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LLS Chapter 552 – Return, shocking the whole world.

Chapter 552 – Return, shocking the whole world.
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Before returning back to the Tong Tian Tower, Yue Yang secretly sneaked out to bury a battle doll in front of the Four-sided Holy Stele. It was a battle doll without any ability to attack.

Leaving behind this battle doll, Yue Yang could use it to activate the Three Realm Compass at anytime and return back to Heaven Realm.

Although the Heaven Realm was more dangerous than the Tong Tian Tower, reaching the Heaven Realm was every Tong Tian Tower warrior’s dream. Now that the Doors of Heaven Realm had been closed, without the Three Realm Compass, one had to wait for a hundred years for it to open once again. The most important thing was that, within the closed doors of Heaven Realm, even without the Heaven Ranked Rankers guarding the Heaven Realm, based on their terrible attitude towards the warriors from the Soaring Dragon Continent, they might ambush and murder them… It would be incredibly treacherous even before one goes through the doors of Heaven Realm. People may easily perish in the cracks of time and space.

After burying this battle doll and using the Three Realm Compass, Yue Yang could bring everyone up to Heaven Realm at any time.

Perhaps, he does not even need to rely on the legendary shortcut in the Heaven Stairways anymore.

Was there really a shortcut to go to Heaven Realm in the Heaven Stairways?

It was actually unknown!

Perhaps this riddle could only be solved after they find the tragic guy’s mother.

Emperor of the Underworld, who longed to rise to the Heaven Realm as well as Elder Nan Gong, who was willing to stay and keep watch of Tong Tian Tower for eternity, expressed their approval in regards to Yue Yang’s decision to leave the battle doll behind. This applied to the Night Empress and Zhi Zun as well.

Many Rankers from the Tong Tian Tower longed to enter Heaven Realm. Rankers such as Dragon Emperor, Sky Execution, Baruth etc. With their level of complacency, they hardly ran into worthy opponents, as a result they were slow to rise in rank. If there was any hope for them to enter Heaven Realm, they would very likely be willing let go of all the grudges they had in the Tong Tian Tower. As individuals, this would be a form of growth. As for all the warriors of Tong Tian Tower, it would be a form of distress… Without the pressure from Supreme Innates, more outstanding youngsters would emerge within the Tong Tian Tower.

“You guys are really not going to stay?” Yue Yang thought that Zhi Zun and Night Empress would stay in the Heaven Realm to explore and broaden their horizon.

Even if they could not oppose the Central Palace, with Zhi Zun and Night Empress’ powers, they can easily drill and train in the Heaven Realm. Heaven Ranked Level 3 Huang Quan was able establish his reputation, he was even considered to be slightly famous in Heaven Realm. Zhi Zun’s powers was way greater than Huang Quan. For her, training in Heaven Realm was not a problem at all.

However, what puzzled Yue Yang was that, Zhi Zun and Night Empress both decided to not stay in Heaven Realm. They both decided to return back to the Tong Tian Tower with him.

Zhi Zun’s approach was to return back to train. In fact, she thought that training in Heaven Realm may not be as good as training in the Tong Tian Tower. Meanwhile, the main purpose of her research was to find out how to break through God’s Ruins. In her mind, the Gods’ Ruins was of a higher value and worth. Training in the Heaven Realm? Once she possessed enough power, she can attack and break through anytime.

Therefore, Zhi Zun does not want to stay in Heaven Realm.

Night Empress also decided to return. She decided to train Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress so that the younger generation can quickly improve.

With the guidance from Night Empress, Xue Wu Xia and the rest would definitely advance by leaps and bounds.

Yue Yang was very supportive of this!

Of course Elder Nan Gong was definitely returning. It was simply because, without him to control the present conditions, the Innate Alliance would probably cause a big ruckus. Emperor of the Underworld did not stay as well. He was the one who really wished to stay in the Heaven Realm but with his current strength, he thought that he did not have the power to defend himself. Thus he decided to return back to Tong Tian Tower to continue training and eventually level up.

Anyway, Yue Yang had the Three Realm Compass, he could get free rides and go to the Heaven Realm with him together. It was an entirely different story as compared to staying in Heaven Realm alone without anyone to aid him.

“We have no home to return to, please kindly take us in!” The cute dog beauty wagged her tail, pretending to be very pitiful. She was the smallest and cutest one out of all the ancient female warriors. She was so adorable it was as if she could instantly kill all pedo uncles.

