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LLS Chapter 569 – It is a sea cucumber, but it looked a little like a dog

Chapter 569 – It is a sea cucumber, but it looked a little like a dog
Translated by: shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Seniors, this junior has come before you by my grandfather’s wishes to listen to your instructions.” Empress Jellyfish humbly paid respect to the two elder.

“You guys will always come once in every thousand years.” The guy imprisoned by the Prison Dragon Pillar and binded with a gold coloured halo light sighed, completely ignoring the stares of 100+ people. He closed his eyes as if there was nobody around, “You don’t have to ask me anymore. Unless that fellow over there dies, I will never go out.”

“I won’t die even if you die. Bei Feng Jia Suo, if you have the capability to do so, let’s waste away 6000 more years. Let’s see who will die first. I, Feng Zhu, am a proud human Ranker. I ranked amongst the top 10 Rankers in the Tong Tian Tower, how would I not be able to take you, a mere disciple of the Central Palace Hall from the Heaven Realm, down? A mere disciple like you is not even worth as much as trash. If it wasn’t because of a little luck that you ended up facing against me, who is the weakest amongst us, how would you be able to live until today? I dare say if you met the Prison Emperor, you’ll definitely be so scared that you’d pee your pants! Did you think the Tong Tian Tower is a place that you guys can come to? This place is our, human race’s glorious courtyard.” The guy that was hung on the Beheading Moon Chains looked very young. If it wasn’t because of his beard that made him look a little mature, people would think that he was a young boy.

“What? You discriminative fellow, am I not human too?” The guy called Bei Feng Jia Suo was completely driven mad when he heard him.

“That’s different. You are a human that lives in Heaven Realm.” The guy called Feng Zhu shook his head seriously.

He seemed to be very proud of his identity as a human.

It was as if the human race was the most honorable and glorious race.

Towards Bei Feng Jia Suo’s claim that he was also human, Feng Zhu seemed to disagree, his expression was like: “We may have the same roots but we don’t walk the same path.”

Through these two Heaven Rank Innates’ conversation, Yue Yang immediately understood that this was the prolonged war between Heaven Realm Rankers and Human Realm Rankers. Even until 6000 years later, they were still unable to determine the winner. As for how they managed to get each other imprisoned, Yue Yang still didn’t know. It looked like their beasts, skills or artifacts were similar, and their strength was also more or less the same. Maybe they invoked their skills at the same time and imprisoned each other at the same time.

It was just that mutually squandering their energy and time for each other, unwilling to let go of each other until 6000 years, this was something that ordinary people would not be able to do.

These two fellows…

If they weren’t mad men, they were paranoids!

“No matter how powerful the Prison Emperor was, he still died in the end. In the end, we, the Central Palace Hall are definitely stronger. Feng Zhu, it’s not that I am trying to attack you. Tong Tian Tower has really plummeted. Look at these people, the strongest are merely Innates, none of them are Heaven Rank Innates. 1000 years has passed and none of you humans in the Tong Tian Tower could reach the rank of Innate Elder. If it was in the past, do you think it’s possible?” Bei Feng Jia Suo continued to look down on the people around and laughed out loud.

“I definitely don’t believe that Prison Emperor has died. You simply don’t understand, he’s undefeatable.” Feng Zhu wasn’t fazed at all, looking like a wise man.

“Then do you think these people who came here lied to you?” Bei Feng Jia Suo asked back.

“You shouldn’t talk about ice melting to insects that dies in summer. You simply don’t understand what it means to have unparalleled strength. No need to say anymore, I will definitely not let you out. I will definitely not forgive a thief like you who wanted to enter the God’s Ruin and claim yourself as human.” Feng Zhu closed his eyes and decided not to speak anymore.

“You damn pig head, I will definitely not let you go too! Death Lightning God’s Claw…” Bei Feng Jia Suo angrily released a Silver Eagle made of lightning.

