was not feeling happy, his qi was compressed in his chest, and it was hard for his mind to integrate with heaven and earth. The sword qi that was easily released normally, could not successfully exit the body, but was accumulated inside. Slowly, a kind of violent explosion waiting to happen was felt. This situation was a first for Yue Yang. If he did not release the violent Qi accumulated within his body, it might be dangerous…

What should he do?

Was it to immediately stop cultivation, or to recover his tranquility to return to the state of cultivation like before.

This abnormality, could it be related to himself eating the nine-headed monster’s egg? Was this compressed energy the energy stored within the nine-headed monster’s egg? But, when he was eating it just now, how did it not appear?

In Yue Yang’s heart, a sudden flash of inspiration struck him. Since this energy could affect himself, then why not purge it out of his body by borrowing its own explosive power to force it out? This, might be a hurdle in cultivation, a test, and a chance to make a breakthrough as well.

Thinking like this, Yue Yang’s spirit was greatly excited.

Raising his hands, bring his fingers together, 10 fingers forming a seal, he gathered his heart, form and Qi into one entity.

Pouring all his mind into condensing the Qi within his hands, the accumulated Qi in his body was almost going to explode. Within his heart, he shouted loudly, and roared towards the sky.

His entire spirit world was shaking, as if the sky was crumbling, and the heavens exploding… The sword Qi that was melded by his hands instantly became the strongest point, as if a bolt of lightning was breaking its prison, as if King Kong was shaking the ground, like a bolt of thunder striking the ground, it exploded, the Qi gushing out.

The Qi in both of his hands that had been accumulated for a long time, had a length of half a meter, and split the sky.

Its power was ten times stronger than the sword Qi that was normally released.

For a long time, Yue Yang could not believe this truth.

After releasing the blade from himself, Yue Yang had a feeling of all his spiritual Qi being consumed rapidly until both of his legs were wobbly and his head spinning. The consumption level was much greater than the previous time when Empress Fei Wen Li had sucked up his own Qi.

“My god, did I just learn a new skill out of the blue… Although the time taken to accumulate Qi is exceptionally long, and only one sword can be released, the one who learnt it is really myself, am I dreaming?” Yue Yang couldn’t be more pleased.

“Although only one sword can be released even with all my Qi currently, its power is sufficient. If a strong enemy appears next time, I might be able to use it.” Yue Yang was happy that he had learnt a new skill. More importantly, this was a skill that he had created after self-enlightenment, giving him an exceptional sense of accomplishment. After being excited for a long time, it was hard to suppress the emotions that welled up from within.

Perhaps it was the compressed energy being released, or perhaps it was due to his mood becoming better, but in any case, after Yue Yang became happy, he felt that the atmosphere was good and his body light, with a kind of grand feeling as if a tiger had come out of the woods or a dragon dancing in the sky.

If the Heavenly Sword Goddess had seen his progress, she would definitely be happy for him.

Yue Yang’s mind elatedly fell asleep…

Though in his dreams, he still did not see her.

The stream of energy that he shot out using his fingers did not disappear, but had become a grey-coloured energy ball.

The ten-thousand year oak tree’s green light shone, and a burst of green-coloured light rain fell down, immersing Yue Yang within it. That grey-coloured energy energy ball quickly melted, and as if it had a life of its own, squeezed itself into Hui Tai Lang’s mouth. The green-coloured light rain from the ten-thousand year oak tree continued for a long time, and an endless amount of energy from the light rain was integrated into Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang’s bodies… Yue Yang slept soundly, as if nothing had happened, but Hui Tai Lang’s body quickly changed shape. A part of its skin began to bulge out, its muscles warping, and bones changing. Finally, another head grew from its neck, becoming a two-headed wolf…

Hui Tai Lang did not wake up, but it felt unimaginable amounts of pain in its dreams, and continuously whimpered quietly.

Under the green-coloured light rain’s shroud, after a long time, Hui Tai Lang’s body’s change finally settled down, and slowly recovered its original look. It was as if that two-headed wolf’s weird appearance had never happened before.

In its dreams, Hui Tai Lang yawned comfortably.

A grey ball of energy slowly drifted out from its mouth by itself… That ball of black Qi seemed to have finally run out of energy. Under the last drops of the green-coloured light rain, it became smoke and disappeared. The ten-thousand year oak tree’s brilliance dissipated, and returned into silence. Under the dark night, Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang slept soundly. The master and its servant did not know of what had just happened.

When Yue Yang woke up on the first day, seeing that Yue Bing had not come, he ate his breakfast. He was prepared to bring Hui Tai Lang over to steal another egg from the nine-headed monster.

