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LLS Chapter 560 – Self Awakening?

Chapter 560 – Self Awakening?
Translated by: Last

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Although the three forms of the Battle Angel had been completed in the Dream Jadeite’s energy realm, Yue Yang still could not tell whether it was a success or not.

He waited inside the realm for 10 more minutes. After confirming that it was completed, only then did he wake up. Naturally, due to the distortion, 10 minutes in the Dream Jadeite’s realm was equal to 10 hours. As he woke up, he discovered a group of people sitting around him as they clicked their tongues in praise.

“The new Battle Angel really looks like little sister Shuang’er.” said Bao’er.

“Although he is normally strict, he is indeed a good brother.” Liu Ye evaluated.

“Master is actually very gentle……” The half-elf girl defended.

“However, why doesn’t this Battle Angel move?”

“Could it be that we have to wait for it to wake up?”

The chattering and whispering sounds made Yue Yang’s head ache. Who allowed them to enter his own research room? Wasn’t Sister Yu guarding outside?

After sitting up, he was about to drive them out but Bao’er came over: “Are you awake? You really are a deep sleeper. In just one sleep, you have slept for 20 hours. Everybody was quite worried.”

20 hours?

Yue Yang was stunned. Wasn’t he only inside the Dream Jadeite realm for only 20 minutes?

When he looked at the Dream Jadeite on his hand, the Jadeite was not the least bit damaged. But, when he moved his hands, it immediately turned into fine powder. The Dream Jadeite had completely run out of energy. The different materials that he placed around him had also disappeared and replaced with a clothed Shuang’er. It took a while before Yue Yang realized that this was not Shuang’er but the living Battle Angel.

The Battle Angel had already finished transforming and became similar to a human.

The only thing different was that it had the ability of a Battle Angel to transform into the corresponding forms for learning and for battle.

Everything was according to Yue Yang’s wishes. After he stooped down to listen to her heartbeat and her deep breathing, Yue Yang became indescribably moved. An unprecedented feeling of accomplishment rose up from his chest. He had finally created a Battle Angel with life, with feelings, with knowledge, with its own thoughts.

He had now finished Yue Gong’s miraculous third wish.

Yue Yang was on cloud nine and wanted to share this feeling with someone but he discovered that Yue Yu was gone.

“Eh, where did she go?”

This was the Battle Angel that he researched with her. Where did she go during this critical hour?

Yue Yang got up preparing to find Yue Yu to share this joyous moment. However, Bao’er pulled him back, pointed at the Battle Angel and curiously asked: “Why isn’t the Battle Angel getting up? Wasn’t it that if you woke up, the Battle Angel would also wake up at the same time?”

Yue Yang was also baffled about this. The Battle Angel was something that did not need to sleep at all.

She was able to sleep like a human but that was only imitating humans, not something she needed to do. She should be able to change between living, learning and battle forms anytime. Unless her energy was depleted, she would never get tired. Yue yang extended his hand and lightly stroke the Battle Angel’s cheek. He inserted a strand of Innate Invisible Qi, probing her blood channels. He discovered that her blood channels were the same as Shuang’er’s. The only thing different was that her heart was made from the strong Titan’s heart and filled with God’s Blood inside.

“I also don’t know.” Yue Yang tried to use his will to wake up the Battle Ange but discovered that there was no response.

Inside the Battle Angel there was an extremely unique will that seemed to be in a chaotic state.

It was different from the time when Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was in a chaotic state. Yue Yang felt that there was something missing but he had no way of grasping the inspiration in his mind.

What was lacking? Yue Yang begun to ponder this question. There was nothing wrong with her body. Her body was even better than he imagined (not in a sexual way). She had already exceeded his design specifications, being similar to a human being and reaching the level of a Divine Artifact, In other words it was not a machine but a living, thinking battle doll…… Her body was already had the Titan’s heart as her nucleus, God’s Blood and Divine Meteorite Molten Gold as her blood. Three rune circles had completely merged together as her weapons had merged flawlessly.

What did this perfect Battle Angel lack?

Yue Yang ignored Bao’er, who burst with lots of questions, and went out to find Yue Yu. Perhaps speaking to her might ignite his inspiration.

“Second Sister, are you there?” Yue Yang did not knock on the door and just walked in. Yue Yu was currently leaning over writing something like a diary. When Yue Yang entered she was surprised.

“Why didn’t you knock? Almost frightened me to death!” Yue Yu fearfully patted her chest and unhappily shot Yue Yang a glance.

She hurriedly put away her notebook. This made Yue Yang curious as to what she was writing. Could it have something to do with him? Yue Yu was afraid that Yue Yang would steal her diary and quickly ask: “You finally woke up? Why did you come here? I, I am already a bit tired for today and about to take a rest……” She tried to push Yue Yang outside as she said it.

Yue Yang grasped her hand: “I won’t look at your diary so don’t quickly drive me out. I really have something to ask you!”

Yue Yu immediately cried out in fear when he grabbed her hand: “Stop, stop it. Quickly let go. People might come here. If you have something to say, quickly say it!”

“Are you feeling ill?” Yue Yang touched Yue Yu’s forehead. “There is no fever?”

