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LLS Chapter 579 – Thousand Goblin King

Chapter 579 – Thousand Goblin King
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Inside the secret door, in the world of pure snow, in the Icy Wind Valley.

A figure appeared before the Lava Lake. It calmly reached out its hand and summoned a meteorite shower.

Once Senior Demon Yan Shuo saw this person appear, he was overjoyed by the unexpected good news.

Immediately, he emerged from the surface of the lake.

Bowed to greet.

Inside Meteorite Fort, that strange man that was impersonating an Ocean Ritual Master suddenly lost his territorial energy and escaped away like a fish past the two Abyss Manatees. Even Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, that rushed back from outside, could not stop him succesfully.

“Where are you escaping to……” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo immediately pursued him, unwilling to let him escape.

Yue Yang remained unmoved.

He stayed behind to accompany Hai Yingwu, who was crying silently.

Hai Yingwu was a smart girl and was born with a woman’s instincts. She could not confirm this beforehand because Empress Jellyfish’s rumor affected her judgement. When Empress Jellyfish died in her arms, Hai Yingwu finally realised that she was devastated by her death. Although she did not know what Empress Jellyfish did for her in the past, she only needed to look at Empress Jellyfish’s proud and pleased smile to know that whatever Empress Jellyfish did was in fact all for her.

“No, no……” Hai Yingwu’s tears dripped down, she mumbled to herself: “Being the ruler of the oceans as the Female Ocean Emperor is not what I truly wanted. What I wanted the most was a warm family, parents that loved and cared for me. I do not want to be this strong nor be a pitiful orphan. I don’t want to possess the vast oceans but not have any close relatives…… Why must it be like this? I would rather be the daughter of an ordinary family, why……”

“There are many things in the world that we can’t decide.” Yue Yang hugged her and consoled her in a hushed voice.

Around 5km outside the Meteorite Fort, the man impersonating an Ocean Ritual Master was finally overtook by Feng Zhu, Bei Feng Jia Suo and the two Abyss Manatees.

However, this man did not panic.

Instead, he was very calm.

From a distant place, two shadows came towards them like the wind.

The looks, clothes, temperament, strength and other details of the two men were exactly the same. It was as if they were clones of each other.

The same slightly long and narrow face, the same high and bulgy nose, the same blade-like lips, and the same detached look from their pupils in their eyes. This kind of expression could not be acted out, but had to be inborn.

Looking at the natural arrogance and this heartless look of disdain they have for all living things, you would know that these two men were used to being above others.

Other than that, they were ruthless, viewing people’s lives as if they were grass.

If you were to talk about differences, the only difference between the two men was the holy-ranked pearls that were floating in front of them. The guy on the left had a pearl that was burning with a blood red color, this was the Scarlet Flame Spirit Pearl; the guy on the right had a pearl that burned in a cyan phosphorescence colour, this was the Cyan Flame Spirit Pearl. These two spirit pearls were the only difference between the two men.

The man standing on the left, bowed to Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo in a refined and courteous manner: “I am the first clone of the Thousand Goblin King, Chi Yan.“

The man on the right also bowed in the same way: “I am Thousand Goblin King’s second clone, Qing Yan,”

The strange man that was impersonating an Ocean Ritual Master also suddenly transformed. He transformed into exactly the same look the two Thousand Goblin King clones had. A purple colored devil fire, Purple Flame Spirit Pearl floated in front of him.

This man that was impersonating an Ocean Ritual Master smiled slightly: “I am Thousand Goblin King’s third clone, Zi Jiu.”

Colour immediately drained from Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo’s faces. 4 against 3?

This did not look good.

Due to the battle with Senior Demon Yan Shuo just now, a lot of their energy was drained. If they were to fight another battle, the outcome did not look optimistic. What’s more important was that although the two Abyss Manatees were Heaven ranked level 2, they were not very smart and thus have limitations when it came to exhibiting their military capabilities. Maybe they could attack one of them together. For the other two men, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were not confident in fighting the both of them one against one.

On the other side, the three men who claimed that they were the clones of the Thousand Goblin King, all had the strength of Heaven Ranked Level 3……

“We do not wish to fight with you guys, after all, the most important task is to obtain the Ancient Demon King’s body. But you guys are very troublesome. If we don’t kill you guys, you guys would be in the way.” The first clone Chi Yan spoke.

“If you think that the three of you can defeat us, you are wrong.” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo looked at each other, the two of them leaned their backs against each other.

