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LLS Chapter 568 – Beheading Moon Chains and Prison Dragon Pillar

Chapter 568 – Beheading Moon Chains and Prison Dragon Pillar
Translated by: Last

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“During the instant when the secret door closed, I saw his unique figure, that ugly face, that huge burly body, that ridiculous meat wing and that holy-ranked shield. There should be no other ranker who looks the same as him. It was him who stirred the betrayal of the Clown Fishmen! I also saw the leader of the Clown Fishmen ‘Qiao Diao’ killing the guarding Ocean Knights…… Without the Sea Dragon King’s support, how could those gutless Clown Fishmen even think of betrayal?” The Clown Fishmen following them all kneeled down in fright when they heard the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s words. The kowtowed deeply as they shook like leaves.

The leader Qiao Diao was indeed outside of the secret door, but he was Empress Jellyfish’s trusted aide, how could he turn traitor?

Even if he betrayed her, it was impossible for him to ally with the Sea Dragon King.

The Sea Dragon King was the Clown Fishmen’s natural predator. He would eat both males and females of the clan. Being loyal to him was the same as giving him the authority to let him toy around with males and females of the clan, which was the same as humiliating the clan!

However, because the Sea Goblin King Had nailed this fact, the pitiful Clown Fishmen slaves could not even retort. They could only kneel down and beg for forgiveness, hoping that the furious Innate royals would generously spare them.

“……” Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at each other.

The Nine-headed Sea Goblin King previously had the chance to charge out of the door, but he was afraid of the Sea Dragon King’s ambush so he pretended to be too late.

From this point, it was easy to determine that the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was actually a coward that was afraid of adventure. He was not the kind of person to accomplish big things. Compared to the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan , he was simply not on the same level.

What was suspicious about this was why Empress Jellyfish fall for the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King.

Based on what kind of woman Empress Jellyfish was, she would not even be attracted to a gutless pretty boy.

Could it be that the Abyss Manatee did not die yet and was actually sealed inside the secret door? And Empress Jellyfish’s main goal was to search for that Abyss Manatee?

These unpredictable situation made Yue Yang filled with doubts and suspicion. Even Phoenix Fairy Beauty was very interested about all this. She felt that she would be able to dig up a bit of gossip inside the Sea Clan while searching for treasures. Being fond of gossip was a woman’s nature.

“There are changes in the Sea Clan and the secret door closed.” Yue Yang used the Three Colors map to send this information to the Shark King while everybody was still in confusion.

“Although the secret door closed, you don’t have to rush in writing a will right?” The Starfish General saw that Yue Yang was writing so he rushed over to comfort him: “General Ni Ji, even though we are trapped here, we should still maintain our confidence. As generals, we should serve as an example for others to follow and take the initiative to raise the troop’s morale.. We need to boost their morale now that they seemed to be stuck in quicksand. With this many Innate Rankers here, there should be no problems. We should continue to press on and search for treasures. And at the end of the journey, we must grandly lead all of our subordinates back to our beautiful country! Achoo, achoo! Sorry, I seemed to have caught a cold. Right, where was I?”

“Woof.” Hui Tai Lang answered.

“It looks like you are quite calm! Good boy, as Echidnoderms, I am proud of you! Unfortunetely you are only a Sea Cucumber and a pet, otherwise, I beleive we could be good friends.” Starfish General begun to chatter with Hui Tai Lang.

“……” Yue Yang was extremely speechless.

One of Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s subordinate quickly chased after Empress Jellyfish to report the matter about the secret door closing.

After 10 minutes, Emress Jellyfish calmly retured without any changes in her expression. Even Yue Yang was able to perceive a ‘this is just about right’ thinking from the depths of her eyes.

She inspected the secret door and softly comforted everyone. Expressing that there was a way to leave and there was no need to worry.

At the same time, she magnanimously forgave the Clown Fishmen’s betrayal.

The Clown Fishmen shed tears of gratitude as they cried.

Yue Yang was able to conclude that this Empress Jellyfish has problems because she was able to stay calm even though the secret door had been closed. Moreover, she continued to lift the seal on the Heaven Realm Innates. Could it be that she had the confidence to reopen the door that needed the blood sacrifice of 1000 people? Or could it be that the Sea Dragon King was her true ally and the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was only for show?

As Yue Yang deliberated, a blood-curdling scream was heard from far away.

The 20+ Sea Clan Innate in front were all injured. Could it be that the Heaven Realm Rankers had been freed?

Empress Jellyfish, Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, Sea Turtle King, Sea Snake King and Elder Xing Pan moved to the front. Large quantities of Ocean Knights also followed after while Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty sneaked into the group to enjoy the scene.

On the snow field, a puddle of fresh blood shocked th eyes of everybody in front.

The Innate subordinate that Nine-headed Sea Goblin King had sent to report had tragically died. Not even a whole corpse was left by him as his entire body exploded into pieces. The subordinate had become mincedmeat and the only thing left that could be recognized was his right hand. Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s complexion changed. He furiously threw down the right hand and shouted upwards as he increased his power to Innate Level 8. He prepared to face the enemy…… Sea Turtle King and Sea Snake King also reacted as they followed suite and increased their powers to Innate Level 3. Although it was not that high, it was still able to intantly kill enemies. The attacker was at least an Innate Level 8 ranker. It was also possible for them to be that Heaven Realm Rankers that had been freed from the seal and attacked everyone.

“That’s simply not it.” Yue Yang secretly told Phoenix Fairy Beauty: “This is a type of self-destructing beast. This is the result of it exploding inside of this guys body.”

“Exploding Demon Parasite. I have heard of this beast before.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was preplexed: “Although its power is strong, it needed the owner to plant it inside the enemy’s body. It is simply hard to achieve and only an idiot would stare at the enemy as they planted it inside the body.”

