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LLS Chapter 566 – Empress Jellyfish

Chapter 566 – Empress Jellyfish
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

Shiro: Hi guys, I will be busy this week so I will reduce the chapter release for these 2 weeks to 3 chapters per week. Please check release schedule for more info. Sorry for this! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Under the torture of the Starfish General Li Wan the chatterbox’s unending chatter, Yue Yang almost went crazy.

Compared to him, the talkative Fatty Hai was practically a mute.

Turns out no matter what world we were in, Tang Seng exists… Yue Yang thought of sewing this fellow’s mouth with needle and thread several times, but he restrained himself in the end. If he did something, he would not be able to obtain the treasure inside the secret door. He had endured it for so long anyway, if he didn’t persist until the end and went back to Soaring Dragon Continent empty handed, he really wouldn’t do himself justice.

With regards to Starfish General’s chatter, Yue Yang used one of the noise cancelling skill: He pretended that the Starfish General was a cicade buzzing on a tree.

“Just wait. Just wait until I come out of the secret door. I will definitely sew your mouth up.” Yue Yang decided in his heart. Although he was ignoring the Starfish General, this Li Wan didn’t seem to have any intention of leaving. He was actually showing interest in Hui Tai Lang, conversing happily.

“Heehee.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty giggled happily as she comforted Yue Yang with a few words. Due to their fake identities, she wasn’t able to rescue him from trouble, she could only wait quietly for the Countess to come out.

“You are such a clever Sea Cucumber, oh yes, I’ve never seen a Sea Cucumber cleverer than you. Did you know that I was originally very disappointed with the Sea Cucumber Clan because they are simply too foolish. They never strive to improve, and they are very lazy. They never participated in any banquets, unless they are in the form of a delicacy, served on a plate. If only in the Sea Cucumber Clan, there is just one as smart as you in ten thousand, we will all be proud of the Sea Cucumber Clan. As an Echinoderm, I couldn’t raise my head normally, because sea urchins and sea cucumbers are simply too disappointing. Amongst the Echinoderm family, only us, the starfishes could make our family proud…” Starfish General poured out his bitter misgivings to Hui Tai Lang, and Hui Tai Lang replied him with several foreign languages, e.g. meow meow, woof woof, awoo, squeak squeak, chirp chirp, etc.

Under the Starfish General’s unceasing torrent of words, time slowly passed by the seconds.

Finally, the Meteor Shower Palace gates opened.

The Sea Clan Council of Elders meeting had ended.

The crowd of Sea Clan Clan Leaders walked out in a line. The Countess seemed to be worrying about something as she was the last to come out.

“What’s wrong?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was disguised as the Countess’ younger sister, so it was natural for her to come up to her and ask. As for Yue Yang, who was disguised as General Ni Ji, he also took this chance to escape from Li Wan the chatterbox.

“Empress Jellyfish suggested for all Clan Leaders to enter the secret door altogether… After a round of discussion amongst the Council of Elders, more than half of the Elder agreed.” The Countess looked at Yue Yang and whispered, “I have a bad feeling about this, I hope it’s just a false alarm.”

“It’s okay, we will ensure your safety.” Yue Yang didn’t say that because he was disguised as General Ni Ji, it was also his word as the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

“To enter the secret door, other than the 3 Seal Keys, we also need the fresh blood of 1000 Rankers.” The Countess lowered her voice, her tone carrying an irrepressible anger: “I initially didn’t know that it had to be like that. I thought I only need to give my Moon Key. Who would have thought that Empress Jellyfish still wanted the fresh blood of 1000 rankers. Even if 600 of them are captives, in order to barely scrape by the numbers, dozens of clans have been killed by Empress Jellyfish, almost to the point of extinction. I think it will be difficult for the Sea Clan to restore their original glory even after 300 years.”

“The fresh blood of 1000 rankers?” Yue Yang apprehensive, wasn’t the secret door a teleportation portal? Why would they need a blood sacrifice?

