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LLS Chapter 555 – The Ancient Secret Method: Blood Awakening

Chapter 555 – The Ancient Secret Method: Blood Awakening
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The way for Fatty Hai and the others to ascend to the Innate Realm, Yue Yang had always thought about it.

Not only to protect Soaring Dragon Continent or to search for the secrets of God’s Ruin, Yue Yang needed more people he could trust in his party. Right now, Fatty Hai and the others were too far behind in terms of power with Yue Yang. If they couldn’t improve quickly, to Yue Yang, not only they would be of no help to him, they would also become his burden.

Through the knowledge he inherited from the tragic guy’s mother, Yue Yang had found a dangerous method.

And that was ‘Blood Awakening’.

With a much powerful being’s blood as the guide, one would be able to call forth the potential of one’s body from their blood. This process was extremely dangerous, because the blood of the other powerful being may take over one’s body, turning one into a monster or causing one’s body to explode and die. Long long ago during the ancient times, when some rankers were trying to get their guards to level up, they used the blood of giant dragons or titans. When the guards’ blood mixed with the dragon’s blood, their powers would immediately increase. This way was extremely effective, but the chance of success was questionable.

Even without a ranker’s help, when a few dragon slayers were bathed in dragon’s blood, there would be a possibility that their blood would mix with the dragon’s blood.

Hence, they gained great powers.

Of course, the chance of success was low.

There were many failures.

Furthermore, after gaining great powers, dragon slayers might be affected by the dragon’s blood and had a change in personality.

With a ranker watching over the awakening, the mortality rate of the guards who were mixing their blood were lowered. However, it was still not 100% success rate. There were many whose personality changed. For example, Feng Jin, who was in charge of the military base in the Kingdom of Zi Jin working under the Black Hell King, found a way to became an Innate quickly. His method was a crazy experiment with high mortality rate, furthermore, the successful ones would have a change in personality… Of course, Feng Jin’s method was way more inferior than the ancient blood awakening method that the tragic guy’s mother had passed down. After all, blood awakening was a final method that was perfected over and over by ancient rankers through thousands or perhaps even tens of thousands of years.

Although the success rate couldn’t be 100%, there was still a high probability of success.

Most importantly, the goal of the ancient secret method of blood awakening was to increase the power in one’s own body, strengthen their minds, and increase their potential. Then, the success rate of achieving the goal would be higher. This was not a method that depended on luck, it was really a secret method to get stronger.

Before Fatty Hai came, he had already thought about it. As for the reason why he was the first one to volunteer, it was because he had confidence in his tolerance level.

Other than him, no one else could transform into an ugly monster.

Although Yue Yang never said this, Fatty Hai knew that his blood was different from the others. Fatty Hai looked at Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang, Yan Po Jun and the others: “Those who are envious, move away from me. Or do you guys want to fight me to be the first to volunteer? Why don’t you take a good look of me, I’m Yue Yang’s big boss…”

Ye Kong didn’t say anything. Normally, he would always talk back to Fatty Hai, it was like something would be wrong if they didn’t fight everyday.

Today, he didn’t mock Fatty Hai.

Fatty Hai felt a little strange.

“You guys don’t have anything to say to me?” With slightly trembling hands, he took the crystal bottle. Fatty Hai was about to drink it when he put it back down and asked Ye Kong nervously.

“If you wanna die, die quickly. If you are a man, do it happily!” The nervous Ox-head Fan Lun Tie gave Fatty Hai a punch that made him fall to the ground.

“I will really drink it.” Fatty Hai rolled up his sleeves, looking like he was about to throw out all caution out of the window.

“Fatty, I think you should just forget about it. Look at your trembling legs, you will definitely fail.” Xue Tan Lang felt that if Fatty Hai really drank it, he would definitely die. How could Fatty Hai, someone who feared death the most, have a Blood Awakening? Forget about Xue Tan Lang, even Liu Ye, who always believed in others, doubted Fatty Hai.

“You, you coffin-face, don’t look down on other people too much! After all, I’m still your big boss!” In a moment of impulse, Fatty Hai downed the bottle, drinking almost half of the content in the bottle.


