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LLS Chapter 564 – Meteor Shower Ocean

Chapter 564 – Meteor Shower Ocean
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang was on the way to the Thunder Fortress.

Indeed, Hai Ying Wu didn’t know about the secret door. Even the Shark King didn’t return to the Boundless Ocean in the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian tower. Instead, he led the Sea Clan and the defeated remnants of the East and North faction of the Black Hell King Army to the Gu Feng Continent, stationing them there temporarily. War Tiger of the East and Fierce Tusk of the North had already died, hence, amongst their subordinate, the most powerful Thunder of the Center had taken the lead… In the Black Hell King’s army, other than the personal bodyguards of the Black Hell King who still stayed inside Kingdom of Zi Jin, other warriors such as Gale of the West and Blood Hoofs of the South had already led their troops out of Soaring Dragon Continent, going to the Zhu Ao Jia Continent and Qi Lan Continent respectively.

Why did the Black Hell King divide his troops as such?

Why did the most loyal and most elite personal bodyguards of the Black Hell King still remained in Zi Jin Kingdom?

Yue Yang felt that the Black Hell King still had a plan and would not submit that easily. Furthermore, Yue Yang thought that if Black Hell King strikes once again, it would definitely be a fatal one!

“Xia Yi is not back yet, it seems like she found something useful.” Hai Ying Wu said in a low tone, “With her power, there is definitely no problem if she wants to stay in the Gu Feng Continent. However, Thunder of the Center has also reached Gu Feng Continent. His abilities are not ordinary, and he has many subordinates under him. If they find Xia Yi, her life may be in danger.”

“Then send a letter and ask her to return to Thunder Fortress. Right now, I think I can guess a little what their plan in Gu Feng Continent is. If Xia Yi cannot return smoothly, tell her to stay at a safe place, I will fetch her personally. “ Yue Yang nodded.

“The secret door, do you think it is real or fake? Do you think there will be a trap?” Hai Ying Wu was still suspicious about this matter.

“Rest assured, I will go with Sky Law. Even if Black Hell King prepared an ambush, both of us should be able to leave safely.” The current Yue Yang was no longer the former ignorant him.

Prior to entering the Death Arena, Yue Yang was a little afraid of the Black Hell King.

After going through the battle in the Heaven Realm, Yue Yang’s powers had levelled up.

He was extremely calm.

Furthermore, after successfully creating the Battle Angel, he only looked forward to another battle with the Black Hell King. There were no longer feelings of fear. Furthermore, the Black Hell King’s powers had already weakened currently. If he had laid an ambush and gave a chance for Yue Yang to capture him, the Black Hell King wouldn’t be so fortunate like last time and escape death once again. Compared to the Black Hell King, Yue Yang was more worried about the Scarlet Emperor and Scarlet Consort. If Scarlet Emperor managed to recover his original powers, it would be really dangerous.
(Shiro: changing Scarlet Concubine to Scarlet Consort, sounds better)

Tong Tian Tower, Tenth Floor.

Boundless Ocean.

This place was formerly a restricted area for normal warriors, it was the domain of the Sea Clan’s royal family.

The Ocean Emperor Guan Lan had died and most elite Innates in the Sea Clan had also died at the bottom of the ocean. One failure had actually caused the Sea Clan to fall to such an impoverished state.

Empress Jellyfish had quickly tried to rectify the situation and turned towards the Black Hell King Army, taking the initiative to be hostile towards the Soaring Dragon Continent. In the end, they dug their graves deeper. Their main army went to the Soaring Dragon Continent for an expedition, and their internal powers were in chaos. Boundless Ocean was no longer a restricted area in Tong Tian Tower.

The Sea Clan’s glorious era had ended.

It was no longer intimidating enough for adventurers, especially some adventurers who harbor evil intentions.

Although Empress Jellyfish still controlled the Sea Clan Elder Association and also possessed a strong army, the Boundless Ocean area was too big, it was more than ten times bigger than Soaring Dragon Continent. There was the boundless ocean surface, long shorelines and islands as many as stars in the sky. It would be impossible for Empress Jellyfish to defend the whole of Boundless Ocean, hence she could only decide to retreat and defend the most important place, ‘Meteor Shower Ocean’ domain.

In the Meteor Shower Ocean, other than being the richest and most fertile domain in the Boundless Ocean, it was also the most glorious and flourishing capital city of the Sea Clan.

Most importantly, this was the place where the ‘secret door’ was sealed.

