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LLS Chapter 562 – Hatred Inherent Skill

Chapter 562 – Hatred Inherent Skill
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Shiro: I’m changing Humanoid Divine Weapon to Humanoid Divine Soldier

Everyone was looking at Bao’er.

At first, everyone thought that she was a troublemaker who destroyed the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe Flower. However, when they saw Yue Yang’s expression, it seemed that Bao’er’s wish was related to the Battle Angel’s awakening, and everyone immediately remembered about Bao’er’s high luck.

Bao’er couldn’t exactly fight, but she had very high luck.

Everyone knew this point very clearly.

Could it be that this lucky loli had accidentally completed the wishing procedure, thus causing the Battle Angel to awaken?

“At that time, it seems like I was talking with Sister Liu Ye. Ah, I, I can’t really remember.” Bao’er couldn’t even remember what she had talked about. The only thing she remembered was that the moment she finished speaking, the flower withered and disappeared, turning into rays of light. Behind her, the Battle Angel had awakened and transformed its appearance. She was so shocked that her mind was jumbled up. It would be weird if Bao’er could still remember what she had said in that situation!

“Sweat!” Ye Kong and the others felt their head ache.

“Think about it carefully, this is very important…” Yue Yang wanted to know what happened so that he can find out the secret trick to make a wish on the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe Flower. The Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe would never wither, and it could be used once in every 3 years. If he could find out the method to make a wish, he would really be prosperous.

“I really can’t remember…” Bao’er tilted her head and thought for a long time, but her mind was completely blank.

“Master, I still remember what little sister Bao’er had said.” Even Liu Ye couldn’t remember within that short period of time, but the half-elf girl actually surprised Yue Yang by remembering it.

“Tell me quickly, what did Bao’er say?” Yue Yang was overjoyed.

“Sister Liu Ye said: The Battle Angel was originally Holy-ranked, but master had developed it into a Humanoid Divine Soldier who had life. Master’s expectations was too high, hence the Battle Angel couldn’t wake up in such a short period of time. Sister Bao’er then said: What’s so good about a Humanoid Divine Soldier, if he could create a Heavenly Divine Soldier, then that would be awesome. That Battle Angel is covered with so many scrap metals, even if she managed to awaken, she might not even be able to stand up and fight.” The half-elf girl mimicked Bao’er’s tone and executed the speech perfectly. Everyone nodded when they heard it. That’s right, this was how Bao’er usually spoke.

“…” Bao’er was very embarrassed. She bowed down her head, afraid that Yue Yang would punish her.

“Great job!” Unexpectedly, Yue Yang not only did not punish her, he even patted her head and said: “Bao’er, for the next wish on the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe Flower, I’ll leave it to you, you lucky child!”

“Really?” Bao’er was extremely happy when she heard that.

She was afraid that Yue Yang didn’t hear her reply, so she pulled both of his arms and made him face towards her, then very seriously and clearly said “Okay!”

Before Yue Yang even replied, she turned around and showed off towards Liu Ye and the others: “I have always been very good in making wishes. When the High Priest in our clan perform divinations with her crystal ball, she would always tell me to stand beside her and pray!”

Liu Ye laughed out loud when she heard her.

In reality, everyone knew that the reason why the High Priest told Bao’er to stand beside her and seriously pray when she was performing divination with the crystal ball. It was because she was afraid Bao’er would run around and accidentally break something, or maybe accidentally say the wrong thing. That was why the High Priest told Bao’er to stay by her side. This should have nothing to do with her praying power. However, speaking of that, if the Battle Angel’s awakening was related to Bao’er, was the Battle Angel a Humanoid Divine Soldier or a Heavenly Divine Soldier?

Also, what’s the difference between Humanoid Divine Soldier and Heavenly Divine Soldier?

Humanoid Divine Soldier is a Divine Soldier in a human form.

It was a special-type beast that possessed a life and was able to turn into humanoid form.

This kind of special-type beast would be at least Holy-ranked. Humanoid Divine Soldiers would be able to learn and grow like a human, it can also turn into a weapon that its master wished to wield. At first it may be weak, but after growing for some period of time, it would even be scarier than a real Divine Soldier or Artifact, because a Humanoid Divine Soldier was a ‘Humanoid Divine Artifact’ that never stopped growing.

The whole of Tong Tian Tower knew that only Zhi Zun had a Humanoid Divine Soldier.

