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LLS Chapter 571 – The number one most scheming conspirator

Chapter 571 – The number one most scheming conspirator
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Why did Nine-headed Sea Goblin King suddenly become so loyal to the Ancient Demon that is sealed here so suddenly, within a blink of an eye?

Yue Yang scratched his head but could not understand why.

Seeing Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty enter, Countess Jie Wei had a look of happiness in her eyes and secretly bowed to them. On the contrary, Countess Yan’s face was pale. She was slightly afraid but was constrained by circumstances and unable to escape, so she could only silently endure. The previously dignified Starfish General had now weakened. Standing in front of Ancient Demon that was 50 meters high, he was literally like an ant. It was reckoned that the opponent would not have to even raise his hand, and just randomly blow one breath to kill him.

It would be redundant to talk about other Sea Clan Generals or Ocean Knights as they all cowered in fear. All of them were trembling as if they were typhoid fever patients submerged in cold water

Yue Yang raised his head.

He looked at this 50 meter tall Ancient Demon.

He recognised that not only was it was one of the demon statues outside. Moreover, it was the one that was on the far left among the four statues beside the Ancient Demon King’s Statue.

This Ancient Demon’s strength is only Heaven Rank Level 1, which was about the same as death arena’s Weng Jin. in fact, it might be slightly weaker compared to the 4 generals under Cang Yan. Of course, at Tong Tian Tower, with Heaven Rank Level 1’s abilities, it was totally possible to defeat everyone in one sweep. If this Ancient Demon escaped, it would be totally invincible and only a rare few would be left standing.

“What is going on? How did Nine-headed Sea Goblin King become a kowtowing bug?” Yue Yang expressed his confusion.

“It’s like this, the Demon wanted Empress Jellyfish to enter into a Demon Contract with him. Then he will help her become the new Ocean Emperor. However, Empress Jellyfish said that as a female, it would be difficult to become a female Ocean Emperor that could convince the masses. Thus, she recommended Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. Then, the Demon used a secret art to hypnotize Empress Jellyfish and inquired Nine-headed Sea Goblin King if he was willing to make a Demon Contract with him. If he was willing, then the Demon would bestow him with energy and assist him to become the new Ocean emperor!” Countess Jie Wei explained in a low voice. Countess Yan felt that it was uncalled for and felt unhappy. Why did Countess Jie Wei need to explain it to her subordinate? Now was not the time to speak at all!

Countess Yan tried to stop her a few times, but in the end Countess Jie Wei did not stop and instead spoke in a whisper. So, Countess Yan could only sigh in her heart.

Hopefully Nine-headed Sea Goblin King did not hear anything.

Otherwise, Jie Wei would definitely be in big trouble……

While the 50 meters high Ancient Demon was drinking the fresh blood that Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s servant served, he laughed heartily “You must believe that I, Mo Ce, am never wrong. A thousand years ago, I also bestowed demon blood to the Ocean Emperor of the Sea Clan. At that point in time, it was also Empress Jellyfish that brought him to me.”

Even though the Soaring Dragon Continent’s Language that Ancient Demon spoke was very inaccurate and contained a thick accent of Demon Abyss’ language, everyone still understood him.

As it turns out, Empress Jellyfish brought Ocean Emperor Guan Lan here a thousand years ago. No wonder a military human like Guan Lan could become Ocean Emperor. This was because he had also received Ancient Demon’s Energy.

“Demon Contract, forever falling into the path of a demon. Having a demon as master and become the demon’s slave.” The Ancient Demon used his five claws and penetrated deeply to where his heart was. Then he used his sharp claw dripping with blood to draw a Demon Contract’s diagram slowly beside the Nine-headed Sea Dragon King. A scary red light emerged from the huge diagram and an incomparably sinister Demon portrait appeared above Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s head.

The Ancient Demon put his hand on the sinister blood red demon portrait and transferred his energy into it.

A huge sinister ball of energy appeared in the Demon portrait’s mouth.

Red light twinkled.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King stood up and absorbed the ball of energy that appeared in the Demon portrait’s mouth continuously. His body started to demonize as distorted demon horns, demon wings that were bat-like and a very long spiky tail grew. The originally handsome Nine-headed Sea Goblin King disappeared. Instead, his mouth was filled with scary sharp teeth, ten blade-like claws and raging flames started to ignite from his body.

