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LLS Chapter 574 – Actually, it’s consider slow this time!

Chapter 574 – Actually, it’s consider slow this time!
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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If Yue Yang did not appear, the Heaven Ranked Level 2 Abyss Manatee would exist as the Sea Clan’s Protector Gods. Now? Two Abyss Manatee were slave beasts! Helplessness was written on the two smart Abyss Manatee’s faces, after all, to be lead by the Li Brothers like a dog was slightly hurtful to their pride, but they had already come to understand that this was their destiny.

Who could blame them for being born at the wrong time?

If they were born 6000 years ago, they would be the Sea Clan’s Protector God when they came to Tong Tian Tower.

There was no hope in being the protector gods now but it’s not too bad being slave beasts. Thinking back to that day, their companions were killed by the Third Young Master with the God Killing Dagger, or killed by Zhi Zun’s Black Bullet and Night Empress’ Shooting Star.

A good death was inferior to living badly. It was already very fortunate that they were alive.

Wasn’t the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, which had the strength Heaven Ranked Level 5, also the Third Young Master’s slave?

What’s even more useless was that Heaven Ranked Level 5 Hei Hu, the grand Central Palace’s Outer Water Palace Elder died suddenly. The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master killed powerful Heaven Rankers like he was chopping up white cabbage. He did not care what rank you were in Heaven Realm nor how famous you are. In front of the power of the Ancient Code, Nirvana Flame, World Exterminating Wheel, all Heaven Rankers have to stand aside……

Besides, being a slave beasts for a powerful ranker is not that bad, at least there would be a high ranker taking care of you. Being someone’s slave was a slave? Hei Hu was not powerful enough, of course, so they would follow the Third Young Master to conquer the world.

Even if you travel through the entire Heaven Realm, it would be impossible to find a master like the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

Thus, being his slave beast was actually a kind of luck!

Once the Two Abyss Manatees saw Sea Dragon King rush towards them, they immediately took out the attitude of a slave beast, with a wave of the long beheading blade, they charged forward…… This was the best time for the both of them to accomplish something as they were anxious to do so. It was normally difficult for 2 Abyss Manatees to accomplish something. Hui Tai Lang that scumbag was always there to fight over the jobs they can do. This lowly dog was a World Exterminating Demon Wolf, born with the ability to get on with their owners very well, and was very good at boot-licking, thus he was favoured by the owners. Even if the two of them wanted to show off their abilities, they wouldn’t have the chance to!

A war finally broke out at Tong Tian Tower. If their owner find out that they did not accomplish anything…

The reckon that the fate of becoming a blood slave like the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, who was only kept for its blood, would befall them……

“Aaaaaaaaa!” Sea Dragon King was extremely terrified when he saw the two Abyss Manatees rushing forward. He knew very clearly what kind of existences these Abyss Manatees were. They were the Sea Clan’s Protector God, even if there was only one of them, it would be sufficient to eradicate the whole Sea Clan. Although Innate Level 10’s abilities were strong, it would not even be sufficient to defend against one of his opponent’s hand.

“Fishnet capture!” suddenly, a few fishnets flew out of the Ocean Surface.

Those were Heaven Realm Amphibious Fish Demon’s fishnets.

These kind of fishnets were very special. They are able to cause powerful Heaven Rankers Weng Jin, Three-eyed Tigerman and others to suffer.

Sea Dragon King had yet to reach the peak of Innate Level 10, compared to Weng Jin and others, he was still very weak. Even if he could escape from the fishnet using all of his strength, he would not be able to do it immediately. Moreover, once Sea Dragon King was captured by the fishnet, the two Abyss Manatees’ long beheading blade would have arrived……



Sea Dragon King’s body suffered two heavy strokes from the blade, and he was immediately badly injured.

But his vitality was surprisingly tenacious and he did not die.

Lava-like blood flowed from the Demon body as Sea Dragon King painfully fell towards the ocean surface. His two demon arms were chopped off and his body distorted.

He wanted to escape but the two Abyss Manatees, who wanted to accomplish something, would not let him escape. They immediately used Heaven Ranked Level 2 strength to chase after him. One grabbed him from the right, one from the left, and they pulled hard, directly tore the demonized Sea Dragon King apart into two. Sea Dragon King painfully bawled, a look of bitter resentment appeared in his eyes. The demon head that had not died , suddenly turned back and he opened his demon mouth to spit out a destructive blast wave towards Hai Yingwu that was below observing the battle.

