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LLS Chapter 578 – She is laughing, proudly smiling. [edited]

Chapter 578 – She is laughing, proudly smiling. [edited]
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“How to be a ruler?” the sole of Empress Jellyfish’s feet exploded with energy and she directly stepped on Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s neck bone with a thud until it broke: “First, be ruthless enough!”

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was in so much pain, he did not want to live.

He howled tragically.

Empress Jellyfish turned a deaf ear, pointed at Nine-headed Sea Goblin King with her delicate finger and he stopped immediately. It was as if something sealed his mouth. Hai Ying Wu looked at Yue Yang, waiting for him to silently allow, then walked to Empress Jellyfish with fear and awe. With regards to this scary woman, Hai Ying Wu was totally on her guard, extremely afraid of being duped accidentally.

If Yue Yang was not present, she would definitely not walk in front of Empress Jellyfish.

This woman was seriously too scary!

“As a ruler, you must be ruthless. You would be able to intimidate others with your dignity only when you are ruthless enough.” Empress Jellyfish looked at Hai Yingwu with a gaze that was like a sharp blade: “Little girl, if you want to be the Ocean Emperor, please remember this: never ever let anyone from the Sea Clan have a chance to challenge your dignity. If they do, then you will have to kill them!” When Empress Jellyfish was saying this, she was only looking at Hai Yingwu, and not at Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan. But the both of them were frightened as they felt that Empress Jellyfish was talking about the both of them.

“Why are you telling me these?” Hai Yingwu could not understand. Based on normal reason, wasn’t she her enemy?

“Guan Lan’s daughter, you know what my status is when I stand in front of you? I am the Sea Clan’s Empress Jellyfish, Guan Lan’s original other half, and you should even call me Empress Mother.” Empress Jellyfish’s voice was as cold as ice.

“No, I would definitely not call you Empress Mother.” Hai Yingwu raised her chest with hatred showing on her face: “ My mother is a female slave, not an empress and she has already passed away! My father committed suicide due to your children’s revolt. I have nothing to do with you. Besides, Empress Jellyfish, please look carefully, I, Hai Yingwu, am already the new generation Ocean Emperor, the previous generation Ocean Emperor Guan Lan has already become history…… Now, there is only Ocean Emperor Hai Yingwu, there is no Empress Jellyfish!”

“Very good, you sound a bit more like an Ocean Emperor.” Empress Jellyfish laughed humorlessly.

“I learnt this from you…… You said, not to let anyone in the Sea Clan challenge my dignity, if they do, I should kill them!” Hai Yingwu raised the Ocean Emperor Halberd in her hand and pointed it towards Empress Jellyfish.

She hated this scary woman in her heart.

If she was not worried about getting a curse if she killed her, Hai Yingwu really would have used the halberd on her.

Her mother’s tragic death, her father’s tragic death. She seemed to have missed happiness narrowly. Luckily she met Yue Yang, and he brought her to meet her father and received his powers and the blood line to carry on as Ocean Emperor in the end. Thus, allowing her to become what she is today. Before this, she was always living in suffering, always careful. Many times, she was almost killed by the princes and princesses that this woman gave birth to.

Hai Yingwu’s biggest memory about Empress Jellyfish was the fact that this woman constantly killed female slaves and Ocean Emperor Guan Lan’s illegitimate children in large batches.

Luckily she was smart and cautious enough to escape. She kept hiding her abilities, and acted like a weakling.

Of course, her mother and other sisters helped to protect her as well.

Without them, she would not have met Yue Yang and died early on…… If Xiang Yu did not stab Empress Jellyfish, Hai Yingwu would have really wanted to kill this woman personally. Only this kind of woman was the biggest obstacle for her to become Ocean Emperor. However, now that she had a hole in her heart, she would definitely die. Moreover, she had a curse, thus she could not attack her.

