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LLS Chapter 565 – Disguise, Infiltrating the Sea Clan

Chapter 565 – Disguise, Infiltrating the Sea Clan
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Meteor Shower Ocean.

This place was indeed a beautiful, rich and fertile land.

There were as many islands as there were pearls in the sea. The silver sand spread across the ocean shores and the vast ocean was like a blue-coloured jewel. Here, water and sky merged into one, the bluish-emerald waves stretched across thousands of kilometers. When the light sea breeze blew a slightly misty air, it seemed to sweep all troubles away. In Meteor Shower Ocean, no matter what season it was, it would always be summer, where the sun burn bright warm. The warm yet not burning sun rays allowed everyone to bask in the warm sunlight.

If one were to rank the most beautiful scenery in Tong Tian Tower, the Meteor Shower Ocean would rank in the top 3.

Many Innates, who had pursued to be at the top, in their later years, would mostly abandon their daily training and chose to make their residence there, enjoying their old age.

Meteor Shower Ocean was also the only ocean domain in Tong Tian Tower where the Meteor Shower Shellfish resides. This kind of Meteor Shower Shellfish contains Meteor Shower Pearl inside. The pearls were only available for sale in higher levels of Tong Tian Tower. As for its worth, it was not any less than the Wisdom Fruit, which helped in cultivating beasts’ strength and power. Meteor Shower Shellfishes were extremely rare, and they need at least a hundred years to produce one pearl. A thousand year old pearl would be an extremely rare treasure in the world, and as for three thousand years old Meteor Shower Pearl, there were only 3 present in the whole of Tong Tian Tower. They were strung together into a necklace and hung on the Empress Jellyfish’s pearl necklace.

The Meteor Shower Pearl that was even more favoured than Wisdom Fruit by Innates, possessed thousands of uses and power.

Each of them different from another.

However, they have one similarity, and that was to increase the compatibility of an Innate with their beasts.

The compatibility between beasts and people was something that cannot be quantified, but it did exist. The higher the compatibility of a beast with its master, the more support the beasts would give its master. The lower the compatibility, the less support it would provide, and the easier it would betray its master.

Some people were born with the expertise to summon certain types of beasts.

In other words, they have high compatibility with these beasts.

Of course, the most important factor contributing to compatibility rates depend on the beast itself. If the beast and its master’s compatibility rate was high, it would be easier for them to become humanoid and level up to Holy-rank.

Meteor Shower Pearl’s usage was divided into two. First, it could be used by an Innate-ranked warrior to increase their own strength. Second, it could be used by beasts to increase their power.

In both cases, the user must be at least Innate-ranked. Everyone would wish for their beasts to grow stronger, everyone wanted their beasts to level up and become Holy-ranked beasts. It was just that the number of Meteor Shower Pearls was extremely few, and it wasn’t even available in the lower floors of Tong Tian Tower for sale. Most pearls were only sold by Merchant Guilds that had been specially appointed by the Sea Clan. For the higher grade, extremely popular Meteor Shower Pearls that were hundreds of years old or even thousands years old, they must be sold in an auction. Many Innates would be invited to participate and compete in their bidding. Only then could they decide who the owners would be.

Previously, the Fantasy Pearl that Countess Jie Wei had used was actually one type of Meteor Shower Pearl.

It was just that this Fantasy Pearl was only 1500 years old, it couldn’t compare to Empress Jellyfish’ three 3000 years old ‘Heaven’s Mandate Meteor Shower Pearls’.

“These Meteor Shower Pearls might have something to do with the fallen Heaven Realm Warriors. Maybe the remnants of their power had influenced these pearls.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was disguised as Countess Jie Wei’s sister, Lan Ban, didn’t have anything to do while they were on the journey, so she chatted with Yue Yang at times.

“Maybe.” Yue Yang who was disguised as Ni Ji nodded and agreed.

“Maybe we should just attack and conquer this place, then slowly find the Meteor Shower Pearls! Maybe, in some hidden places that had not been explored yet, there are still some Meteor Shower Pearls left.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty thought that the time to conquer the Boundless Ocean had come. As long as Yue Yang agreed, all the Charm Demons under her and the Demonic Place backing her up would all come out in full force. Most importantly, Yue Yang still did not have any territory under him in Tong Tian Tower. A pea-sized place like the Thunder Fortress wasn’t considered a territory. Forget about a warrior with a power as immense as Yue Yang, even warriors who were Innate Level 3 and above all had territories corresponding to their own powers.

