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LLS Chapter 567 – The Mysterious Sea Dragon King

Chapter 567 – The Mysterious Sea Dragon King
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Empress Jellyfish didn’t seem to care about the death of the Clown Fishmen.

She turned around and sent everyone a strict look.

When she looked at Yue Yang with such a strict look, Yue Yang felt like he was seeing a female tyrant that was capable of killing people like scything flax. His heart felt cold. This Empress Jellyfish’s heart was even more merciless than the Black Hell King. Although the Black Hell King was evil, always betraying his friends and hit a person when they are down, he still treated his subordinates well. When the War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tooth of the North committed self-detonation, Yue Yang could see that the Black Hell King felt very grieved. However, he was forced to do this and wasn’t able to reverse the situation.

In comparison, Empress Jellyfish who seemed apathetic to her subordinates life and death was more suitable as a ruler compared to Black Hell King.

After glancing at everyone, Empress Jellyfish realised that no one dared to make eye contact with her. Her expressions turned gentler and she purposely lowered her body to explain to the Clan Leaders who were completely silent: “Blood Sacrifice is the secret method passed down by our ancestors and the only way to enter the secret door. Although it pained me to lose our clans people, we still need to offer blood sacrifice.”

Elder Xing Pan immediately waved his hand when he heard her declare her position.

He ordered the blood sacrifice to start.

Countless Ocean Knights appeared, carrying big buckets of fresh blood and poured them into the the secret door made of meteorite iron. The secret door begun to absorb blood. Other than some blood splatters, the door quickly absorbed all the blood.

It slowly turned red colour.

Blazing red like fire.

The three Rune Circles on the platform that was shining red just now, slowly turned blue.

A few elite Ocean Knights threw in another Clown Fishmen slave. The poor fishman fell on the snowy ground with a loud thump. Although he was thrown with a force enough to break his bones, he didn’t immediately explode and die. When he realised he had escaped death, he almost choked himself on tears. The other sacrificial Clown Fishmen waiting outside the door also cried with him, as they were all sufferer of the same fate.

“Distinguished lords, please follow me to restore the Sea Clan’s glory!” When Empress Jellyfish saw that the secret door was successfully opened, she couldn’t help but to be pleased.

She personally held onto the two important figures, Countess Jie Wei’s and Countess Yan’s hands, and entered the secret door.

Countess Jie Wei turned around.

She looked a little worried as she looked at Yue Yang.

When she saw that Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was still there, she immediately felt hugely relieved.

This action had almost alerted Empress Jellyfish’s attention, so Countess Jie Wei immediately lowered her head, afraid that Empress Jellyfish would notice that something was amiss.

The inside and outside of the Metal Door was worlds apart. Inside, it was a world filled with snowstorm and chilly wind. The temperature was even colder than any other environment Yue Yang had visited before.

However, the temperature was not the deadliest threat inside. When everyone stepped on the snowy ground, before 5 minutes even passed, monsters started appearing amidst the blizzard. They were all semi-transparent Wind Goblins that were around ten meters tall. The upper half of their body was semi-transparent humanoid while the lower half of their body was a hurricane. Strangely, they did not touch the ground at all, they were completely floating.

A dozen over Wind Goblin appeared and slowly surrounded them from afar. They did not immediately attack.

These Wind Goblin were not afraid of sharp blade attacks, they were also very fast.

If any warriors below Innate came across these Wind Goblins, it would be extremely difficult for them to defeat these monsters.

“These Goblins are only Normal Level 8, there’s no need to be afraid.” Elder Xing Pan raised his right hand, and a fish-like image appeared on top of his head. The huge fish head opened its mouth and released a water dragon. It then quickly disappeared.

The Water Dragon that was controlled by Elder Xing Pan swept through the Wind Goblin’s body.

The Water Dragon was absorbed by the Wind Goblin’s tornado body and disappeared.

However, as the temperature was freezing and the Wind Goblin’s body was filled with water, it quickly turned into ice, unable to turn anymore.

