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LLS Chapter 575 – What is Ancient Demon King’s rank?

Chapter 575 – What is Ancient Demon King’s rank?
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Both Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo could not believe that Yue Yang could kill a Heaven Ranked Level 1 in just 1 minute, it was too unimaginable for them.

Even if they tried their best, worked together and used Prison Dragon Pillar or Beheading Moon Chains, it would still take them more than an hour to kill a Heaven Ranked Level 1. It would also depend on the opponent’s size and race’s abilities. For some that are larger in size, such as the Ancient Demons, which would never die unless their heads were chopped off and smashed to pieces, the battle would continue for a longer period of time.

It would require both Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo more than a day to carry out the task of killing the 2 Ancient Demons.

You have to understand, that to fight with one enemy and to fight with two enemies wasn’t as simple as increasing the amount of time in battle. In a fight where it was two against one, the amount of effort the solo fighter was required to use was increased by ten folds.

“What is your current rank?” Feng Zhu could not figure out Yue Yang’s true rank. He thought that Yue Yang was a powerful Heaven Ranked fighter with a ranking that was higher than his.
“Innate Level 6, ah, it’s Innate Level 7, I increased my rank after killing the demon brothers just now.” Yue Yang replied.

“How is that possible……” Not only was it unbelievable for Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, both Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan felt that it was unimaginable. There had been precedents where low levels killed high levels. However, for an Innate Level 7 to kill a Heaven Ranked Level 1, it was more impressive than an ant killing an elephant. If the difference was only one level, due to the suppression of one’s attributes or techniques, it would still be reasonable for a high level to lose. The problem is how many level difference was there between Heaven Ranked Level 1 and Innate Level 7? Without mentioning Innate Level 7, even if it was Innate Level 8 or even Innate Level 9, Heaven Ranked Level 1 would have been able to kill them within a second.

“Forget it, let’s not talk about this problem.” Yue Yang felt it was fotunate that he did not tell them he had killed Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu, otherwise they would have gone crazy.

Of course, killing Hei Hu the other time was due to many reasons.

Firstly, Zhi Zun and Night Empress worked together and had already seriously injured the careless Hei Hu.

Secondly, many magical weapons and beasts worked together to surround and kill him. Additionally, Cang Yan that selfish bastard who only wanted to save himself and thus was not willing to come forward to rescue Hei Hu, left him to battle alone.

Thirdly, and the most important reason of all, Yue Yang used the Ancient Code power bestowed to him by the Card of Fate. Hei Hu was unable to fight back. The world destroying demon wolf that Hui Tai Lang became almost succeeded in swallowing Hei Hu, forcing Hei Hu to continuously deplete his life force. Due to the restriction from Prison Emperor’s Seven Stars Pillars, when Hei Hu failed to teleport, it allowed Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian to use Divine Weapons one after the other to defeat him. At the time where he was in so much pain that he wished he were dead, Hei Hu got hit by Yue Yang’s newly practiced Innate Invisible Sword Qi ‘Shuang Hua’. With such terrible injuries, Hei Hu who had an unkillable body was not able to survive.

Yue Yang managed to kill Hei Hu only because the stratagem succeeded.

Without Zhi Zun and Night Empress, it would be very difficult for him to kill Hei Hu.

Even if it was Yue Yang’s own estimates, killing the four Heaven Ranked Level 3 Central Palace Generals alone would be his limits.

If it was the less intelligent Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, Yue Yang could have intimidated him using the power of the Ancient Code and Nirvana Flame. However, it would still have been difficult to kill him. After all, Heaven Ranked Level 5 was not a pushover level and you could not pinch it however you would like to.

Heaven Ranked Level 5 was difficult to kill, but for Yue Yang, killing a Heaven Ranked Level 1 right now was no longer a problem.

He had gone through the Blood Lake Torture Chamber and fought the Ancient Titan. That was the most challenging battle. It was because at that point of time he had not mastered the power of the Ancient Code, his Innate Sword Qi had yet to receive guidance from Sword Goddess, thus had yet to form the black Gui Cang and the white Shuang Hua. Not only did Ancient Titan Wu Su had an extremely strong body, his heart also contained a drop of God’s Blood. Basically, he could not be killed. If Yue Yang did not have Nirvana Flame, it would have been impossible to kill the tough Wu Su.

The Ancient Demon brothers compared to the Heaven Ranked Level 1 Ancient Titan Wu Su, were clearly not of the same rank.