“Blood Flower Whip!” At the same time, Feng Zhu also summoned a Mourning Ghost holding a blood-coloured whip.

Almost at the same time, the Blood Flower Whip and Death Lightning God’s Claw collided with each other.


The clash of the Blood Flower Whip’s and the Death Lightning God’s Claw’s attacks created a shockwave that was enough to blow away warriors below the Innate Rank.

Other than Empress Jellyfish and Nine-headed Goblin King, other Innates couldn’t help but to be pushed a step back. Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty also pretended to not be able to withstand the shock wave and took three steps back, so that their real strength would not be revealed. As for the Starfish General, he was at an even worse state as he was still unable to stop even after stepping seven or eight steps back. His ugly face was coloured in fear.

It was only a shock wave caused by the clash of whiplash and electric blast, but it was enough to push Innate Rankers back.

If these two people regain their freedom, in Tong Tian Tower, who could be their match?

Starfish General didn’t understand anything, but Empress Jellyfish was extremely clear. These two Heaven Rank Innates, if they could be of use to the Sea Clan, they would definitely bring the Sea Clan to the top. Other than Zhi Zun and Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, there shouldn’t be anyone who could match these two, not even the Black Hell King.

As they have been imprisoned here for 6000 years, they only had the power of Heaven Rank Level 2.

If they were allowed to regain their freedom and regain their peak power, Empress Jellyfish believed that they would definitely be Heaven Rank Level 3 and above…

“To hell with it! You actually dared to order your beast to whip me too? I will definitely not let you off! Lightning Claw!”

“Blood Flower Whip…”

Yue Yang watched speechlessly.

The two Heaven Rank Innates in front of him fought like they were kids. They kept whipping and clawing each other in revenge loop.

After a round of fierce battle, the two of them were covered in scars and bruises.

Finally, they were in so much pain that they could only pant.

This, could this be legendary thing called masochism?

Even if they want to fight, they could have waited for their bodies to recover first. Now that they were fighting like this, they were simply masochists!

Yue Yang sweated when he thought this.

Of course, he knew that this conjecture was improbable. A masochist with a twisted heart would never be able to cultivate to become Heaven Rank. There must be a reason why these two kept trying to imprison the other. Furthermore, the reason must not be that simple, not like what they saw on the surface. Yue Yang had a sudden thought; if things wasn’t like what it seemed, there must be another truth behind it.

The truth must be related to this meteorite fort. They had not even explored half of this huge fort.

It’s real secret was definitely still hidden deeper inside!

“Seniors, both of you are interesting and extraordinary, you are not someone that a vulgar junior like me can fathom. However, please let this junior know if you have any orders.” Empress Jellyfish’s target was not to release Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu, the two Heaven Rank warriors.

Her motives lie somewhere else.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at each other and nodded secretly. Indeed, other than Feng Zhu and Bei Feng Jia Suo, there was a third warrior sealed in this place.

Rather than saying that Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu were keeping each other imprisoned, it could be said that they were watching each other.

These two had stuck to this place even after 6000 years, it seemed like they were here to guard the seal.

From here, it could be seen that the real prisoner sealed in this place must be someone even scarier.

Two Heaven Rank Level 2 warriors were needed to guard this person, and they did not leave even after 6000 years… Could it be that it was a warrior that the Prison Emperor had sealed before? Or was it another reason?

Yue Yang was immediately interested when he thought of it this way.

“I know, you are like your ancestor, who wanted to release that fellow and borrow his strength.” Bei Feng Jia Suo looked at Empress Jellyfish who was respectfully bowing and waiting for orders. His face looked a little mocking as he said: “But, first, let’s not talk about whether you guys are able to release that fellow. Even if you could, do you think you can control that power? It is a terrifying power that even troubled us, Heaven Rank Innates. Once it is released, I dare say that the whole of Sea Clan would become its food. It will not be as what you have hoped…”

“Go back, the more meteor power you guys receive, the easier you could lose yourselves.” Feng Zhu closed his eyes and stopped speaking.

