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LLS Chapter 57 – Stealing Eggs

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Chapter 57 – Stealing Eggs
Translated by: Sephilia, Taffy
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

When the gold coin was thrown in the the air, Yue Yang did not catch it.

It fell onto the floor, and the side with the Da Xia Empire’s founder, ‘The Great Monarch’, was facing up. This was heads.

“It’s fair only if it’s two out of three.” Seeing that it was not tails, Yue Yang was a little annoyed. It would only be possible to chop up the nine-headed monster while waiting for Yue Bing. Otherwise, if he waited until she came, it might not be possible to kill the nine-headed monster.

Although she was his younger sister and that there was no harm in her knowing, if it was possible to protect his secret, it was better for her to not know anything. She was not the kind of person who did not know how serious a matter was and gossip everywhere, but she was too young and her heart too pure. If an enemy conned her, she would easily fall for it… Moreover, there were a lot of newbies on the Soaring Dragon Continent with all sorts of innate skills. If there was someone who was able to see through another person, Yue Bing did not have the innate skill of Counterfeit, and was not good at lying either. What if the person that saw through her was the new Innate Ranker, then the beautiful woman’s entire household would be in danger.

He flipped the gold coin another time. It was still heads.

“Damn it, this doesn’t count. One last time and I’ll really make my decision.” Yue Yang decided to throw a tails.

On the third try, the coin was thrown high up, and after falling to the ground, it magically fell into the mud. The whole gold coin was standing on its edge. The probability of this happening really made Yue Yang perplexed, but he quickly turned the coin so that tails was facing up, then picked it up: “So heaven’s will is for me to kill the nine-headed monster while waiting. That’s fine, since it’s according to heaven’s will, I will carry it out.”
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Hui Tai Lang was slightly dumbfounded as it looked towards its master. Suddenly, it felt that it had learnt a lot from its master.

Yue Yang kicked it. “If you’re afraid of death, then stay here and wait. When I roast the nine-headed monster, you won’t have a share of it.”

Hui Tai Lang hurriedly expressed its obedience, and wagged its tail to pander to Yue Yang.

Although he didn’t stay behind to wait for Yue Bing, Yue Yang moved a large slab of rock and placed it in front of the crystal pillar. On it, the words ‘Yue Bing, wait for my return’ were written in eye-grabbing letters. Even though he wasn’t exactly a qualified older brother, he at least didn’t completely forget his younger sister. His curiosity was simply too strong, and he really wanted to learn more about the nine headed monster.

Of course, if Yue Yang went to fight the nine headed monster now, his combat force would only comprise of Little Wen Li, which was a bit lacking.

The Barbaric Cow couldn’t be summoned at the moment, and the Giant Shadow needed to be kept aside for a few days. The Bronze-ranked Level 4 Hui Tai Lang wasn’t bad, but a mature nine headed monster was at least a Bronze-ranked Level 7 beast; the difference was quite significant.

Besides, the nine headed monster was completely unafraid of being besieged….. it was different from the Three-Headed Chimera in the Aries Temple. How exactly was he supposed to fight this nine headed monster today?

“Did you think that I wouldn’t have a means to fight this way?” To the shameless Yue Yang, fighting the nine headed monster head on in the Demon’s Blood Pond was like going to pick a fight with a neighboring school during class time. This was someone else’s territory. No matter how awesome one was, one would still easily be defeated using tactics involving a sea of people. Yue Yang wouldn’t do something so foolish. He wouldn’t attack head on, but that didn’t mean that he had no other ways of attacking. People viewed the Quintet Seeking Gold Mice as having absolutely no use in combat, but in Yue Yang’s hand, these five were godly weapons that could be used to cheat.

The Demon’s Blood Pond was entirely crimson for as far as the eye could see.

The air had a faint fishy smell.

However, it wasn’t the smell of blood; Yue Yang reckoned it was probably the disgusting body odor of the nine headed monster.

The nine headed monster had lived in the Demon’s Blood Pond for quite some time. The entire, boundless swamp of crimson was permeated with its odor. All of the countless devil bugs and wild beasts had all been eradicated. The only thing one could see was a number of marsh snakes in all sizes that would roam about on the mire.

“Be good and seek out the nest of the nine headed monsters for me. If it isn’t home, then steal its egg.”

When he was little, Yue Yang had read a manhua about two mice stealing a chicken egg. One mouse had carried it while the other had dragged its partner by its tail to smoothly steal the egg away. This left a deep impression on him. Now he was using the Quintet Seeking Gold Mice, as their water and earth attributes would allow them to move however they pleased in the mire. With this, Yue Yang had decided to send the two out to steal a nine headed monster’s egg and give it to him.

The water attribute Gold Mouse was extremely fast in the swamp, like a fish swimming in the sea.

The earth attribute Gold Mouse was a bit slower, but not by much.

Yue Yang used his consciousness to control them; it was as fun as playing with a remote controlled car. As expected of Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s proud work; these Quintet Seeking Gold Mice were really skilled and easy to use. Their abilities were perfect; they could resist fire and water, required no maintenance and no power, making it basically a “thrice-guaranteed service” quality.

It was really a godly equipment that was necessary for traveling away from home and exploring the world to treasure hunt.