Everyone almost fainted as they watched this.

Even if Fatty Hai only drank a few drops, everyone thought that his body would probably explode.

But he drank half the bottle. It would really be hard for him to live. What did this pig-head think the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King was? It was a Heaven Ranked Level 5 Heaven Realm Beast!

Everyone looked at Fatty Hai in fear, fearing that he would explode the moment he burped.

Fatty Hai’s explanation was: “If drinking a drop will kill me and drinking a mouthful will also kill me, then of course I will choose to drink a mouthful. Furthermore, maybe my power will increase even more if I drink more!”

Ye Kong broke into cold sweat: “I say, Fatty, even if you want to die, you shouldn’t choose this way right? Please, you are not the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo, you are also not Hui Tai Lang. You don’t have that kind of ability, what are you trying to show off? Alright, if you have any last words, say them quickly. Since I had borrowed 100 gold from you previously, I will help to fulfill your last wishes, albeit unwillingly.”

Prince of Tian Luo was speechless when he heard that.

Liu Ye was a bit more compassionate, he quickly asked Fatty Hai: “How do you feel? If you really can’t take it, let’s wash your digestive system! Third Young Master had invented a method to wash your digestive system if you are poisoned. It seems to be quite effective.”

Fatty Hai sweat out: “I am not poisoned. Furthermore, if you want to wash my digestive system by stuffing pipes down my throat, I would rather just die!”

There was no other way, Liu Ye could only turn around to Yue Yang, hoping that he could resolve the current situation.

“Seems like I must do something.” When Yue Yang said this, everyone became happy. If Yue Yang was willing to lend a hand, Fatty Hai would defintiely be saved!

“I don’t think there’s any effect… Let me try to bear it on my own first!” Fatty Hai pretended that he was very brave, that he didn’t need any help for the moment. Furthermore, if something really happened, Yue Yang wouldn’t walk slowly over, he would definitely try to rescue him quickly. Fatty Hai thought that he could still bear it by himself, so he wanted to act strong. He was the kind who would still try to act cool even if he was in his deathbed.

“You will feel it very soon!” Yue Yang suddenly kicked, sending Fatty Hai flying a few hundred meters away.

Everyone was shocked.

Yue Yang leisurely dust his hands together: “Actually, even if you guys drank a pail of blood, there wouldn’t be any reaction. I have to call forth the power of the Beast King, otherwise, it wouldn’t take effect. You guys can go back to doing whatever you are supposed to be doing. If this Fatty doesn’t die after suffering for an hour, he would definitely reach Innate Level 1.”

Fatty Hai, who was kicked hundreds of meters away immediately transformed into an ugly monster in that instant.

It was different from his previous ash grey form. After drinking the Beast King’s blood, the monster that Fatty Hai turned into was blood red. He was even glowing with a little red light.

He looked like he was in extreme pain as he writhed on the ground.

He howled towards the sky.

After a few seconds, the green pasture was turned into overturned soil as he dug out a huge mud pit on the ground.

“I miscalculated…” Yue Yang entered into deep thoughts, he looked a little upset.

“Ah, what happened?” Liu Ye thought that something went wrong with the Blood Awakening method that Yue Yang had researched. She looked extremely alarmed.

“I didn’t kicked that Fatty hard enough, he’s ruining my garden. Hui Tai Lang, drag the Fatty a little further away. If that Fatty died, you can just bury him.” Yue Yang yawned a few times and stretched his back. He went back for his afternoon naps, seemingly indifferent to Fatty Hai’s miserable howling.

“He’s such a cold person!” Liu Ye stomped his feet, extremely angry at Yue Yang for going to his afternoon nap at this kind of situation.

“Just practice your martial arts.” Xue Tan Lang immediately went out to train with Prince of Tian Luo, when he saw Yue Yang walking away.

Ye Kong and Li Brothers also sat down and played “Three Kingdoms Murder”.

The board game was invented by Yue Yang. Initially, it was only taught to Luo Hua City Mistress, Yi Nan and Yue Bing to pass their time, but after Liu Ye and Bao’er learnt it, they spread it to the whole Yue Clan Castle, then to the rest of Da Xia Kingdom. It looked like before long, all the warriors in the sixth level of Tong Tian Tower would know how to play this game.

