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LLS Chapter 563 – Secret Door

Chapter 563 – Secret Door
Translated by: Last

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“Her name will be Ika.” Yue Yang shamelessly deceived Yi Nan: “This name is to comemorate the day I met Yi Nan.”
(Last: Ika = Yika, the Yi is the same as Yi Nan’s Yi.)

Actually, the main reason why Yue Yang named her Ika was because of the anime he watched in the past, .

The omnipotent angel Ikaros was loved by otakus.

Naturally, naming the Battle Angel as Ika was also to commemorate meeting Yi Nan, otherwise he could have named it something else. Yi Nan was the first little sister that Yue Yang met. At that time, she was dressed up as a male thief and corageously engage him with her ‘little sister’. Her feelings of love had deeply moved Yue Yang. Although he won’t say it, he treasured this brave Yi Nan.

Yue Yang’s words made Yi Nan touched.

Yi Nan was slightly sour at the fact that the three forms of the Battle Angel did not include her portion, feeling that she did not have a position in his heart.

Now, she felt that she was the world’s happiest person!

It seemed that Yue Yang had already thought about the Battle Angel’s name before he had created it. Moreover, it was specially named to commemorate their first meeting. She had wrongly blamed him. From Yue Yu’s words, the Battle Angel represented the people closest to him in his subconcious mind. Then Yue Yu, Bing’er and Shuang’er fit the description. However, the name was already thought of long ago. This proves that she had a in Yue Yang’s heart, and it was an important position.

It was only a name, but his feelings had completely captivated Yi Nan’s heart.

She did not resist and willingly let him captivate her for her entire lifetime.

In the past, Yi Nan would be shy girl in front of Yue Yang. First, the matter about their engagement mede her feel embarrassed. Second, she was used to speaking with him while pretending to be a boy. When he was taking liberties with other women, she would feel shy. Now, when she heard how Yue Yang loved her, that he even named the Battle Angel after the memory of their encounter, she immediately became the brave Yi Nan. She ignored other people’s gazes and tightly hugged him. She nodded: “In the future, let me be Ika’s mother. I will definitely take care of her properly. I will properly teach to let her become the strongest Battle Angel……”

“You can do it sister Yi Nan!” Yue Bing also felt happy for Yi Nan.

Yi Nan emotionally stood on tiptoes.

Like a dragonfly touching the water lightly, she gave Yue Yang a sweet kiss.

Afterwards, she pulled the Battle Angel ‘Ika’ to her embrace from Yue Yang.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and the others gave Yue Yang a thumbs up. They completely admired Yue Yang’s skills in picking up girls. It was simply too awesome, just like a god of picking up girls. What realm had he reached to be able to create Battle Angels and pick up girls at the same time?

It’s no wonder that he was able to tame the tigreess Princess Qian Qian. They had thought that Jun Wu You was a passionate expert at picking up girls, but in front of Yue Yang, he was simply an apprentice that needs to pay Yue Yang tuition to learn from him. Diamond, treasures, flowers, food, pets, spirit pills, they were all nothing in front of Yue Yang. He only needed to name the Battle Angel, Yi Nan would already cry from being emotionally moved……

“Everyone, listen to me. Two days from now, Shang Jing Academy will hold a student party. If we join them, then all the beauties will definitely throw themselves in our arms.” Fatty Hai’s amorous feelings moved as he encited everyone.

“Not interested.” Xue Tan Lang turned around and walked away.

“Ah. There are already five people to be my future empress and more than ten concubines……” The Prince of Tian Luo showed that he was a bit allergic to women.

As people from big familes, they had already been engaged and do not lack beauties.

Seeing that there was nothing that can be done, Fatty Hai looked at those from small familes like him, Ye Kong anf the Li brothers. The three of them were definitely not engaged. Ye Kong turned around and muttered: “ The one vice-president Shui recommended or the one His Majesty recommended, I wonder which one should I choose? Both of them are not bad.” Fatty Hai was furious. Why did the old fox and Jun Wu You introduced people to Ye Kong this monkey yet they did not call him? What did this mean? He was still someone with the nickname of ‘Shameless Fat Devil’ in the sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower, so why?

He thought that this was wrong. Only he had no woman.

He was too miserable.

He immediately complained tearfully to Yue Yang: “No matter what, I am still the boss, yet I don’t have any woman. The future looks dark. Tell the old fox to introduce someone to me from the Death Class. It’s not like you don’t know me. I am single minded with strong emotions, gentle yet kind, be a good friend!”

“Stop. You don’t need to tell me the words to advertise you. Moreover, I charge 1000 gold per word. “ Yue Yang ignored Fatty Hai’s complains.

“Don’t leave me to die……” Fatty Hai hugged Yue Yang’s thighs.

“The Iron Rhinoceros and the small Hippopotamus are both female. There is still a possibility for them to become beauties. The Wind Breath Seabird is also the same.” Yue Yang guitlessly consoled Fatty Hai.

“Will the Iron Rhinoceros and the small Hippopotamus really become like Ah Man and contantly evolve?” Fatty Hai felt the light shine when he heard this.

“With effort you can do anything. As long as you persevere, you will definitely prevail.” Yue Yang was trying to say that he could not even understand such a simple concept.

“I understand. I will defintiely work hard.” Fatty Hai emotionally cllapsed.

