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LLS Chapter 572 – Thousand year revival plan?

Chapter 572 – Thousand year revival plan?
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Obsidian Prison, Second Floor.

The Ancient Demon looked at Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty while disdain was written on his face.

One seems to be Innate Level, one seems to not even be Innate Level. They want to kill him and his brother with these kind of strength? Was this a joke? Ancient Demon decided to play with his opponents. Regarding this kind of opponent, he could not find enough zeal. To play with them for a while due to boredom would be too weak for him.

“Maybe the two of you still have some treasures like the Light Sacred Sword or something. Take them all out!” Ancient Demon believed that the two of them had some treasures.

“Treasures are needed to fight you?” Yue Yang used his pinky to pick his ear. He was not very enthusiastic about the fight as he had killed Heaven Rank Level 5 Hei Hu in the past, thus he was looking down on it as it was only Heaven Rank Level 1.

“Scoundrel, quickly kill him so we can go back and enjoy some alone time!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that they should not waste their time.

“Yes.” Yue Yang banged the floor and stood in attention, expressing that the policy to listen to your wife and follow a party, will not change in a hundred years. As for Hui Tai Lang, it directly pounced forward while in its sea cucumber form. It wanted to be of use in front of its master and now was the best chance to do so. It wanted to show off, but there were not many opportunities. By the time Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen and Barbarian Cow Shadow come out, it would be too late.

“You are courting death……” the Ancient Demon was so angry that it’s nose became askew. An insignificant sea cucumber dares to challenge him?

In another place, within the fort, the side palace’s treasure chamber.

The Fort was filled with Essence Gold, Shooting Star Meteorite and other treasures.

Seal Captain, Sea Lion King and other captains and elders, were all incredibly happy and were prepared to split the treasures evenly.

According to Sea Clan’s customs, only part of these things needed to be offered to Empress Jellyfish. The rest belonged to the the elders, and the person who discovered them can get most of the treasures.

“Found anything good?” Xiang Yu, who was holding onto the Sacred Sword, and the totally demonized Nine-headed Sea Goblin King rushed inside.

“It’s, it’s Yao Feng?” Lobster Clan Leader, Elder Ru Gen and the others turned pale with fright. How did Nine-headed Sea Goblin King become like that? Was this the embodiment Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s real abilities? Cutlassfish Clan Leader was closest to the door and did not manage to evade. Nine-headed Sea Goblin King grabbed him with one hand. With everyone watching, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King tore him into two, and poured the fresh blood into his mouth. After drinking the delicious fresh blood, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King let out a chilling laugh.

“He is crazy!” Seal Clan Leader saw that the situation was bad, immediately summoned his beast and was ready to escape.

A Holy Sword chopped down.

Seal Clan Leader’s body was chopped into two.

This person was Xiang Yu from the Guang Ming Continent, who was preparing to become the new Sky Emperor. To find a competent helper, he continuously assisted the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King to become the Ocean Emperor. Lobster Clan Leader, Elder Ru Gen, Sea Lion King and other clan leader nobilities, very helplessly found out that even though they had the advantage of numbers on their side, it would not help when they were facing off with two powerful Heaven Rank Level 10 Rankers in front of them.

The hard meteorite floor, that had just been dug by the Sea Flea Clan Leader, had been stomped by the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King.


The surface of the meteorite cracked.

Immeasurable fresh blood seeped out from the cracks.

Innate Level 5 Sea Flea Clan Leader was stepped to death in the ground by Nine-headed Sea Goblin King.

“You guys have 2 choices. One is to give us all the treasures, then commit suicide; or two, charge forward and get killed! The first choice will allow you guys to die more comfortably, while I promise you guys that you will die a very painful and tragic death if you choose the second choice!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King laughed crazily without restraint as he was very pleased with himself.

“Let us go, we can support you in becoming the Ocean Emperor” Elder Ru Gen wanted to drag out some time.

“I am sorry, I will become the Ocean Emperor, but I want to be a dictator. The whole Tong Tian Tower shall belong to me, Yao Feng only. I, Yao Feng, will definitely not share my power with you old people. I am not a fool like Guan Lan, and you old fellas have lived a long life, so you people must die!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King waved his sharp Demon Claws and easily captured Sea Horse Clan Leader.

He did not listen to the pleas of Sea Horse Clan Leader and directly choked the Sea Horse Clan Leader with a hard outer shell to death, then forcefully snapped his neck.

Lastly, he even crazily bit off Sea Horse Clan Leader’s head.

And started to chew……

Empress Jellyfish, who was sitting quietly at the martial arts field, snorted without any expression on her face at this instance: “Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad!”