“Roar!” the two Abyss Manatees were very furious.They took out their beheading blades together and refracted away the blast wave.

Following which, they stretched out their huge paws and pressed it onto Sea Dragon King’s demonized head.

One from the front and the other from the back.

Immediately squeezed his demonized head until it bursts into paste.

Seeing this, everyone in the Sea Clan was astonished and flabbergasted. They stood there watching without any reactions.

Innate Level 10 Sea Dragon King was killed just like that, it was almost like he was killed within seconds and he did not have any ability to defend himself…… Moreover, the ones who killed him were two Abyss Manatees that were Sea Clan’s Protector Gods.

The rebel army were all dumbstruck. Starting a war with the Protector Gods?

Wasn’t that seeking death?

Besides, Sea Dragon King was already dead, what were they even fighting for? Even if they do win, who would be emperor?

“Sea Clan rebel army, I have an order. Immediately disarm yourselves and surrender, otherwise, I kill you all without pardon!” Hai Yingwu waved the Ocean Emperor Halberd as her stern voice resonated through the skies.

Her shout totally defeated the rebel army’s willpower.

No one in the whole rebel army on the Star Gazing Cliff dared to treat this new female Ocean Emperor as their enemy, one after another, they ran away in defeat. Even Sea Dragon King’s 4 Ocean Marshalls ran away in fear. Even more rebel army soldiers knelt down in surrender at the glare that the two Abyss Manatee gave them……

Octopusman Boss, Swordfish Man Ji Feng, Mudskipper Man Sui Zui immediately chased after them. This was the best time to get rid of the enemy as they were all afraid and running for their lives. If they didn’t take this opportunity to root them out now, they might be trouble in the future. The 4 Ocean Marshalls under Sea Dragon King must be eliminated, other than them, the 10 Ocean Generals under Sea Dragon King must also be eliminated completely.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were also unwilling to be left behind, thus they chased after them as well.

For them, this was the best chance to temper oneself. Demon Abyss was afraid of Yue Yang’s rise in power, and have already ceased their war. Besides, Great Demon King Baruth and other Demon Abyss rulers have a secret agreement with Yue Yang, and they had a temporary alliance. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai would not be able to use the Demon Abyss to train even if they wanted to.

Meteor Shower Group of Island’s war was the best stage for them to display their abilities.

“Congratulations your Majesty Ocean Emperor, long live!”

As for the Sea Clan Citizens, they had already knelt on the floor and tears were rolling down their face to welcome Hai Yingwu as the new Female Ocean Emperor.

Temporarily, no one knew who Hai Yingwu was but this is no longer important.

What’s important was that she was Ocean Emperor Guan Lan’s daughter, had Ocean Emperor’s blood flowing through her veins and had his strength and right to the throne. Moreover, once she returned, she pacified the rebellion that Sea Dragon King started, and even has the support of two Protector God level Abyss Manatees. If she was not the Ocean Emperor, who else could she be? Although this new emperor was a female, it did not matter as she was better than Sea Dragon King by ten thousand times.

For the first time, Sea Clan citizens accepted her willingly and knelt on the ground, respectfully welcoming their Ocean Emperor.

Unknowingly, rain stopped falling from the sky.

The sky, that was covered by black clouds, suddenly parted to reveal an empty hole.

The blast wave that Sea Dragon King spat out that was refracted away by the two Abyss Manatees opened a hole in the clouds. Bright sunlight, shone through the sky like a light beam shining down directly onto the new female Ocean Emperor Hai Yingwu.

“Long Live……“

Once Sea Clan citizens see this, they believed strongly that this was heaven’s will, and bowed down to Hai Yingwu more respectfully.

However Hai Yingwu did not care about the citizen’s bows, but urgently flew towards Meteor Shower Palace.

Her aim was the secret door.

In front of the secret door, an old man was already waiting quietly.

“New Female Ocean Emperor, Nan Gong pays his respect.” This old man was the Elder Nan Gong. A benevolent smile appeared on his face, first he saluted slightly to Hai Yingwu, then he slowly raised his right hand for Hai Yingwu. When he opened his palm, there was a shiny silver key sitting there……

“Hai Yingwu thank Mr. Nan Gong.” Hai Yingwu respectfully extended an Innate Bow, nodded her head, extended her jade hands and took the silver moon key.