Even the sickly beauty who never played such games before praised that the game, which was made up of cards showing various human characters and beasts, would have a very good influence on the warrior’s cultivation.

At least, it became easier to remember beasts’ special skills.

For warriors who weren’t interested in historical figures, the stories of these historical figures would still be able to be passed down through this Three Kingdom Murders game.

Far away, Fatty Hai, who was being dragged away by Hui Tai Lang, was extremely frustrated as he shouted out angrily: “Damn all of you! You guys really disappointed me, who volunteered to test the poison. Once I have my blood awakened, I will definitely pay it back to you…”

The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie sat down, then stood back up.

She was extremely nervous.

She looked at Yue Yang’s back. In her heart, she thought that if they were really in life-threatening danger, Yue Yang would definitely not act like this. Maybe he was just lying to them. Fan Lun Tie was quite quick-witted. She grabbed the crystal bottle on the ground, raised her head and gulped 2 mouthful, shocking everyone on the scene. The Ox-head Fan Lun Tie didn’t pay attention to everyone’s shocked expression, she ran straight into the house towards Yue Yang and shouted, “Wait a moment, kick me too! No, I mean, help me awaken that power thing…”

Ox-head Fan Lun Tie’s figure immediately shot across the sky with a woosh, flying hundreds of meters away, smashing onto Fatty Hai’s body.

She was initially a 4 meter tall Ox-head, but she suddenly grew to 14 meters.

Her huge body was even bigger than Demon Kings in Demon Abyss.

Her whole body was glowing with a scarlet light, as ruthlessness, anger and pain shot across her heart. Controlled by these feelings, Fan Lun Tie got up and sent a heavy blow to Fatty Hai, whom she had smashed underneath her. She also gave it her all and stomped hard with her ox hooves.

Fatty Hai was furious.

With his sharp claws, his ugly form which was currently 20+ meters tall and possessing powers that are multiple times stronger than Fan Lun Tie, he easily lifted Fan Lun Tie’s body and threw her into the air, then charged ferociously and bombarded her with punches and kicks. The two of them didn’t seem to feel pain, or maybe the pain from Blood Awakening was far more painful than these punches and kicks. Fatty Hai and Fan Lun Tie continued to exchange blows with each other fervently.
Boom bang boom rumble…

When the Ox-head Li Ao saw that Fan Lun Tie was losing, he gritted his teeth and grabbed the crystal bottle too, drinking a mouthful.

Then, everyone watched tensely as two gigantic Ox-heads fought a shocking battle against an ugly monster. After an hour of intense battle, all three of them were covered in injuries. They collapsed to the ground as they completely exhausted their last bits of energy.

An hour passed, two hours passed.

Yue Yang was awake, but he didn’t try to save them. He was still waiting.

The injuries on Fatty Hai and the other two Ox-heads’ body became worse slowly. They became wider slowly, as if they were showing signs of exploding.

Ye Kong and the others had already stopped playing cards since long ago, as every single one of them looked at Yue Yang nervously. They knew that Yue Yang was still waiting, because he said before that with each hour of pain they passed, the Blood Awakening would become more complete, and they could reach their maximum potential even more. Everyone’s potential was limited. Yue Yang was an exception, his potential was unmeasurable. He was a one and only existence in this world, it would be difficult to find a second Yue Yang. If Fatty Hai’s limited potential was not able to be fully maximised, his powers would definitely decrease greatly.

“Fatty, are you okay?” Ye Kong shouted out in worry, because he realized that Fatty Hai’s breathing was slowly getting weaker, as if he was about to die.

“Shut up. This young master is trying to sleep.” Fatty Hai replied with an extremely weak, throaty voice.

Since this fatty was still able to speak, he probably wouldn’t die anytime soon.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

However, Fatty Hai had only started his journey in Blood Awakening, the rest would be up to the others.

Who could persevere to the end, who would end up giving up? All of this depended on everyone’s willpower… Strong-willed, weak-willed; success, failures, you won’t know until you try!

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