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LLS Chapter 577 – Curse [edited]

Chapter 577 – Curse [edited]
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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That man who was pretending to be an Ocean Ritual Master charged towards Hai Ying Wu like lightning.

Hai Ying Wu didn’t step back even a little bit.

Behind her, the two Abyss Manatees, which were holding long blades with both of their hands, swam out quickly and defended in front of her. While they swung their long blades getting ready to attack, the man who was pretending to be an Ocean Ritual Master slowly stretched out his left hand and pressed it on the ground. A special type of territorial energy spread out from his left hand. Though the area was not very big and was only 20 meters in diameter, the two Abyss Manatees and him sunk into stillness. It was as if time and space in the territory had stopped.

One man and two beasts did not move at all in the territory.

The man who was pretending to be an Ocean Ritual Master floated in mid-air, the two Abyss Manatees maintained their attack stance, holding onto their long blades.

The two most powerful Abyss Manatees had been restrained. Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and Xiang Yu felt at ease. Although the appearance of the Abyss Manatees was unexpected, but ‘that man’ is here, so nothing will be a problem. In fact, that man came to deal with the two guardians, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo. But, because of the appearance of Empress Jellyfish, the plans had changed.

No one knew what Empress Jellyfish said to Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo to convince them to kill the demon brothers.

Killing the demon brothers seemed to be a huge loss as they lost two fighters.

But in truth, the Sky Vault Constellations Seal would be unbalanced easily if Obsidian Prison Seal was not there to balance it…… Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo killed the Demon Brothers, causing them to be drained of a lot of energy. When they go to Icy Wind Valley to suppress Demon Marshall Yan Shuo, their vitality would definitely be sapped. Even if they come back, they would be unable to stop that man from opening the Sky Vault Constellation Seal, and obtaining the Ancient Demon King’s perfect demon body.
(Changed dome seal to Sky Vault Constellation Seal)

“Die, prostitute!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King leveled up to Innate Level 9. He felt that he could handle Empress Jellyfish even if he did not transform into a demon.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King waved his hand as a distraction and then kicked Empress Jellyfish’s lower abdomen with great force, causing Empress Jellyfish to fly back 10 meters.

Blood was flowing down her mouth, but she still held her steely gaze, stood up straight and planted her feet firmly on the ground.

Empress Jellyfish’s expression was as if she was not injured at all. She appeared to maintain her disdain for the arrogant Nine-headed Sea Goblin King…… The thing that ticked the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King the most was looking at her make that kind of expression. Xiang Yu was about to rush towards Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan, but stopped in his tracks immediately when he saw Empress Jellyfish’s gaze. He felt a chill in his body. The kind of anger in her look was without hatred, without any loser or weakling. It was more like a winner or a ranker who had total control of the situation. Xiang Yu felt that if he saw some ants making threatening gestures and strutting around, he would have the same look of disdain and contempt just like Empress Jellyfish.

That’s right, it was contempt.

Xiang Yu could see clearly in Empress Jellyfish’s eye that there was a look of mocking disdain.

“What this king hates the most is that look on your face. Die!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King pounced forward like a madman.


Empress Jellyfish spat out this word coldly. It was as cold as ice frost.

Her hands did not defend in anyway. She just slowly avoided Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s fist, then while the opponent was swinging his fist, she grabbed Nine-headed Sea Demon King’s throat and threw him to the ground ruthlessly.


Huge vibrations resonated throughout the entire battle arena. The Constellations above the Sky Vault were also affected and started to become darker.

Other than Yue Yang who looked at the Sky Vault, no one else had the time to look above their heads.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King wanted to stand up.

But Empress Jellyfish stepped on his head with her foot and humiliated him by forcing him back onto the ground: “In front of this Empress, garbage like you will forever be dogs! If you wag your tail well, I will reward you with a bone. But you do not recognize your own master and barked crazily, which will lead to your death!”

“Darn you, prostitute……”

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was so angry that his whole body started shaking. He never expected that Empress Jellyfish could step on his head even after he had obtained demon energy.

This was such the greatest disgrace!

The demon energy the just obtained exploded, and his body started to demonise.

The high temperature demon energy erupted from Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s body. As it burned and ignited, the earth shaking energy exploded. Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, who had attained Innate level 10 in an instant, raised his head angrily. Little by little, he lifted Empress Jellyfish who was still stepping on him…… His neck bone was popping to the point of breaking. It was very painful, but he felt that if he did not succeed in lifting his head in front of Empress Jellyfish, he would never be able to regain his pride.

“Idiot!” Empress Jellyfish used 10 times more energy to step on him, instantly stepping Nine-headed Sea Goblin King into the ground.

“Aaaaa!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King struggled again and again.

But every time he lifted his head after much effort, Empress Jellyfish would use a faster speed and more energy to step on his head until it was on the ground. Until now, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King finally realized that Empress Jellyfish’s strength was not lesser than the demon energy he obtained, and maybe even surpass it.

If Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was alone, this battle would have ended.

But there was still a powerful aid from the winged clan, Xiang Yu, who was holding onto a holy sword.

At first, Xiang Yu wanted to escape.

The circumstances did not seem to be good for him, Empress Jellyfish was more powerful than he expected.