“Nom Nom…”

The giant loli did not say anything, she was munching on huge mouthfuls of meat. Her mouth not free to say anything.

Now, even if Yue Yang were to shoo her away, she would not leave.

Yue Yang’s place had food that she could not finish eating as well as people who adore her. The giant loli was no longer afraid of anything. She was only afraid of hunger and not being loved.

Of course, even if Yue Yang had the guts, he would not dare say no to the giant loli. If he said he did not want her, the giant loli’s tears will probably flood the entire Grimoire World. Anyway, grooming a giant loli was quite an adorable thing to do. Although the giant loli’s size was a little huge, as long as Qilin Girl’s special skill “minimize” were to improve, the giant loli still had hope to become an ordinary loli… In any case there were a lot of loli at home, it wouldn’t hurt to add another one.

She just had a better appetite. How could it be possible for that glorious Soaring Dragon Continent to fail in feeding this ancient female titan?

Using the Three Realm Compass, Yue Yang once again returned to the death arena’s crystal plaza.

At this very moment, the entire crystal plaza has changed.

As it turned out, the crystal passage had disappeared. The crystal wall that rose from the ground shrunk back underground. Other than the spiral crystal passage that was opened, everything had returned back to how they used to be. Everything looked the same, just like the time when Yue Yang and the Southern Goblin King went out treasure hunting.

“Third Young Master, hope to see you again.” Emperor of the Underworld thanked Zhi Zun and the Night Empress before bidding farewell with Yue Yang.

To Emperor of the Underworld, this death arena and the trip to Heaven Realm was one of life’s honor. Although the person who overturned the perilous situation and reversed the situation was not him, he still got to play a part. Compared to the Sky Emperor, who had met with a violent death, Emperor of the Underworld felt that lady luck was on his side. He was really lucky. All this proves how important it was to be on the right side. If he did not choose to side with Yue Yang, and instead opposed him, Emperor of the Underworld felt that he would probably end up in the stomachs of the Ancient Slaughterers.

The Sky Emperor’s skills were on par with Emperor of the Underworld.

They had their own strengths.

Because he choose to stand with the wrong team, the death arena became his grave. His storage ring got picked up by Yue Yang, even his dead body became the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s fertilizer.

“I will return first to inspect the Innate Alliance…” Elder Nan Gong was worried that someone in Tong Tian Tower would take advantage of the situation and cause trouble. Especially Shun Tian, Black Prince and the Thousand Goblins Sect’s leader. If Elder Nan Gong was not there to oversee the Tong Tian Tower, then they might start planning some crafty plots and machinations. Therefore, Elder Nan Gong had to quickly return and take a look. As for Yue Yang, he did not immediately leave the crystal plaza. He still wanted to enter the spiral crystal passage to hunt for treasures. If it were other treasures, Yue Yang would not be bothered. It was just that he heard from the Dog Clan beauty and the ancient female warriors that there was something at the bottom of the spiral crystal passage. There was a teleportation circle that can directly teleport them to the Ancient Mausoleum. This palace preserved numerous books from the ancient times.

“Books? Great, I like to read books!” Yue Yang was interested in all kinds of knowledge, especially the history of the past and new runes.

The Ancient Mausoleum was separated into three layers, highest, middle and lowest.

The one that the Dog Clan beauty mentioned about was the first layer.

That meant that it was the lowest layer.

Within the lowest layer, there were already thousands of ancient books. These books recorded information in all kinds of language. It seemed as if history from different periods were recorded. It made Yue Yang and Xue Wu Xia, who loved reading, feel really satisfied from this trip.

As for the second layer’s middle hall and the third layer’s highest hall, it seemed as if they had to fulfill a particular condition to open them. Yue Yang did not have the time to inspect carefully, in the end he decided to return back to the Soaring Dragon Continent to rest. Anyway there were no limits when entering the Ancient Mausoleum. Only ancient warriors and him, the chosen one can undo the seal and enter.

Zhi Zun and Night Empress both borrowed a hundred books to do research separately. They wished to quickly sort out the truth about history.

Southern Goblin King felt bad to stay inside Yue Yang’s Grimoire World, she was reluctant to leave.

However, due to her ego, she pretended that she was not bothered.

She bid farewell with Yue Yang.