“Wha, I am just a bit tired!” Yue Yu felt happy that he was worried about her, but she became embarrassed when she remembered how he was familiar with her body and even borrowed it as a model for the Battle Angel. If Princess Qian Qian found out about this, she did not know how to explain it to her. The most awkward thing was the Angel’s Blade that he gave her. Only she and the Battle Angel had it so it would create a huge misunderstanding.

It was fine to borrow anyone else’s figure, but why did he have to use hers.


This was truly embarrassing.

Yue Yang secretly made a decision. From tomorrow onwards, she would move back to the Yue Clan Castle or return back to Shang Jing Academy and live with her master. She could not let this go on. In the past, she had hesitated over this, but now, she would absolutely not let this go on.

“Then you take a rest early. You have worked hard these few days!” Yue Yang had wanted to talk about the Battle Angel with Yue Yu.

“Xiao San, the truth is……” Yue Yu suddenly felt sad. She was already going to move tomorrow but she was still lying to him right now. He had always treated her warmly and even followed the rules without messing around. Perhaps the Battle Angel’s third form was only a reflection of his subconscious mind and not his normal thoughts. The three forms of the Battle Angel was herself, Bing’er,and Shuang’er. The others were too small so he would definitely not have any ill intentions towards them. This could also mean that the Battle Angel’s three forms were the three people who were the most intimate with him.

He did not do anything wrong and it was only her thinking too much.

Yue Yu remembered the things she told him before. In order to not worry him, she said that she would not leave forever.

Now, she was concealing that she was going to leave him and hurt him…… However, the more she stayed the more her heart became disordered. She was unable to face him.

Yue Yang was confused, what did Yue Yu want to say?

Now, She seemed to be sad and wanted to cry for no reason at all. Could it be that Yue Shan’s injury was too heavy and his life was at risk? This was not reason enough. If Yue Shan was willing to let him help, then he would be good to go in no time. Since he wanted to suffer, Yue Yang could not do anything. But still, even though Yue Shan’s injury was heavy, it does not men he will die.

“Xiao San……” Yue Yu suddenly embraced Yue Yang as tears began to drench his shoulders.

“Eh?” Yue Yang was extremely confused.

When Yue Yu relaxed her hands, Yue Yang couldn’t help but take pity on her after seeing her tear-stained face. He extended his hand to lightly wipe her tears.

Yue Yu raised her tear-stained face and looked at Yue Yang through the haze of her tears.

She was about to bid farewell to Yue Yang after pushing down the pain in her heart.

Suddenly, a terrified shriek came from the direction of the research room.

It was Bao’er and the others!

Yue Yang and Yue Yu were startled. With mutual understanding, they both quickly flew towards the research room’s door. On the left side, Yue Yang wielded his Hui Jin Magic Blade; On the right side, Yue Yu activated the Angel’s blade. They both entered the room with one on offense and the other on defense.

They both thought that there was an enemy who came to kidnap Bao’er but never imagined that they were wrong.

Strange lights erupted inside the research room.

An unusual fragrance and beautiful colored lights filled the entire research room. An indescribably boundless energy was being born. The light pillar that could only be seen during a grimoire contract shot out of the room towards the sky…… Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and the others, who were sparring, raised their heads. They discovered that the light pillar shot towards the sky with a height of more than 200 meters. They immediately became baffled.

Who was contracting a grimoire?

A 200 meter tall light pillar? Wasn’t this too abnormal?

They gave up on training as each of them crazily ran back as if they had been injected with chicken blood. They wanted to know who was so divine that they had so much potential.

Inside the room, Yue Yang protected the half-elf girl, Bao’er and Liu Ye behind him. He happily looked at the floating Battle Angel that kept shuffling her weapons in her third form. He looked at the other Yue Yu that floated in midair while holding a grimoire in her hands. The Angel’s Blade in her hands that were connected by Divine Meteorite Molten Gold had completely fused with her body.

Let alone Yue Yang, even Bao’er, who had no knowledge about battle dolls, understood that the Battle Angel was now complete.

“Very good. Sister Yu we have succeeded. This Battle Angel even contracted a grimoire on its own!” Yue Yang could not restrain his emotions and excitedly hugged Yue Yu.

“Cough!” Yue Yu quickly pushed him away. Seeing Yue Yang also hug Bao’er and the others, she understood that he didn’t really have those kinds of intentions but he was just too happy. She immediately felt relieved. However, she couldn’t help become embarrassed as her face flushed red.

Ye Kong and the others quickly arrived and saw Yue Yu in midair and Yue Yu on the ground.

Both of them possess the Angel’s Blade so they did not know who was real or who was fake.

They almost thought they were delusional.

Luckily, they remembered about Yue Yang’ Battle Angel so they instantly understood that the floating Yue Yu was the real Battle Angel!

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  1. dan pamfiloiu says:

    “But still, even though Yue Shan’s injury was heavy, it does not men he will die.”
    “But still, even though Yue Shan’s injury was heavy, it does not meAn he will die.”
    “Yue Yang secretly made a decision. From tomorrow onwards, she would move back to the Yue Clan Castle or return back to Shang Jing Academy and live with her master. She could not let this go on. In the past, she had hesitated over this, but now, she would absolutely not let this go on.”
    This paragraph should be abou Yue Yu .
    “Yue Yu secretly made a decision. From tomorrow onwards, she would move back to the Yue Clan Castle or return back to Shang Jing Academy and live with her master. She could not let this go on. In the past, she had hesitated over this, but now, she would absolutely not let this go on.”
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