“New Female Ocean Emperor Your Majesty, you seem to be learning very quickly, but have you really learnt it? Do you dare to kill me?” Empress Jellyfish loosened her foot, walked away from Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s head until she was in front of Hai Yingwu and stared at her.

“I don’t need to kill you because you are going to die soon!” Hai Yingwu countered without showing any weakness.

“Coward!” Empress Jellyfish suddenly slapped Hai Yingwu’s face and glared at her, then went back to staring at Hai Yingwu with an icy look. The distance between their faces was barely 3 inches. Hai Yingwu was terrified, but she clenched her fist tightly, not willing to show any signs of weakness for this woman in front of Yue Yang. She knew that he was looking at her. Whether she was a qualified Female Ocean Emperor would depend on today. Hai Yingwu used all her strength to not step backwards, angrily stared at empress Jellyfish, who was giving a icy look. Even if she was slightly trembling, she would not cower.

From a spectator’s point of view, they would be surprised to find out that there two women may look different on the outside but their vigor and character were amazingly similar.

Seeing the two of them staring at each other face to face, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan suddenly felt disheartened. Disparity, what is disparity, this is disparity! If it was one of them, Jie Wei and Yan would not have had the guts to do this.

Empress Jellyfish kept staring at Hai Yingwu: “There is no longer a curse on my body, and my heart is in pieces. I am in a state of weakness, and even used part of my energy to control and suppress the trash, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. As the Ocean Emperor, you don’t even dare to kill someone in this state with your halberd? How are you even considered the Ocean Emperor? You don’t even dare to kill an obstacle that stands in your way to the throne, you are practically a cowardly and useless pitiful creature! You are counting on using someone else’s power to help you obtain the position of the Ocean Emperor? You are counting on using someone else’s power to obtain your own happiness? Think about it, you cowardly woman, how did your mother die, how did your companions die, how did your father die……”

“Stop talking, otherwise, I will kill you!” Hai Yingwu felt that her chest was about to burst from rage. To be looked down by Empress Jellyfish was one of the biggest failures in her life, unfortunately Yue Yang had to witness this.

“Let me tell you, I was the one who ordered for your mother to be killed; I was also the one who ordered for your companions to be killed; even your father, that useless guy was like a person who refused to face reality. He thought he was very smart and tried to make petty maneuvers behind my back, but did not know that I was always aware of his actions and thought that he had escaped from my clutches! The battle that occurred at the Underwater Graveyard was controlled by me behind the scenes. Your father was also killed by me…… What can you do about it? Continue Guan Lan’s energy and blood-line, possess the young golden dragon that he gave you but so what? A coward will always be a coward! Even after inheriting his power and blood-line, you can never become a truly powerful person!” Empress Jellyfish mocked and ridiculed Hai Yingwu.

“Go and die, you evil woman!” Hai Yingwu raised the Ocean Emperor Halberd, and hacked at her ruthlessly.

“Humph!” Empress Jellyfish closed her eyes, not even dodging the blow at all.

However, an unexpected thing happened.

Furious Hai Yingwu did not behead Empress Jellyfish with the Ocean Emperor Halberd.

That super sharp Ocean Emperor Halberd filled with splendid energy went close to Empress Jellyfish’s neck then stopped. Due to the lack of control, a red line of blood was drawn on the surface of the skin on her neck.

Hai Yingwu took a deep breath, changed her mood: “Empress Jellyfish, although you tried really hard to provoke me to kill you, I still don’t want to do that. I am the Ocean Emperor, and have my own will. I will not do whatever you want me to do! It’s true that I really hate you, but don’t try to use my hatred to destroy my rationality! I want to kill you with my halberd, but there is no need for that anymore as you are already a dead person! I, Hai Yingwu, am the new Female Ocean Emperor, and I possess a one of a kind willpower and dignity. I will not be affected by the previous generation’s old empress…… Although I did not know why you wanted to provoke me to kill you, but I will not fulfill your wishes! I have decided that this is the true willpower of the real Ocean Emperor!”

