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LLS Chapter 557 – Youth Potion

Chapter 557 – Youth Potion
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang walked forward and slowly pulled Ye Kong away.

Ye Kong’s whole body trembled.

He threw himself to Fatty Hai who was nearly dying, stopping Yue Yang as he pleaded with a miserable voice, “Let’s wait for just another hour, this one hour is very important!”

“He had already fainted 5 minutes ago. If we don’t do anything, his body will explode.” Yue Yang rejected him.

“Let’s wait for another hour. He’ll definitely be able to persevere through it, he really will. How could this damn fatty die so easily? His breathing even stopped a few times just now, but he still managed to stay alive in the end. This time, he will definitely be able to pass through this.” Ye Kong pleaded miserably once again, hoping that Yue Yang would give Fatty Hai another chance. He really didn’t want Fatty Hai to give up. This one hour would be extremely important. No, if only Fatty Hai could just persevere through another 50 minutes, he would possess the potential of a Heaven Rank Level 1. The difference between Innate Level 10 and Heaven Rank Level 1 was just too much.

This difference was not any less than the difference between Tong Tian Tower and Heaven Realm.

The warriors in Tong Tian Tower may someday reach Innate Level 10.

However, through these thousands of years, those who managed to reach the Heaven Rank with their own powers were only Zhi Zun, Night Empress, Dragon Emperor and Sky Execution. Even Sky Law could only reach Heaven Rank through Yue Yang’s help. The Tong Tian Tower was filled with countless strong warriors and geniuses, for example the Sky Emperor, Ocean Emperor, the current Emperor of the Underworld, Great Demon King Baruth and Elder Nan Gong. They were all Supreme Innates who balanced each other’s powers, but they were still far away from Heaven Rank.

Ye Kong slapped Fatty Hai’s face hard multiple times, unceasingly. Slap, slap , slap……

He scolded as he slapped: “Damn fatty, wake up now! Didn’t you say that you want to fight me just now? I would definitely reach Heaven Rank. If you sleep now, I will definitely be able to crush you under my feet in the future! Damn fatty, if you don’t want me to crush you, wake up right now. Persevere on, I want you to persevere on!”

Fatty Hai twitched a little, as if showing some signs of waking up.

Everyone surrounded him, calling out his name with all they have. Everyone hoped that Fatty Hai could wake up and persevere on.

However, after being semi-conscious for 10 minutes, Fatty Hai’s body went limp as he fell unconscious again. This time, no matter how loud Ye Kong shouted or how hard he beat Fatty Hai, nothing happened. Fatty Hai had persevered to his limits, he simply had no strength to continue anymore.

Yue Yang soundlessly carried Fatty Hai away.

Ye Kong watched helplessly.

His knees felt weak as he fell limply to the ground.

After a long while, he slammed the ground hard: “Dammit, he just needed half an hour more…”

Amongst the scattered dust, a faint tear appeared on Ye Kong’s face. However, when he stood back up again, his face was filled with a serious, strict expression as he determinedly steeled his fists, “I will definitely reach the Heaven Rank. I was a loser, a poor and a weak person previously, but I have been given this opportunity now. I will definitely not disappoint everyone, definitely not!”

At this moment, even Xue Tan Lang was looking at Ye Kong with a different expression than before.

This was because from Ye Kong’s body, an aura of a winner was exuding out. His tall and lanky body suddenly appeared as big as a mountain.

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian looked at each other and nodded slightly. Luo Hua City Mistress made a hand gesture, and when Yue Bing saw that, she immediately nodded happily, taking two bottles out from the house.

These two bottles were the same as the crystal bottle Yue Yang used just now, but the content was not the Beast King’s blood anymore.

When Yue Bing approached Ye Kong, he was dazed for a while, “What is this? Is it for me?”

“Brother spent a lot of effort making this. This potion is called ‘Youth Potion’.” Yue Bing nodded proudly and handed one over to Ye Kong. She then said to the Li Brothers: “The other bottle is yours.”

