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LLS Chapter 576 – Who is Scheming against Who?

Chapter 576 – Who is Scheming against Who?
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Inside the Secret Door’s Meteorite Fort.

Yue Yang did not have the leisurely mood to help Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo fight againsts Ancient Demon King. Firstly, Ancient Demon King had escaped from the secret door a long time ago. To find him, would be like finding a needle in a haystack; secondly, Ancient Demon King’s body was still sealed in the dome. Not only is it sealed by the Dome’s Constellations, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo had been watching over it. Even if it was a powerful Heaven Ranked Ranker, it would be almost impossible to take take body away. Let alone the Dome’s Seal, Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains are both very powerful; thirdly, Ancient Demon King was paranoid, thus he would never set foot into the Secret Door again.

Instead of risking his life again and again, escaping death would give him freedom.

Ancient Demon King would rather not have his physical body then to step into the Secret Door World.

“If you are unwilling to help us, why did you kill the Demon Brothers?” Feng Zhu was slightly curious. By killing the Demon Brothers, Yue Yang did not get a single cent of commission!

“That’s because I told him to kill them…… What he will get for doing this, shall be the entire Tong Tian Tower’s territorial waters, and maybe even more.” Empress Jellyfish came back, her stare was like a sword. She looked at Yue Yang like she could look straight into his heart: “You took too long, luckily it is not too late yet.”

“Cough.” Yue Yang knew what she was going to criticise him about.

It seems that Empress Jellyfish had already predicted that he would return to the Grimoire World and have sex with Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

Maybe he had spent a little too long having sex with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, this seemed to have affected her plans.

Yue Yang felt slightly awkward, but he had a thick skin and pretended to not hear her.

Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan wanted to speak in defense of Yue Yang. Empress Jellyfish lightly waved her hands: “Forget it. No harm was done to the plan at all. Actually, it is better this way. After the last minute minor changes, the enemies will be less paranoid and it would be easier for our plan to succeed and become more perfect.

Bei Feng Jia Suo looked at her strangely: “Was it part of your plan for Third Young Master to kill the Demon Brothers? What kind of plan is it?”

Both Jie Wei and Yan did not understand why as well.

Only Yue Yang was able to guess a part of it.

He even managed to predict what Empress Jellyfish was about to say next, but did not rush to reveal it. He only smiled and quietly waited for Empress Jellyfish to speak. Even though Empress Jellyfish was an enemy, she was extremely intelligent and scheming. To be enemies with someone like that would be very problematic; However, to become allies with someone like her would be quite interesting. If she was not cursed, and her death imminent, Yue Yang would really look forward to fight with her.

Pity, Yue Yang could already tell.

This 1000 year plan shall be Empress Jellyfish’s last mission before she dies.

Empress Jellyfish slowly shut her eyes: “The formulation of this plan started 1000 years ago. Maybe you guys have forgotten. At that point of time, there was a young servant that suggested to the 3 elders, Ai Shi, Tie Bing and Gu She to let you guys kill the Demon Brothers. Keeping the Demon Brothers alive from then on was all for today’s plan……”

“You, you were that intelligent young servant girl from the past?” Feng Zhu was very shocked.

“Let’s not talk about the past. Now I will tell you guys my plan. Actually, regardless if it is you guys, the two younger sisters or me, even Third Young Master are now all part of the plan.”

Empress Jellyfish sat on the floor, gave Yue Yang, Jie Wei, Yan, and even the two guards Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo a task each.

Everyone was totally shocked after hearing Empress Jellyfish’s plan, including Yue Yang.

An adjective emerged in Yue Yang’s heart.

Frightening was the word to describe Empress Jellyfish’s scheme.

“Luckily she is not a man. Otherwise, it would be more problematic than that Scarlet Emperor” Yue Yang sighed inwardly.

“Fine. Even though we swore that only the Prison Emperor could order us around, we shall make an exception today.” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo muttered to themselves for a long time before finally making a decision: “ We shall listen to you once, and only this one time.”

Inside the secret door’s Snow Border World.

Icy Wind Valley.

As far as the eyes can see there was an endless snow mountain with continuous peaks and dips. It was an ice cold world. An Ancient Demon was buried in every single mountain top. These Ancient Demons were personally killed and imprisoned by the Prison Emperor. They would never be able to revive, unless gods descended to help them. They were once powerful but now they are just like dust in history and part of Prison Emepror’s military legacy.

In the middle of the many snow mountains, there was a huge valley that was extremely icy and windy.

Water droplets had already turned into ice, the cold wind was like a blade.

The only thing that did not match the surrounding environment of snow mountains was the lava lake at the bottom of the Icy Wind Valley that had hot lava raging in it.

There was a very powerful Demon sealed inside…… one of the four Ancient Demon Marshalls that worked under Ancient Demon King. This Demon Marshall from the Demon Clan was famous for being cunning. It was the only Ancient Demon that was able to fake it’s death successfully by temporarily dying and deceived Prison Emperor.

This Demon Marshall named Yan Shuo, started to struggled free from the seal slowly since 3000 years ago.

