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LLS Chapter 573 – Female Ocean Emperor

Chapter 573 – Female Ocean Emperor
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Boundless Ocean. Meteor Shower Palace.

Sea Dragon King was crazily massacring the imperial family, elders, lords, clan leaders and other members of the faction. Other than slaves, all the imperial family and nobilities were killed, none were left behind. There was so much blood on the floor that it was like a river, the ocean surrounding the Meteor Shower group of islands, has been dyed red, more than a hundred thousand sea clan dead bodies were sinking, floating and drifting over the entire Meteor Shower Gulf.

It was horrible spectacle to endure.

Shouts from killing, anguished wailing, screams, and crazy laughters……

At Star Gazing Cliff, batches of Ocean Nobilities were escorted, killed and their bodies were thrown into the ocean by the rebelling army.

Numerous upper-class woman who took great care of their appearances, and female slaves that were quite pretty were raped by the perverted soldiers.

“Kill! Other than Sea Dragon Clan, there is no need for Tong Tian Tower’s Ocean to have any other rulers!” Sea Dragon King killed till his body was spattered with blood. As it turns out, he had killed all the Ocean Generals, tributes and soldiers that stayed behind to protect the Meteor Shower Palace. Other than the women who became captives, none of the accompanying personal soldiers that the elders and clan leaders brought were able to live. Almost hundred over Meteor Shower Islands, other than the rare few stubborn defenders that guard the places which were natural strongholds, or some secret rooms, no more resistance can be seen anywhere. The rebel army quickly went out of control and spread the fire of war to the Innate Ranker’s homes that were situated there.

“Kill all, rob alll. Burn all……” the rebel army was large in numbers and attacked altogether.

The powerful Innate Rankers that lived there were mostly not on the Meteor Shower Island.

Some Innate Rankers woke up to a rebellion.

But they were unable to contact the others, and could only fight by themselves.

Although the Innate rankers tried really hard to protect their homes, but under the strong attack from the Sea Dragon Rebel Army, they could only streanously brace themselves. Especially Sea Dragon’s subordinates, the 4 Ocean Marshalls and 10 Ocean Generals. All of them had Innate Level Strength. Once there was resistance, they will flock together to attack their opponent together.

Benevolent Ocean God, please open your eyes…….”

“We need an Ocean Emperor, but not a tyrant like the Sea Dragon King……”

“Ocean God, is this the punishment given to us by the gods? Enough blood has been spilled from the Sea Clan……”

Every Ocean Clan member that become captives were crying bitterly and hatefully. Although the Sea Clan once secretly opposed to Guan Lan being their Ocean Emperor, because he was human, and not a real member of the Sea Clan. Today, the people of the Sea Clan realised that the self proclaimed new Ocean Emperor, Sea Dragon King could not even be compared to one of Guan Lan’s finger. Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was dignified and benevolent, loved the common people as his own children, never used dictatorship to control the government. Other than accepting the elders to supervise his control of power, he also pitied the poor and lowly vassal clans. Every year, he would hire the outstanding youths from the vassal clans to become attendant Ocean Knights, bestowing the descendants from the poor races to have a chance to become successful.

Sea Dragon King was completely a tyrant. He has yet to officially become the new Ocean Emperor and had already purged the nobilities and killed the most outstanding descendants from the clans.

This kind of tyrant that anger the gods and hated by the people, has been suppressed by Ocean Emperor Guan Lan and Empress Jellyfish.

Until today, he finally showed his blood-thirsty hunting tooth……

The people of the Sea Clan finally saw clearly what kind of person the Sea Dragon King they supported was like…… A Demon, he was scarier than the Demon Abyss’s Demon King.

If they knew things were going to turn out like this, they would have continued to support Ocean Emperor Guan Lan. Even though he was from a different clan, a human, not Sea Clan’s pure blood, he would have been better than Sea Dragon King that had pure Sea Clan blood.

“Let the Ocean Emperor be revived, we need him……”

“We are regretful……”

Heavy rain was pouring down from the sky, it was like the remorseful tears from the people of the Sea Clan.