“Youth Potion?” Li Qie and Li Ge were confused.

“Brother said that this Youth Potion will make a person’s body return to the state when they are 18 years old temporarily for a day. Brother made this by using the Grass of Time, Star Flowers and Reverse Aging Springwater he found from Hei Hu’s Grimoire World. He also added other ingredients such as God’s Dew, etc. Currently, he only made two bottles.” When Yue Bing explained, everyone understood immediately.

Contracting a grimoire!

Ye Kong and the Li Brothers never contracted a grimoire before, it was always their biggest regret in life.

This Youth Potion that immediately turned one into their 18 year old state was Yue Yang’s gift to Ye Kong and Li Brothers.

Although Yue Yang didn’t know if Ye Kong and the others would be able to contract a grimoire after drinking the Youth Potion, this was the best Yue Yang could do for them. Without needing to think, everyone knew how precious Grass of Time, Star Flowers and Reverse Aging Springwater are. Without needing to guess, everyone knew how difficult it was to concoct the Youth Potion. The reason why Yue Yang never mentioned this before was not because he wasn’t willing to help Ye Kong and the others get stronger, he just had not found a way to do it and he didn’t want to make empty promises. Not only Ye Kong, everyone knew what kind of person Yue Yang was. They cannot put it into words, but everyone knew that this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was someone worthy for them to follow and swear loyalty to for their whole life.

“Yes, this is the Youth Potion. He told me he would give it to me before.” Ye Kong’s lips were twitching slightly. Actually Yue Yang never told him that he will concoct a Youth Potion for him, but Ye Kong remembered that Yue Yang had told him that he would help him contract a grimoire before. Ye Kong would never forgot Yue Yang’s words, even if he seemed to only say it at a whim. Yue Yang’s words were worth their weight in gold!

Ye Kong opened the bottle and drunk all the Youth Potion.

His eyes were burning.

Ye Kong bit his lips tightly, but his expression didn’t change at all.

A mysterious liquid quickly fell inside the empty bottle and splashed inside the bottle. A magical multicolored light started to rise up from the bottle which was filled with the Youth Potion previously.

On the other side, the Li Brothers took the crystal bottle with shaky hands. The older brother gave it to the younger brother while the younger one passed it to the older one. Both of them couldn’t bear to drink the Youth Potion. In the end, Li Qie gritted his teeth and drunk half of the bottle, then passed the half-filled bottle to Li Ge. Whether it was success or failure, the two brothers would face it together… It didn’t matter if half a bottle wouldn’t show any results. To them, they were already extremely grateful that Yue Yang had concocted the Youth Potion for them.

Last time, they had almost starved to death at the entrance of the Tong Tian Tower. Right now, other than having the chance to reach the Innate Rank, they also had the chance of contracting a grimoire.

What else would they wish for?

Yue Yang had done more than enough for them!

It was just that everyone couldn’t give back to Yue Yang, they were always unable to be of help to Yue Yang. If they were strong enough to help share Yue Yang’s troubles in the Soaring Dragon Continent, Yue Yang would probably already go to the Heaven Realm to train.

“Brother Ye Kong, this is what Brother Xiao San has prepared for you.” Yue Shuang obediently held up 3 Bronze Grimoires. This time, Ye Kong who had almost bitten his lips thoroughly couldn’t stop his feelings anymore as he stooped and hugged Yue Shuang tightly. When he finally released Yue Shuang and took one of the Bronze Grimoire, hot tears were spilling all over the Bronze Grimoire.

He recalled how Yue Yang first teleported into Tong Tian Tower before, when they first met. Yue Yang had landed on top of his body: Hey brother, can you get off of me first?
(Shiro: Chapter 43)

He recalled the first time Yue Yang chose a Chaos Egg for him: I’ll take this gamble, Third Young Master, I… I trust you!