In actual fact, Ancient Titan Wu Su was not only at Heaven Ranked Level 1. It was due to the constant torment from the Blood Lake Torture Chamber that decreased his rank to Heaven Ranked Level 1…… Even if the Demon Brothers fought against the Ancient Titan Wu Su, two against one, they would still have died a terrible death.

Let alone this, just the ‘Titan Thunderbolt’ was enought to make the Demon Brothers not be able to walk away scott free.

Within Heaven Ranked Level 1, the Demon Brothers were practically the weakest ones in existence.

The Ancient Slaughterer’s body would surpass them in brute strength, even if its intelligence was slightly inferior to them.

“I still can’t believe it.” Bei Feng Jia Suo gave a request: “Can you take out Ancient Demon’s demon heart for us to take a look? Don’t tell me you didn’t even take the demon heart. Those are good stuff.”

“The demon heart was eaten by my dog.” Once Yue Yang said that, Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu both collapsed to the ground with a thud, almost fainting.

“Burp!” Hui Tai Lang coordinated by burping.

Both Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan laughed hysterically.

Yue Yang thought for a moment, took out a runic crystal bottle and passed it to Countess Jie Wei. This was demon blood that he refined using Nirvana Flame. Considering it as Jie Wei’s gift to thank her for bringing them in the secret door. As it turns out, demon blood burns at a temperature as high as lava and has a black red colour. After purifying it with Nirvana Flame, large amounts of demon blood concentrated in to 3 bottles. It was bright yellow in color and filled with energy.

This was very generous for Yue Yang to give Jie Wei such a valuable item.

At first, Jie Wei refused to accept the gift, but after a while, nodded her head and smiled: “ Thank you for the betrothal gift of the Yue Clan.”

She was referring to her daughter Yu Wen and Yue Ting’s marriage. Although Yue Yang had yet to make the decision, he was very supportive. With this, the marriage between the two families would happen soon.

Countess Yan was not a person that would lose out. She immediately suggested to Yue Yang: “Third Young Master, I have a naughty child at home too, only aged 9. I heard that little brother Yue Feng is very intelligent, has great potential. How about arranging a marriage between our families as well?”

“Oh my god……” Yue Yang felt dizzy just listening. He wasn’t a matchmaker in charge of marriages, and thus there is nothing he could do even if he really wanted to.

“Third Young Master, after this matter with the secret door is completed, I will head to Soaring Dragon Continent and personally make a formal visit to the Yue household to discuss the marriage formalities in detail.” Countess Yan seem to be very keen about this issue. Yue Yang secretly felt that it was a close call, luckily she was not trying to give him a daughter, otherwise Princess Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian would think that he was there just for the marriage. Actually both Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan both knew that it was impossible to marry their daughter to Yue Yang with Sky Law by his side. If Sky Law found out, this newly promoted Heaven Ranked will definitely explode with rage on the spot.

Instead of provoking Sky Law and angering her, it would be better to form a marriage alliance with the Yue Yang’s brothers, since they could still build a relationship like this.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master’s future was immeasurable while thier own daughters’ abilities were limited, making them an unfit match.

Regarding Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan’s good intentions, Yue Yang neither opposed it nor supported it. As long as this matters could be settled by Elder Yue Hai, he did not care about it. Besides, he did not even have time to date anyone himself, how would he have the time to care about others.

“Cough, Third Young Master……” Bei Feng Jia Suo opened his mouth.

“You have a daughter too?” Yue Yang felt that the sky had darkened and there was no longer any daylight left. It seemed that being famous was not a good thing at all. Everywhere he went, people would ask him about marriage.

“What are you thinking, I am not even married!” Bei Feng Jia Suo felt that he was going crazy. Where would he find a daughter to marry off to him. Even if he did have a daughter, she would be too precious to be married to to him!

“What he meant was to ask if you would like to work together with us. There is a very formidable guy in Icy Wind Valley. Every thousand years, he would drill his way out of the ground and it takes a large amount of energy for us hit him back into the ground. If you come with us, maybe it would be much easier.” Once Feng Zhu said that, Yue Yang understood that they felt his abilities were not bad and wanted to hire him as a hitman.

“How much is the salary?” Yue Yang decided to be specific about his terms upfront and be a gentleman later on by asking questions to clear his doubts.

“Salary?” Bei Feng Jia Suo was stunned.

“If you have no money, who would work for you? I am not going to help you hit this ground worm back into the ground for the two of you if I don’t get anything out of this!” Yue Yang refused. It was too early for him to serve the people. Even government officials only work for the money they earn. In one line: There’s no reason to work without benefits, no money means no motivation.