“As long as seniors are not opposed to it, please forgive this junior for overestimating her own abilities. This junior wants to give it a try.” Empress Jellyfish slowly bowed again and stepped back, returning to stand in front of the group of people. She gave everyone another glance, and Yue Yang sharply caught that her expression seemed to be saying: “Everything is within my prediction.”

Under Bei Feng Jia Suo’s and Feng Zhu’s silent acceptance, Empress Jellyfish drew a large circular arc with a sword.

What made Yue Yang astonished was that Empress Jellyfish knew how to draw a Heaven Rune Circle that he had never seen before.

After the Rune Circle was drawn, Empress Jellyfish raised the Neptune Blade that the Abyss Manatee had left behind and released her Innate Level 8 strength. On the outside, it seemed like she had released her strength to the maximum. However, Yue Yang who had Heaven Eyes Divine Vision and Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was stronger than Empress Jellyfish were both able to see that the Empress actually didn’t use her full strength. When the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King saw the Neptune Blade, his eyes lit up a little.

Yue Yang sharply caught that, and the corners of his mouth curved up a little, revealing a secret, soundless smile.

After Empress Jellyfish’s huge blow, not only was the Heaven Rune Circle not destroyed, it revealed a bright, shiny light.

A ray of light shone out from the Heaven Rune Circle and rose straight to the top of the dome. Then, a weird cry sounded out from within the starry sky-like dome. All the stars in the dome died out like fire immediately, only Bei Feng Jia Suo’s Beheading Moon Chains dimly emitted some light.

In the sky above the dome, there were countless black light beams shining down.

At this time, the ground was also rumbling.

The ground split open to reveal a stairway that led them down, deep below. Yue Yang was extremely sharp, he noticed that the stairway was made of Obsidian Stone, different from the Meteorite Stone that was used on the fort outside. Does this mean that the third sealed person had already been sealed before this fort was built? Could it be that because this person was too strong that the previous generation had built this meteorite fort on top of the seal? If Bei Feng Jia Suo and Feng Zhu, these two Heaven Rank Innates, weren’t here as guards, Yue Yang would not even have these kinds of suspicions. But now Yue Yang was 90% sure that things were like this.

Yue Yang’s last question was who was it actually that require 2 Heaven Rank Level 2 warriors to guard?

At this time, seems like Central Palace Hall and Prison Emperor is related. At least they could find out about the secret between Central Palace Hall and Prison Emperor.

This sealed warrior that never left his name on the history, who was he actually?

Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked this, but Yue Yang didn’t answer. He only smiled at her and showed a reassuring expression.

Yue Yang thought: Fortunately, the seal in the Obsidian Prison looked like a material object. This means that it wasn’t very strong. If they met a warrior that needed to be sealed in a Black Hole Space like Empress Fei Wen Li, that would be trouble!

Although it was different from the Blood Pond, Yue Yang had reason to believe that the sealed person in this Obsidian Prison was definitely that type of person.

At least, he would definitely be a Heaven Rank warrior.

“Goodness!” The Nine-headed Goblin King who was the first to enter let out a surprised cry, as if the scene before him was unbelievable. Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty shot each other a glance and prepared to go down the stairs to look at what kind of powerful saint that had actually shocked Innate Level 9 Nine-headed Goblin King. However, just as Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was about to go down to the Obsidian Prison, Feng Zhu who was closing his eyes suddenly opened them and greeted Yue Yang, “Can you come over here to chat for a while? You are very strange, I can’t determine if you are human or fishman. Also, your dog looks interesting.”

“Actually it is a sea cucumber, but it looked a little like a dog,” Yue Yang replied this way.

“Meow meow!” Hui Tai Lang immediately nodded his head, trying to say that he was definitely an authentic sea cucumber.

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