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LLS Chapter 551 – You are this princess’ man

Chapter 551 – You are this princess’ man
Translated by: Last

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“Chop!” Zhi Zun brandished and raised the Humanoid Divine Weapon, then chopped towards the thin shadow. The power of this sword strike tore the skies and cracked the earth. The hard Ancient Battlefield Ruins ground silently split open, forming a 10 meter deep and 1000 meter long crevice. It begun from Zhi Zun until the far behind the shadow.

The shadow wanted to hide but it was simply unable to.

The Humanoid Divine Weapon not only had unmatched power, it even carried a unique ‘Furious Chop’ intent.

The single chop seemed to have even cut through time and space. After Zhi Zun swung her sword, the thin shadow noticed that his body seemed as if he was trapped by the Body Halting Pearl. It was just like a while ago except their situations were in reverse. The shadow could not budge an inch as it stared at the oncoming chop about to hack his head.

Yan Zong sent out a fire punch, sending Yan Zun over.

Filled with the spirit of brotherhood, Yan Zun pulled away the thin shadow……

When the sword light disappeared, only two arms could be seen falling on the ground. One was the shadow’s arm and the other was Yan Zun’s arm.

Although the shadow was saved by Yan Zun, they had received heavy injuries and were almost cut into four by the sword qi. Above all, the shadow’s shoulder that had just lost its arm was now gushing blood. However, the shadow was extremely strong-willed and resisted the pain as he did not let out a single sound. On the other hand, Yan Zun possessed the Pure Blue Fire Form so he did not feel pain. As long as he could pick up his arm, he could instantly recover his previous state. It was only because of this that he dared to save the shadow.

Zhi Zun did not attack again. However, Yan Zun and the others understood that they have lost.

The reason was that they had misjudged the opponent’s strength. If Yue Yang did not bring out the power of the Ancient Code from the Cards of Fate, the shadow’s ambush after using the Body Halting Pearl might have been a success. As long as they could kill Zhi Zun, Night Empress and the new Prison Emperor had a chance of dying in the Ancient Battlefield Ruins, eliminating any future threats to Heaven Realm.

However, their ambush failed because Zhi Zun could still move under the effects of the Body Halting Pearl.

Moreover, that accursed brat possessed the power of the Ancient Code.

The power of the Ancient Code had heavily injured them. They couldn’t help but retreat in defeat even if they had the advantage in level, power and timing.

The two women on the other side not only had the power to fight, they also possessed a Humanoid Divine Weapon.

Three people had been heavily injured on their side. They had lost a huge amount of fighting power. The only one remaining was the coward, Cang Yan, who was unable to achieve anything but good at spoiling things. Previously, he could have impeded Night Empress’ Starry Sky Domain but stood on the side like an idiot. If his report was more accurate, they wouldn’t have been beaten like this. Now, they had offended Empress Fei Wen Li and also lost face as they retreat in defeat.


If they returned and reported this, they would definitely be berated.

Not only could they not report this matter, they must also close up Cang Yan’s mouth to prevent his loose tongue from inviting disaster upon them.

“Let us go. Today’s disgrace, we will return it back a hundredfold.” Yan Zong quickly flew towards Yan Zun and the shadow. He pulled them both and turned into a sea of flames leaving no traces behind. Seeing the three people escape, Cang Yan was startled that his entire body went soft. He used his fastest speed to leave the Ancient Battlefield Ruins. If Zhi Zun were to gift him a slash, he had no confidence in being able to block it.

Zhi Zun loosened her hand on the huge Humanoid Divine Weapon and let it return to a Blood Winged Fairy.

With a bit of exhaustion, she carried Yue Yang and nodded her head towards the Night Empress: “Luckily, the people who came were all Heaven Ranked Level 6. If they were a bit stronger, then we might not have been able to beat them even with your strength.”

Night Empress asked with a bit of astonishment: “What happened awhile ago?”

What she was asking was how Zhi Zun was able to resonate with the power of the Ancient Code that came from Yue Yang and summon a golden female giant.

Zhi Zun could not understand this as she replied: “If there is another chance, you should also try it. With your knowledge, you might be able to understand this more than me!”

When the Night Empress heard this, she laughed with a bell-like voice. She once again hid herself: “Let it be. There are far too many strange things happening to that boy’s body. I also could not understand them. Since they are all good things, it’s fine to ignore them.”

When Cang Yan escaped to a suitable distance, a golden brilliance rose up from the War Altar. Every single god statue surrounded the golden light pillar.

The Heaven Realm interferers have already given up on fighting and admitted their defeat. According to the Ancient Code, Yue Yang’s team had obtained victory. Since Yue Yang had not yet woken up, he could not know what the reward from the Ancient Code was. However, Zhi Zun and Night Empress both saw a strange light quickly entered Yue Yang’s sleeping body from the Four-sided Divine Stele…… That should have been a treasure, as for what kind of treasure it was, Zhi Zun and Night Empress could not know.

Zhi Zun and Night Empress’ bodies also shone with brilliance.

Although the Four-sided Divine Stele did not shoot a strange light, the War Altar still poured a pure energy towards them.

Different people had different rewards. Even the people quietly waiting inside the Grimoire World like the Southern Goblin King, Elder Nan Gong, Emperor of the Underworld, the giant loli, even the ancient warriors, were all bathed in the golden light.

When the golden light entered the ancient warrior’s bodies, a black gas came out from their bodies and dissipated.

They excitedly cheered.

After this battle, they had finally obtained freedom. They were finally free from the punishment that their ancestors received……

The Southern Goblin King had assisted Yue Yang in killing Ancient Slaughterers and also killed a lot of Amphibious Fish Demons. She was the one who guided Yue Yang into the death arena and after obtaining victory, her level increased by 1 and became a Level 10 Innate Ranker. Although the distance to become an Innate Elder was still far, she was not worried, because this battle had showed her the truth to become strong and reach a higher level.