He shrieked loudly towards the sky and sucked in the Demon portrait in the sky into his mouth.

In a split second, his strength increased explosively from Innate Level 9 to the pinnacle of Innate Level 10.

“Good potential. The original Ocean Emperor that was responsible for the Demon Contract did not have the same potential you have at all.” The Ancient Demon sighed with exhaustion. It waved its sharp claw, and instructed Nine-headed Sea Goblin King: “Listen, my slave. You must prepare more fresh blood for me. I invested all my energy to give you power and it would take me a few years to be able to fully recover.”

“Of course I will give you fresh blood. In fact, I would give you a lot!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King laughed loudly towards the sky.

He waved his hand.

Four Innate Rankers immediately took out 4 totally different weapons.

They all brought out light attributed weapons, a battle-ax, battle halberd, long bow and even a holy-ranked sword…… The weakest looking Innate ranker took off the cloak he was wearing and showed his true self. He was a Innate Level 10 powerful Winged Clan Ranker. He looked very similar to Sky Emperor. The only difference, was the armor that they wore. Sky Emperor wore a Light Sacred Armor, while this man did not and only had a Holy-ranked Sword.

Light Sacred Armor?

It had already became a part of Yue Yang’s collection. Although this armor was damaged on the death arena, Yue Yang used Nirvana Flame and successfully repaired it. He even used Heaven Runes to increase its grade, and reached middle grade Light Sacred Armor. It is more powerful than the one worn by Sky Emperor in the past.

Regarding Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s betrayal, the Ancient Demon was fuming.

But he understood the current circumstances and did not rush to take his revenge on Nine-headed Sea Goblin King while he was still weak.

He just pointed at Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and cursed: “When I recover and get my strength back, it will be your time to die, you traitorous slave. Betraying the contract shall be your nightmare forever! Don’t think that you can stay smug for a long!”

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King laughed heartily: “Fool, you will be sealed in this Obsidian Prison forever. How are you going to use the Demon Contract to punish me? If you have the ability, why don’t you punish me now. I’ll wait for you. Aren’t you very angry right now? Come one, come on. I am waiting for you here. Let’s see if you will punish me or will I absorb all your remnant energy in the end. I am very grateful that you bestowed me your demon energy. However, please don’t think that others will be loyal to you just because you gave them something. What is loyalty when it’s all bullshit. In this world, only power is truly useful!”

“Damn it, you traitorous slave. I will not let you off easily……” the Ancient Demon was seething with anger. However, once he saw Nine-headed Sea Goblin King started his attack, it immediately thundered with rage, a shock wave of power came out of it’s claws when he waved it and forced Nine-headed Sea Goblin King to retreat. At the same time, without waiting for it’s opponent to attack again, it’s body already transformed into a ball of blood red smoke and quickly entered the obsidian wall behind it.

Above it, there were a few broken Sealing Circles.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was ready to bang on the wall and continue his pursuit of the Ancient Demon.

However, the man that looked like the Sky Emperor immediately waved his hands to stop him: “Yao Feng, don’t be rash. It would not be good if you completely damage the Sealing Circle and allow the Demon to regain it’s true freedom. Even though it is weak now, it is still capable of fighting the both of us. It is not advisable for us to tangle with the Demon for too long as there are more important business that we need to attend to now.”

“Well said, my brother. When I successfully become the Ocean Emperor, I will also definitely assist you in seizing the position as the new Sky Emperor. Xiang Yu, we have been good brothers all these while. When the older generation of the Five Emperors pass away, it would be our time to lead the Tong Tian Tower!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King used his sharp Demon Claws and amiably patted the eight-winged man’s shoulder. On the surface, both of them were laughing happily, incomparably joyous. But underneath, both of them were secretly guarded against each other…… Before Nine-headed Sea Goblin King devoured demon energy from the Demon Contract, he would definitely lose to the eight-winged man Xiang Yu.

However now, the situation has completely reversed.

Eight-winged man Xiang Yu lowered his head without putting down his guard and even congratulated Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s ascension as the next Ocean Emperor.

Nine-headed Sea Goblin King also stayed away from Xiang Yu’s Sacred Sword with slight fear. Now that he has obtained Demon Energy, he hated this kind of Light Energy.