But it was all too late.

Other than the Meteor Shower Palace seized by Sea Dragon King, all other houses and shops were looted. Many soldiers went crazy and started to burn the surrounding buildings.

Even the downpour was unable to extinguish the raging fire. There was nothing the people could do other than sit on the floor, look at the thick smoke column that was twisting like a cobra and also look at the fire that was swallowing the buildings up like a monster. Maybe this is the legend about the wrath of heaven, ruthless betrayal stirred up the god’s anger. The god’s punishment was to let the betrayers suffer in the abyss of suffering, repent painfully!

Hundred of thousands were escorted by the rebel army, waiting to be sent up to the executioner standing on the Star Gazing Cliff, while the old and young were all crying while locked in the cells.

But it was too late for regrets!

Once all the nobilities were killed, it was the the vassal clan’s turn.

Sea Dragon King promised to give the vassal clans a free identity, but this had already became bubbles on the ocean’s surface under the bloody hatchet.

Compared to this kind of ‘free people’, people suddenly felt that the vassal clan in the time of the Ocean Emperor was their real lives. Attempting to obtain freedom without strength and hard work? Wasn’t this just a pipe dream?

“One of the 4 kings under Old Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, Shark King has come back to pacify the rebel army under Ocean Emperor’s orders. Any subordinates of the Sea Dragon King, immediately disarm yourselves and surrender by keeling on the floor to concede defeat, otherwise you will be killed without discussion!” On the surface of the Meteor Shower Ocean, a tall man came through the wave. Holding a shining silver tiger shark blade. He stood at the bottom of the Meteor Shower Cliff and let out a world-shaking cry!

Behind him, more than ten thousand Sea Clan Elites came back from the Soaring Dragon Continent.

The whole Meteor Shower Ocean echoed the sound of the battle bugle horn.

First, a black line emerged from the horizons, subsequently becoming bigger and people could be seen. Countless Sea Clan beasts mounted by elite Sea Clan Horsemen, majestically galloped their way towards Meteor Shower group of island.

“Is this real? The Ocean God did not abandon us!”

“It’s the Shark King that works for the Ocean Emperor. Expeditionary forces has come back to save us! Long live the Ocean Emperor……”

Tens of thousands vassal clan people were moved emotionally. Each and everyone of them could not control themselves, they screamed and shout, and cried and laughed.

With regards to the return of the Sea Clan expediatory forces, each and every one of the Sea Dragon King’s rebel army changed their expressions after hearing the news. Although Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was dead, but his prestige still awed people. If the Sea Dragon King was not looking at the Meteor Shower Cliff, the rebel army soldiers would have ran away in fear once Shark King showed himself.

Sea Dragon King looked at Shark King with disdain: “Ridiculous illegitimate child, you want to challenge me with your measly Innate Level 8 strength? Even Guan Lan was afraid of me to some extent, what status do you have?”

Once Shark King raised his hand, ten of thousand of soldiers stopped instantaneously.

Neatly like one.

When tens of thousands of expeditionary forces shouted, the whole Meteor Shower Cliff seemed to shake. The rebel army tremble with fear, and their morale fell once seeing this.

“I am only a general leading an army, prompted by Ocean Emperor to have a duel with the king. The fight between the kings do not belong to me.” Shark King kneeled on the waves of the ocean with an oddly strict expression. Once he kneeled down, all the Ocean Horsemen flipped over and kneeled on the surface of the ocean by the Sea Clan beasts. This ceremony was the highest ceremony to welcome the Ocean Emperor.

Could it be that Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was not dead yet?

Sea Dragon King was shocked.

Just when Sea Dragon King and all the rebel soldiers thought that Ocean Emperor Guan Lan reappeared at the Meteor Shower Ocean, on the remote surface of the ocean, a gold war chariot pulled by 18 golden level dolphin beasts appeared.

Above it, there was a female wearing the Ocean Emperor Armor and holding onto the Ocean Emperor Halberd.

Her majestic presence was incomparable.

“So it’s Chu’er.” Sea Dragon King realised that it was not Empress Jellyfish. Just an unfamiliar Innate Level 1 girl. He felt at ease and immediately laughed grimly.