Elder Nan Gong had also obtained a bit of upgrade, but he was not yet able to become an Elder Innate.

The Emperor of the Underworld was also similar to Elder Nan Gong.

There was only a paper-thin distance for them to become an Elder Innate, reaching Heaven Rank was just around the corner.

Under the golden light, the giant loli seemed to have grown a bit taller. Naturally, even if she had grown bigger and taller, she still had the appearance of a big loli. The Titan Armor on her body became even more stronger as the runes on it became even more profound. The runic pattern on it also became richer. These were her reward.

Hui Tai Lang, who had just returned inside the Grimoire World, howled towards the sky. Its grimoire automatically floated out and flipped.

Because it had assisted its master in defeating a Heaven Ranked Level 5 Ranker, Hei Hu, it had obtained the more rewards. Other than leveling up, it had also gained a new skill. However, it wanted to make Yue Yang happy, so Hui Tai Lang did not immediately display it in front of everyone. Moreover, he appeared to be an incredibly loyal guard dog and high-spiritedly guarded the sleeping Yue Yang.

Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, and the others were rewarded with an upgrade. If it wasn’t a rank up, it was a level up. As for the Spirit of Earth Fire that had devoured the Dark Cloud Sky Flames, it had directly leveled up into a Spirit of Sky Fire. Its rank, appearance and level all went up.

As for the loli lamia, Xiao Wen Li, she had obtained the greatest reward from the Ancient Code due to her outstanding performance.

Under the brilliance, her body had grown a bit.

Her level, which was at Diamond Rank Level 6, went up to Diamond Rank Level 7. With this level up, her strength had once more receive a great leap.

When Yue Yang woke up, he found out that he was lying on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s lap, while the Southern Goblin King and Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying were quietly talking to each other, afraid that they might wake up Yue Yang with the noise. In the distance, Elder Nan Gong and the Emperor of the Underworld were playing chess. On the other hand, Hui Tai Lang was lying down beside him, enjoying a roasted Abyss Manatee…… Zhi Zun quietly sat on his other side. As for the Night Empress, she was currently helping Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia in adapting to the power gifted by the Ancient Code.

The sleeping giant loli outside was just like a small hill. Dozens of female ancient warriors were also cuddling her as they chatted.

Because they had won against their opponent, the Ancient Code had lifted the punishment, so they were full of joy as they cheerfully talked.

Everybody was waiting for Yue Yang.

This was because only he could utilize the Three Realms Compass. While Yue Yang was still asleep, they could only continue to stop over in Heaven Realm, unable to return to the Tong Tian Tower.

“Did I sleep for long?” Yue Yang moved his body and sat up. Phoenix Fairy Beauty used her soft white arms to embrace his neck, and then passionately kissed him in front of the Southern Goblin King: “You have slept for a day, but I’m still fine, you can still continue sleeping.”

“Are we going back immediately?” There was a bit of reluctance at the bottom of the Southern Goblin King’s heart. What did returning signify? Parting!

Although she felt sour seeing Yue Yang rest on Sky Law’s lap, it was comfortable inside the Grimoire World, giving her a feeling of reluctance to leaving. She was fully aware that it was impossible, but she still hoped to stay for a bit longer. In here, although Sky Law would emit a hostile mood, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia as mistresses did not oppose to it. Even Jiang Ying had fully welcomed her.

When Princess Qian Qian saw that Yue Yang woke up, she could not help but be pleasantly surprised and charged over.

Yue Yang opened his arms, preparing to embrace her.

However, this rogue tigress punched him: “You idiot. Why did you run to such a dangerous place! Did you know that you made this princess cry!”

“You really cried?” Yue Yang tightly pulled on his beloved tigress and intentionally teased her: “Princess, you did not drown the entire Soaring Dragon Continent in tears, right? If you did, then I have sinned! In order to apologize, let me sincerely give you a kiss……”

“Who wants to!” If other people were not around, Princess Qian Qian might have let him kiss her. However, with this many seniors around, she felt embarrassed and forcefully struggled free from Yue Yang. She leapt a meter away from Yue Yang showing that he should not approach: “Just give your kiss to Wu Xia. If it was not because she wanted me to come, I would not even come to this death arena or Heaven Realm to fight.

“The tigress has once again raised his pride.” Xue Wu Xia naturally accepted Yue Yang’s embrace and kiss.

Although it was not a passionate kiss, Xue Wu Xia’s natural and guiltless expression made Princess Qian Qian angry. She felt that she had eaten a bug.

They were all his fiancée, so why only kiss her?

Princess Qian Qian appeared to not care, but her heart wished for Yue Yang to once again hug her and give her a strong kiss, then she would reluctantly let him kiss her. Like this she would be equal to Xue Wu Xia. Unexpectedly, as if he showed consideration for her feelings, Yue Yang patted her shoulder: “Tigress, I know that you feel embarrassed about kissing so I will give my kiss of longing for you to……”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty suddenly rushed over. She hugged Yue yang and stole a kiss from him. Afterwards, she went over to the fuming Princess Qian Qian and sweetly smiled: “It was given to me.”

Princess Qian Qian was very angry. She wanted to use her sword and slash the big breasted Sky Law.

She pulled Yue yang inside the room and pushed him down.

She fiercely nipped his lips.

It was just a kiss, who didn’t know how to do it?

What came to him was an extremely long kiss that could not be separated even if the world ended. In the end, with swollen lips, she brought out Yue Yang and arrogantly demonstrated: “Xiao San, quickly tell them that you are this princess’ man!”

When everyone heard this, they split their sides laughing.

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