“Even if you do not join the battle, you can help by staying here and watch over the dome. As long as you see that the stars start in diminish in brightness, you can increase the energy by sending out rays of light, allowing the star seal here to absorb the energy and thus take effect once again.” Feng Zhu felt that this job was quite simple. Not to mention Yue Yang, even an Innate Ranker could do the job well. If it was not due to the worry that the Ancient Demon King’s substitute may sneak in, he would not have asked Yue Yang for his help to guard the dome.

“My apologies, I just asked a little beauty out and I can’t be late.” Yue Yang expressed that it was more important to solve the problem of him being a bachelor.

“Don’t you have any sense of justice! The Ancient Demon King is a very well known monster!” Bei Feng Jia Suo felt that Yue Yang was acting slightly weird. This lad was maturing too fast, normal human youths were at the peak of their righteousness at this age.

“Ah……yawn!” Yue Yang seemed tired, carelessly stretched his body and yawned.

“It seems that Tong Tian Tower is going to be destroyed!” Feng Zhu felt very dizzy. Tong Tian Tower finally gave birth to such a genius, but his character was lacking. It would be impossible for Tong Tian Tower to not be done for.

“The Prison Dragon Pillar and Beheading Moon Chains look good……” Yue Yang constantly glances at their treasures. Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo turned pale with fright after hearing what he said. They hurriedly shook their head and waved their hands: “No, these are Holy Items linked to our lives. Will and treasure in one body. We can’t give it to you no matter what. As for money, the both of us have been here for 6000 years. Where would we get money. Moreover, why would a man like you lack money!”

“I don’t lack money, but the problem is that without money, I would not have the ability to do work!” Yue Yang expressed that he now only needed a slogan to imitate Lei Feng. If he really truly imitated Lei Feng, then he would become an idiot.

“How about this. You can take a look at Icy Wind Valley first. If the guy drills his way out from the ground, you will come back and inform us and we will go there and kill him. Everything we obtain from the kill will belong to you. Will that do?” if it was Bei Feng Jia Suo in the past, he would have despised Yue Yang. However, now that he had something to ask of him, he could not show it even if he despised him.

“It’s too troublesome. Wouldn’t everything just belonged to me if I see it and kill it on the spot?” Yue Yang asked in reply.

“That can be done as well. You can have everything as long as you kill it!” Feng Zhu expressed that he did not want anything as well.

“Out of the question!” Yue Yang shook his head.

“Why not?” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo both felt faint. Why did he say no when they had already agreed that everything from the kill would belong to him?

“If I kill the man that is drilling his way out of the ground, there is no reason why the things would not belong to me, like how I just killed the Ancient Demon brothers. However, when the two of you tell me to kill him, there is no reason why should not be paid by the both of you. Like this, you guys are only telling me to do work but not paying me. Brother, this job is way too hard to be done by anyone. Who would do it without being paid? Only fools would do that!” Yue Yang felt that it was unfair.

“……” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo both listened. Suddenly, they smiled widely: “According to what you say, we have not taken any wages for 6000 years and yet we have watched over this place!”

“Your boss is too balck hearted. 6000 years without wages? Who told you guys to watch over this place?” Yue Yang asked.

“Prison Emperor.” Feng Zhu gloomily said his name.

“There is nothing I can do since the Prison Emperor has passed away.” Yue Yang wanted to help them but could not. At the same time, he was very curious: “Prison Emperor asked the both of you to guard this place for your whole life?”

“At first he said it was for 100 years. Who knew that after the secret door closed, there would be no news of him. We could not just leave this place without permission, thus we have stayed till now. It has been 6000 years, without getting rid of the Ancient Demon King , we have to continue guarding this place forever. Life is so hard!” Feng Zhu wanted to cry out loud. Unexpectedly, Bei Feng Jia Suo was the one to cry out: “It is still alright for you, borhter Zhu. You belong to the Soaring Dragon Continent, protecting your homeland is the right thing to do. I only came here from Heaven Realm to have fun, why must I watch over this place for 6000 years? It’s too much!”

“……Ah, okay, stop acting like you guys are crying. Let me think about the issue of the Ancient Demon King.” Yue Yang felt that as the new Prison Emperor, he should have some sense of responsibility, thus he asked: “What is his rank?”

“Ancient Demon King? Heaven Ranked Level 8!” Once Feng Zhu said that, Yue Yang immediately turned on his heels and walked away: “Take it that I didn’t ask!”

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