“Of course we are not just defeating you four, we want to kill you guys!” the man that was originally impersonating an Ocean Ritual Master, the third clone Zi Jiu flew to them at top speed, raised his hand and an unusual domain energy pervaded out. Instantly, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo ‘froze’ in place. Inside the domain, time and space seemed to have stood still. Even Zi Jiu himself was floating in the air unmoving.

The first clone Chi Yan and the second clone Qing Yan immediatley attacked the two Abyss Manatees.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo could not move but were still able to think.

The knew that the two Abyss Manatees were bound to lose, but they were trapped in this mysterious domain and unable to escape. Thus they could only worry helplessly……

Elder Xing Pan, Ocean Kinghts and the Clown Fishmen fell at the door of the fort, and they were all fast asleep. Senior Demon Yan Shuo that had just escaped from the seal was taking big steps, following the man that was wearing the cloak into the fort. He even squeezed his way into the battle arena.

In the middle of the battle arena, Jie Wei, Yan, Starfish General and the others were already long gone.

Hai Yingwu, who was holding Empress Jellyfish in her arms, was also gone.

Only 3 people were left in the arena.

One of them was the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King that was still recovering from his broken neck bone; the second was the Winged Clan Xiang Yu, who had to bear Empress Jellyfish’s curse after killing her.

The third person was Yue Yang who was sitting on the floor leisurely eating an apple while waiting for the enemies to arrive.

When he saw the man wearing the cloak appear, he laughed.

It was as if he saw an old classmate that he had not seen in a long time.

The man wearing the cloak kept his cloak, his face was also filled with a brilliant smile, and he was also smiling affably.

This man looked exactly like Chi Yan, Qing Yan, and Zi Jiu on the outside. Other than a look of arrogance and ruthlessness on his face, he also had two other naturally formed characteristics, which was confidence and self. This kind of confidence was not from power or status but from his character. It was an inborn characteristic. Whereas the strange look of self was a very unique expression no one else had other than this man. This was a ‘I am me and not like others’ unique look, as if he had to mark out that he was different from everyone else.

When he saw Yue Yang, he smiled.

It was not an intimate smile nor was it a polite smile but a special kind of hapy smile.

This kind of joyous smile, was the kind of smile seen when a farmer sees the bumper harvest from their crops, or when a fisherman sees the strings on his fishing line being pulled on, or when a hunter sees that a beast had fallen into his trap.

He only had eyes for Yue Yang, and not for Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and the inconsolable Winged Clan Xiang Yu.

He smiled and asked Yue Yang: “Are you the genius known to appear only once in ten thousand years, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master?”

Once Yue Yan heard that, his smile became even brighter, “Are you the genius known to have lived for 3000 years, the Thousand Goblin King ?”

He did not deny it, instead he clapped his hands and laughed: “That’s right. I am the Thousand Goblin King. I thought you did not recognize me so I was about to introduce myself. I did not expect the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master to have such a good eyesight.”

“Not even mentioning Thousand Goblin King, even if it was Thousand Magnet King, Thousand Beast King, Thousand Slave King, Thousand Sword King, Thousand Snake King…… I would recognize all of them, and I would definitely not miss you out.” Yue Yang lauhged. His expression seemed to be saying that he had just met the Thousand Vegetable King selling vegetables in the streets a few days ago. Once Thousand Goblin King heard that, the smile fell from his face and his face darkened.

“Young man, you seem to treat me with hostility?” Thousand Goblin King asked.

“If I did not remember wrongly, a year ago, some man and woman who claimed to be your believers abducted my relatives.” Yue Yang was still smiling: “I am not treating you with hostility, I just do not like you very much.”

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, both of us were born in Soaring Dragon Continent. I do not with to fight you. If you leave this place, I shall give you Tong Tian Tower. I will have no comments on whatever you do in Tong Tian Tower, my future is in the Heaven Realm.” Thousand Goblin King tried to advise Yue Yang: “Young man, as a senior, the things I am doing and the things that you are thinking are very different. Maybe you heard many rumors about me, but have you ever thought about how similar I was with you when I was your age? You were a loser when you started out due to the lack of breakthroughs in your training and people rolled their eyes at you. Later when you had a fortuitous encounter, you improved quickly…… I was also in a similar predicament, I started out as a failure, then met with a fortuitous encounter and improved tremendously, becoming the genius unprecedented in history…… There is nothing to fight about between the two of us. You will go through what I have gone through; what I have done, is what you want to do now. Now, I just want to take the body of the Ancient Demon King, leave Tong Tian Tower and go to Heaven Realm…… This way, Tong Tian Tower is no longer under the threat of the Ancient Demon King, and you can also continue living the life you want.”