“The Sea Clan had dominated the Boundless Ocean for 6000 years. They have definitely scoured through the whole seabed. It seems very unlikely that there are still undiscovered Meteor Shower Pearls.” Yue Yang wasn’t very optimistic with this point.

“In any case, we still have nothing to do, right? This Meteor Shower Ocean is so beautiful, why don’t you bring it down?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty wanted to persuade Yue Yang to conquer this place. She planned to have him give the Meteor Shower Ocean to her as dowry in the future.

“The Heaven Realm is more beautiful than this.” Yue Yang laughed out loud.

He liked Meteor Shower Ocean, but there was no need to be anxious about this at this time. He still had an Ocean Empress to scheme against now.

After he managed to make Hai Ying Wu the Ocean Empress, wouldn’t all that Hai Ying Wu owns become his, too? Expanding the family business was a good thing, but there would be more problems. Currently, Yue Yang only wanted to chase girls. He didn’t care about territories. As long as he had power, even if he didn’t want it, other people would voluntarily offer him their territories for his acceptance.

Yue Yang actually really had a plan to attack the Sea Clan. Of course, the first target he had to deal with was the Black Hell King.

After he finished discussing the terms with Dragon Emperor, Emperor of the Underworld, Sky Execution, Baruth and the others, Yue Yang would make an alliance with them and completely eliminate the Black Hell King, making him unable to recover for eternity. Before coming to the Boundless Ocean, Yue Yang had already sent letters to a few big bosses, stating clearly the division of benefits and inviting them for an alliance. In any case, he didn’t mind giving some people some soup when he was eating his noodles.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to make an alliance to fight against the Scarlet Emperor in the future!

“I am really looking forward to the Heaven Realm!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty giggled and didn’t pursue the matter any further.

In the teleportation portal, a bunch of red-robed slaves kneeled at two sides.

All of them, not even one exception, were Clown Fishmen with beautiful appearances.

The Clown Fishmen was actually a clan filled with beautiful people. There were many beautiful and handsome Clown Fishmen. Many of these Clown Fishmen who were born as slaves obtained the favours of several Sea Clan Clan Leaders who owned them. One of the special abilities that Clown Fishmen had, that made some evil warriors fond of them, was their ability to transform. Under the right condition, they could transform to either be a man or a woman.

Of course, the Clown Fishmen were not the only race in amongst the Sea Clans to have this kind of transformation power. There were dozens more clans who possessed such abilities.

However, there were not many clans that had beautiful and handsome appearances. In terms of appearances, these clans did not meet the tastes criteria of these evil warriors.

Hence, the other clans were not as popular as Clown Fishmen slaves.

“Welcome, Countess. I am Empress Jellyfish’s ambassador who has been appointed to welcome you.” The official that Empress Jellyfish had appointed was an Innate Level 6 Elder Xing Pan. In Yue Yang’s eyes, this fellow looked like an octopus.

“Jie Wei pays her respect to the Empress.” The Countess bowed deeply, respectfully returning the politeness to show her respect to Empress Jellyfish.

Who would have thought that the first to betray the Sea Clan, and the first to draw Yue Yang, their mortal enemy, was actually the Countess Jie Wei, who was so respectful to Empress Jellyfish?

Yue Yang walked forward together with the Countess. Along the side of the pathway towards Empress Jellyfish Meteor Shower Palace, he saw many oddly shaped sea creatures from different clans. Furthermore, every single one of them was extremely powerful. It looked like all these sea creatures were the elites that Empress Jellyfish had invited or picked out herself. In front of the palace, Yue Yang saw different Clan Leaders of various domains. There was the Walrus King with his tusks protruding out, there was an obese Dugong Elder, there was the Lionhead Queen with special stone-like characteristics, and there was also a Devil Duchess who possessed a huge fleshy wings, that was not used to fly but to control electricity…

Every single one of them was an Innate Ranker, and all of them were Innate Level 5 and above.

However, they did not join the Innate Alliance.

They only formed the Sea Clan Council of Elders, and then they spread out to dominate various ocean domains on the seventh floor of Tong Tian Tower and above, becoming the ruler of that ocean domain.

The treasures left behind by the fallen Heaven Realm warriors made the Sea Clan gain a huge advantage and rise abruptly in power. Even the Winged Clan of the Guang Ming Continent, the Underworld Clan of the Darkness Continent, and the Eastern Goblin Tribe who were known for being the strongest in the whole of Tong Tian Tower, every one of them weren’t able to produce so many Innate Rankers in such a short period of time.

In the Underwater Graveyard, Yue Yang had exterminated dozens of Sea Clan Innates. He initially thought their power would be greatly weakened.