The Humanoid Divine Soldier that Zhi Zun possessed was the six-winged Blood Winged Angel.

The Blood Winged Angel was far from reaching her potential limit, but the current her, after transforming into a Divine Soldier, was capable of instantly killing Heaven Rank 6 warriors when Zhi Zun wielded her… It can be seen from here that the Humanoid Divine Soldier’s power was actually this terrifying. Yue Yang also did not have a Humanoid Divine Soldier, but Yue Yang also possessed a special type of Divine Soldier, which also similarly had boundless power.

That was the only Tong Tian Beast in the Tong Tian Tower, the Golden Beast that Yue Yang could never see through.

The mysterious Golden Beast was definitely not a Humanoid Divine Soldier.

However, does it belong to the Beast-shaped Divine Soldier category, or does it belong to the legendary Heavenly Divine Soldier category, which transcends Divine Soldiers?

Yue Yang couldn’t be certain of the answer to this question!

The Ancient Soldier Artifact was divided into three kinds, Humanoid Divine Soldier, Earthly Divine Soldier and Heavenly Divine Soldier. In the end, it was the sickly beauty who found out the description from the Ancient Records in the Ancient Hall. Ten thousands of years ago, many warriors in the Soaring Dragon Continent possessed Humanoid Divine Soldiers. Furthermore, most of them cultivate their Humanoid Divine Soldier as preciously as cultivating a Guardian Beast. At a more distant past, it was said that warriors even possessed Heavenly Divine Soldiers that were capable of destroying heavens and the earth. However, these Heavenly Divine Soldiers were rarely seen, even during the ancient times. Heavenly Divine Soldiers and Earthly Divine Soldiers were different from Humanoid Divine Soldiers. Heavenly Divine Soldiers were born and had their own will, there was no way of manufacturing them…

Earthly Divine Soldiers would be very strong the moment it was created, but its growth would be very slow. Furthermore, because it was beast-shaped, its growth potential was limited.

An Earthly Divine Soldier’s biggest weakness was that it would never be able to contract a grimoire in its life.

In ancient times, warriors would usually use Earthly Divine Soldiers as their mounts.

For example if the Battle Angel was created without life and was purely a Holy-ranked Puppet, it could be forcibly considered as the most basic and awful Earthly Divine Soldier.

Of course, the Battle Angel that Yue Yang had created to fulfill Yue Gong’s third wish had life, wisdom, and thoughts. Hence, she was different. This kind of Battle Angel would surpass Holy-rank, it would probably reach Divine-rank. This was because such a Battle Angel possess the power to transform into human and she could also learn and grow. Even though her power may not be enough, she would still be able to learn and slowly grow stronger. The original power of a Humanoid Divine Soldier was greatly weaker than an Earthly Divine Soldier at first, but it had higher growth potential and also faster growth. As long as they were trained well, they would probably surpass an Earthly Divine Soldier.

This was the reason why ancient warriors loved using Humanoid Divine Soldiers.

As for Heavenly Divine Soldiers, they could only hope but couldn’t have them…

“This Battle Angel is definitely a Heavenly Divine Soldier, definitely!” Fatty Hai didn’t dare to get close, but he continued to make a ruckus at the door, trying to gain the Battle Angel’s favour.

“Grimoire, open your grimoire and let me see.” Yue Yang indicated to the Battle Angel on his lap and asked her to summon her grimoire.

“?” The Battle Angel looked at Yue Yang.

After she saw Yue Yang’s actions, she finally understood. She then reached out her hand and summoned her grimoire.

She didn’t need to chant.

It was summoned instantly.

Furthermore, the moment the grimoire was summoned, everyone let out a sharp gasp.

The grimoire that the Battle Angel had summoned was actually a Gold Grimoire. It had immediately skipped Bronze and Silver… Fatty Hai almost cried, Ye Kong and the Li Brothers were also filled with tears. They were humans, but they couldn’t even compare to a Battle Angel. This Battle Angel was really extraordinary, she was even smarter than humans!

Compared to everyone’s shocked reactions, Yue Yang was extremely calm.

When Xiao Wen Li was first born, she already had a Diamond Grimoire. The Battle Angel’s Gold Grimoire wasn’t that impressive.

Yue Yang had never announced Xiao Wen Li’s secret, otherwise, Fatty Hai and the others would definitely be shocked to death.

On the first page of the grimoire, there was a picture of the Battle Angel’s portrait.