“Great, that was a great talk.” Yue Yang vigorously clapped his hand and then patted his chest, and laughed wackily: “Thousand Goblin King, do you know that you have the potential to become an lobbyist? I was almost convinced by what you said, almost!”

Yue Yang even used his fingers to make a gesture of ‘almost’, showing that he was not exaggerating.

Thousand Goblin King’s face darkened even more instantly.

Yue Yang seemed to not see this, and laughed: “Old Senior, as a junior, the things I do and the things you think are actually very different. Maybe you heard many rumors about me, but has it ever crossed your mind that I am very different from you, the 3000 year old genius Thousand Goblin King. We are in fact very different people? Why should I repeat whatever you have done? Why should I let you have what you want? You future is in the Heaven Realm but mine is only limited to Tong Tian Tower? Don’t think that I am a 3 year-old-kid. Thousand Goblin King, I want to tell you that no matter how you persuade me, I will treat you like fart…… You would be so kind to give me Tong Tian Tower? If you were really that kind, why won’t you let me have Ancient Demon King’s body?”

“Fine, we shall fight then. We can use our fists to talk.” Thousand Goblin King looked grudgeful and sighed: “Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, you are really like me when I was young! The same stubbornness, the same obstinate attitude. Even if we know the best choice, we still choose to persevere to the end.”

“Is that a compliment?” Yue Yang used his leg to kick Hui Tai Lang that was dozing off on the floor: “go and drag Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo back here. I guess that they have already been beaten to death by their opponents.”

“Don’t worry, they would probably not die.” Thousand Goblin King gave a confident smile: “My main aim is to kill you first!”

“Now this is a coincidence, we have the exact same way of thinking.” Yue Yang clapped his hand in approval.

Thousand Goblin King raised his hand.

Rumble rumble, a loud sound resoundsd. An Ancient Demon, that was more taller than the 80 meter tall Senior Demon Yan Shuo, appeared in the battle arena. Its power was Heaven Ranked Level 3. It appeared and kneeled on the floor in front of Thousand Goblin King. When Thousand Goblin King pointed, the 150 meter tall Ancient Demon took a big step right in front of Yue Yang. It stretched out its huge demon claws and was ready to pinch Yue Yang to death like he was a flea.

Yue Yang yawned: “I am so scared!”

Behind him, a giant loli wearing Titan War Armor appeared in a flash.

“You dare to attack my brother?” The angry giant loli roared loudly. Her roar was world-shaking and deafening. She grabbed the Ancient Demon’s huge horns, used some energy, and then overturned the Ancient Demon, then kicked it forcefully, instantly causing the Ancient Demon to be kicked hundreds of meters away, hitting the other side of the battle arena heavily and deeply into the meteorite wall.

“……” Thousand Goblin King’s face changed slightly upon seeing giant loli appearing.

He did not say anything, but took out a magic ball and threw it at the giant loli who was charging towards Ancient Demon.

A bright light appeared, then both the giant loli and the Ancient Demon disappeared from the battle arena and appeared in a Battlefield of Death in another space where they fought for their lives. Even if 2 Heaven ranked level 3 opponents entered this Battlefield of Death, they would be constrained by the Ancient Code. One of them would have to die for the other to come out.

“I still have Heaven Ranked beast, what about you Third Young Master?” Thousand Goblin King summoned a Heaven Ranked Level 2 Snow Mountain Giant. It was 100 meters tall, wearing a unique frost heavy armor. It had one eye and a big mouth, 4 arms with boundless strength. There was even a Heaven Rune Circle on it to increasein strength. On its head were two black horns that were bigger than a demon’s horns. It’s horns was twisted like a bull’s, protecting the only weak spot on the giant’s body, it’s ‘skull’.

“I do not have anymore.” Yue Yang expressed that he was not a rich upstart.

Behind him, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen flew out. Duo Duo that had just woke up from deep sleep, bit on it’s finger: “Master, this guy does not seem to taste good!”

Before she finished her sentence, a thorny flower wrapped around the Snow Mountain Giant’s ankle.

Without waiting for Snow Mountain to react, another thorny flower, bit the Battlefield of Death magic ball that Yue Yang threw.

A bright light appeared.

Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and Heaven Ranked Level 2 Snow Mountain Giant, both teleported to the Battlefield of Death…… Thousand Goblin King was slightly astounded when he saw Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. He could not understand why he could still see this battle monster that was almost extinct. On the other hand, Yue Yang looked good, and laughed: “Actually I also have this kind of Battlefield of Death magic ball. There was no need to trouble you to take them out. Thousand Goblin King Senior, please summon all the other Heaven ranked battle monsters you have. Let this junior have a look!”

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