He climbed back up and ran out. He looked at the sun and shouted: “Women are all transient. Only Guardian Beasts are my eternal companions! Let all those bastards, who marry early, be jealous of me. Those people do not understand my marvelous life……” Ye Kong fell down on the floor. He had seen many idiots before but it was the first time he saw an idiot like Fatty Hai. His dream of making the Iron Rhinoceros and the small Hippopotamus become beauties was tooo naive. How many time did the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man needed to evolve before she reached this point?

Moreover, the Barbarian Cow Shadow was a phantom and had been blessed by the Ancient Code a lot of time in the Twelve Zodiac Palace.

If Ah Man did not have the phantom’s special ability to reconstruct, Ah Man would definitely not have such a perfect figure.

Reconstruct: After a phantom had possessed a new body, it would be able to absorb the body’s shape and energy, reconstructing its body. The target must be alive. Chance of success increases depending on level.

Without this power, the Iron Rhinoceros and the small Hippopotamus would not even be able to become beauties after a 10,000 years……

Ye Kong could not imagine what Fatty Hai would become after 10,000 years from now.

A white bearded virgin old man?

Ye Kong shuddred as he thought about this. He immediately moved away from Fatty Hai, afraid that his stupidity was contagious.

The Battle Angel Ika was officially a success.

The remaining work was to research the Ancient Records and to live a happy life with his little sisters. When Yue Yang had thought that he could finally relax and find time to push down Yi Nan and the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, he never imagined that Phoenix Fairy Beauty had sent a letter back. What was written was not simply ‘I miss you, kiss’ but secret that shocked even Yue Yang.

In the letter, it said that there was a secret door in the tenth floor Tong Tian Tower’s Boundless Sea.

Inside it, there was sealed 6000 year old Heaven Realm Ranker.

In order to confront Yue Yang, who had returned from Heaven Realm, the Sea Clan decided to open the seal on the secret door and invite the Heaven Realm Ranker inside to come out. It was unknown how powerful this Heaven Realm Ranker was. Was he like the hundred Heaven Realm Rankers sealed by the Prison Emperor?

No one knew anything!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had obtained this information from a female earl from the highest decision body of the Sea Clan. This female earl’s grandfather was the guard for the secret door.

When she became aware of the dangers of opening the secret door, that they could not defeat Zhi Zun, Night Empress, a dn Yue Yang’s cooperation, she decided to betray the Sea Clan and inform Phoenix Fairy Beauty. This female earl was very wise. Let alone the combination of Yue Yang, Zhi Zun and Night Empress, even the combination of Dragon Emperor, Sky Execution and Great Demon King Baruth was enough to repel the Sea Clan and the Sea Clan’s greatest ally, Black Hell King. Now let alone the six Supreme Rankers, even the Emperor of the Underworld, who was also at the tenth floor of the Tong Tian Tower could send out his troops and exterminate the Sea Clan.

When the Ocean Emperor died, the Sea Clan Innates had been wiped out at the Underwater Graveyard.

Empress Jellyfish had sent her troops to the Soaring Dragon Continent. However, the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had risen in power. Even his slave beast was a Heaven Rank 2 Abyss Manatee. Did the Sea Clan even have any hope after its people begun desserting it?

The female earl immediately informed Phoenix Fairy Beauty in secret with out any hesitation.

Moreover, she promised to let her daughter become the Yue Clan’s Fifth Young Master’s concubine. This way they will be connected with the Yue Clan by marriage and protect her position in the Sea Clan.

“Related by marriage……” Yue Yang understood this clearly. For Tong Tian Tower’s clans and Kingdoms, connection by marriage was the base minimum needed for trust. Without it, everlasting friendship is nothing but nonsense. Being bound by marriage was the only surest insurance.

“The Sea Clan’s natural resources are not that bad. Marrying is beneficial to the Yue Clan. However, Yue Ting is single-minded so I wonder if he would accept a concubine.” Sickly beauty felt that this was an international practice so she accepted it as is. If Yue Yang did not rise to power, no matter how the Sea Clan fell in power they would never marry with the Yue Clan. They had lived in the tenth floor of Tong Tian Tower for a long time, once a child was born their power would be at Level 6 [Elder], which was Yue Ting’s current level. If Yue Ting did nto have the potential limit of Innate Level 7, thn he might not be able to keep this Sea Clan concubine under control.

“I will go look first. The most important thing right now is the sealed Heaven Realm Ranker. If I don’t eliminate the danger, it would be hard to feel at ease.” Yue Yang did not think about the concubine matter anymore since it was not his anyways.

“Be careful. This matter is not that simple otherwise sister Tian Fa would not need to write a letter to you. Perhaps the Black Hell King would also appear.“ Yue Yu spoke after considering things. She felt that the secret door sealed an extremely dangerous Heaven Realm Ranker. If the seal did not have enough strength, the Sea Clan would not even think about letting them out and let them recover.

“It seems that Shark King nor the previous Ocean Emperor did not know about this secret door.” Yue Yang’s desire to battle rose again. What was there to fear about a sealed Heaven Realm Ranker? It was a Heaven Realm Ranker!

Without a seal, it would be hard to tell who would win.

But if they just escaped from the seal they would be in their weakest state. No matter what kind of overpower BOSS they were, they would only become his materials!
(Amount of Heaven Realm Ranker is not actually given)

The more Yue Yang thought about it the more excited he became. He immediately sent Fatty Hai and the others back to the Yue Clan Palace and happily brought Hui Tai Lang with him to the tenth floor of the Tong Tian Tower……

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