Her head continued to change, one moment it was Shuang’er, her ‘Life Form’; One moment it was Bing’er, her ‘Wisdom Form’; One moment it was Yue Yu, her ‘Battle Form’. Everyone almost had a headache watching it changing continuously.

Below, there was a description of her Inherent Skill and her Guardian Beast.

Hatred Inherent Skill: When this Inherent Skill is invoked, the caster would obtain 10 times Hatred Power and enter into a berserk state. At the same time, the caster will obtain immunity against all forms of negative effects. The hatred target will be locked on with the ‘Hatred Arrow’, and it cannot be nullified unless the caster dies. The hatred target duration is related with the skill level. Currently the Inherent Skill is level 1.

“…” the surrounding people were speechless.

This Hatred Inherent Skill was simply too terrifying.

They thought about it. If the Heaven Rank Battle Angel had ten times of her hatred power and went berserk, at the same time gain immunity against weakness, confusion, blindness, poison and other negative effects, and attacked her enemies without control, who would be able to stop her? Worse of all, this hatred cannot be resolved, and the only hope was that the duration would be short. If this Hatred Inherent Skill reached its highest level and obtained the longest duration of the skill, whoever made the Battle Angel angry would be equivalent to seeking death…

Sweat filled Fatty Hai’s face. Fortunately he wasn’t locked on with the Battle Angel’s Hatred Arrow. Otherwise, even Yue Yang wouldn’t be able to save him.

When he thought about this, he felt his knees weaken.

Ye kong and the others didn’t think too much unlike Fatty Hai, they immediately started looking at the Battle Angel’s Guardian Beast.

Wishing Little Angel: Humanoid, special-type beast. Gold-ranked Level 1. Angel-shaped. Guardian Beast. Special Skills: Fly, Roar, Wish.

This Guardian Beast didn’t look very strong on the outside, but only Yue Yang who possessed the Divine Vision knew the frightening power of the Guardian Beast. If this Wishing Little Angel worked together with the Hatred Inherent Skill and was invoked by the Battle Angel, she would become so strong that it would make others go speechless.

For example, the special skill ‘Roar’ that seemingly looked unremarkable.

Ye Kong and the others weren’t able to see its uniqueness.

Only Yue Yang knew that this ‘Roar’ Special Skill would make all allies who heard the roar have their battle power increased by 100%. This skill would be related to the Wishing Little Angel’s level. Increase battle power by 100%? This skill would definitely make their enemies cry out bitterly… The other skill, ‘Wish’, was even more fearful. ‘Wish’ was a skill that could erase all kinds of negative effects on all allies in one go. It could even restore all its targets’ power back to the maximum, or increase all allies battle powers by one-fold. The thing that made Yue Yang really speechless was that this Wishing Little Angel could use the ‘Wish’ skill three times in one day.

With such a powerful Guardian Beast helping her, it would be difficult for the Battle Angel not to be awesome.

“What does ‘Roar’ mean?” Fatty Hai did not understand.

“‘Roar’ is a enhancement skill, but the enhancement level is based on percentage…” Fatty Hai had just wanted to step in to get closer, but when Yue Yang said this, he knocked against the door with a loud thump. Yue Yang actually hid the fact that the enhancement will affect the whole body. Furthermore, it was related to the skill level. The higher the skill level was, the more terrifying the enhancement was. In Yue Yang’s estimation, when the Wishing Little Angel reaches Holy-ranked, the enhancement percentage would probably be more than 100%, it could even be multiple times.

“Although Ye Kong’s Inherent Skill is not bad, it really couldn’t compare to the Battle Angel’s Inherent Skill.” Prince of Tian Luo compared their skills and laughed out loud.

“Don’t tease me anymore…” Ye Kong could only shake his head and smile bitterly.

“The Battle Angel is so cute and strong, why not everyone think of a good name for her!” Yi Nan thought that the most important thing to do right now was to give the Battle Angel a name.

“I have already decided it long ago.” Yue Yang had always been a dictator, he said that he had already thought of a name long ago.

“What will she be called?” Everyone was extremely curious.

It must be known that although Yue Yang was a genius in cultivation and training, but his talents in naming was simply mediocre. The refined Crescent Blade and Hui Jin Magic Blade’s names were still alright, they were not so bad. But looking at Hui Tai Lang, Red, Duo Duo, Ah Man and the other beasts’ names. From these, it can be seen that Yue Yang’s naming ability was really mediocre…

What would the name he thought for the Battle Angel be?

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