“We need the blood of 1000 Level 6 Elders and above. In order to fulfill the blood sacrifice requirement. All clans would have to take part, including us, the Butterfly Fishmen. Empress Jellyfish had actually gathered some Ocean Knights who had no hope of reaching the same level as an Ocean General. Now, they have all become blood sacrifices. The most detestable thing is that none of Empress Jellyfish’s personal bodyguard was offered as a sacrifice.” The Countess was especially not happy about this point.

“Distinguished guests… it is almost the meeting time. All Clan Leaders, please proceed to the Ocean Palace at once.”

Elder Xing Pan’s voice resounded from far away.

The Clan Leaders who were still discussing heatedly were now in a sticky situation. They couldn’t do anything other than choosing their most trusted aide as they enter the Ocean Palace.

Everyone knew that opening the secret door together was merely Empress Jellyfish’s scheme, but nobody dared to publicly rebel against her. After all, Empress Jellyfish was someone whom even Guan Lan couldn’t subdue. Not only did she possess an extremely strong power, she was also extremely cunning and had the backing of her strong clan. Behind her, there were at least ten Ocean Elders who possessed great power. She also had the support of the whole Sea Clan Royal Family. Furthermore, she also possessed the Neptune Blade that the Ocean God left behind. It became the scepter that allows her to order the other Sea Clans.

Yue Yang followed the Countess quickly, pretending to be a loyal general.

He lowered his head and secretly observed the situation.

In front of the Ocean God Palace, the place which was built as a memorial for the Abyss Manatee, Yue Yang finally saw Empress Jellyfish, the legendary powerful woman.

Her forehead was high and her gaze was deep, her features was distinct and her appearance exudes an extraordinary grandeur. Even if she wasn’t wearing a crown or wearing grand and beautiful Empress’ robes, even if she was wearing a normal slave’s clothing, it wouldn’t be able to mask her powerful, charisma that was so strong it was on the verge of eruption. This woman was born to be a person of power. No matter who, instead of sighing at her beauty, everyone who saw her would first be shocked by her majesty… Such majesty would usually only be seen in men, but the majesty that Empress Jellyfish exudes was in no way inferior to any man in this world.

Yue Yang immediately thought of a woman’s name, Wu Ze Tian.

Maybe this Empress Jellyfish was the same kind of woman as the one and only female emperor in the history of China. There had been no one before her, and no one after her.

They both had that domineering aura that a man might not even have. They could easily suppress and control the officials under them. Other than being extremely wise, they were also ambitious and extraordinary. Becoming enemies with such a woman would be extremely dangerous, unless one could crush her in one move.

“Distinguished lords, the Ocean Emperor has passed away early, and strong enemies are everywhere. For the revival of the Sea Clan, I have no other option but to go all out, thus I have proposed this plan. I hope my lords will put the Sea Clan’s interests first, and help this weak woman to restore the Sea Clan’s former glory.” Empress Jellyfish didn’t treat her subordinates condescendingly, on the contrary, she was extremely humble. It was as if the Clan Leaders who didn’t agree to help her were bullying her.

“This woman is very impressive…” Phoenix Fairy Beauty secretly said to Yue Yang, praising her continuously.

The most impressive thing about Empress Jellyfish was actually her hidden strength.

On the surface, Empress Jellyfish was a Level 8 Innate.

However, with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang could clearly see her hidden strength. This Empress Jellyfish was actually Innate Level 10. She also had many treasures on her body. It was no wonder that even the extremely strong Ocean Emperor Guan Lan wasn’t able to overpower her.

Facing against this opponent, even though she was a woman, her threat level was almost as high as the Black Hell King.

If he didn’t kill her, she would cause a lot of harm in the future.

Yue Yang’s killing intent was slightly aroused. In order to not let his killing intent leak out and alarm Empress Jellyfish, he quickly lowered his head and looked away from her.

“Sister Jie Wei, come over here! Although General Ni Ji is extremely powerful, you don’t have many guards guarding you. There are many unknown dangers when we enter the secret door. Sister Jie Wei, you are as delicate as a golden branch. If even a single strand of hair of you is hurt, it will all be my fault.” Empress Jellyfish approached the Countess personally and took her towards her personal bodyguards. She also glanced subtly at Yue Yang.

