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LLS Chapter 561 – Do we need to destroy this life form in front of us?

Chapter 561 – Do we need to destroy this life form in front of us?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

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The Battle Angel floating in the air slowly descended.

As its two slender legs slowly touched the ground, those big eyes with long eyelash fluttered open.

The moment it opened its eyes, it was even scarier than the Heaven Rank 3 ???. A rush of unimaginable force erupted like a volcano, the shockwave immediately sent Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others flying away. The whole research room was turned over as if a hurricane just destroyed it, everything was a complete ness. Without Yue Yang’s protection, the weaker ones like Bao’er and Liu Ye might even choke from the super powerful force.

“What’s that?” At the door, only Xue Tan Lang was able to stay unmoved. However, his feet had penetrated deep into the ground.

Even with his feet in the ground, he could only force himself to stand on the spot.

Xue Tan Lang’s expression changed.

Sweat formed on his forehead, as he turned to Yue Yang and asked in shock, “What, what rank is she?”

“Heaven Rank, Heaven Rank 1!” Yue Yang gulped down his saliva. This Battle Angel’s power was simply beyond his imagination. She was already Heaven Rank 1 when she was born, if she trained in the future and continued to grow, how much stronger would she become? When Yue Yang thought about this, he was so happy that he didn’t know what to do.

“He-He-Heaven Rank?” Fatty Hai’s jaw was chattering so much that he almost couldn’t speak.

“…” The Battle Angel’s big, beautiful eyes were looking around, as if she was looking for something.

When she saw Yue Yang, she immediately let out a stronger shockwave of energy.

The whole research room was shaking.

Almost to the point of collapsing.

The Battle Angel didn’t seem to be aware of her surrounding, as if she didn’t care if the sky collapse or if the ground split apart. She only locked her gaze on Yue Yang and walked step by step towardS him. This Battle Angel looked exactly like Yue Yu from the outside, but she had a different expression. Yue Yu would always look gentle no matter what, in both her actions and speech. This Battle Angel, on the other hand, didn’t have any expression on her face. Her eyes were also empty, without any sign of humanity. There was only emotionless and coldness on her expression. Fatty Hai and the others were completely scared stiff just by seeing the Battle Angel’s expressions.

If Yue Yang wasn’t there, they would have already scampered away.

This was definitely not human, it was a cold, emotionless killing machine!

The Battle Angel walked towards Yue Yang, step by step. Bao’er and Liu Ye were so scared thay they each held onto Yue Yang’s arms and hid behind him, trembling unstoppably. However, they couldn’t help but to be curious and continued to peek from behind Yue Yang. On the other hand, the half-elf girl was more daring. She seemed like she wanted to step out and protect her master, but Yue Yu quickly pulled her behind and protected her. The Battle continued to walk forward, destroying the ground with each step she took.

The obsidian tiles beneath her crushed as if it was tofu.

She controlled her own body well, she didn’t lose her footing or trip over the holes.

Her first few steps were a little inflexible, as if she was a walking puppet. However, she learnt very quickly and her steps became even more accurate each time she moved. She continuously upgraded herself, and in the end, her strides were a little similar to Princess Qian Qian, strong and valiant.

Would this Battle Angel learn Princess Qian Qian’s bad temper too?

No one knew the answer.

Including Yue Yang.

Up till now, Yue Yang didn’t know if this Battle Angel would listen to his orders. He felt that he had a special connection to her in their soul level, but it was not at the level of a Guardian Beast. If there weten’t so many people around,Yue Yang would probably approach her and try to communicate with her, but he wasn’t able to do it now, as Bao’er and Liu Ye were both hiding behind him. If they couldn’t take the pressure and their lives were endangered, it would be bad. The Battle Angel definitely didn’t have bad intentions, but maybe she didn’t know how to control her great powers, that’s why it turned out this way…

The Battle Angel stood in front of Yue Yang.

Her eyes were looking straight at him.

“You?” The Battle Angel tilted her head, her actions cute like Yi Nan as she spoke a string of unknown language.

At first she was a little inarticulate, but her speech became more coherent each time. The second sentence she spoke was clearer and more accurate than the first, and the third sentence was practically the epitome of elegant and fluent, her voice sounding even more pleasant than birds singing.

Everyone, other than Yue Yang and the sickly beauty who just arrived, didn’t understand what the Battle Angel was saying. However, even Yue Yang and the sickly beauty didn’t fully understand what she said. Yue Yang could vaguely understand that that the Battle Angel’s first sentence was an ancient language. Her second sentence was elf language, followed by dragon’s language, then became Demon Abyss’ language and finally, she spoke in human language. Although everyone didn’t understand the beginning part of her speech, they could hear and understand the last word very clearly. This was because the Battle Angel looked to Yue Yang and shouted, “Daddy!”

Yue Yang almost fell flat to the ground.

He never thought that the Battle Angel would actually call him daddy… this…

“Daddy sounds nice!” Only Bao’er thought that it sounded nice. She tilted her head in contemplation and add salt to Yue Yang’s wound, “I’ll call you daddy too?”

“Tong!” Fatty Hai and the others fell to the ground.

“Don’t cause problems!” The Golden Elf Lin En would usually dote on his younger sister, but this time he felt that she had gone too far.

“My little lady, please don’t say anymore, I may get a heart attack.” Ye Kong smiled bitterly as he moved away from Bao’er, afraid that her craziness might infect him. Yue Yu gestured to Bao’er to stop speaking and let Yue Yang try to speak to the Battle Angel.

