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LLS Chapter 558 – Research, Battle Angel

Chapter 558 – Research, Battle Angel
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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After persevering for 11 hours, his mind finally reached his limits and he lost consciousness.

His mental perseverance and tenacity had even changed the expression of Xue Tan Lang.

Xue Tan Lang thought that other than Yue Yang, he was the most talented person in the party. Now, it seemed that Ye Kong, who was born of low status, was his real life rival. His talents were great but it was hidden. Of course, Ye Kong couldn’t be compared to Yue Yang. However, amongst the younger generation, Ye Kong who slowly grew stronger with harsh training actually had more latent potential and adaptability compared to well known super geniuses.

It could be ascertained that if Yue Yang didn’t exist, his talent would be hidden forever, unable to have a chance to shine.

Meeting Yue Yang at the first floor of Tong Tian Tower was the most important turning point of his life. With this fated meeting, Ye Kong immediately grabbed onto the opportunity and allowed his brilliance to shine brightly. Under Yue Yang’s tutelage, his cultivation had also improved very quickly by leaps and bounds, almost as fast as the members of the Four Great Clans.

“…” When Ye Kong opened his eyes once again, it was already afternoon of the second day.

The warm rays of sunlight bathed his face.

Not far from him, the Li Brothers, Ox-heads Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie, the Golden Elves Lin En and Bao’er were playing cards happily. When Ye Kong looked around, he found that almost everyone was there except Fatty Hai. Ye Kong slowly sighed. Although in theory, he had reached the limits of Heaven Rank, he didn’t feel too happy. On the contrary, he felt an unexplainable sense of loss.

When Ye Kong sat up, everyone quickly surrounded him, congratulating him all at the same time excitedly.

Through Bao’er, who couldn’t keep secrets, Ye Kong found out that he had persevered the longest.

The Li Brothers and Fan Lun Tie persevered for six hours while the four Orc girls persevered for an hour. Other than Elder Ning Hai who forcefully requested to take part in the Blood Awakening too, the four Orc girls had persevered the shortest time. Elder Ning Hai had only persevered for half an hour. Even if he trained to his limits, it seemed that he wouldn’t even reach the Innate Rank. Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun persevered for 3 hours. Although it was not considered long, Yan Qian Zhong and Feng Xiao Yun were completely overjoyed… At least their families had produced an Innate, this was an extremely good news already. Furthermore, their level of Innate Level 3 was not considered too low.

Xue Tan Lang didn’t participate in the Blood Awakening. After considering it for a while Prince of Tian Luo finally decided not to participate in this Blood Awakening.

After all, training to cultivate their own strength would give them the strongest foundation.

Furthermore, it gives the most sense of accomplishment.

Amongst the Four Great Clans, the one with the most shocking latent potential was actually the fifth young master of the Yue Clan, Yue Ting, who never speaks most of the time and seldom makes an appearance. The future successor of the Yue Clan had actually persevered through 7 hours of Blood Awakening without making a sound, shocking everyone.

Even Yue Yang also never thought that the simple and honest fifth was actually a genius with a huge potential.

Compared to Yue Ting, Yue Tian and Yue Yan were good-for-nothings.

Under Second Uncle Yue Ling’s pleas, Elder Yue Hai reluctantly agreed to let them participate in the Blood Awakening. However, they did not use the Beast King’s Blood. They drunk a normal Ancient Slaughterer’s, ‘Behemoth’s Blood’. Yue Tian and Yue Yan could only last for an hour before giving up. They simply couldn’t hold a candle to Feng Qi Sha and Yan Po Jun. Fortunately, the Yue Clan had Yue Ting to feel proud of… The secret method of Blood Awakening also made the older generation hoped that they could grow stronger again and ignite the passion of their life, becoming an Innate.

They were too shy to ask of it in front of the younger generation, so they invited Yue Yang to go to the Yue Clan Castle.

Half a day later, the older generation who had received the Behemoth’s Blood for Blood Awakening were quite depressed and disappointed with their results. It seemed like they were unable to reach the Innate Rank. Only a few people, such as the Eastern Sky Emperor, walked out proudly, pleased with himself.

“It’s no wonder that my daughter is so talented, she inherited it from me.” Eastern Sky King didn’t say how long he persevered, but looking at his mood, it seemed like he had done quite well.