Who would have thought that today, even those old fellows who came for the secret meeting numbered in the twenties.

He couldn’t help but sweat.

No wonder the Ocean Emperor was put in such great pressure. It turned out that there were so many strong experts in the Sea Clan.

“Obtaining the remnants of Heaven Realm Warriors’ powers, the Sea Clan indeed have many Innate Rankers. But that’s nothing much, because they didn’t become Innates through their own cultivation. Not only are their powers weaker than those Innates, who became Innate by training hard on their own, it would also be difficult for them to level up. Look at the Abyss Manatee. These Heaven Realm beasts are born strong originally. But we could even kill them easily now. Their powers only increased from the outside, and it would only be beneficial to them at the beginning. In the future, when they weren’t able to improve, they would just be trash in the end!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty completely looked down on the Sea Clan warriors.

“Beauty, that’s because you are talented! Normal people don’t have talent, if they are not able to improve no matter how hard they train by themselves, of course they would hope for a fortunate encounter.” Yue Yang secretly sweat.

He wouldn’t say anything else, but just by looking at those elders in the Soaring Dragon Continent. They dreamed of levelling up to Innate Rank to the point that they were borderline crazy.

If they could choose between levelling up to Innate and be stuck at that level or slowly level up and spend 100-200 years training, until they reach Innate in their twilight years, if these choices were made available to those elders in Soaring Dragon Continent, 90% of them would definitely choose the former.

If they didn’t want to level up to an Innate, they wouldn’t have gone through Yue Yang’s Blood Awakening

One sentence, everyone wants to become Innate, it was just a matter of whether they had the opportunity to.

Empress Jellyfish sent out her ambassador to invite each Clan Elder to enter.

All the others such as companions or trusted aids, they were definitely asked to stay outside.

Before Countess Jie Wei entered the Meteor Shower Palace, she glanced intentionally or otherwise towards Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Yue Yang understood what she meant. She hoped that Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty who didn’t have the qualifications to enter the secret door to be careful so as not to reveal their identities.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled slightly.

Yue Yang also nodded. In any case, everyone that was staying outside were all either Sea Clan Generals or the Clan Leader’s trusted aids. They were all not close to each other and seemed to not get along well. Furthermore, all the Sea Generals outside were all Innates, what could they do? Yue Yang could kill them with just his finger, hence he wasn’t worried at all about their identities being discovered. Of course, Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty didn’t want to cause trouble and quietly withdrew from the crowd, maintaining a distance with the rest of the people.

Chang Wen and Yin Ci didn’t know that these two were fakes, they even voluntarily introduced a few Sea Clan Generals who had quite an amicable relationship with their clans. Maybe there would be a chance for them to work together in the future.

This really made Yue Yang speechless.

He hastily replied a few sentence, and then stayed quiet.

“Humph.” A Sea Urchin Man stormed away, angered by Yue Yang’s arrogance. However, his sworn enemy, the Starfish General, had actually came over and took the initiative to shake Yue Yang’s hands: “I have admired General Ni Ji’s great reputation for a long while. Now that I have seen you, you are indeed extraordinary. As a fellow Carnivorous Echinoderm warrior, I really despise those useless Ocean Hedgehog and other clans related to them… Let’s not care about those fools who reproduce like infectious diseases. Those fellows and sea cucumbers are the shame of our Echinoderm family! Aha, turns out General Ni Ji also had a Sea Cucumber Beast, it is so cute. Yes, the biggest contribution of the Sea Cucumbers, other than their flesh, is to become an ornamental pet… My name is Li Wan, I am the first-ranked General of Countess Yan!”

“Not bad, nice to meet you too.” Yue Yang looked very courteous on the outside as he shook his hand, but he was fuming inside. Inside, Yue Yang raged about how this fellow was not a Starfish, he was a parrot!

“Meow, meow meow?” Hui Tai Lang who was disguised as Sea Cucumber tried to make fun of this parrot.

“Your Sea Cucumber Beast can actually talk? So clever! Seems like this Sea Cucumber has the makings of a Holy-ranked Beast!” Starfish General Li Wan praised Hui Tai Lang excitedly, trying to flatter Yue Yang, making Hui Tai Lang arched its eyebrows in amusement.

“…” Yue Yang was speechless. Although Sea Clan’s beasts were not exactly smart, he didn’t need to have such an exaggerated reaction, right?

If it wasn’t for the sake of entering the secret door, Yue Yang wouldn’t even bother to care about this trash’s talk.

Inside the secret door of the Sea Clan, would there still be Heaven Realm warriors?

Or maybe, there were a few Abyss Manatees locked inside?

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