But that man was still here. Without that man’s support, with the defeat of his ally Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, in addition to the fact that he had already offended a strong enemy Empress Jellyfish, the seat of Sky Emperor seemed impossible to achieve.

After thinking, Xiang Yu who was holding onto the holy sword bit down hard, and decided to fight on.

If he succeeded, then he would have a chance in becoming Sky Emperor.


Xiang Yu increased to the highest level and used all the energy he had in his body, with the light holy sword as his weapon. Human and weapon combined together shot towards Empress Jellyfish in anger.

He did not hope that he would kill the enemy, but just to save Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, his ally.

If the two of them worked together to fight Empress Jellyfish, they might still have a chance to win. As long as they beat back Empress Jellyfish, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan would be insignificant. Once Ancient Demon King’s perfect body was released from the Sky Vault Constellations Seal, Guang Ming Continent’s chief consul, the position of Tong Tian Tower’s Sky Emperor would be his.

The holy sword moved like lightning.

Under Xiang Yu’s attack with all his effort, he actually succeeded in stabbing Empress Jellyfish…… What made it weird for Xiang Yu was that Empress Jellyfish did not make any attempts to avoid him. It was as if she did not see the attack coming.

The holy sword was incomparably sharp and it pierced into Empress Jellyfish’s back and out on the other side.

Xiang Yu was stunned, he totally could not believe it.

He killed Empress Jellyfish with one sword?

Why didn’t she avoid it?

Jie Wei and Yan, the two countesses were screaming silently. They were also unable to believe it. Empress Jellyfish was dead?

Only Yue Yang knew the real reason why and sighed lightly. He could have stopped her from doing this, but he respected her last wishes. He watched quietly and let her handle this because this battle arena would be Empress Jellyfish’s last stage. The final act could only be finished by her… At the entrance Hai Ying Wu also saw everything.

Hai Ying Wu felt that it was odd. She hated this woman because she had killed her mother and her father.

Before this, she could not wait to kill her personally. But when she saw the sword go through her heart, she could not bear it.

“Ah, howl!” Empress Jellyfish was still stepping on Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. he wanted to take this opportunity to escape.

“Worm, you are only fit to eat the mud under my foot……” Empress Jellyfish stepped on Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s head again. It was as if she did not see the holy sword in her chest. She still held the ‘I am in control of the whole situation’ gaze with arrogance.

“Why?” Xiang Yu shuddered. He could not understand why Empress Jellyfish did not avoid him when she could have. Why didn’t she avoid this fatal attack?

“There is an incurable curse in my body because I used a taboo power that I should not have used. This curse would be passed onto my descendents when I die. Of course, I would not want my descendants to have this curse, thus I chose you! Whoever kills me will have the curse.” Once Empress Jellyfish finished her sentence, Xiang Yu’s face turned greenish blue. He was scared out of his wits.

He gave up on his holy sword and stumbled backwards.

He raised both of his hands and suddenly realized that there were weird black spots on his hands. It was like some sort of rune diagram, deeply burned into his skin, flesh, bone marrow and even his soul.

Xiang Yu knelt on the floor in pain, screamed out in desperation: “No, you can’t do this to me……”

“There are many choices in life, once you make the wrong ones, nothing can be reversed.” Empress Jellyfish removed the sword that had her blood, and the holy sword came out of her body, falling in front of Xiang Yu: “You are just a chess piece to me. Since the moment you pretended to be an Ocean General and stepped in here, you are destined to die.”

“No, it can’t end like this. I should be the Guang Ming Continent’s Chief Consul, I should be Tong Tian Tower’s Sky Emperor!” Xiang Yu lifted the light holy sword in grief. The moment his hands touched the light holy sword, the bright and shiny holy sword seemed to be contaminated by evil spirit energy, turning dull and dark. The sword quickly transformed into skeleton demon sword that had the shape of a demon bone….. When Xiang Yu lifted the sword, desperate tears formed in his eyes. He finally understood that his dream to become the Sky Emperor would never happen……

“A man can be ignorant, but taking this ignorance as truth, thinking that the ridiculously small delusion is the power to control everything, that person would be an idiot.” Empress Jellyfish snorted: “Do you know what is the scariest thing about life? It is not knowing where you stand and believe in oneself infallibly!”

“Prostitute. Xiang Yu, kill this darned prostitute! No matter if we are human or demons. As long as we have power, we are still gods!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King struggled with all his strength, but it was a futile attempt and he could not escape from beneath Empress Jellyfish’s foot.

Even now, he was still unable to do it.

Xiang Yu raised the sword in despair.

Ready to kill himself.

He felt that his thoughts were like an unqualified retard in front of Empress jellyfish.

“If you kill yourself, not only will you not die, the curse will spread to your entire clan. You have a thousand years to reflect in the pain and torture of the curse.” Once Empress Jellyfish said that, Xiang Yu knelt on the floor. It was as if his soul had left his body and he was like a living dead.

“Let me go…… Darned prostitute, I will kill you!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was still struggling beneath Empress Jellyfish’s foot but was unable to escape.

“You, come here.” Empress Jellyfish pointed at Hai Ying Wu, who was watching the battle from afar.

“Me?” Hai Ying Wu was stunned with a startled expression on her face.

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