After over an hour of searching, the two Seeking Gold Mice had finished searching about ⅔ of the entire Demon’s Blood Pond, and discovered 6 nine-headed monsters. Two of them were still young, and only had 3 heads. The other two were close to maturity, and had grown 6 heads. The remaining two were a father and a mother, and were currently sleeping in a large lair. They hadn’t reacted at all to the approach of the Seeking Gold Mice. Because the mice were just mice that had no combat abilities and low vitality, even if the nine headed monsters did notice them, they would think the mice were just some moving rocks…..if a nine headed monster was as intelligent as a human, they might wonder how the two ‘swelling rocks’ were moving.

But the nine headed monster hadn’t yet evolved such intelligent minds. In addition, the Quintet Seeking Gold Mice’s movements were extremely light and covert, and did not attract attention.

As expected, there were eggs in the lair.

However, the nine headed monster eggs were exceptionally large, so the small Seeking Gold Mice had absolutely no way of stealing them away.

“Don’t think that I’m helpless. In this world, there are things called nets.” Yue Yang made a simple and crude net by weaving the black reeds that grew densely by the marsh. Although this crue net looked ugly, holding a large rock with it wouldn’t be a problem. It was definitely sturdy enough.

Hui Tai Lang looked at the crude net that Yue Yang had named ‘China Unicom’ with interest. It felt that it was now time for it to display its skills.
(TLC Note: 中联通 – China Unicom, is a state-owned telecomms operator in China. We have no idea why the author has named it thus, but we couldn’t come up with anything else, so China Unicom it shall be.)
Yue Yang kicked it. This ‘China Unicom’ wasn’t used to catch fish, but to steal eggs. The nine headed monster’s egg was Gold rank. When it hatched, it’d be a Gold cub, and could be sold for thousands of gold at an auction. Just think of what you could buy with all that money? For someone like Yue Yang who was mad about money, he felt that with this ‘China Unicom’, he would no longer be lacking in money.

Of course, just relying on the two Seeking Mice to bring the crude ‘China Unicom’ net down to steal the protected nine headed monster’s egg was impossible.

He had to draw the two nine headed monsters out of the lair.

It was now time to use Hui Tai Lang as meat bait.

Hui Tai Lang had no problem on dry land, but going into the muddy water to attract the nine headed monster’s attraction made its legs go a bit weak.

“You good-for-nothing fellow, you have to think of the positive side. Just think about it, if we succeed in stealing the nine headed monster egg, then we’ll have a Gold cub. That means we’ll have dazzling gold coins, which also means tons of meaty bones. Do you understand? Besides, what does a nine headed monster count as? In a bit, I’ll kill them all one after another, and make barbeque out of them. Stop shaking and get out there right now. Otherwise, I’ll barbeque your legs instead.” Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang out into the mire.

Hui Tai Lang didn’t even swim 100 meters into the Demon’s Blood Pond before it alerted the two nearly mature nine headed monsters. This scared Hui Tai Lang so much that it hurriedly began to swim back to the shore, running for its life.

Luckily, the nine headed monsters didn’t seem to have any interest in wolf meat, and didn’t bother chasing after it.

Yue Yang was burning with anger. He warned Hui Tai Lang that if it dared to swim back again, he’d tie it up and dry it into jerky….Hui Tai Lang was scared to death and hurriedly crawled back out into the mire. It once again began to bark incessantly, and its cries echoed around the entire Demon’s Blood Pond. This time, all of the nine headed monsters were alerted. Hui Tai Lang didn’t dare to swim back, and instead fled towards the other direction. Fortunately, there were some places where the mud was pretty hard, allowing it to run unsteadily.

Otherwise, the nine headed monsters would have caught up to it ages ago and eaten it in a single gulp.

The Seeking Gold Mice sensed that not all of the nine headed monsters had come out to chase Hui Tai Lang. The largest, female nine headed monster stayed behind to guard the nest, and wasn’t leaving.

Yue Yang was unwilling to let the little loli, Little Wen Li, to run through the swamp.

He gritted his teeth, stripped off his clothes, and flew through the mire himself.

If it had been before he crossed dimensions, 100 of him wouldn’t have been enough to even fill the gap between its teeth. However, he was now an Innate ranker that had learned the Mysterious Three Styles. Although he was unable to Water Walk and couldn’t walk on water without disturbing it, he could step on some pieces of mire and walk pretty smoothly, giving him the feeling of ‘an iron leg floating on mud’. It was originally the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ exquisite and incomparable Sword Art , but when it was him who used it, it suddenly seemed a lot less perfect.

His appearance made the guarding female nine headed monster greatly agitated. Its nine necks poked out from the under the swamp, and wildly danced around as it spat out a great amount of black acid from its mouths in the direction Yue Yang was rushing from.

The black acid shot outwards like bullets, putting Yue Yang into a difficult situation. He was so shocked, he hurriedly began to retreat backwards.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Yue Yang ran away, the female nine headed monster returned to guarding its nest. It wasn’t actually willing to chase after him. Yue Yang inwardly cursed at it, and began to run towards it once more while shouting loudly to draw its attention. He was determined to provoke it to the end.

For the sake of stealing the egg, Yue Yang and Hui Tai Lang, servant and master, took turns at trying to draw the nine headed demons out.

Beneath the Demon’s Blood Pond, two Gold Mice used the crude net, ‘China Unicom’, to drag the enormous egg out, and began to swim back at a painfully slow speed. Based on their speed, it would probably take them two hours before they’d be able to return to the shoreside.

“Oh my god, wanting to earn a bit of money is too hard.” Yue Yang ran around and around the mire, almost collapsing from exhaustion.

However, even now, he was unwilling to give up the egg he was about to steal. He gritted his teeth and persevered.

This was so they could get the nine-headed monster’s egg!

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