Empress Jellyfish stilled after listening.

She did not let out any sound for a long time.

Just as Hai Yingwu was ready to turn around and leave, Empress Jellyfish suddenly laughed out loudly.

Once she laughed, fresh blood spurted out from the wound on her chest. The injury erupted like a mountain flash flood and could not be stopped.

But Empress Jellyfish seemed like she did not notice the fresh blood spurting out of her chest like a waterfall and continued laughing. She laughed till her whole body was convulsing, there were even tears in her eyes after laughing so much: “hahahahaha…… Guan Lan, you did not believe me your whole life, but now, let me tell you that you were wrong…… hahaha, haha……”

Hai Yingwu looked at Empress Jellyfish. She thought to herself, had this woman gone crazy?

Empress Jellyfish’s body shook.

Then stood firmly on the ground.

She tooks strides and walked towards Hai Yingwu.

Hai Yingwu was slightly frightened and unknowingly took 3 steps backwards.

Empress Jellyfish continued to walk towards her. Large amounts of fresh blood would spurt out from her wound every time she took a step, forming bloody footprints.

“What do you want to do?” Hai Yingwu tried to suppress her fear with all her strength, and stared at Empress Jellyfish who was acting like a lunatic.

“Guan Lan, you did not accomplish much your whole life. Luckily you left a decent daughter…… Guan Lan, you did not lose, but I won.” Empress Jellyfish walked till she was in front of Hai Yingwu. Her mouth was filled with blood but she still wanted to laugh. When Hai Yingwu decided to retreat due to fear, Empress Jellyfish removed the bloodied Meteorite Pearl Necklace on her neck, and hanged it onto Hai Yingwu’s neck gently. While gurgling blood and smiling: “I’ll teach you one last trick: find a man that is smarter than you, you must not find a man like your father that is sharp but petty-minded at all cost. Those kind of guys can’t even tell that his wife and female slave are the same person……”

“Eh?” Hai Yingwu felt that it was slightly odd, but could not figure out why at that moment.

Empress Jellyfish collapsed to the ground.

Hai Yingwu instinctively stretched out her hand and hugged onto Empress Jellyfish’s body, urgently asked: “What did you mean by that? Who are you?”

Empress Jellyfish used her hands that were covered in blood and caressed Hai Yingwu’s face. She closed her eyes slowly and laughed proudly: “Take a guess?”

After saying that, both her hands fell powerlessly.

It was like she was sleeping, Empress Jellyfish lay down in Hai Yingwu’s embrace. Her eyes were closed and her lips were still curved upwards, in a smile.

She smiled, and she was smiling proudly……

Hai Yingwu realized that she was crying for no reason. Drop by drop, they fell onto Empress Jellyfish’s proud and pleased face…… She looked up at Yue Yang, who had walked to her side while she was unaware, her voice hoarse, she asked to seek confirmation: “Who is she? Can you tell me who she is? Why? Why is this like that?”

Yue Yang nodded his head at Hai Yingwu: “She is the most important person in your life. This world has became wonderful because of her existence!”

Hai Yingwu was stunned, big beads of tears rolled down her face.


They splashed onto the dead Empress Jellyfish’s face.

Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan kneeled down and kowtowed to bid their farewells to Empress Jellyfish.

At the last moment, they were totally subdued, and they happily accepted her.

They were all women, but compared to Empress Jellyfish, they were extremely ashamed!

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    • Kiyojitsu says:

      Yeah, she had a curse, but its not like she cant have children, but the curse will pass to her children if she once died or the curse will pass to whom who killed her. So self proclaimed sky emperor killed her and curse passed to him.

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    This might be the best arc so far. Empress Jellyfish completely stole the show. Her character was so good, I started out thinking that Empress Jellyfish was a dumb title, now I can’t help but think how badass Jellyfish sounds

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