“Welcome Supreme Sky Law, welcome Third Young Master.” The person who welcomed Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang was a middle-aged, upper-class lady who wore robes as colourful as butterflies. Of course, she wasn’t from the Butterfly Clan. She was also not from the Flower Fairy Clan, she was the Clan Master of the Butterfly Fish Clan.

“Countess Jie Wei, you don’t have to be so polite.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty had just reunited with Yue Yang in Tong Tian Tower’s 10th Floor Warrior’s Guild. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder. If it wasn’t for the limited time, she would still want to sleep together with her lover, pacifying the longing in her heart, before they came to this Boundless Ocean for the exploration. She held onto Yue Yang’s hands without reserve as he acknowledged the Countess’ respects with a warrior’s etiquette, then turned towards Yue Yang and introduced them, “This is Countess Jie Wei that I mentioned before. Of course, if it weren’t for Empress Jellyfish’s schemes, the current empress of the Sea Clan might have been her highness Countess Jie Wei!”
(Shiro: changed earl to countess)

“When Guan Lan died, did he leave any message for Jie Wei?” When the Countess heard Sky Law’s words, her face slowly turned red. She turned and asked Yue Yang.

“Ah, before he passed, he instructed his children on his will and funeral arrangements. I was an outsider, so I didn’t stay to listen.” Actually, Yue Yang heard most of Ocean Emperor Guan Lan’s last will, but there was nothing related to the Countess. In order to not disappoint her, Yue Yang said he didn’t hear anything.

“I understand. He never had Jie Wei in his heart, even from the beginning.” The Countess sighed slowly.
(She is speaking in third person)

“That, I didn’t know your highness Countess Jie Wei at that time, otherwise I would definitely ask him about you.” Yue Yang only said that to comfort her, he was definitely not a gossipy person.

“Jie Wei thanks third young master. I don’t know about the private daughter that he left his will for, but if you meant his son, it should be the Shark King. Other than him, the Ocean Emperor didn’t trust anyone else.” The Countess was extremely clever.

One guess and she managed to guess the Shark King.

Yue Yang cleared his throat.

He neither admit nor deny the Countess.

Yue Yang had already promised to help Hai Ying Wu to become the new Ocean Empress, so he would definitely try to keep his promise.

Before he could confirm that this Sea Clan Countess was 100% his ally, Yue Yang would definitely not mention Hai Ying Wu, so as to avoid side issues to arise.

The Countess wasn’t very hung up on that topic, she quickly calmed herself and changed the topic, “Allow me to ask, Third Young Master. What do you think of establishing marriage ties between my daughter Yu Wen and the Fifth Young Master of the Yue Clan, Yue Ting?

Yue Yang smiled slightly: “This matter should be decided by our elders. I’m just a junior, it would be inappropriate for me to make this decision.”

When the Countess heard his reply, she laughed, “Third Young Master is filial, Jie Wei has heard it before. If this matter makes things difficult for third young master, Jie Wei will not pursue it any further. Although fifth young master’s name is not so well known, my friend spoke of him very highly. Most importantly, fifth young master takes love very seriously and will only love one person. If Yu Wen can marry such a passionate man, her life would be worth living.” Her words made Yue Yang cough. Although she didn’t meant anything, when Yue Yang heard her words, they were like arrows piercing to his playboy heart. Hence, he felt a little awkward. Fortunately the Countess didn’t say anymore, otherwise Yue Yang would really be ashamed that he couldn’t show his face.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty watched gleefully at the side as she pouted her lips to Yue Yang, provoking him soundlessly, “Scoundrel, you are an unfaithful scoundrel.”

Her expression was extremely seductive, igniting Yue Yang’s heart in fire, so much that he almost couldn’t stop himself from ravishing the little fox.

“With regards to the seal on the secret door, it’s like this…” Countess Jie Wei narrated about how her grandfather had guarded the seal to the secret door. It turns out that 6000 years ago, a world-shaking great war had broken out in the Boundless Ocean. At that time, the Three Great Leaders of the Western Heaven Realm had not descended, and Prison Emperor was still fighting with the other Heaven Realm warriors. Because of that great war, many Heaven Realm warriors died, and just like meteor showers, they fell into the Boundless Ocean. Hence, the Sea Clan called the ocean domain where many of the Heaven Realm warriors fell as the ‘Meteor Shower Ocean’.

The Sea Clan was originally not very strong.

However, after obtaining the various treasures that the Heaven Realm warriors left behind, they obtained the remaining powers of the strong Heaven Realm warriors. Hence, many strong warriors emerged continuously in the Sea Clan.

