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LLS Chapter 559 – Inspiration Models, The Three Yue Clan Sisters?

Chapter 559 – Inspiration Models, The Three Yue Clan Sisters?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
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Yue Yang was afraid that if he went into the Dream Realm through the Dream Jadeite, he would reveal the Sword Goddess, his biggest secret.

He was also afraid that he would make a perverted dream, destroying the Dream Jadeite.

Although the Dream Jadeite wasn’t very high-ranked item, it was exceptionally rare. If it were any other item, Yue Yang wouldn’t even think it was that important. Both Dream Jadeite and Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe were precious wish granting items. Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe would wither away if it fails; the Dream Jadeite would embody a person’s dream, the moment it fails, it would break and disappeared.

Actually, Yue Yang had thought of using the Eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe to wish for the successful completion of the Battle Angel.

Even if it fails, he would be able to use it again after three years.

Afterwards, after careful thinking, he decided to use the ‘Dream Jadeite’. Yue Yang still wanted to use the eternal Wishing Dutchman’s Pipe as backup plan to increase the rank of the Battle Angel to Divine-ranked Artifact!

In order to guarantee its success, Yue Yang intentionally slept for a long while.

He then took a cold bath, his preparation was only lacking fasting and burning incense… He made up an excuse and asked Yue Yu to go out of the research room. Yue Yang held the ‘Dream Jadeite’ and laid beside the purified Crystal Men Corpses. Failure or success would depend on whether his dream was good or not! It was a pity that Fourth Mother wasn’t willing to help. With her help, the success rate would probably be bigger. God’s Blood, God’s Water, Meteorite Vital Gold, Titan’s Heart, Crystal Men Corpses and other ingredients had all been prepared, the only step left was to mix them altogether. Yue Yang only needed to ‘transform’ all these to a perfect human body.

On the other side, he had the blood of Zhi Zun, Night Empress, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others.

Some of them he had a lot, some of them he had very little, especially Zhi Zun’s blood, he only managed to keep a few drops, so he couldn’t waste it easily.

How would he ‘transform’ all these into a Battle Angel?

He would depend on the Dream Jadeite’s wish granting power, because Yue Yang still couldn’t understand the secret method of creating Battle Angels. Creating a mechanical puppet with no feelings would be easy, but that wasn’t what Yue Yang wanted.

“…” Yue Yu was a little curious, but she completely respects Yue Yang’s privacy. She didn’t enter and continued to wait quietly outside.

Yue Yang closed his eyes and started dreaming

He didn’t enter the Heavenly Sword Goddess’ Dream Realm, instead, he entered a magical realm filled with energy. In this energy filled-realm, there was no gravity, there was not even a body, only souls existed here. Yue Yang felt that he could fly anytime he wanted, or maybe, it was not called flying, but moving according to his thoughts. He could fly if he wanted to, he could walk if he wanted to. Yeu Yang felt that this energy-filled realm contained the wish granting power of the Dream Jadeite. He would make a wish here, then get the results in the reality.

If Yue Yu walked into the research room, she would discover that Yue Yang’s body was glowing and flickering with light. The Dream Jadeite on his hands was also burning brightly like the moon in the sky.

As to how to make a wish, he should probably faced that direction and made his wish. Yue Yang didn’t know what kind of hand gesture to make.

After entering this energy-filled realm, he felt that other than energy, this place was completely empty.

Could it be that his heart wasn’t clean enough? Wasn’t sincere enough?

Yue Yang was taken by surprise by the thoughts that suddenly appeared in his heart. He quickly revealed a super serious and sincere look as he made his wish. His wish was: I wish that the Dream Jadeite would create a Battle Angel with life, wisdom, thoughts and feelings.

For success, it was the first time that Yue Yang seriously wished.

Around 10 minutes passed.

In reality, Yue Yang’s sense of time was completely wrong. The time passed with his soul in the energy-filled realm and the time passed in reality was different. He might feel that around 10 minutes had passed, but Yue Yu had already waited outside for 10 hours. If Yue Yang could see yue Yu, he would realise that the real world had become very slow for him, as if he was watching a slow motion film. Of course, there were not many people who looked at the real world in their soul state. Only people who were about to die, in their state of near death when their soul left their body, would realise that the real world was moving very slowly. At the very least, it was very slow from the soul’s perspective.

“Xiaosan is taking too long.” Yue Yu really couldn’t bear it anymore. She entered the research room, hoping to see how Yue Yang’s dream was coming about.

