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LLS Chapter 570 – Death and Smile

Chapter 570 – Death and Smile
Translated by: shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Outside the secret door.

“Give me the Silver Key.” A large figure was threatening the group of Clown Fishmen, making them so scared that they were cowering in a corner.

“I’m very sorry.” Only the person standing in front of the Clown Fishmen slaves that was wearing a bloodstained robe was standing proudly upright. He looked at his enemy who was standing in front of him, bigger and stronger than him, and shook his head determinedly, “Before you conquer the Sea Clan and become the Ocean Emperor, I will never give the Silver key to you.”

“You wanna die?” The large figure extended his hand and lifted the guy wearing the bloodstained robe up easily.

The guy wearing the crimson coloured robe did not resist. In the situation where he was choked for breath, his eyes were full of determination.

There was no fear at all in his eyes.

The large figure smacked the guy wearing the bloodstained robe onto the ground.

The ground was made of extremely hard meteorite stone, hence the impact was extremely painful. The guy wearing the bloodstained robe fell hard on the ground, breaking a few ribs. His head was even bleeding. However, he still struggled to get up and pushed his chest out, standing straight like a spear facing the large figure.

He didn’t speak, but from his clear eyes, it could be seen that this person would not be fazed by pain that normal people wouldn’t be able to endure, or be threatened by threats of deaths. It would be impossible to subdue someone who was not afraid of death. The large figure couldn’t help but to feel a sense failure when he saw this guy with bloodstained robe. His embarrassment further fueled his anger.

The large figure roared out with a volume that shook the ground.

In that large figure’s hands, there was shield decorated with a motif of a lion. When he raised it up, it immediately shone with a cold light. A golden lion jumped out amidst the burst of light and charged right at the guy with bloodstained robe.

As if it was a living being, it opened its mouth wide to bite.

The guy with bloodstained robe slowly closed his eyes. He didn’t try to dodge, because he knew that with his current strength, all kinds of struggle would be futile.

However, no matter how strong his enemy was, at the most, they could only destroy his body.

They would never be able to subdue his will!


A big splash of blood, along with a blood-drenched armed that was bitten off by the golden lion, spatter across the air.

The guy with bloodstained robe continued to endure with all of his will, not moving even an inch.

Due to pain, beads of sweat oozed out of his forehead.

“Que Diao, are you a fool? How long has the Ocean Royal Family enslaved the Clown Fishmen Clan? Since your clan elder Ai Shi passed away, your Clown Fishmen Clan had become the Ocean Royal Family’s slaves and playthings!” The large figure roared out towards the guy with bloodstained robe, “Now your Clown Fishmen clan has the chance of getting freedom, but you are still so stubbornly loyal to that damned bitch Empress Jellyfish. Have you licked her foot for too long that your brain became numb? What would you get from being loyal to her? Would she give you freedom? You guys will forever be slaves! Give me the Silver Key. Your kind has been lowly slaves for thousands of years, your clan will definitely perish. Just give me the Silver key, just give it to me!”

“Sea Dragon King, you will never understand the Empress…” the guy with the bloodstained robe called Que Diao had not finished speaking when the golden lion charged forward again.

This time, it bit Que Diao’s other arm.

The Sea Dragon King raised up his right hand and summoned a bunch of body-eating insects. They crawled very quickly towards the terrified Clown Fishmen slaves who were screaming in despair, and dug into their bodies. Starting from their insides, they started to slowly devour their whole body.

Sea Dragon King lowered his head and looked at Que Diao with menacing eyes, “This, is this what you wanted? Going against me will result in your whole Clown Fishmen clan annihilation!”

Que Diao’s eyes was still as determined as ever, “All sacrifice is worth it. You don’t understand the meaning of our sacrifice…”

Sea Dragon King didn’t wait for Que Diao to finish his words and furiously grabbed him, then smashed him hard to the ground.

He also kicked him hard, completely breaking Que Diao’s body, whose ribs were broken and was vomiting blood, into 2 pieces.

“This is our whole clan’s pride. The journey for a new Ocean Emperor requires a few sacrifices of blood…” Que Diao mumbled before his death. Although he was in extreme pain and that he seemed to be losing consciousness, he still revealed a happy smile.

“Die!” Sea Dragon King furiously crushed Que Diao’s skull, then killed all of the Clown Fishmen.

In the end, his anger was still not pacified. He looked up to the sky and roared out.

His roar resounded through the Ocean Palace Hall continuously.

At this time, there was a Clown Fishman whose whole body was trembling. He just stepped onto the Warrior Guild in Tong Tian Tower. As he was used to bowing as a slave, he bowed towards the Warrior’s Guild receptionist, and politely asked, “Could you please help to send a top secret letter? Those kind that other than the recipient, no one else can receive it or open it.”

The Warrior’s Guild receptionist nodded strictly, “Sending a Top Secret Letter will require 1000 gold coins. May I know who are you sending it too?”

The Clown Fishman shyly shook his head, “I don’t have money, but can you ask the fee from the letter recipient? The letter recipient will definitely pay you!”

The receptionist shook his head, “The warrior’s guild doesn’t have such protocol… Can you first tell us who is the letter recipient?”

The Clown Fishman didn’t reply, instead he took out the letter that he had already prepared, perfectly sealed from his grip. He hold it up above his head, just like when a slave was passing a report to his master, and offered it to the receptionist. When the receptionist saw the name of the letter recipient, his expression immediately changed. Without a second thought, he knelt down and received the letter, “The Warrior’s Guild has never sent a letter without receiving payment first. However, if the letter recipient is this person, I, I can help to pay it first on your behalf. May I ask, do you have any words to pass to the letter recipient?”