“I could not understand these books. What’s more, that day I had managed to pick up the angel’s Holy Gem Sword. Since, I have already received that treasure as a spoil of war. Forget about these ancient books. I get a headache when I look at books.” Southern Goblin King knew that no matter how she reads the books, she was no match against Xue Wu Xia. Moreover, these books were useless for her. She glanced at Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and smiled mischievously: “I really like Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, If I have the time I will come and visit her. You won’t dislike my visits right?”

“Of course we welcome you, my family’s Third Young Master loves to entertain guests, especially beautiful women.” The Phoenix Fairy Beauty declared that Yue Yang was hers.

“You answer.” Southern Goblin King signaled that whatever she said was not the final decision, she wanted Yue Yang to confirm.

“Not just visiting Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, if you want to stay here on long term basis it’s totally fine. Don’t talk about other things, we will include meals and a place for your to stay.” Yue Yang had a look that resembled a wolf who was dealing with a lamb that wandered to the front of his door. Getting such a response, the Southern Goblin King felt delighted but immediately blushed and pretended that she did not hear anything. She then went to bid farewell to Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian.

“What is that girl’s intention?” Princess Qian Qian suspected that Southern Goblin King had other intentions.

“No matter what kind of intention, she’s already a lost cause. Sooner or later she might marry over with her savings, as well as her secret purse… I did not say anything, sister-in-law do not be angered, as a lowly concubine I am responsible for warming the bed tonight.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty yawned lazily. She decided to go and sleep to recharge. She reckoned that there’s going to be a war at night. Luo Hua City Mistress and the sickly beauty had not met Yue Yang for a long time, they probably wouldn’t be able to hold back.

As for the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and Princess Qian Qian, who had a sharp tongue but soft heart, whether Yue Yang could take them down depends on whether he could grab the right timing.

When comparing, the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying had a higher chance since she had no guard against him.

She belonged to the kind that let their guard down.

As for Princess Qian Qian, the tigress, Yue Yang would probably need to use some force to push her down. If Xue Wu Xia did not come and disrupt, the sucess rate was only about 50%.

Yue Yang returned to the Soaring Dragon Continent. The moment Yue Yang stepped out, he realised that numerous people were waiting outside the Tong Tian Tower.

Because Elder Nan Gong returned back to the Tong Tian Tower first to attend to the Innate Alliance, he had already spread the news first hand to the entire Tong Tian Tower. They had participated in the Ancient War with the four realms, oppressed powerful Heaven Ranked rankers at the death arena, and while grasping victory, beheaded Ancient Slaughterers as if they were nothing. Even rose to the Heaven Realm, attacked the Water Palace Elder Hei Hu from the Heaven Realm’s Central Palace and captured Hei Hu’s Abyss Manatees as slave.

Any of these achievements was something people could not imagine.

Now, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had accomplished all of them.

How could the people of Tong Tian Tower not be amazed by his god-like performance?

Why would the people of the Soaring Dragon Continent, not be proud of such an excellent young man?

Not just the warriors of the Soaring Dragon Continent, even the Dragon Emperor who was one of the 5 emperors of Tong Tian Tower, Demonic Palace’s Sky Execution, Demon Abyss’ Great Demon King Baruth as well as rankers with different influences, even enemy rankers, all sent special envoy to the Soaring Dragon Continent to welcome Yue Yang for his return.

Standing in front of the crowd was the emperor of Da Xia Empire, Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai, as well as the old fox who was in all smiles, unable to close his mouth…..

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    So what’s going to happen with that whole war thing? Black Hell Emperor already doesn’t stand a chance in hell of actually winning even if he’s slippery enough to get away.

    Yue Yang probably has enough power and authority at this point to disregard the innate alliance’s rule and slaughter the enemy army himself even if they aren’t all innates. Even if he doesn’t do that he has more than enough people on his side to probably crush them.

    Personally I’m hoping they just wipe out these idiots already. I’m tired of that dumbass Zin Jin kingdom or whatever it’s called trying to attack the MC’s home already and those other idiots like that prince guy are all already just trash that are just a nuisance at this point.

    It’s not like the MC doesn’t still have enemies so I wish the author would just give us the satisfaction of the MC crushing these idiots and moving on to new enemies.

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    When you find your own true love you will know it
    By his smile, by the look in his eyes.
    Scent of pine trees in the air
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    Look out everyone, Here Come the Brides.

    Song continues in the video

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