Almost every 1000 years, it will drill its way out of the ground, trying to breakthrough the Demon Cemetery that all Ancient Demons were buried in, from Icy Wind Valley’s ultimate seal.

If Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, the two powerful Heaven Rankers had not been suppressing it, it would have succeeded in escaping 2000 years ago. When the response of the death of the Demon Brothers spread, this Demon Marshall that had been waiting for thousands of years immediately awoke from the bottom of the Lava Lake. After repressing the emotions in its heart, it slowly swam through the lava, floating up.

When its head appeared at the surface of the Lava Lake, it immediately showed an evil look.

It saw the two people that it was most unwilling to see. The two powerful Heaven Rankers that had been guarding Ancient Demon King sealed in the dome, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo.

“Dog Shit. Why are the two of you not dead yet? It has already been 6000 year, why are the two of you still alive? This is so unfair. As Ancient Demons, we enjoy a long life. You guys are just lowly humans, with a short life. Like bean sprouts, when one germinates and leaves grow, but very quickly, after Spring ends and Autumn arrives, the leaves will immediately wilt and decay into the mud! I really want to understand why such a lowly species is actually able to defeat the noble Ancient Demon. We are the descendents of the gods, whereas humans are failed creations, puppets made out of the mud!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo shouted at Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo hatefully once it saw them.

“You say a lot of bullshit!” Feng Zhu grunted.

Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo suddenly released their strength to Heaven Rank Level 2 and ruthlessly attacked Yan Shuo.

The current Demon Marshall Yan Shuo had already attained the beginner stages of Heaven Ranked Level 3 after a thousand years of accumulating its strength and was much stronger than Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo combined. However, it was still sealed in the Icy Wind Valley’s seal from its knees and was unable to leave the Lava Lake.

Otherwise, with Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, it would not be easy to suppress it back into the Lava Lake.

Demon Marshall Yan Shuo also increased it power, and the thousand year energy and anger it accumulated exploded. Momentarily, flames raged into the sky, just like a volcanic eruption. Blood red lava shot towards the sky from the Lava Lake, making a deafening sound. Thick smoke emerged and pervaded the whole Lava Lake and right inside it, the 3 people were having a battle of life-and-death.

Boom boom boom boom boom……

A major battle just like the one a thousand years before repeated itself.

Half an hour later, the brave Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo that were blood-soaked retreated to a snow mountain top while Demon Marshall Yan Shuo crazily roared at them.

It was still unable to leave the surface of the Lava lake. Otherwise, it would not have been so easy for them to escape from the battle.

“Come out, Prison Dragon Pillar!” Feng Zhu held up his Prison Dragon Pillar high in the air. 3 incomparably huge golden hoops spread out on top of his head. As long as it reaches its full potential, it would be able to restrain the enemy. If that is so, even the Ancient Dragon would not be able to escape. Out of all the holy treasures, Prison Dragon Pillar was one of the best holy equipment. Its use totally depends on the will of its owner. The stronger the will of its owner, the more powerful the weapon becomes.

“Beheading Moon Chains……” if there was any weapon in the world that could be compared with the Prison Dragon Pillar, it would be the Beheading Moon Chains. When these two treasures are used together, it would be a formidable weapon.

“Damn it, Humans. You guys always use these kinds of despicable methods.” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo crazily sank back into the Lava Lake.

Facing these treasures, he knew his limitations.

If it did not continue to sink, it would end up like the demon brothers and get captured back to the Obsidian Fort’s Seal. In there, the seal’s power was much stronger, and it would be even harder for it to escape. Demon Marshall Yan Shuo cursed and sunk back into the Lava Lake to continue sleeping. Its strength was insufficient to escape from the seal, otherwise, it would not have been afraid of these two darned humans.

10 minutes passed. Suddenly, Demon Marshall Yan Shuo floated up like usual.

After that ugly head drilled through the Lava Lake, it suddenly showed a cunning and weird grin.

“Go back? It is already too late!” Demon Marshall Yan Shuo let out a ear shrilling laughter, looking very proud of himself.

At this time, on practice field, below the dome’s seal.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was arrogantly criticising Empress Jellyfish: “I did not hear this wrongly, did I? You said you disagree? Do you have the ability to stop this? You are a prostitute that is like a sow. I used you in the past, and reluctantly slept with you. Otherwise, I would not have even given you a second glance! You have no idea how disgusting you are, always acting like a queen. It’s disgusting. Do you think that you would no longer be a prostitute if you act like this? I really feel sad for that fool, Guan Lan. Why was he willing to marry spoilt goods like you, not even knowing how many times you cheated on him! Damn it. Even up till today, I still cannot be sure whether that idiot Sea Dragon is my biological son! There is no reason for him to be such an idiot if he really is my son!”

Empress Jellyfish did not say anything.

Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan also hid in a corner. As for Yue Yang who pretended to be a General Ni Ji, he just yawned as he was bored to death.

Xiang Yu who was holding onto the Holy Sword, did not even look at Yue Yang and the others, but only stared at Empress Jellyfish.