… The evolution is successful, it is, it is a Bronze-ranked King Kong Demon Ape! Third Young Master, you, you have saved my life!
(Shiro: Chapter 72)

He recalled how Yue Yang took everyone to the Demon Abyss and fought against the Rhinoceros Beetle: Bei bei, you are most familiar with insects. Do you know other than their air chambers, what other weaknesses does the Rhinoceros Beetle have?

… I know, if you grab the Rhinoceros Beetle’s butt, it will crawl even faster!

… Boss Hai, why don’t you go and do it? Go and grab its butt!

… Do any of you guys want to contract this Beetle Larva? Although it is not a battle-type beast, its defense is extremely high. It can be used as the perfect meat shield. Any of you want it? If nobody wants it, I’ll slash it off and take out its magic core. Quick! That Rhinoceros Beetle is going to come back soon!
(Shiro: Chapter 129)

The past memories seemed to gush out like a flash flood.

Hot tears flowed out like spring water.

Ye Kong looked to the sky as he howled for a long period of time.

In his hand, the grimoire that he was holding slowly shone with a faint, a very faint golden light. Through Ye Kong’s hands, the light shone out, becoming brighter with each passing time. Finally, the golden light shone out like the sun as a pillar of light rose from Ye Kong’s head to the sky. It rose up to about 100 meters tall, making the other onlookers such as Jun Wu You and the Old Fox watch with gaping mouth. This Ye Kong truly had a strong potential. Although he had missed out his chance of contracting a grimoire, with the opportunity that Yue Yang had given to him, the Youth Potion, this chap was truly able to bring out his full potential.

Ye Kong closed his eyes.

Just like having a dream, his expression looked like he didn’t want to wake up, as if he was afraid that his dream will be shattered and that he would lose everything dear to him if he woke up.

A few meters behind Ye Kong, the Li Brothers had already completed their contracts.

They didn’t take the two grimoires, instead they only reached out their hands to one Bronze Grimoire, and did something that had never been done in history before. The two of them contracted one grimoire together. The thing that made the old fox’s jaw dropped even lower was that the twins had actually succeeded. Although their pillar of light wasn’t as high as Ye Kong, it was only a few dozen metres high, it was still better than most grimorie contractors.

Everyone couldn’t help but to break out in applause and cheered at this scene.

As for the Li Brothers, they followed Ye Kong and slowly kowtowed (something like OTL) to Yue Yang, who was inside the house.

The grimoire that floated in front of them flipped open to the first page. It revealed their special Inherent Skill: Protection.

Protection: When the user used this Inherent Skill, they must have a protection target. The Inherent Skill will bless protection upon the target proportional to the sense of loyalty the users have towards their target. The more loyal, the more people the users can protect, and thus the greater their power will be. Currently, the skill level is 1.

Below the Inherent Skill description, they have a Guardian beast called ‘Knight Protector’. It was a Bronze-ranked, humanoid beast.

After looking through the Li Brothers’ grimoire, everyone couldn’t help but to crowd around Ye Kong. Everyone was very curious, what kind of inherent skill and Guardian Beast would Ye Kong have? Ye Kong stood up and gestured to everyone, “Wait for me for a while, I will show you very shortly.” Then, to everyone’s shock, he took the crystal bottle containing the Beast King’s blood and drunk a mouthful.

He strode inside the house, where Yue Yang was trying to save Fatty Hai.

“Fatty, I also have a grimoire now. Please don’t die, wait for me to break through the Heaven Realm Rank so that I can show it to you. We are trashes whose lives are always hanging by the thread, but as long as we are given the opportunity, we are actually not inferior to others. You should understand.” Ye Kong spoke to Fatty Hai, who was still unconscious.

Before long, everyone saw Ye Kong slowly walked out of the house.

His body was blood red.

All the skin in his body were splitting open, as if he was going to bleed out.

The ground shook with each step that Ye Kong took. However, he didn’t howl in pain like Fatty Hai did. Instead, he was completely silent.

After walking for around 1 km, he slowly lay down on the ground.

After summoning the King Kong Demon Ape and fuseing with it, he allowed his body to expand and became a giant…

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