But, inadvertently looking at it, Hui Tai Lang seemed to have changed slightly?

Using Qi on his eyes, staring intently at it, Yue Yang was shocked. This Hui Tai Lang was an Ironback Demonic Wolf yesterday, how did it become a Two-headed Demonic Wolf? If not for Hui Tai Lang trying to win Yue Yang’s favour by wagging its tail, Yue Yang would have doubted that someone had swapped his own Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Tai Lang did not rise in level, and was still a Bronze-ranked Level 4 beast, but it had gone through a variant evolution.

From an Ironback Demonic Wolf, turning into a Two-headed Demonic Wolf… But it only had one head? How come it was a Two-headed Demonic Wolf?

Could it be, because it ate the nine-headed monster’s egg?

Was it the nine-headed monster’s egg’s energy that allowed it to go through variant evolution to become a Two-headed Demonic Wolf? Yue Yang was sweating, thinking in his mind that it was fortunate that he did not become a two-headed man after eating the nine-headed monster’s egg himself. That would have made him cry; he would never be able to get girls, and would probably be mocked by the entire world. Not everything could be eaten indiscriminately. If Hui Tai Lang had become a Two-headed Demonic Wolf, could it become a Three-headed Demonic Wolf in the future? Definitely not a Nine-headed Demonic Wolf, if so that would really make people sweat to death…

“How does it feel? Is there any discomfort in your body?” Yue Yang patted Hui Tai Lang’s head, and felt that it had a soul that could be contracted. There was no such thing as a nine-headed monster’s soul within, but its demonic energy was very weird. Demon Lord Ha Xin’s evil demonic energy had mixed to form two new types of energies, one was a weird mix, another was naturally pure, the three different types of energy formed a coincidental balance, with each attuned to a specific element.

From these, Demon Lord Ha Xin’s evil demonic energy was the strongest, and had assimilated Hui Tai Lang’s fire element, which was the strongest element in Hui Tai Lang’s body.

The naturally pure energy in turn assimilated the dark element miraculously, and converted the dark element in its body that had an effect of corrosion and destruction into completely tranquil life energy. The tranquility was like the power of water, giving the entirety of Hui Tai Lang’s body vitality that was hard to describe.

Yue Yang did not understand, how was the darkness element able to change like this?

Where did this naturally pure energy come from? Who gave it to Hui Tai Lang? Could it be a passing god who took pity on Hui Tai Lang’s bullied self and decided to give it some energy?

As Yue Yang thought like this, he was really anxious.

However, Yue Yang was sure that the third type of energy, the weirdly mixed energy should be the nine-headed monster’s, this energy had assimilated the metal element in Hui Tai Lang’s body.

Although Hui Tai Lang did not level up, Yue Yang felt that this guy had become much stronger, and in the future, when the third energy had completely harmonised into one entity, Hui Tai Lang’s strength would make another extreme leap…

“Hui Tai Lang, let me see you pop another head out.” Yue Yang wanted to see how Hui Tai Lang looked like after it changed into a Two-headed Demonic Wolf.

“Uwaa!” Hui Tai Lang did not know that he had this capability itself, and humbly lowered its head.

“What an natural fool. You don’t even know what abilities you have?” Yue Yang was speechless towards Hui Tai Lang, it was probably the first wolf in the entire Soaring Dragon Continent to be as muddle-headed as Hui Tai Lang. This guy was really one who wouldn’t be improve without getting beaten. When Yue Yang was wanting to kick it hard, he suddenly felt a person that was covered in blood from afar. He ran with great strides, and taking a look, realised that it was Ye Kong.

Instantly, Yue Yang’s heart plummeted.

Ye Kong was covered in blood, and came here alone. Yue Bing and the others could have met with danger…

Yue Yang shot towards Ye Kong and supported Ye Kong’s battered body, asking urgently, “How did this happen? What happened?”

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  1. e94allen says:

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    “You think this will stop me? I, Yue Yang, will eat you.” Yue Yang decided to change his anger into appetite.
    Or otherwise leave comma out.
    “You think this will stop me? I will eat you.” Yue Yang decided to change his anger into appetite.

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        Its usage here is borderline; I would not have pointed it out myself. It might technically be more correct to use a form of ellipses (I . . . will eat you). However, the comma used is well understandable as a thought pause while he’s talking.

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        • Epithetic says:

          You are correct, sir, and I would personally have used ellipses were I the one translating. However, pedantry regarding “conventional” grammar rules that do little to the reverse of adding clarity to a sentence is something up with which i will not put.

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