It was also because some of the Sea Clan received some of the inherited strength of the Heaven Realm warriors. The Abyss Manatee that was unable return to the Heaven Realm was forced to stay amongst the Sea Clan and continue to take residence in the Meteor Shower Ocean. In the end, it became the Guardian God of the Sea Clan.

This decision made the Sea Clan got on the fast-track to glory. In the end, that Abyss Manatee’s and the Sea Clan’s descendants all became the Sea Clan royal family without exception.

As for the original various Sea Clan Clan Leaders, due to the birth of the Guardian God and the new royal family, they were forced to recognise the new era of the ocean rulers.

At the same time, they also received the titles of the Ocean Nobility, becoming dukes and earls, forming the Council of Elders.

The Countess’ grandfather, Gu She, was one of them.

That year, the three elders who received the seal to the secret door was Gu She, Tie Bing and Ai Shi. All three of them had passed away.

Gu She’s descendants were Butterfly Fishmen, he was also Countess Jie Wei’s grandfather. Tie Bing’s descendants were Angel Fishmen, and their Clan Leader was another Countess called ‘Yan’. As for Ai Shi’s descendants, they were Clown Fishmen and their Clan Leader was ‘Qiao Dao’. Due to the new royal family’s pressure, the Clown Fishmen Clan had declined greatly. Today, they had become one of the vassal clan of the Sea Anemone Clan, completely falling from their nobility position.

“In other words, there are no more seals anymore now right?’ Yue Yang frowned. If there were no seals, in this long 6000 years, with the Abyss Manatee as a spy, all the Heaven Realm warriors had probably all escaped already.

“Jie Wei also doesn’t know the specific details, because my grandfather had died one thousand years ago.” Countess Jie Wei’s word made Yue Yang feel even more headache.

A thousand years?

Forget about Heaven Realm warriors, he didn’t even think there would be an ant behind the secret door.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty gestured to Yue Yang to calm down. Since they have come to this Boundless Ocean, they should just go in and take a look. Even if they were not able to get anything from the secret door, it would be a good chance for them to check out the Sea Clan internally. Maybe when they open the secret door, there would really be treasures or sealed Heaven Realm warriors. If that was the case, with the Countess as their guide, they really shouldn’t miss this chance. On the other hand, if there really was nothing inside, they could still give a chance for Countess Jie Wei and her clan to officially join the Yue Clan.

With Countess Jie Wei’s secret help, it would be very beneficial for Yue Yang to plot against Empress Jellyfish!

Yue Yang also wanted to see the Boundless Ocean.

Even though the Boundless Ocean was only a part of the domain that the Sea Clan occupied in the Tenth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, although it wasn’t exactly the largest ocean in Tong Tian Tower, Yue Yang had still heard of their famous reputation.

“Supreme Sky Law, third young master, pardon me, but you would need to change your clothes. Empress Jellyfish was determined to reorganise the Sea Clan and was planning to use the strength of the secret door to threaten different clans. Hence, a few days ago, she had secretly invited us Clan Leaders to go to the Meteor Shower Ocean and enter the secret door together. I implore Supreme Sky Law and third young master to pretend to be my younger sister ‘Lan Ban’ and my general ‘Ni Ji’.” When the Countess waved her hand, the maids standing quietly far away respectfully walked over, offering two sets of clothings.
(Shiro: Just for fun, Lan Ban means blue spot, Ni Ji means rebel spear)

Other than the fake ‘Lan Ban’ and ‘Ni Ji’, the Countess had also brought along two of her trusted aides, ‘Chang Wen’ and ‘Yin Ci’ as cover.
(Shiro: Chang Wen is long kiss and Yin Ci is silver thorn)

Furthermore, she was extremely careful. She had met Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yue Yang first.

When the two of them finished changing, she then brought them to her residence to meet Chang Wen and Yin Ci.

It seemed like even Chang Wen and Yin Ci didn’t know that Lan Ban and Ni Ji were fakes. From this, it could be seen that the Countess was extremely cautious, taking care even to the simplest detail. It was no wonder that she could continue to live through the cruel struggle of power amongst the Sea Clan. She was able to protect herself.

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s appearance was a little different from Ni Ji and Lan Ban.

However, with the Countess’ treasure, ‘Fantasy Pearl’, unless someone else possessed an all-seeing ability like Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision Inherent Skill, no one would be able to tell that they were fakes.

When the ocean teleportation portal light flashed, they finally reached the most secretive place of the Boundless Ocean, the Meteor Shower Ocean.

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