Standing beside her, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan’s hands started to shake uncontrollably after hearing what she said.

They were very afraid of Empress Jellyfish.

But now, they understood that Empress Jellyfish had no intentions of killing them.

They were afraid because Empress Jellyfish had already schemed everything, including Nine-headed Sea Goblin King receiving Demon Energy and going crazy killing people. She was even able to draw support from the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and Sky Law to deal with Ancient Demon. All these were within Empress Jellyfish’s hands. Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan knew Empress Jellyfish since they were young, but they only today were they able to clearly see what kind of person Empress Jellyfish was.

“My two younger sisters, sit, with the Third Young Master and Sky Law’s abilities, it would take less than 2 hours for them to kill the Ancient Demon.” Empress Jellyfish sat down and closed her eyes, waved her hands to indicate for Jie Wei and Yan to sit, “Don’t the two of you have a lot to ask me?”

“Yes.” Jie Wei felt rebellious. Since Empress Jellyfish did not kill her, she might as well try her luck: “Why must you kill all the elders and clan leaders?”

“The new Ocean Emperor is about to ascend to his throne. Do you think keeping the conservative elders in the nobility hierarchy, that like to do things their own way, alive will be beneficial? For the Sea Clan, the largest enemy is themselves! The Sea Clan does not lack in resources nor descendants. We were born with many advantages, such as a comfortable environment, few predators, infant mortality rate is low and the young successfully grow up. And other advantages such as having good body compositions. We are born powerful, have many secret treasures left behind by powerful Heaven Ranked Rankers, remnant energies and many more. All these circumstances can let Sea Clan descendants grow up quickly. However, why does Soaring Dragon Continent with terrible conditions, a place that lacks resources produce people like the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong, Hai Da Fu and other bright stars? Jie Wei, your future son-in-law Yue Ting is not practically not famous in Soaring Dragon Continent, nobody knows him in the Tong Tian Tower. But you should know his potential. How many Sea Clan youths could have the potential of Innate Level 7?” Empress Jellyfish asked.

“……” Jie Wei thought for a bit and felt that it was true. Although there were many Innate Rankers in the Sea Clan, but the younger generation, including many princes and princesses in the royal family were weak. They were dregs of the dregs.

Let alone comparing with the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, who was a highly talented genius, just comparing them to Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong and Hai Da Fu and other young fighters, the younger generations in Sea Clan should really be ashamed of themselves.

Just cultivating for 20 years or self cultivation.

Everyone else were prepared to become Innate Rankers.

With regards to Sea Clan youths who train for almost 300-500 years to reach Innate Rank, this kind of difference is like the difference between heaven and earth. Most importantly, the Sea Clan belongs to the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower, at least above the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower, born with such powerful strength. Such as the royal family born in Tong Tian Tower’s tenth floor endless ocean, they have ordinary level 6 strength when they were born. This is something that human fighters in Soaring Dragon Continent will never be able to attain.

However, with a short 20 years.

Human youths are able to catch up and easily surpass Sea Clan youths.

When human youths begin Innate Rank, they will desert all competition opponents, and will never give Sea Clan youths any chance to catch up.

“Almost all Innate Rankers in Sea Clan are old. If they did not obtain remnant energy or treasures left behind by powerful Heaven Rankers, they would not have the abilities they have now. Them living, has become a barrier for the Sea Clan youths. If I don’t kill them, am I supposed to let them continue destroying Sea Clan’s future?” Empress Jellyfish opened her eyes. She looked at Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan with eyes that were like swords: “When I married Guan Lan, I already had the intention of changing the Sea Clan’s future. If I was really the kind of person that you guys are worried about, will I have allowed you guys to have his son and daughters? My two younger sisters, I do not need anyone to understand what I am doing, but I really hope that the two of you won’t think that I did things to let you down. On the contrary, for Sea Clan’s future, I can totally put up with these because the children you two have with Guan Lan are indeed descendants with a lot of potential, such as Jie Wei’s daughter, Yu Wen.

“……” Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan could not help but shiver slightly. Older sister actually knew all about Guan Lan and them.

“I don’t blame you guys because I was not able to have children in my early years. Although Guan Lan did not know, but all the secret meetings he had with the two of you were arranged by me.” Once Empress Jellyfish said that, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan sweated profusely.

“You, you don’t blame the Third Young Master?” Countess Yan picked up her courage and asked.

Empress Jellyfish could forgive Jie Wei because they were sisters.

But this does not mean that she will forgive the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

After all, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master killed Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Crown Princess and other princes and princesses that were all flesh and blood of Empress Jellyfish.