“What if the person who planted it was someone he never puts his guard on? Or what if the person who planted it was stronger than him and capable of suppressing him?” Yue Yang laughed as if he had guessed the truth.

Naturally, he was still slightly far from the actual truth.

The thing he needs to do now was to observe the enitre process and timely make his move.

As the wind cried out, spreading panic to the soldiers and dampening the mood, no one dared to speak. The entire place was silent as everyone carefully guarded against the surroundings. They contradictorily relied on their allies as they continued forward. They moved forward to find the Innates and discovered that they stood in front of a giant fort. This fort was made from Heaven Realm Meteorite and incredibly tall.

The pitch-black gate of the fort seemed like a giant monster that can swallow everything.

Because they were anxious about obtaining the treasures that could have been left inside, the brave Seal Captain and the Lobster Clan Leader already went inside.

The only ones remaining were the Jie Wei, Yan, Walrus King, and a Dugong Elder stood outside waiting. The rest of the Innates were also clamoring to enter. The Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was slightly worried, but after seeing Empress Jellyfish did not move, he could only endure his bad temper that was about to erupt.

Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to look at Empress Jellyfish’s expression and discovered that she was not angry at all but contained a sneering ridicule.

It was as if saying ‘nothing can escape me”.

This Empress Jellyfish was that amazing? She could actually control everything?

Yue Yang was still puzzled after much thought.

“Three Sea Kings, will you accompany me to lift the seal on the Heaven Realm Innates or go in to explore the fort?” Empress Jellyfish cordially pulled on Jie Wei and Yan the two contesses: “These two sisters must follow this big sister okay? Otherwise, if some kind of monster pops up, I won’t be able to protect you. Let us go. Right, will the two sisters bring their relatives with us?”

After saying this, she intentionally sized up Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty and then looked at Starfish General.

Jie Wei and Yan both quickly expressed that there was no need.

Expecially Countess Jie Wei, who secretly complained, as she was afraid that Empress Jellyfish finding out about Yue Yang’s identity…… Bringing Yue Yang was easy to let Empress Jellyfish raise her suspicion. Not bringing him on the other hand was a risk to her safety.

If by some chance that the Heaven Realm Rankers’ seal was lifted, who would protect her if they begun a huge massacre without Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty beside her?

“I think we should just bring them, or else other people my say it’s my fault.” Empress Jellyfish waved his hands and orderd Yue Yang, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Starfish General, Cutlassfish General and a few other people: “Everyone, bring two buckets of blood nd follow me. Pay attention to the places we will pass and move carefully, or else you will meet a tragic end if you step on smekind of mechanism. Elder Xing Pan, lead the Ocean Knights and stay at the door. Pay attention to the movements of monsters. If an enemy appears, immediately warn us. As for the Clown Fishmen camp, follow the original plan and prepare food.”

“Yes.” Elder Xing Pan was someone Empress Jellyfish trusted the most.

They discovered that the space inside the fort was huge after stepping inside.

Other than spiralling upwards and a huge starcase leading downwards, there were also many main palaces, side palaces, winding corridors and many more. There was even a special teleportation portal inside but it was unknown where it led to. As if she had been here many times, Empress Jellyfish moved with ease as she guided in front. After passing through long hallways and side palaces, they arrived at a place that looked like a martial arts hall. Then, Empress Jellyfish personally moved a statue and pushed the painting behind, explosing a long passage.

There was no light in the passage, but Countess Yan had already summoned a Glowing Sea Snail to light up the entire passage.

After moving in the passage, there was a dueling field the size of a football field.

What made Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s eye light up was that the rumored sealed Heaven Realm Ranker exists and there was more than one.

On the left side, a Heaven Realm Ranker had both of its hands cuffed. Its body was suspended by long silver chains that were bound to a strange moon in the sky. Naturally, this moon was not real but a high grade holy-ranked artifact shaped like a moon. This was the first time Yue Yang saw this kind of special treasure. Although it was not a divine artifact, it was extremely close to being one. It was like a lesser divine artifact. It was a holy-ranked artifact that was capable of attacking defending and sealing. It made Yue Yang broaden his experience. Compared to the attack oriented God Killing Dagger, this moon-shaped holy rank artifact was clearly much more outstanding.

A holy-ranked artifact that even Heaven Realm Rankers could not break free from?

If he did not personally see it, Yue Yang would not dare believe it.

This was simply the truth and not a mirrage. Moreover, there were two of them…… On the right side was also a Heaven Realm Ranker that had been bound to a pillar. A dragon was engraved on the pillar with three golden halos on top. It was these three halos that firmly imprisoned the Heaven Realm Ranker who was at Heaven Rank Level 2.

Compared to the Prison Emperor’s Seven Star Pillar, the dragon rngraved into the pillar seemed like a beast and not a treasure.

It seemed to be alive and linked with the Heaven Realm Ranker on the left side. The three golden halos would also expand and contract based on the enemy’s strugle. On one side, it exhausted the enemy’s struggling power and on the other it intesified the binding power onthe opponent’s body making the opponent suffer.

At the same time, the moon shaped holy chain belonged to the Heaven Realm Ranker imprisoned by the pillar. It also followed the will of the owner, pulling up and putting down the enemy from time to time. When the enemy was resting, it would let out electricity and shock the enemy, tormenting the enemy. The two people were imprisoned by the enemy’s treasure and neither was willing to let go of the other side as they tormented each other……

“Beheading Moon Chains and Prison Dragon Pillar? Such ruthless treasures, but the owners are much more ruthless!” Yue Yang was unable to imagine that these two had been like this for the past 6000 years.

How could they endure their days like this?

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