“Thank you, your majesty.” The Countess clearly understood that she had become a hostage, but she had no way to retaliate.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she still had the secret trump cards of Yue Clan Third Young Master and Sky Law, she would probably meet a tragic end today. When the countess thought of this, she couldn’t help but to break out in cold sweat.

Yue Yang quickly lowered his head. Fortunately, after going through the Death Arena and the battle in Heaven Realm, Yue Yang had slowly begun to understand the ‘Innate Elder’s Heart’. He had also gained confidence because he had killed Heaven Rank warriors before. Now, even though he was facing against an extremely formidable enemy like the Empress Jellyfish, he was able to conceal himself smoothly.

Of course, ultimately, he would still need to rely on his Counterfeit Inherent Skill to fool Empress Jellyfish.

Otherwise, with just the Fantasy Pearl to change his appearance, a sharp and clever woman like Empress Jellyfish would have been suspicious from the start.

Ocean God Palace.

This was the Ocean God Palace that was built as a memorial to the Guardian God of the Sea Clan, the Abyss Manatee. There was a gigantic statue of an Abyss Manatee inside the Palace. It looked like it was one level higher than the two Abyss Manatees that Yue Yang had captured. There were crowns on its heads, and it was holding giant blades in its hands. The statues looked so real, as if it was alive. It looked extremely magnificent. On the sides of great hall, there were statues of Sea Clan Innates who had already passed away, each taking different stances.

The statue of Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was also amongst them, but he was only placed at the eighth place from the entrance, on the left side of the door. If it wasn’t because Yue Yang recognised him, he wouldn’t notice this Ocean Emperor.

In the Inner Hall of the Ocean God Palace, there was a big, white wall.

When Empress Jellyfish’s subordinates smashed the wall, a dark passage appeared.

The whole passage was constructed with a special Heaven Realm Meteorite. Even the strong Sea Clan guards who were able to crush the wall easily were not able to budge these stones. When Empress Jellyfish tried to slash it with Neptune Blade with all of her strength, she was only able to create a tiny scratch.

Seeing this, the onlookers couldn’t help to be shocked.

The secret door can only be opened when the Sun, Moon and Meteor Key are all present. Currently, I only have the Sun Key. Sister Jie Wei and Sister Yan, please help me open the secret door together.” Empress Jellyfish didn’t have the Sun Key at first, as the Sun Key originally belonged to the Clown Fishmen Elder Ai Shi. However, after Ai Shi passed away, her descendants all became vassals of the Sea Clan Royal Family. Hence, it was obvious that they were not able to keep the Sun Key, such an important artifact anymore.

“We will follow Empress’ wishes.” the Countess took out the brilliant ‘Moon Key’. Together with Countess Yan who took out her ‘Meteor Key’, the three of them proceeded towards the secret door.

A loud rumble resounded in front of them, and the ground started to shake.

The previously dark passage was suddenly illuminated with light.

The radiant light shone brightly for a long time.

After around 1 minute, the light disappeared, and the scene that appeared in front of everyone was wilderness covered in snow.

The snowy wilderness and the passage where everyone was at were only separated by a door. There was a gigantic metal door densely covered in runes which was widely open. Inside there were three runic circle sacrificial platforms. There was a small key hole in each platforms for Sun, Moon and Meteor Keys. The three runic circles were emitting red light, which made others feel uncomfortable as they seemed to be exuding some kind of death omen and blood.

When Elder Xing Pan the octopus, waved his hand, two Ocean Knights threw a trembling Clown Fishmen inside the secret door.


The Clown Fishmen that was thrown inside didn’t even have the chance to fall onto the ground. His body exploded in mid-air.

It was obvious that there was some kind of restrictions that prohibits life forms from entering.

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  1. Kushal says:

    Thanks for the update.
    Looking forward to your releases.
    Here’s hoping you’re commitment for 2 weeks is finished early and we get to read a bonus chapter.

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