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LLS Chapter 556 – Persevere for the future

Chapter 556 – Persevere for the future
Translated by: Last

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Oh-head Li Ao had endured the extreme pain for 3 hours.

In the end, he gave up.

During the process of Blood Awakening, the Beast King’s blood would continuously invade and dominate the target’s body. On the other hand, the body will naturally resist the blood’s invasion, creating a fight between the two elements and forcing the body to break down. From the innards to the skin, from the muscles to the bones, every part of the body will become a bloody battlefield. Although this kind of Blood Awakening is fast, it was the most painful way to do it. If the person did not have sufficient willpower to resist the invasion, they would most likely be unable to endure it and explode…… In other words, heaven and hell is only within a flash of thought.

Being able to endure something normal people could not endure was the only way to reach the realm ordinary people could never reach.

Yue Yang rescued the Ox-head Li Ao, who was about to explode. Then, everyone went up to congratulate this weak old cow.

“Li Ao, I never imagined that you would beat me in reaching Innate Realm.” The golden eld Lin En felt happy for his friend/ This was because the old cow’s aptitude had limits. Although he had trained bitterly for a long time, his improvements were extremely slow. Everyone thought that the old cow would reach Innate Realm last.

“Don’t be too happy yet……” Yue Yang couldn’t help but pour cold water over everyone.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Kong expressed puzzlement.

“Didn’t you say that it only takes an hour to reach Innate Level 1?” the Prince of Tian Luo confusedly asked.

Following this calculation would mean that the old cow, that had been enduring for 3 hours, could already become an Innate Level 3. Although the process was painful, being able to reach Innate Level 3 in an instant was worth it.

Now, even Bao’er’s heart rate sped up.

She imagined that it’s not bad to try the Blood Awakening and become a bit stronger.

When Yue Yang spoke, she was terrible frightened: “Who said that enduring for 1 hour would be equal to Innate Level 1? If such a thing exists, then I wouldn’t have waited for you and endure it by myself for a few days and night. By then wouldn’t I be able to insta-kill Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leader already? Of course there’s no such thing! Don’t think that once Li Ao gets up he would be a Level 3 Innate. That is wrong! In the end, Li Ao still needs to cultivate but his cultivation speed would be faster by many times. After all, Blood Awakening will unleash all your potential, allowing you to breakthrough easily.”

When everyone heard this, they could not understand anything.

Therefore, Yue Yang gave an example: “For example, if cultivation was like building houses, everyone would want to build a castle, meaning everyone wanted to become an Innate. Now, here’s the question, where would the materials for building a castle come from? How to build it? Where to build it? What style do you build it in? How long would you need to build it?”

“……” Everyone instantly looked at each other. Everyone was unable to answer this question because they were not Inantes.

Yue Yang continued explaining: “Blood Awakening is to help you resolve these questions. In other words, it will help you prepare the materials, find a good location and design a blueprint. The only thing you need to do is to affirm it.”

“What do we affirm?” Bao’er was still confused.

“Idiot, of course it’s to confirm how much materials you want, confirm the location of the site, confirm which blueprint to use.” Yue Yang lightly patted her small head and Bao’er cutely stuck out her tongue. She had always felt that she was a smart girl, but sometimes a little dazed. Seeing her mischievous appearance, everyone couldn’t help laughing.

“What Third Young Master means is that Innate Level 1, Innate Level 2, Innate Level 3, are all building materials, location and blueprint?” Feng Qi Sha suddenly came to a realization.

“The Team Leader Li Ao’s affirmation would be the amount of time his will power could endure the Blood Awakening’s process.” Liu Ye also understood.

“That’s right.” Yue Yang lightly muttered: “I do not know where everyone’s limits lie. It might be higher than what I imagined it to be or it might be lower. In order to accurately confirm it, our ancestors researched the Blood Awakening secret technique. This was to use a person’s willpower to determine the limit of their growth. Although it was not 100% percent accurate, it was still close to the real state.

“Then, the old cow’s limit is Innate Level 3, right?” Ye Kong’s heart shook.

“Correct. If there were no accidents, Li Ao’s cultivation limit is Innate Level 3. This is related to his willpower and endurance. Wanting to move up is a very difficult thing to do.” Yue Yang nodded and did not mince his words: “Your limits will depend on your fortitude and the amount of time you can endure Blood Awakening. According to theory, the longer you endure, the higher your limits are. Unleashing your potentials would also be easier. A shorter time would then mean lesser achievements.

“This boss would never give up even if I die……” Fatty Hai was just about to give up. But after hearing this, he was almost scared out of his wits.

He was not satisfied with only Innate Level 3. It’s not like he had never suffered before. Since suffering would let him grow, why would he stop?

Previously, the old fox had trained him until the sky was black.

In the Five Elements Palace and the Blood Lake Torture Chamber, he had been oppressed and suffered terribly with cuts and bruises all over his body. Now, he could clench his teeth and endure through this. Every single second he could endure it, the more his potential will go up, so he desperately endured it.

The most tragic thing was that everyone was now looking at him.

If he only endured for 3 hours and by any chance Ye Kong was able to endure for 5 hours or higher, then he would not even be able to raise up his head in front of Ye Kong.

Ox-head Fan Lun Tie also thought about giving up, but when she heard this, she desperately gritted her teeth.

Ox-head Li Ao on the other hand, did not regret his decision to give up.

He knew his limits and understood that his body could not endure it anymore.