“Maybe you need some time to adapt. Don’t worry, as the new Ocean Emperor, I will benevolently give you the time to adapt.” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King picked up Empress Jellyfish that was in deep sleep and threw her to Countess Jie Wei. Then pointed at the Ocean Knights that were shivering in fear, and laughed: “If any of you guys are not kneeling to welcome me when I come back, the simple solution would to become my tribute for ascending to the throne of the Ocean Emperor.”

“Let’s go, there are still many elders and lords that we have to deal with.” Xiang Yu advised, then quickly flew out from the second floor of the Obsidian Prison.

“You are right, they shall be stepping stones for me to ascend to the throne…… Under my regime, there is absolutely no need for any elders. Only the Ocean Emperor is the one and only ruler.” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King laughed heartily, then brought his three Innate Level subordinates and left the dungeon proudly.

Once Nine-headed Sea Goblin King left, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan looked at each other in dismay, not knowing what to do.

A ball of blood red smoke sprouted out of the obsidian wall and became the Ancient Demon again.

The look of exhaustion and weakness seen previously had disappeared, and it recover to the state from before.

Maybe it was all just part of his plan and it was pretending the whole time…… 50 meter high Ancient Demon rushed towards the sleeping Empress Jellyfish and said: “Beautiful Empress, I have completed our pact. As you wished, that greedy lad has obtained Demon energy. How are you going to complete my part of the contract?”

Empress Jellyfish which had been in deep sleep all this time suddenly opened her eyes.

She recovered to the person who had great disdain for the world, and it was as if she was never hypnotized into deep sleep at all.

Looking at the disdainful look in her eyes, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan felt a chill in their heart. They did not know what Empress Jellyfish was scheming. But only now did they found out that this woman was not someone they could challenge.

This was seriously too scary. This woman was essentially more like a demon than the Ancient Demon. Everything that happens in the world seemed to be all under her control.

“The timing is just right.” Empress Jellyfish spoke to herself. Then turned her face to speak to Ancient Demon: “Demon, do you know why I made this contract with you a thousand years ago? The reason is because you are stupid! Don’t think that I did not know that you have a brother that take turn to come out from the obsidian wall’s Seal! And don’t think that that your laughable scheme succeeded in tricking me. I cooperated with you purposely, otherwise, you would not even be comparable to 2 clowns performing on the stage!’”

“Beautiful Empress Jellyfish, have you found a formidable helper? Are you not afraid that I would kill you?” Ancient Demon felt that it was odd.

“Helper?” Empress Jellyfish suddenly turned her face and looked at Jie Wei: “Even if I do not have anyone formidable around me, understanding and kind Younger Sister Jie Wei will still help me find a good helper……”

“What?” Countess Jie Wei was shocked.

“Don’t be afraid my younger sister. I have already forgiven you for your betrayal. In fact, the secret invitation you have was delivered personally by me to Warriors Guild. Younger sister Jie Wei and younger sister Yan, if I wanted to kill the both of you, do you think you would still be alive? To me, in the whole Sea Clan, the only loyal and usable people are the 3 guardian clans. In those days, after Elder Ai Shi, Elder Tie Bing and Elder Gu She listened to my plan, they all agreed to the sacrifice of your clan’s life to cooperate with my plan. Compared to the two of you, Que Diao was far more loyal and filled with the spirit of sacrifice. He was more willing to believe that I would be able to revive the Sea Clan, while the two of you only worried about whether I would kill you. My two younger sisters, there is actually no need for you to worry. The people I really want to kill are those like Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and the rest of the elders. Even if they die, they would not now what happened just like foolish chess pieces!” After Empress Jellyfish said that, Countess Jie Wei and Countess Yan sweated profusely.

“I thought I hid it very well……” Yue Yang sighed.

“Third Young Master, you did hide it quite well. I did not sense that you are a powerful Innate Ranker at all. If I did not know the inside information, I would not have suspected you as well. However, it’s all part of my plan. Thus, it is regretful that I knew you were the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and Lan Ban was Sky Law from the first look.” Once Empress Jellyfish said that, Yue Yang sweated slightly. No wonder Empress Jellyfish always tried to test him because she suspected him from a long time ago.