“The lowly me is only passing you my master’s wish. I myself don’t have anything to say to the letter recipient.” The Clown Fishman took out another brightly shining Silver key from his grip, and passed it to the receptionist who was extremely afraid of the letter recipient, “My master’s second wish is for the letter recipient to safeguard this Silver key temporarily.”

When the receptionist received the Silver key, the Clown Fishman bowed to him again.

The Clown Fishman walked out of the Warrior’s Guild and slowly knelt on the ground, kowtow-ing towards the ocean that was as boundless as the sky for three times.

Then, he took out the short dagger on his waist and stabbed his heart… Before he died, the Clown Fishman’s lips curved up into a smile. His smile was just like the smile Que Diao had before he died.

Inside the Secret Door, in the Meteorite Fort, Fighting Arena.

Feng Zhu laughed out loud, “Very interesting, we have never seen such an interesting person and beast before.”

Yue Yang pretended to be honorable and replied, “Same here.”

Bei Feng Jia Suo started to get interested too and asked, “What’s the situation like outside? Is the Prison Emperor truly dead?”

“Prison Emperor? Maybe, probably, possibly, more or less… can’t say for sure, maybe he is already dead.”Yue Yang’s reply really made Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu’s head spin.

Then has the Heaven Realm Door truly closed? Have you heard news about the Central Palace Hall in the Heaven Realm? Do you know who are Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders that fought against Prison Emperor? Was it the Central Palace Hall’s Fourth Palace Lord?” Bei Feng Jia Suo asked.

“I haven’t been to the Heaven Realm Door before, so I don’t know. I heard that there were many city officials guarding that place, so I didn’t dare to come. I didn’t know any of the Palace Lords, but when you talk about the Central Palace Hall of the Heaven Realm, I would probably know a few of them. There was Hei Hu, Cang Yan, Yan Zun and Yan Zong. I met them before when I was eating my supper. Every single one of them deserves beatings, and they are also very arrogant. That’s right, I heard that Hei Hu got caught when he went to that Heavenly Bathing House to get a bath and massage. You should know too that currently they are very strict on this kind of things. It will be weird if he didn’t get caught, I even saw his picture once on the paper.” Yue Yang spoke another round of gibberish.

“Hei Hu? Who is Hei Hu?” Bei Feng Jia Suo completely couldn’t recall there was such a person in the Central Palace Hall.

“I heard that he was an elder from one of the Central Palace Hall’s external associations. As an official of a country, he even used the public’s money to take baths and massages. How could us, the common people, endure this!” Yue Yang changed his tone and then clapped his hand in celebration, “Luckily, Hei Hu contracted depression and had killed himself.”

“Depression? Killed himself?” Bei Feng Jia Suo discovered that after staying here for 6000 years, they completely couldn’t keep up with the current events.

“This is what the government official said…” Yue Yang indicated that he was about to reveal the truth that wasn’t released to the public.

“Then who are the three great leaders of Heaven Realm who fought against the Prison Emperor?” Feng Zhu was also very confused with Yue Yang’s story.

“I think they are called Ming Yue Guang, Jiu Xiao and Xu Kong. Why? Are they your friends?” Yue Yang’s half-truth and half-fake story really made Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu’s head spin, but Phoenix Fairy Beauty was enjoying every single one of it.

“How could it be! How could the three great leaders of the Western Heaven Realm wage a war against the Prison Emperor? They used to be the three great Introducers for warriors who just ascended to the Western Heaven Realm from the Tong Tian Tower!” Feng Zhu revealed a disbelieving expression. Not only him, even Bei Feng Jia Suo who was born in the Heaven Realm Central Palace Hall was completely in shock, unable to believe this fact. When Yue Yang saw their expressions, he deduced that there was another story in that history. However, as far as he was concerned, the truth behind the history 6000 years ago was not that important anymore.

“That’s enough chit-chat, we ought to enter the Obsidian prison now!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty pulled Yue Yang away. If he boasted even more, Countess Jie Wei might lose her life.

“That’s right, if you don’t do your work properly, I will have to cut your wages. You guys should guard this place carefully, in the future I can introduce you to a beauty who is also a guard. Her name is called Ma Wei. She is quite beautiful, but her temper is a little… She is as vengeant as you two, so you guys definitely have something similar to talk about.” Yue Yang waved his hand and walked away with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, looking extremely relaxed.

They flew into the Obsidian Palace, leaving Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo behind, staring at each other in complete speechlessness.

Forget about Hei Hu, the elder of one of the Central Palace Hall external associations, who was this beauty Ma Wei who was also a guard?

The more these two people thought, the dizzier they got. As they looked up to the glittering stars on the dome above them, they both closed their eyes.

There were two levels in the Obsidian Prison. The higher level was filled with many scary-looking demon statues that vaguely resembled a rune circle. It seemed like there was order although it seemed like chaos. On every scary-looking demon statue, there was a script labelled on them. Yue Yang who possessed the pitiful guy’s mother’s knowledge could only recognise a part of the scripts. All these scary-looking demon statues were records of a particular demon. According to some identical texts, Yue Yang judged that they were once warriors from the Demon Abyss.

When Yue Yang reached the lower level, he realised that Empress Jellyfish was lying on the ground.

It didn’t seem like she was injured.

However, it seemed like she had received some kind of status effect from a beast. The number one warrior of the Sea Clan was currently sleeping soundly…

Jie Wei and the others were so scared they were gathered in a corner. As for the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, he was kneeling with a high-spirit in front of a 50 meter tall Ancient Demon. He also looked very pious and loyal as he announced his loyalty, “Yao Feng is willing to swear upon my life, if master can bestow me with power and recognize me as the new Ocean Emperor, Yao Feng will pledge eternal loyalty to master.”

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