“I am Ocean Emperor Guan Lan’s daughter, Hai Yingwu, and also the rightful heir to the throne by blood. Those who support me as the Ocean Emperor shall become my citizens; those loyal to me, can become my soldiers. Now Sea Clan is in the clutches of the enemy and the rebel army has caused disorder to the Sea Clan. the Sea Gods are furious, punishment has befallen. If you guys do not repent, you guys shall become food for the fishes and shrimps in the ocean!” Hai Yingwu brandished the Ocean Emperor Halbert, above her head, a three-headed young dragon was summoned out, roaring towards the sky. Although the three-headed young dragon was small in size, but everyone in the Sea Clan could hear him clearly. It has the same dragon power the Guardian Beast Gold Three-headed Dragon King that protected Ocean Emperor Guan Lan had.

“Innate Level One Ranker, you are literally seeking death!” Sea Dragon King felt that one slap from him would make Hai Yingwu run away.

Does having a Golden Three-headed dragon mean that the person will be very powerful?

It was just a young dragon!

Seeing that Hai Yingwu was only Innate Level One, the rebel army soldiers felt more calm. Luckily Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was not the one who arrived and not the real Gold Three-headed Dragon King. Otherwise they would be dead!

“Somebody come and capture her for me. I want make her an imperial female slave when I ascend to the throne!” Sea Dragon King waved his hand forcefully, and 4 Innate Level 7 Ocean Marshalls appeared. Although their ranks were slightly lower than the Shark King’s within the 4 of them, 2 could distract the Shark King, one defend and one attack. They believed that they could easily capture Hai Yingwu like this.

“Bridge Jumping Clown, this Ocean Emeperor wanted to play a more intelligent plan, but who knew there was no need for that at all!”

Hai Yingwu elegantly turned her body. Octopus Boss, Swordfishman Ji Feng, Whale Zhang, Mudskipperman Sui Zui, Big Crabman Ao and others appeared through the surface of the ocean, in front of the 18 Gold Dolphins.

Once Sea Dragon King heard that, he was so angry that his eyes turned black, “I have Demon Energy, an Innate Level 10. Who can kill me?”

He started to roar crazily, transforming into a beast with a demon look.

Everyone in the Sea Clan turned pale with fright upon seeing this.

We are doomed. The Sea Dragon King we supported is actually a terrifying demon that lied to all of us!

Not only were the vassal clans shocked, even the rebel army soldiers were very frightened…… if circumstances did not change in such a manner, Sea Dragon King would not have wanted to transformed into the scary demon look. But there were a few Innate Level 8 Rankers among the opponents, and they had over ten thousand troops from the expeditionary army. If he did not transform into the demon, he would be killed by the enemies sooner or later. Although transforming into the demon Look was scary, as long as he could kill Hai Yingwu standing opposite him, Shark King and the few helpers, under his high pressure dictatorship, who would dare to disobey him? In Tong Tian Tower, he was number one in strength. As long as he had power, why should he be afraid of criticism!

After Sea Dragon King finished transforming, Innate Level 10 strength immediately exploded out.

Ruthless energy erupted.

Blood-thirst and massacre, dominated Sea Dragon King’s desires.

He waved his claws and directly sent thousands of vassal clan men into the ocean. Countless of them died and got injured.

“Clowns like you guys dare to challenge me, the Sea Dragon King?” Sea Dragon King laughed loudly. He flew high into the sky, ready to kill Hai Yingwu that was wearing the Ocean Emperor Armor and holding Ocean Emperor Halbert.

“My god, the Yue Clan’s dog is more powerful than you, why are you so proud!” Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, Prince of Tian Luo, Li Brothers appeared in front of Hai Yingwu’s Gold War Chariot. Among them, the Li Brothers lead the two tall slave beasts, Heaven Ranked Level 2 Abyss Manatees.

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    [Once Sea Dragon King heard that, he was so angry that his eyes turned black, “I have Demon Energy, an Innate Level 10. Who can kill me?”]


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