“That is not inherited, she evolved from you.” Jun Wu You hated it the most when Eastern Sky King was showing off.

“…” The only one who didn’t participate in the Blood Awakening was Elder Yue Hai.

Ye Kong had wanted to talk to Fatty Hai initially, but it turned out that Fatty Hai had ran back to his hometown and would only be back to the Little Garden three days later.

When he met the fatty again, he didn’t look depressed.

Instead, it was obvious that his face was glowing with a red glow and his aura had become more intimidating.

He took out a red envelope filled with gold ingots and said: “These are the red envelopes my parents have prepared for everyone. All of you have one.” In the end, he even gave one to Ye Kong. Ye Kong was so shocked that his jaw dropped. Since when had this petty guy become so generous? Did his personality change because of the Blood Awakening? Ye Kong felt that he couldn’t recognize the fatty anymore. Not only was this fatty not sad, he was also not jealous of him, and he even gave him a red envelope?
(Red envelope is the thing usually given to children during chinese new year, with money inside)

What was happening?

Did the sun rise from the west today?

Looking like the Prosperity God, Fatty Hai laughed out happily as the others surrounded him: “You can call me Master from today onwards, because now I have really become a true Master! With the power potential of Innate Level 10, the whole of the Hai Clan was completely shocked out of their mind! You guys should see it when our clan elder, who had a long beard that touched his belly, bowing respectfully to me. Previously, he wouldn’t let me go to Shang Jing Academy no matter how I begged, he dumped me to that Ivy Academy instead. In the end, yesterday, he apologized to me solemnly about it. Haha, he even apologised again today because he was afraid that I wouldn’t forgive him. Just remembering about this made me feel so happy! Oh right, who wants some beauties? You can just tell me. My Clan Elder told me that he had prepared 1000 beauties for me, they are just waiting for me to give them love… Brothers, our happy times has finally come, let’s cheer with all our hearts!”

“All of you idiots!” Yue Yang suddenly appeared from inside the house. His mood seemed to be very bad, as he bellowed out the moment he opened his mouth, “Go and train now, every single one of you! Fatty, you have extra punishments of 100,000 frog jumps! Also, no lunch for you!”

“100,000 frog jumps is still okay, but why can’t I eat lunch too?!” Fatty Hai quickly pleaded for mercy.

“So I can’t punish you anymore now that you have the power potential of Innate Level 10, is that it?” Yue Yang laughed coldly, making Fatty Hai cower in fear like a mouse.

Actually, no matter if it was the power potential of Innate Level 10 or Innate level 1, they would all need to train hard. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to bring out their latent capability. Blood Awakening was only a form of test on someone’s limits, to let them know the target they would need to strive for. They would not become strong just by having the ‘awakening’, it didn’t work that way.

Of course, having Blood Awakening was better than training blindly.

At least they would know where their limit was.

Furthermore, they would only need to focus on training in the future, they can let Yue Yang take care of the other things. They would not need to worry about getting stuck at a level or being unable to obtain enlightenment.

Ye Kong ran towards Fatty Hai who was doing frog jumps, and accompanied him to do frog jumps as he asked: “Fatty, don’t you have anything to say to me?”

“Congrats, bro you are really awesome, having a power potential of Heaven Rank Level 1.” Fatty Hai congratulate Ye Kong full of sincerity, without even a single hint of jealousy in his voice.

“…” Ye Kong simply couldn’t believe his own ears.

“I say, monkey face, what kind of expression is that? Are you thinking of taking my position as the big boss, now that you have the power potential of Heaven Rank Level 1? I tell you, monkey, that’s impossible! Forget about you, even Yue Yang has to call me big boss. You need to know, once a big boss, forever will be a big boss!” When Fatty Hai said this, his frog jumps slowly stopped. Hui Tai Lang who was responsible for supervising them immediately let out a big howl, startling Fatty Hai so much that he started to frog jump again frantically: “Okay, I will continue to jump again. Hui Tai Lang, no matter what, I would usually feed you meat sometimes, can you not be so strict? If I secretly skip training, Yue Yang wouldn’t know too… Oh my god, even if I’m gossipping behind your back, you don’t have to throw me a Star Explosion right?!”