“Mommy.” When the Battle Angel saw Yue Yu, she whispered with a very soft voice.

This time, Yue Yu almost fainted.

The Battle Angel looked exactly like her and was calling her mommy. This, this was really too much..

Yue Yang and the others were once again speechless. How could the Battle Angel call Yue Yu mommy? Could it be that it was because Yue Yang and Yue Yu had created her together?

The sickly beauty was clever, she approached the Battle Angel and tried asking, “What about me? What do you call me?” Everyone was shocked when the Battle Angel turned towards the sickly beauty and said, “Mommy”, then turned her gaze back to Yue Yang. She called both Yue Yu and the sickly beauty mommy, Yue Yang started to understand.

It was because the blood used to create her were taken from the girls.

That was why she unconsciously called every girls who had donated their blood ‘mommy’.

When Yi Nan, Yue Bing and the others tried, indeed, the Battle Angel also called them mommy. It made Yi Nan and Bao’er cheered out in happiness, but Yue Bing and Yue Yu were extremely embarrassed.

“Seems like she is still young, she would call everyone daddy and mommy, just like a little chick that has just been born. Hey, maybe, she will also call me mommy!” Fatty Hai debated that a lot of young beasts were not able to recognise their own parents, they would just call the first thing they saw their parents. He walked forward smugly and waved his hands to capture the Battle Angel’s attention, “Good girl, call me mommy too!”

“囧!” (Shiro: That’s Ye Kong’s face) Ye Kong suddenly felt that knowing someone like Fatty Hai was his lifetime nightmare.

“This chap really needs a beating!” Xue Tan Lang felt that what Fatty Hai lacked the most in his life was beatings.


The machinery on the Battle Angel’s shoulders suddenly changed. Three Ancient Energy Cannons formidably extended out from her shoulders in a blink of an eye, locking straight on Fatty Hai’s fat face, which was devoid of colour right now. If she open fire, Fatty Hai would definitely disappear from this world, he would perish in a flash!

Fatty Hai didn’t even dare to raise his hands in surrender, afraid that the Battle Angel would misunderstand him and shoot him, killing him on the spot.

Yue Yang hurriedly stopped her, “Stop.”

The Battle Angel looked at Yue Yang and asked, “Daddy, you don’t need me to destroy this lifeform that looks like a human in front of us?”

Yue Yang forced himself not to laugh and pretended to look serious, nodding, “Let him go. This lifeform that looks like a human is daddy’s friend!”

“Yes!” The Battle Angel kept away her ancient energy cannons, reverting to her original appearance.

“…” Fatty Hai who managed to keep his life hanging by the thread was so scared that his knees went weak as he crumbled to the ground.

Seeing the Battle Angel listening to his orders, Yue Yang was overjoyed in his heart.

He ordered her to transform into her first form, the ‘Life Form’.

The armor, weapons and the Angel’s Blade on the Battle Angel’s body went back into the Grimoire World. Her body, illuminated in light, slowly became smaller. She first became Yue Bing, then she became Yue Shuang. She even had a flowery skirt created fro energy that was usually worn by Yue Shuang.

The Battle Angel in her ‘Life Form’ was no longer a Heaven Rank 1, she was Innate Level 1.

Furthermore, she didn’t know how to hide her strength at all.

The sickly beauty took a chair, wanting to ask the Battle Angel to sit down and have a talk.

Unexpectedly, the Battle Angel destroyed the chair the moment she sat down. Her reaction was very quick, she immediately tried to balance herself by holding to the table beside her. But in the end, the table also crumbled into pieces… In the end, there was no other way around it. Yue Yang had to hold her as they sat, otherwise all the chairs, tables, or even their house would be destroyed. Facing towards the door, Yue Yang looked at the Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that was planted in a flower pot near the window. This was his dearest treasure. If it weren’t for creating the Battle Angel, he wouldn’t have taken it out normally. As there was crystal protection, he wasn’t worried that the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe will be damaged, but it was his habit to check the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe every time.

However, when he looked, he shouted in surprise, “My flower…”

The Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that would never wither, that blooming flower, had actually withered.

Only a small bud was left. If it were other Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe, it would probably wither and die. Fortunately it was the Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe that was grown from God’s Dew, God’s Wine and God’s Water. The Evil Millennium Ancient Tree was right, this Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe truly didn’t wilt. Seeing the new flower bud, it seems that he would only be able to make another wish in another 3 years.

It’s just that, who had used it to make a wish?

Also, what was the content of the wish?

Was it successful or a failure?

Yue Yang looked at everyone. Ye Kong, Fatty hai and the others looked indifferent. They usually never got close to Yue Yang’s research room. In reality, they knew how precious the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe was, so they definitely didn’t want to waste it on themselves. The wouldn’t definitely let Yue Yang use it on the most important things.

Everyone looked at each other, only Bao’er, Liu Ye and the half-elf girl bowed their head down.

Especially Bao’er.

Her two forefingers twiddle against each other as she pitifully apologised to Yue Yang, “Ah, I didn’t know… Actually, I didn’t say anything, I just said a sentence, and the flower suddenly wilted…”

“What exactly did you say?” Yue Yang started to understand the situation.

It turned out that the super strong Battle Angel in his arms was actually born successfully because of the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe’s power.

Yue Yang was extremely curious. What did Bao’er say to the Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe?

How was it able to awaken the Battle Angel?

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  2. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    lol fatty hai being called a life form that looks like a human but he only wanted to join in the fun and be called mommy by the battle puppet, im surprised that the bird that was following fatty hai didnt appear n hit him with her wind

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