Regarding this problem, Empress Jellyfish gave a mocking look on her face: “What a joke. Don’t tell me that you two still think that Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Crown Princess are my biological children? That was my servant who swallowed Clown Fishmen’s ‘Transformation Pearl’ and gave birth to those prince and princess. Do you really think I would have a son with those fools, Sea Dragon and Yao Feng? In my eyes, they are more worthless than the trash floating on the sea.

Jie Wei was slightly confused, “Then, why did you give Third Young Master a bounty of 10 million?”

Shortly after asking this question, she understood.

To boost support!

Empress Jellyfish actually did it to boost the Yue Clan’s support, using this opportunity to make public his strength, allowing him to become well known within the Tong Tian Tower fighters.

After understanding this, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan could not understand the intention behind boosting his support. Why did she want to boost support for the Yue Clan? It was not possible for Empress Jellyfish to marry the Third Young Master. For the Sea Clan, Third Young Master had only enmity and massacre, with no intention to help at all. Why did Empress Jellyfish help with the publicity of an enemy?

“Ocean Emperor Guan Lan is an outstanding man. You guys know this as well. But in my eyes, he was not outstanding enough. Guan Lan has the ambition, but his ambition is limited to Tong Tian Tower’s ocean, no matter how big it was, his ambition is only until the Innate Elder Realm…… Strictly speaking, Guan Lan is just a man who preserves the accomplishments made by predecessors, but is unable to improve! If I was a man, I would definitely do better than him. It’s a pity that I am not!” Empress Jellyfish slowly closed her eyes, and hid her sword-like gaze: “That day, he went to Fire Island, I knew he would definitely die. A normal genius would never be able to come back alive after meeting an exceptional genius that only appears once in ten thousand years.”

“Will Guan Lan’s death be beneficial to Sea Clan’s future?” Jie Wei was angry. Guan Lan had always been a man she loved deeply. Empress Jellyfish did not stop him when she knew he was going to be killed by the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master?

“You?” Countess Yan was also very angry.

“Although it is destined, we were still a married couple. When I tried to warn him, he was very afraid of me and was very guarded against me. My warnings fell on deaf ears.” When Empress Jellyfish said this, Jie Wei and Yan wanted to vent their anger but they could not do it at all. Indeed, with the attitude Guan Lan had for Empress Jellyfish, it would be weird if he listened to her!

“You were the one who dispatched An Xi?” Jie Wei was not reconciled and questioned closely.

“No, I never talked to An Xi. I have no reason to be acquainted with a man filled with hatred and paranoia.” Empress Jellyfish looked proud: “In fact, my real target is the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. A thousand years ago, I already made such preparations. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master is the most important person I need to accomplish my plan!”

“A thousand years ago, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master hasn’t even been born yet!” Countess Yan felt that Empress Jellyfish has gone crazy while trying to scheme against others.

“In the world, there is one 5000 year old Meteor Shower Pearl.” Empress Jellyfish smiled: “That was the one I picked up from inside Meteor Shower Ocean’s ‘Death Pool”. It has the power of prediction…… Through this Meteor Shower Pearl, I saw that 1000 years later in Soaring Dragon Continent, an exceptional genius would appear…… Thus, I prepared a 1000 year revival plan. Maybe because of my 1000 year revival plan, the true history and the scenes seen in the prediction were slightly different. However, it did not affect my 1000 year revival plan and instead perfected it. You guys will never experience the feeling when everything is under your control. Just like a mother incubating her egg, quietly waiting for the egg to be born and for a new life to start. That sense of achievement is something you two will never be able to experience.”

“Now I understand, why the three great elders supported your plan. It’s because you are very scary.” Jie Wei was already totally speechless.

“Last question. You could convince the three great elders, and could also command Clown Fishmen and Ocean Knights to sacrifice their lives for you. But what did you do to convince the Third Young Master to help you save the Sea Clan? It is impossible that he would listen to you!” Countess Yan wanted to know this.

“The Third Young Master, I don’t need him to do anything for me…… Although the Death Pool’s curse, together with the prophecy’s reflective power almost killed me……”

Empress Jellyfish opened her eyes. Her look that was originally sword-like soften to be like water.

At this moment, she was like a benevolent mother.

However, while Jie Wei and Yan looked startled, the corner of Empress Jellyfish’s mouth, changed into a mysterious smile: “I worked hard for 1000 years. Not only did I not die, I also gave birth to a very intelligent daughter which is very similar to me…… You two will never understand, she will never find out what I did for her as a mother.”

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