Behind, 4 expeditionary Ocean Marshalls that only followed orders from Empress Jellyfish quickly flew towards them.

They knelt on the floor, the two infront used both hands to present something to Hai Yingwu.

It was the Sun Key and Shooting Star Key found from Sea Dragon King’s body, and still had some blood stains on them, as they presented it to Hai Yingwu.

Hai Yingwu did not even look at them, just lightly waved her hands and the 4 Ocean Marshall’s stood up in sync. One of them came forward, respectfully bowed and held his hands above his head take the Silver Moon Key from Hai Yingwu‘s hand. Then he walked forward with his companions to reopen the sealed secret door. Inside the secret door, the world with pure white snow reappeared. Hai Yingwu looked at Elder Nan Gong once more.

“Go then, Nan Gong will be waiting for you and Third Young Master to come back outside the secret door.” Elder Nan Gong gave Hai Yingwu a reassuring smile.

“……” Hai Yingwu silently nodded her head.

She bowed slightly to Elder Nan Gong, then strode into the white snow world inside the secret door.

The 4 Ocean Marshalls guarded outside the door like they were extremely strong statues, waiting for the new Female Ocean Emperor to come back.

For them, this was an order given by their ancestors a thousand years ago that could only be fulfilled today..

Meteorite Fort, inside the battle arena.

Empress Jellyfish was nowhere to be found. But Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan were still there. As for Starfish General and other Ocean Generals, they had already picked up their courage to look for the big group that Elder Xing Pan led to stop outside.

Yue Yang came out from the Obsidian Prison alone without Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“You killed the Ancient Demon in such a short time?” Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan were shocked. That was a Heaven Ranked Level One Ancient Demon, and had a body with 50 meters in height. The Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and Sky Law managed to kill it within 30 minutes? According to Empress Jellyfish, there were 2 Ancient Demons sealed here and not one.

“It’s quite fast.” Feng Zhu was also very surprised.

“What treasures do you have with you? Divine Weapons?” Bei Feng Jia Suo felt that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would not have been able to kill the Ancient Demon in such a short time without any Divine Weapons!

“Divine Weapons are needed to kill them?” Yue Yang shook his head violently.

“How did you kill them so quickly without Divine Weapons?” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo could not believe.

“Actually, it’s already considered slow.” Yue Yang fixed the collar of his shirt, coughed slightly: “I just showered, changed my clothes before coming out. That’s why I was slightly slower.”

“Took, took a shower? “ Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo could not understand what they heard.

“……” Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan’s faces reddened. When they saw that Sky Law did not come out with him together, they guessed that maybe Third Young Master and Sky law had sex. After listening to Yue Yang, they affirmed that after Sky Law and Third Young Master finish killing the Ancient Demon, they still had time to go to the take a shower like married couples. After calculating things like this, how much time did this boy actually use to kill the Ancient Demon?

“How is this possible, you were in there for less than half an hour.” Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo felt that taking 30 mins to kill 2 Ancient Demons, and even taking time to take a shower and have a change of clothes then walk out handsomely too extreme?

“Actually, the fastest time I took to kill a Heaven Ranked Level One was one minute. This time it’s considered slow as I took 10 minutes to kill 2.” Yue Yang humbly swiped his shoulders. After saying this, Feng Zhu that was hanging upside down fell down into the floor. The two of them were totally unaware and looked at this man who was smiling brightly like the sun as if they were looking at a ghost.


Is this guy really human?

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    It’s been quite a while since we have gotten an update on YY’s power level. Isn’t he still lvl 5 innate? His lvl 5 is the same as lvl 10, but it’s been like that for a while since he’s done hardly anything but fight for the last 50 chapters.

    • digimaster6662000 says:

      No, if I remember correctly he leveled up straight to ten when he absorbed the energy from the due he got from the crystal canyon where he and an xi fought ocean emperor. However, he was disappointed since he wanted to level up slowly while training to maximize his potential and is now preparing to reduce his level to continue strengthening his foundation. Or maybe the sword goddess already lowered his level back down and I’m misremembering that chapter. Need to reread.

  3. kirinashbell says:

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    hui tai lang is the winner in the war of slave beast affection from yue yang that takes all jobs from others so they dont get any achievement or rewards

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    Calling it ‘Meteor Shower Archipelago’ is 100x better than ‘ Meteor Shower group of islands’.

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