No matter what, he had already been dreaming for 10 hours.

It would be weird if Yue Yu wasn’t worried.

When she entered, she realised that Yue Yang was laying beside the Crystal Dolls, quietly sleeping as his body flickered with light.

The Dream Jadeite was shining like the moon in the sky, glowing with a soft light, enveloping Yue Yang’s whole body.

Seeing this, Yue Yu secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Good, the wish wasn’t a failure.

Yue Yu sat down. She couldn’t go outside and be anxious about whether Yue Yang was successful or not. No matter if it was success or failure, she would accompany him by his side.

At this time, Yue Yang was helplessly floating in the energy-filled realm. Seems like the wish didn’t fail, but there was no reaction at all. He wasn’t resigned to go out of the Dream Realm just like that. Yue Yang decided to rest his mind and repeat his wish again. No matter what, he needs to create this Battle Angel. It wasn’t merely Yue Gong’s wish, it was also Yue Yang’s wish. He would feel happy just by thinking of teaching and training a beautiful female fighting puppet. Right now with this kind of chance, how could he give up easily?

Yue Yang thought evilly, if Yue Yu found out that a big part of the reason why he wanted to create this Battle Angel was to experience teaching a beautiful female fighting puppet, she would definitely be so angry that she couldn’t eat!

“Amongst the three Yue Clan daughters, Yue Yu is the most gentle, Yue Bing is the most obedient, and Yue Shuang is the cutest of all.” The thought of the Yue Clan 3 sisters suddenly flashed across Yue Yang’s mind. Initially it was just a passing thought, but the magical energy in front of him suddenly changed, slowly turning into the figure of Yue Shuang. Yue Yang was shocked, could it be that the Dream Jadeite would need him to imagine the person he wanted to create?

If he created the Battle Angel with Yue Shuang’s looks, it didn’t seem like a good idea.

Maybe other people would mistook him as a sis-con. Sis-con, these kind of thing, wasn’t something that should be known to people.

However, if he gave up on Yue Shuang’s figure, if he failed, it would really be a pity… Whatever, sis-con, so be it! Success is more important than failure

Yue Yang quickly confirmed Yue Shuang’s figure with his mind and tried with all his might to use his memory to connect that Shuang’er that was formed by the energy. The figure of Shuang’er that was initially faint slowly became clearer. In the end, it looked exactly like Yue Shuang, even to her little dimples and long eyelashes.

It was just that this energy-formed Shuang’er was completely naked in its energy state.

Fortunately nobody else saw this, otherwise he would definitely be stuck with the sis-con name.

In reality, Yue Yu watched speechlessly as the light from Yue Yang’s body became even brighter as countless of rays shone out like rainbow. They softly rose up, as if they were alive, connecting the Crystal Doll beside him together and forming a cocoon of light. The crystal doll that Yue Yang spent so much effort in was magically transformed as blood, energy, God’s Water and God’s Dew mixed together on their own, slowly forming into Yue Shuang. At first it was fuzzy, there was only an outline of her.

However, it slowly transformed, becoming better each time.

Yue Yu saw that before a minute even passed, the Yue Shuang which was wrapped in a cocoon of light looked completely like the real Yue Shuang.

Countless blood vessels formed inside her transparent body, then her heart, bones and brains, connecting altogether, forming a light rainbow that connected to Yue Yang’s head…

“Oh my god!” Yue Yu almost cried from happiness. She quickly covered her mouth with her hands, as if afraid that she would disturb Yue Yang if she made any noise. Turns out that Dream Jadeite was used this way. The Battle Angel would be completed shortly. Although it was in Yue Shuang’s form, it was still successful. Yue Yu was so happy that she wanted to kiss Yue Yang, her precious brother. Xiao San was simply too awesome, he could even recreate Battle Angels that only existed in ancient times.

A Battle Angel that has life, wisdom and thoughts, could it still be considered a puppet?

It was practically a god creating a human!

After Yue Yang completed the energy-form Yue Shuang, he was still unsatisfied. Although he understood the way to use Dream Jadeite now, why should it be in Yue Shuang’s form? Yue Shuang was simply too young, how would she fight? It would be much better even if it could be as big as Yue Bing. Yue Shuang’s body was simply too small, it is not cool enough!

Just as he was thinking of this, the energy-form Yue Shuang immediately changed.