His limit was Innate Level 3. In the future, if he reachers Innate Level 3, becoming a ranker, it would already be enough. He imagined how his relatives would look at him once he returns to the tribe. An ordinary Level 7 [Overlord] like him had become an Innate Ranker, that had not appeared in the entire tribe for hundreds of years already.

“Sister Fan Lun Tie, you must endure it. You must not lose to the Fatty.” Bao’er quickly cheered for Fan Lun Tie.

“The Fatty seems useless anyways, he definitely couldn’t compare to you!” The orc sisters nodded their heads in agreement.

“Hey hey. How could you say that?” Fatty Hai became incensed. He believed that other than Hui Tai Lang, he was the most outstanding existence. He could at best fight on par with Xue Tan Lang and his beast were much more impressive. Naturally, he would not compare himself with Yue Yang, nor would anyone compare him with Yue Yang, because Yue Yang was simply from a different realm.

“Explain more about Blood Awakening!” Xue Tan Lang was slightly curious, even though he decided not to join in Blood Awakening as he relied on his hard work to level up.

“I’ll give another analogy. Blood Awakening is to confirm what kind of house you want to build. If you want to build an Innate Level 3 house, then you should endure to this degree and I (Blood Awakening) will help you build the foundations. You do not need to know the process of building the house as long as you follow my orders and continue to cultivate, like workers following only a blueprint, your castle would be slowly built. Because the castle was planned by me, you do not need to waste time thinking about it. If you want to breakthrough, I can instantly bring you there. The process would be easier and faster than you trying to fumble about slowly.” Yue Yang then raised 3 fingers: “However, there are three disadvantages. First, when you reach the limit, it would be harder to breakthrough. Just like when you finished building your castle, it would be harder to extend it.”

“Second, because you used Blood Awakening, there would be some thing wasted, just like having some materials wasted, you cannot use up all your potential. Compared to doing things alone slowly, understanding things slowly, those who use Blood Awakening would be slightly weaker than anyone at the same level. Naturally, your advantage is that you could borrow my experiences to grow. With a target goal, you can understand more and increase your experience.” And then Yue Yang lastly said: “Third, if your limit was Elder Innate Realm or higher, you would not be able to surpass the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King, whose blood was used in the process, because it is used as the template. In other words, you could only build your castle to the highest template and never surpass it. If you want to build the White Stone Castle, it would not be able to surpass Shang Jing……”

“I could die happily being able to reach Elder Innate Realm. I would not hope for reaching Heaven Ranked Level 5.” Fatty Hai struggled to speak as he continue to suffer.

“Che, you do not have that much potential!” Ye Kong couldn’t help but give him the middle finger.

He was still dreaming of reaching Innate Elder Level 5?

He was really overestimating himself.

Ye Kong estimated that this pig head’s limit was only at Innate Level 6. It was not that Fatty Hai did not have any fortitude, but he absolutely could not reach Heaven Rank. Being able to reach Innate Level 6 would probably make Fatty Hai’s parents excitedly pop an artery.

What was unexpected was that, Fatty Hai, who continued to shout like a pig being butchered, had been able to continue enduring.

On the contrary, although Ox-head Fan Lun Tie had received Bao’er’s encouragement, she still could not continue enduring and gave up after 6 hours.

The second one to give up.

Ye Kong and the others were baffled. How could Fatty Hai endure this? Fatty Hai answered while panting like a dead pig: This boss will keep enduring. Once I reach Heaven Rank, I will step flat monkey Ye Kong and steal all his women, letting him stay as a bachelor.

Ye Kong, who heard this, became furious. At the same time, his was secretly alarmed. If he could not endure as long as Fatty Hai then it would be a stain in his life.

Because the Blood Awakening was taking too long, there was still no information sent back.

Old Fox, Jun Wu You and the others could not endure it anymore and came over to have a look. What they saw left them stunned. The normally vulgar and shameless Fatty Hai had actually gritted his teeth and endured for 10 hours. In just one more hour his potential will be Heaven Rank. At this point in time, Ye Kong did not fight with Fatty Hai anymore. He shouted, cursed, advised, coax the Fatty, using all his methods hoping Fatty Hai could continue enduring it.

His voice already became hoarse: “Fatty, do not fall asleep…… Pig head, now is the most important time, you absolutely cannot sleep. You are almost at Heaven Rank potential. Do you know how many people could actually reach this level? Even Sky Emperor and the Ocean Emperor of the Tong Tian Tower’s Five Emperors could not reach this level, even the Emperor of the Underworld could not reach this level yet. You are very close to surpassing them, you are very close to being able to suppress tens of thousands of warriors…… Work a bit harder Fatty. Do you still remember how we met? You were trash showin off you Ironback Rhinoceros but your strength was like fart. Now that you have a chance to be born anew, a chance to change you life, couldn’t you endure a bit more? In just one more hour your limit would already be Heaven Rank. Consider this as my request. Let me have a bit of limelight. Let me be able to brag that I have a teammate that could reach Heaven Rank. Wake up, wake up, do not sleep. Just endure this last hour, can’t you?”

“Enough, he has already reached his limits.” Yue Yang slowly walked over.

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  2. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    fatty hai showing his will power to overcome 10hrs and step into emperor class rankers and become a heaven realm ranker in the future, im sure even if he doesnt reach heaven realm by enduring another hour he can still upgrade by using martial god pills that increases potentials or be like yue yang with his nirvana rebirth and do the basics again to become a max lv innate 10 that can fight against others that 3-5 lvs higher than him

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