One by one, the Wind Goblins collapsed on the snow. Countless elite Ocean Knights rushed in and easily mowed them to the ground. Yue Yang was secretly impressed with this move. This octopus was really good, he was really an expert in using water techniques. At first Yue Yang thought that he would summon a bolt of lightning to destroy the Wind Goblin’s core. Unexpectedly, Elder Xing Pan had made use of the geographical advantage and simply used water to freeze the Wind Goblins, making them an easy target for the Ocean Knights to kill.

This way had not only increase the chances of killing their enemies, it could also increase the troops morale.

One stone kills two birds.

“All Innates continue to march forward, Lesser Innates please stay behind. Elder Xing Pan, please lead the group slowly forward.” Empress Jellyfish swept a glance through everyone. Yue Yang thought that she was looking at him, so he quickly looked down and acted like “I am a Lesser Innate.”

The Countess didn’t dare to look at Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty anymore this time. She respectfully followed Empress Jellyfish and marched forward.

Over 20 Innate Rankers walked forward. Leaving Elder Xing Pan to lead the army.

Elder Xing Pan led the elite Ocean Knights forward, followed by 20 over close aides of the Clan Leaders and the serving clans like the Clown Fishmen.

Why was it arranged this way?

Yue Yang frowned, feeling that something was amiss.

“What is this Empress Jellyfish up to?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was also suspicious, but she couldn’t tell what was amiss.

“Let’s see.” Yue Yang thought that Empress Jellyfish definitely wasn’t able to see through him, otherwise she would definitely not open the secret door and allowed him to enter. Most importantly, Empress Jellyfish’s lover, the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, who was preparing to steal the title of Ocean Emperor, had not entered yet.

After the party marched forward for 10 minutes, the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King finally appeared.

He stood in front of 5 Innates and march forward proudly.

If one were to compare the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King and Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, based on looks alone, the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was slightly more handsome. He had the qualities of a pretty boy. This Nine-headed Sea Goblin King had a handsome countenance and eyes sharp like lightning. However, his forehead looked slightly gloomy and sinister, one would be able to tell that he was not a kind person in one glance. His hair was his distinguishing feature. They were meticulously combed into small braids, Yue Yang thought they were quite similar to the braids that black people had. The Nine-headed Sea Goblin King’s hair color was similar to the Empress Jellyfish, it was golden.

Although it wasn’t of the highest quality, the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was still draped in a high quality Holy-ranked Armor. Furthermore, his armor was very unique. There were 4 snakes on each of his shoulders.

On his chest, there was also a bust of Sea Snake with long horns on his chest.

Maybe he only got his title of Nine-headed Sea Goblin King because of this Sea Snake Holy-ranked Armor!

Yue Yang didn’t really know the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King well, he only heard of him once from Hai Ying Wu and the Shark King.

This Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was said to be Empress Jellyfish’s lover and also the Lord of the Dark Ocean in the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower. Due to the Ocean Emperor’s pressure last time, he almost never did anything in Tong Tian Tower. The only thing he was more prominent for was when he was fighting for the Eight Ocean King’s position, he had killed his cousin Hai Mo Yu in public, thus earning him the position in the Eight Kings.

Eight Great Ocean Kings, four of the Ocean Kings were Ocean Emperor’s trusted aides, and they were the Shark King, Cuttlefish King, Jellyfish King and Manta Ray King.

Now, other than Shark King, all the other three Kings had already died in battle.

Only four Kings were left, and they were internal royals.

These four kings were controlled under Empress Jellyfish, and they were the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King, Sea Snake King, Sea Turtle King and the most secretive and low-key Sea Dragon King.

“This old man greets Sea Goblin King.” Elder Xing Pan was an expert in diplomacy. He personally welcomed the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King.