This shocked Yue Yang to death.

Please don’t let it be a failure!

However, to Yue Yang’s surprise, Yue Shuang’s form didn’t disappear, however, it slowly turned into Yue Bing’s form.

More and more energy poured out, forming a naked Yue Bing. As Yue Yang had always seen Yue Bing’s body from Body Fusion training, he knew her body like the palm of his hand. Anyway, nobody is seeing this, so there was nothing wrong for him to create Yue bing. Yue Yang had finally understood. Yue Shuang was the Battle Angel first form that has life. The current Yue Bing was the Battle Angel’s second form that could learn and cultivate. As for the third form, it was still undecided for now!

“…” Yue Yu was shocked speechless currently as she saw the naked Yue Bing.

Although she knew Yue Yang was imagining the Battle Angel’s form, she still felt awkward seeing her brother creating a naked Battle Angel in the form of her sister.

Among so many women, why would he use his sisters as inspiration?

Shuang Er was still okay, she was still a kid after all. But Yue Bing was almost a grown woman.

Seeing Yue Bing’s body slowly forming, bit by bit, from her chest to her breast, to her nipples, looking completely like a real person, Yue Yu immediately turned red, feeling like she wanted to scold Yue Yang, this naughty brother.

She knew Yue Yang could feel others’ body very clearly during Body Fusion, but she never thought that he would remember it so clearly.

Seeing the Battle Angel in Yue Bing’s form looking like a real person, as if it was exactly the same as the real one, Yue Yu blushed furiously. She thought of herself, previously, she had gone through Body Fusion training with him and also used her Yin power to help him level up. Wouldn’t he knew her body too? Of course, she understood that even if she told herself that he didn’t know, it would be a lie. He just pretended not to know.

Yue Yu didn’t know that prior to going through the Body Fusion training, Yue Yang had already used Divine Vision to observe her body before.

That time, Yue Yang thought that Yue Yu was Princess Qian Qian who was bathing…

Of course, that time was accidental.

“The Battle Angel’s first form is Shuang’er, second is Bing’er, what will the third form be?” Yue Yu suddenly had this thread of thought, then she saw that Yue Bing’s crystal doll had almost been completed, its body slowly grew bigger and its female characteristics was more clearly defined. She secretly had a bad premonition.

Please don’t let it happen.

Please don’t let it be her.

Yue Yu begged fervently in her heart, it didn’t matter who, just don’t let it be her. Otherwise, she really wouldn’t know what to do in the future!

However, to Yue Yu’s despair, the third form of the Battle Angel that Yue Yang imagined was… her. Furthermore, she realised that the level of understanding that this naughty brother of her had on her body was no less than her own understanding of her own body… Oh my god, Yue Yu almost fainted, especially when she watched the Battle Angel forming her female characteristics, that were completely identical to her own. Even her little garden and little bush were the same, it was so shameful!

What to do now?

Should she pretend not to know about this, or should she immediately let him change it to Princess Qian Qian?

Yue Yu helplessly stood there, staring dumbly as her own body was formed until the Battle Angel was finally completed. As the light slowly receded, she suddenly woke up from her daze and quickly ran out of the room.

No matter what, she would pretend not to know anything first.

Otherwise, she really had no face to see other people!

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  1. Deamonzean says:

    Its the ultimate sis-con device when it’s younger it will look like his smallest sister, when a teen it’ll look like his other sister, and when it’s older it’ll look like the cousin hopefully when it’s fully mature it’ll look like all three

  2. metazoxan says:

    Well that’s boring. Had the chance to make an awesome transforming doll and just makes that that can turn into any one of his three sisters who are already by his side whenever he needs them.

    Like seriously why? Be cooler if one of the three forms like like an armor and another was a giant monster or something. Or what about the sword goddess that could be interesting.

    But nope he wastes all three forms on fulfilling his Sis con fantasies.

    • Dant says:

      The doll have the three sisters mode, but seeing the story so far, it probably will evolve to a new form or a mix of the three.

      Thanks for the chapter!

  3. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    Now yue yu can join in the harem and have the battle puppet replace her in real life and change back when necessary, its a bit late thinking that she can escape from yue yangs hand

  4. WirlWind says:

    I’m convinced that his mother actually discovered him abandoned in the God’s ruins (aka he’s the dead god) and brought him back to adopt him.

    Later on we’ll find out that he’s not actually blood related to them and the siscon feast will finally commence.

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