He coughed and reminded the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King that was fanatically hooting: “Yao Feng, this woman isn’t that simple. I don’t have a good feeling about this. She seems to be hiding her abilities and does not look like Innate Level 8.”

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King unhappily roared: “If she thinks that I am still the man I once was, that would be a big mistake! I have received the demon’s power and attained the highest level of Innate Level 10. This prostitute is only at Innate Level 8, Even if her real rank is Innate Level 9 or 10, she would still be dead!”

“Idiot! Even if I did not hide any of my abilities, you would be too trivial to be my opponent. For an idiot like you that do not have any real strength, you would always be kneeling in front of me, just like how you did in the past. Licking my foot like a dog!” Once Empress Jellyfish said that, everyone looked at Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. No one could imagine that Nine-headed Sea Goblin King would lick Empress Jellyfish’s foot just to get into her good books? Yue Yang almost forgot to give Nine-headed Sea Goblin King a thumbs up!

“Vomit!” Hui Tai Lang almost puked. The most it would do to show its loyalty to its owner, would be to rub his legs and shake its tail. This guy actually licked foot. His preferences were way too strong!

“Damn it prostitute……” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King let Empress Jellyfish expose the truth about his past. He immediately felt ashamed and was so angry that his whole body vibrated.

“Cough cough cough!” His ally, Xiang Yu, pretended not to hear, but secretly felt happy.

“That’s enough, stop talking rubbish with them. Take advantage of the fact that Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo’s absence, quickly kill these people. As long as the dome’s seal is destroyed, the demon brothers would come out. According to the promise, we will support you to become Sky and Ocean Emperor.” A man dressed in the Ocean ritual’s attire kept following them silently. He sensed that there was indeed no ambush surrounding them, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo were also so far away at the Icy Wind Valley suppressing Demon Marshall Yan Shuo and would not be able to come back quickly, thus he slowly spoke. Once he opened his mouth, he immediately ordered Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and Xiang Yu to move. He seemed like a very respectable man.

“Sky Emperor has nothing to do with me. However when it comes to the Ocean Emperor, the Sea Clan already has a suitable candidate for a successor.” Suddenly, a person swooped in from the passage outside. It was Hai Yingwu and she was holding onto the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd.

Her gaze disregarded the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, sweept past Empress Jellyfish and directly at Yue Yang, who was hiding in the corner and drawing circles on the ground in boredom.

Nine-headed Sea Demon King was stunned. Why would somone appear now to disturb?

Moreover, it’s an Innate Level 1 girl.

Seeing Hai Yingwu wearing Ocean Emperor’s Halberd and armor, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan immediately stared at her.

This woman really looks like someone…… Emperor Jellyfish opened her eyes, looked once at Hai Yingwu, then slowly closed her eyes again. It was as if she didn’t see this person. The face of the man dressed in the Ocean ritual’s attire changed slightly after seeing Hai Yingwu coming in, immediately waved his hand, and shouted: “Kill her and kill everyone else. We have limited time!”

“Don’t worry, this is just an Innate Level 1 female. I only need one finger to kill her in a second.” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King did not care at all.

He was comparably more vigilant when it came to Empress Jellyfish.

Empress Jellyfish was a successful woman who had power over the Sea Clan for a thousand years after all.

If he had not received the demon’s power, and had someone powerful supporting him, he would not have had the guts to challenge Empress Jellyfish.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was like lightning, flying towards Hai Yingwu, grabbed onto the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd with his right hand and Hai Yingwu’s neck with his left. He wanted to kill the opponent within a second, and also snatch the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd to become the new Ocean Emperor legitimately.

“Something’s wrong……” The man dressed in the Ocean ritual’s attire suddenly cried out, warning Nine-headed Sea Goblin King to be careful.

However, it was already too late.

Two huge wings, one left and one right extended out and easily obstructed Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s attack. Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s arms were pushed back by an irresistibly powerful force. Hai Yingwu confidently waved the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd with a huge amount of force. In addition to the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd’s own power, it directly hit Nine-headed Sea Goblin King until he flew from the impact.

If she was not an Innate Level 1 Ranker and could only bring out part of Ocean Emperor’s Halberd power, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King would have been severely injured.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King angrily flew down from the sky, getting ready to strike back.

Once he saw the two bodyguards behind Hai Yingwu, he immediately got shocked and stood there…… There were actually two Sea Clan Protector Gods from legends, Abyss Manatee. They actually appeared behind the unfamiliar girl, becoming her bodyguard.

No wonder she could easily hit him when he used his Innate Level 9’s power. The reason was because she had 2 Heaven Ranked Level 2 bodyguards.

“Aren’t Sea Clan’s Protector Gods already dead?” Xiang Yu also felt a bitter taste at the back of his throat. I’m finished, I massacred too much and provoked the Sea Clan Protector Gods.

“Quickly kill the Empress Jellyfish and go open the dome’s seal……” The man dressed in the Ocean ritual’s attire suddenly took a deep breath, looked at Hai Yingwu again and groaned in a calm and composed manner: “Let me deal with her.”

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