“We could kill you right now. Is this also part of your plan?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked with a smile on her face.

“You guys will not kill me because I know about a secret that you guys need very urgently. A secret regarding Ancient Demon King’s revival. The Demon Brothers always wanted to use me to revive the Ancient Demon King. And outside, there are 2 powerful Heaven Rankers that have been guarding for over 6000 years, Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo. I presume that you talked to them before entering the dungeon.” Empress Jellyfish looked directly at Yue Yang, “Third Young Master, maybe you won’t believe me but Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo alone will not be able to hold back the Ancient Demon King at all. The Ancient Demon King’s soul had already escaped a long time ago. What’s inside is just the body which was forever sealed above the dome of the martial arts field. The Demon Brothers had wanted me to secretly bring the Ancient Demon King’s body in…… Once Ancient Demon King gets his body back, and recovers his powers, the whole Tong Tian Tower and every creature inside will be destroyed. Third Young Master, as the new generation Prison Emperor, you can’t just let the Ancient Demon King revive right? If you want to protect your homeland, Soaring Dragon Continent, if you want to see the Tong Tian Tower flourish under your control, you should follow my instructions temporarily!”

“I get really pissed when people tell me to do things.” Yue Yang spread out his hands: “What if I reject?”

“You will not reject. Third Young Master, you just have a male chauvinist thinking and feel that I’m scheming against you since I am smart…… You think that I have been plotting this plan for a thousand years. Even though I did not predict your appearance, your appearance has perfectly completed my plan. Thus, under unintentional circumstances, you became part of my plan. Third Young Master, don’t be angry yet. Once the plan is completed, I will die here and you will leave this place to be the next Prison Emperor and live a happy life with the woman you love. You are a smart man, why are you fighting a dying woman regarding this issue? When I win, I will lose my life; when you lose to me once, you will win for the rest of your life. Isn’t this compensation more than enough?” Empress Jellyfish walked past Yue Yang: “So you should listen to me temporarily and kill the Demon Brothers while I wait for you outside.”

“What benefits do you get from doing this?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked as she could not understand.

“After I die, you will understand and you will also be very impressed by what I am doing now…… Sky Law, it is undeniable that you are more talented than me in cultivation. But I am still better than you when it comes to scheming against people.” Empress Jellyfish waved her hands: “Clown Fishmen, and my Ocean Knights, it’s time for you to be loyal to me. All of you raise your chest and meet death like a real men!”

“Empress, as you wish!” In one moment, the Ocean Knights and Clown Fishmen that were shivering in fear were no longer afraid. The expression they were showing before were all just pretence. In this instance, they had a very glorious and proud look on their face. It was like death was the highest honor for them.

They receded out of the obsidian prison’s second floor like tide, back up to the first floor.

They kneeled and worshipped Empress Jellyfish to send their farewells.

They stood up, and like fanatical believers, one by one, they took out their weapons and stabbed themselves in the heart. Their blood spurted onto the demon statues. The originally dull rune on the statues began to radiate light rays that were as bright as the constellations once the blood from their sacrifice touched it. The Rune Circle shone brightly, while those sinister demon statues, become dull and lifeless after the blood sacrifice.

10 Clown Fishmen surrounded the Ancient Demon King’s Statue, then one by one took their own lives in front of Ancient Demon King’s pedestal.

Everyone of them would say ‘the path to become Ocean Emperor shall be paved by blood’ before they died.

Although they were dead, they still had a smile on their faces.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw this.

In their hearts, they were shocked.

When it came to the rank of power, Empress Jellyfish was definitely not in Tong Tian Tower’s top 10. But when it comes to scheming, she was definitely the best of the best conspirator. Yue Yang had never seen such frightening woman.

Just by watching how hundreds of people were willing to die for her without any complaints, you could see her abilities when it comes to controlling situations.

Yue Yang thought he saw the truth, but never thought this was just the tip of the iceberg.

The real truth, that was concealed by Empress Jellyfish, was incomparably enormous.

“Let’s try to follow her instructions. My instincts tell me that she does not have any ill intentions for us!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at Yue Yang, hoping he would make the final decision.

“A very interesting conspirator, too bad she is going to die of an illness soon……” Yue Yang sighed slightly.

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