The Star Explosion that flew out from the house was a new skill that Yue Yang had devised, copying Night Empress’ Meteor Shower in her Starry Domain. The Star Explosion split across the sky and smashed right on top of Fatty Hai’s head.

Seeing Fatty Hai’s body which was burnt completely brown, Ye Kong quickly escaped.

Fatty Hai spat out the dirt in his mouth, “Monkey, where’s your bro code?”

Ye Kong rolled his eyes: “Bullshit, the person who secretly left for 3 days during the observation period without permission was you, why would I accompany you to receive punishment? Unless I’m an idiot…”

After Yue Yang finished helping his teammates take the Blood Awakening, it was finally time for him to complete his great research. To fulfill Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s third wish, Yue Yang had continuously planned out the Holy-Ranked Puppet “Battle Angel”. In other words, the research of beautiful female puppet fighters. According to Yue Yang’s imagination, he was about to create a Holy-ranked, or even a Divine-ranked “Battle Angel”

This kind of Divine-ranked Artifact Battle Angel, not only would it possess flesh and blood. It would also have a life and wisdom. It would possess three kinds of characteristics – to be able to live, learn and fight.

It would even have feelings.

If he could even create a puppet with a soul, that would be a Transcending Divine-ranked Artifact… Of course, Yue Yang still didn’t know how to create Battle Angel, the Transcending Divine-ranked Artifact. He didn’t even have the confidence that he would be able to successfully create a Divine-ranked Battle Angel.

Fortunately, in the Death Arena, during their battle with the Heaven Realm, Yue Yang had secretly collected a little of Zhi Zun’s blood. With Zhi Zun’s and Night Empress’ blood, and also Southern Goblin King’s blood that he had collected accidentally, Yue Yang felt that he should be able to create a Divine-ranked Battle Angel with a little bit of research. The Black Hell King had hidden himself somewhere, the Scarlet Emperor had also disappeared. Sky Execution, Dragon Emperor and the Emperor of the Underworld were all in a hunt to capture the Black Hell King. The Soaring Dragon Continent was temporarily at peace without wars, so Yue Yang finally had the time to slowly research the Battle Angel.

The sea folk was also not a threat. Furthermore, they still had the Shark King, the pawn that they had hidden amongst the sea folk!

In order to research on the Battle Angel, Yue Yang needed peace, quiet and concentration.

If it wasn’t because he was worried there would be problems due to the Blood Awakening, and that he needed to stay for a few more days to observe Fatty Hai and the others, Yue Yang would have drove them away long ago.

With them there, Yue Yang wasn’t able to live a happy life with his girls, especially when Liu Ye and Jin-er was there. They would pester Yue Yang all day, making him unable to do naughty stuff to his beloved girls… Xue Wu Xia and Luo Hua City Mistress had received Night Empress’ letter that asked them to go to another place to train. Phoenix Fairy Beauty had also followed them to join in for fun.

Although her training was an excuse, her wish to make peace with her older sister, Zhi Zun, was real.

Yi Nan and Yue Bing were the most hardworking.

Aside from training the whole day, they would go to Tian Luo Palace to visit Fourth Mother every day.

“Dream Jadeite…” Yue Yang would take out the Dream Jadeite every night. He really wanted to use it, but he was afraid that he would destroy the treasure the moment he had a dream.

“Xiaosan, not everything in this world will be perfect. If ‘Battle Angels’ could reach Holy-ranked, it would already be very good. Although ancestor Yue Gong’s will is important, even if we cannot make it happen, our ancestors would not blame us. Furhtermore, if it became a failure this time, we can still try again.” When Yue Yu saw Yue Yang feeling troubled, she advised him patiently. Only Yue Yu, whose responsibility was to take care of Yue Yang and research on some trifling stuff, knew the shocking power of the Battle Angel that Yue Yang was researching on. If the old fox and Jun Wu You knew that the puppet that Yue Yang was creating could reach Holy-rank at the very least, they would probably have a heart attack.

“What Second Sister meant is to leave it to fate?” Yue Yang was initially hesitant, but when he heard Yue Yu’s words, he made up his mind.

In any case, he had prepared a lot of materials. He had done all he can in preparation, but whether it succeed or not depends on the heavens.

This Battle Angel, would it be a Holy-rank, or a Divine-rank Artifact?

Let the heavens decide!

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