“Elder Xing Pan, no need to stand on ceremony…” Nine-headed Sea Goblin wanted the Ocean Emperor’s position, so he would definitely need the support of an elder like Elder Xing Pan, hence he was particularly intimate. When he saw that Elder Xing Pan was the only Innate, he frowned and asked, “Have Sea Snake King, Sea Turtle King and Sea Dragon King arrived? They would usually race to be the first, but they are actually cowering in fear now. It’s really too much.”

“Sea Dragon King has already explained to Empress Jellyfish personally that he will not be joining on the secret door expedition.” Elder Xing Pan chuckled.

“Humph, his Sea Dragon title is really just for show. He is actually just a coward.” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King laughed mockingly.

“Who’s a coward?” Beside the secret door, two figures appeared. The one who was leading was a fat guy wearing tortoise-shaped armor and the other one was a man who had a snake tail on his back and a pitchfork on his hand. With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang found out that although the fatty wearing tortoise armor was an Innate Level 8, he was not as powerful as the Shark King. However, the Snakeman who was holding the Platinum-ranked Sea Pitchfork would probably be able to fight the Shark King on equal grounds.

“The cowards are those who asked who are the cowards! My two uncles, has old age caught up with you, so much that you cannot walk anymore? Why did you only come now?” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King didn’t seem to be respectful towards these two seniors.

“We’re still fine, we are not that old yet. Otherwise, how else would we be able to make it here in time to join the fun?” The fatty wearing Platinum-ranked Tortoise Armor guffawed out loud.

“Stop talking nonsense with him, let’s move!” The Sea Snake King who was carrying the Platinum-ranked Sea Pitchfork had an extremely bad relationship with the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. They just couldn’t see each other eye to eye.

Yue Yang really wanted to make his move then and there, and kill all these fellows in front of him.

Then he wanted to chase after Empress Jellyfish and exterminate all the people in her group. Finally, he would close the secret door and slowly look for treasures inside… Just as he was thinking of this, suddenly there was a loud noise from outside of the secret door. The loud noises continued on, and finally, a scene that made everyone gape in shock appeared. The secret door that was opened just now suddenly shut closed. When the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King sprinted and finally reached the secret door, it had completely closed.

What was happening?

Was there a spy amongst the internal Sea Clan Leaders?

Or was there a plot going on? Yue Yang looked at Phoenix Fairy Beauty, but she only shook her head, showing that she still couldn’t understand the situation.

However, Yue Yang had already experienced a terrifying scene like the one on the death arena before, so his mental state had already become as hard as steel. He completely didn’t think of it as a big deal. At the most, they could use the Three Realm Compass to return back to the Soaring Dragon Continent. How could a mere secret door be able to trap him?

That would be a big joke!

However, he was a little curious. Why would the Empress Jellyfish allow such a mistake like closing the secret door. Could it be that it was on purpose?

“We need an explanation…” Sea Snake King and Sea Turtle King angrily looked at the Nine-headed Sea Goblin King. They suspect that their nephew was the one who did it.

“My two uncles, are you so old that you have gone senile? While it’s true that I wanted to become Ocean Emperor, I’m not a fool. I need many people’s support to become Ocean Emperor. It’s okay if you don’t support me, but you don’t even trust this nephew of yours? If I’m the one who did it, would it even give me any kind of benefit? I can guarantee that this is the Sea Dragon King’s doing! I already told the Empress since the beginning, that fellow is an expert in enduring. He was also colluding with the Black Hell King, so he needed to carefully and quietly plan his next steps. However, the Empress actually told me that Sea Dragon King was extremely loyal, and that we couldn’t accuse him of something easily. Now, we really fell into his trap! The moment this secret door closed, we will all be trapped inside. And the Sea Dragon King will be able to seize power on the outside!” Nine-headed Sea Goblin King was extremely enraged as he howled out.

“What? It was him?” Sea Turtle King and Sea Snake King did not dare believe what they were hearing. How could the most low-key Sea Dragon King do this? Could it be that his normal subdued yet calm state and inability to handle government affairs were all pretend?

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